That means musicians looking to emulate the guitarist's look and tone will soon have an easier job of reproducing the proficient rocker who's amassed a career's worth of memorable guitar riffs.Tools fans and guitar aficionados got an inside look at the process last week when the band shared an image on social media that showed some of the instruments in production at a Gibson factory."It doesn't get more official than this," Tool relayed June 26 alongside an image of eight "AJ"-inscribed guitar bodies tucked away in wooden shelves on the production floor. After all, the musician is said to own at least three of the vintage instruments — with a 1979 model being his main performance guitar.Guitar-playing fans might also be aware that Gibson had earlier acknowledged the existence of an upcoming signature instrument for the Tool guitarist. The 2020 NAMM Show took place in January, so guitar-hungry Tool fans will likely be privy to further information about the Adam Jones model before the year is out.See Adam Jones in Loudwire's Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time
Source: Tool Confirm Gibson’s Adam Jones Signature Model Guitar Is Currently in Production
Filed Under: Adam Jones, gibson, ToolCategories: News More details to come on this project later in 2020."Jones himself had also previously confirmed the guitar. Philip TrappTim Mosenfelder/ImageDirectShare on FacebookShare on TwitterA signature model Les Paul guitar from Tool shredder Adam Jones is on the way from Gibson Guitars. (See the photo down toward the bottom of this post.) "[Adam Jones] Gibson Signature Guitars now in production!" the group said.Longtime Tool fans well know Jones' preference for the stunning Les Paul Silverburst, a version of the solid-body electric guitar that sports a metallic paint scheme. Though it wasn't ready for this year's NAMM, the guitar maker confirmed they collaborated with Jones on the new artist model.In a press release at the time, Gibson said the forthcoming guitar would replicate Jones' "original 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst that can [be] seen live on stage with Adam today in support of their world tour and blockbuster new album Fear Inoculum.

The vision for this album was always in front of me as a painting but the picture was slightly out of focus for the longest time and while writing and trying things out and having a general feel for where we were heading, the image became sharper and sharper. 7 on eOne), and the reasons behind the group's departure from conceptual albums.The singer spoke about the connection back to humanity's more primitive days and how, while the record does not embrace a unified concept, there are many related themes running throughout the 10 tracks. There's so many subjects and feelings in the space between those two colliding forces.So, again, it has become very dark — it's real is the more important thing here. We wanted to stay away from that and lighten the mood even more, but we did not want to separate from reality. In a way, we're probably better suited than ever to tackle it in terms of what scientific backbone this is all resting on and communication-wise and resource-wise. I really hope they'll like this…" With Avatar I never say, "I hope they'll like this" and I said that to myself with Imonolith because I was doing such a favor to friends that I'm also a fan of.Thanks to Johannes Eckerström for the interview. How does the album now have greater meaning in a coronavirus world?I wonder if it does. We wanted to paint a totalitarian regime of this super awesome thing, ironically and without satire. It became this big honor and you want to do well and you want to do well within the framework of what they are doing and what they are about and what their song is about and all that.Imonolith, "Becoming the Enemy" Feat. The singer discussed the band's new album, Hunter Gatherer (out Aug. We take a step away from the uniform to organize to something more from a grassroots level that is brought into this dark, heavy metal universe of Avatar.It's a theatrical version of that. There is some stuff I read while we were working on this album — the idea that things in the world are turning bad right now environmentally — there's a big chunk of people who seemed to hope for or want us to go back to something the way it was before — preindustrial and to have us scaled back. I know why we did this and we're fine. We just knew we wanted to make something that feels more real that is musically heavier and that speaks about the darkness in an honest way.Avatar, "God of Sick Dreams"I am not trying to be edgy about anything. From a fan perspective, people didn't know I was doing it, but with Avatar we are very good at stripping away outside pressure. Instead, I had, "Oh shit, that is so cool ,that's so much fun and such an honor and la da da… It was never meant to be satire in that sense or at least that was not the main mission.That said, it was not a very critical place to be — that wasn't the point of it. Every album is also about trying to peel away another layer of the onion and be more honest about things. The hunter-gatherer is the very nature of who we are and then the clash between our stone age strengths and now our science fiction world that we try to operate in and it all encompasses. Avatar's Johannes EckerströmSo I probably I had higher expectations of myself for that in a way because Avatar is our baby and we want to make it the best possible thing every time, but we are the judges for that first and foremost. Full Metal JackieeOneShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAvatar's Johannes Eckerström was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program. It's mine.I didn't have that with Imonolith. Avatar Country was truly about having these awesome moments of make-believe together with our fans and it became this crazy cool journey because the fans were on board. All the things we have been thinking about and feeling strongly about for the past years now has the outlet on Hunter Gatherer and that's why it gets this big title. Directly and indirectly, how is Hunter Gatherer reactionary to what you did last?I guess it's the opposite in every possible way. And it was through my fandom that we became friends and then they asked me to be a part of it. There's also a brand new look that comes with the album as the Swedes swap regal attire from the last album cycle for fetishist farmers.Also, as the coronavirus pandemic grips the world, Eckerström stressed that this has happened before in human history and that we are now better equipped than ever to deal with a pandemic, although political issues are interfering with an optimized response to combat the virus.Hunter Gatherer addresses humanity hurtling toward an unknown future. Sadly, I don't believe in the solution being there. There are some things in global politics that happened that made certain angles on how we wanted to make the Avatar Country work.It started to resemble reality too much. We don't even know what it means to write in that way. In our artistic endeavors, we had to kind of push them to the side for the time being and all that bottled up rage and need to do something more bare bones — aggressive and deal with the darkness — all of that came out now with Hunter Gatherer. It's not a concept album but there are a bunch of threads we wrote that go through the whole thing and that journey with concept albums still helped us be able to think of the album as a whole much earlier into the process than we usually had. At some points, toward the end of every album process I have always been overcome with a sense of peace and satisfaction with what we've done, meaning it is okay if everyone hates this — we can go home and I will continue listening to it. So, thanks to the concept albums, we probably had a better sense of direction with this one.You perform on a track on the new Imonolith album. That is an ongoing revolution from album to album.The record is not a concept album. We write for an audience of five, meaning ourselves.Doing this thing with Imonolith, we got in touch because I am such a huge fan of what they have done in the past [as part of Devin Townsend's band]. It's not medieval times, but I don't know, there seems to be a lot of politics getting in the way for us to really deal with this in an optimized manner, and so maybe it reflects that.I find us in this very intense crossroads, the fork in the road right now, if you will, and the pandemic and the handling of the pandemic more specifically seems to be just another example of that.Avatar, Hunter Gatherer Album CovereOnePresentation is integral to Avatar. It's an outfit that, on one end, could maybe be found on a factory worker or a farmer as well as something you could wear and be appreciated for wearing at a fetish club somewhere in Berlin.Avatar, "Silence in the Age of Apes" Music VideoMost aspects of Avatar Country were very celebratory. I don't believe we can ever, ever go back to a better way than what lies ahead of us, if that makes sense.I'm all for some kind of Star Trek acceleration into the future and finding our saving grace beyond that horizon somewhere. Pre-order your copy of 'Hunter Gatherer' here and follow Avatar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.2020's Best Metal Songs (So Far) 
Source: Avatar’s Johannes Eckerström: Politics Interfering With Optimal Pandemic Response
Filed Under: Avatar, Johannes EckerstromCategories: News Hunter Gatherer is what we are.The kind of lifestyle evolution — before our inventiveness — led us toward being more rooted in one area and make us turn us into farmers and everything else that follows that. A lot of things [on this album] are about things that I wouldn't have found the words for in the past or may have not been comfortable finding a way to say on prior albums but found its place now. The problem is acceleration, whether good or bad, it's just going faster and faster.Viruses come and go and pandemics come and go in humanity's history. What does the new stage attire convey about the statement you're making with Hunter Gatherer?To answer that, I have to start talking about the music because whatever we do visually, whatever we end up doing in any form a medium or form of expression, at the end of the day and the beginning of the day as well, it's always about the music.We went really off on the deep end — very much on purpose with the humor and the championing and just fully embraced this strange, comedic love letter to heavy metal where we were messing around in la-la land for a prolonged time.That meant that we had to bottle some very dark, complicated emotions and thoughts and just keep whatever state of mind we were going through. It's good. The hopes and aspirations are one big idea that I am presenting. How much does contributing to something unrelated to Avatar empower you in terms of not being restricted by expectations?I don't think I felt that there were fewer expectations on that. In what ways did eliminating a conceptual framework enable you creatively?Feathers & Flesh being our first concept album was meant to be a challenge and that became the big challenge for that album. So there's always that thing when it comes to our own stuff. So that was that trip.Then with Avatar Country we became so very much compelled to do that and it became an asset — a way to sort out what we needed to write to make this big concept work. As far as a challenge goes, by now a concept album wouldn't become a hindrance — it would have become a formula if we did it again. It became something much bigger than just and the band playing those songs. Since that is happening, everything visual, from videos to outfits, are meant to reflect that.It's a darker outfit and it's something work clothing has inspired heavily. Can we write in this way?

It's the dumbest thing I've heard since freedom fries."The musicians' exhortations fall in line with CDC recommendations as many municipalities move to make public mask-wearing officially compulsory. As it spells out on the CDC's webpage concerning facial coverings, "Your cloth face covering may protect them. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Such disruptions are growing more common as some claim that retailers requiring masks infringes on their liberty. In it, he mocks those who maintain that required facial coverings in public encroach on their rights."'Our freedom! You can't tell me to wear a mask!'" Skolnick derides. "All because she's supposed to wear a mask in a store to protect other people. Philip TrappEthan Miller, Getty Images (2)Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRockers such as Mike Portnoy (Sons of Apollo, formerly Dream Theater) and Alex Skolnick (Testament) are using social media to urge others to wear face coverings during the coronavirus pandemic.The drummer and guitarist, respectively, each took to their internet outlet of choice over the weekend to make their pleas for public safety. Their cloth face covering may protect you."20 Ways to Binge on Rock + Metal History While in Quarantine
Source: Mike Portnoy + Alex Skolnick Blast Shoppers Who Refuse to Wear Masks
Filed Under: Alex Skolnick, mike portnoyCategories: News Are they throwing fits because they have to wear a seatbelt in the car too?"The drummer continues, "This isn't about you, it's about others! It merely helps protect those around you who may be more vulnerable.For Portnoy, that meant highlighting a video of a customer refusing to wear a mask inside of a store. It is so you don't spread your potentially infected germs onto other people who may be vulnerable and at-risk! How isn't that soooo blatantly obvious? However, on Sunday (June 28), the percussionist explained how such a stance is uncaring."What the hell is wrong with some people?" Portnoy asks. Going indoors to restaurants and breathing on everybody, making that political? How much more childish, irresponsible and selfish can people be? "I'm sorry, I have to vent. And this isn't about 'sides' or politics!"Skolnick shared a similar statement. The musicians' combined message is clear: Wearing a face mask in public isn't a political act. How can people like you be so selfish? The previous day (June 27), the Testament headbanger and frequent jazz guitarist posted a selfie-style video on his Instagram account. You're gonna make it political, wearing a mask?

One day at a time," he wrote on Saturday, June 27. The guitarist shared the news in a series of celebratory tweets over this past weekend."As of today, I have been 100% free from all drugs & alcohol for a year & a half… We wish you the absolute best as you continue on your journey.Morton's latest musical release is Lamb of God's self-titled tenth album, which came out June 19. Morton. Since they weren't able to head out on tour in support of it, they released a series of music videos containing Easter eggs, which lead to a variety of prizes.2020's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
Source: Lamb of God’s Mark Morton Announces He’s 18 Months Sober
Filed Under: Lamb of God, Mark MortonCategories: News Lauryn SchaffnerAdrenaline PRShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLamb of God's Mark Morton has announced that he has now been sober for 18 months. Find someone in recovery & ask them for help. Life is truly amazing."He followed the tweet with a list of things he's grateful for, including his sobriety, the chance to be alive and music — which he adds is "flowing."Congratulations Mr. "If you’re reading this & addiction is ruining your life, please know that recovery is possible for you.

At it's core, "progressive" should mean something that drives the genre forward beyond cliche conventions and average songwriting into otherworldly art.We picked 25 progressive metal albums that exemplify this forward-thinking mentality. Each of these albums is a journey into the unknown, a narrative to get lost in and something that exemplifies the beauty of music.Note, we are focusing on progressive metal, and not progressive rock, so you won't find legendary bands like Rush and King Crimson on the list, despite their influence on a lot of the acts who are included.See our picks for the Top 25 Progressive Metal Albums of All Time in the gallery below!10 Greatest Metal Concept AlbumsMike Portnoy – Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?Top 25 Extreme Metal Albums of All Time
Source: Top 25 Progressive Metal Albums of All Time
Categories: News For many bands, it describes an approach to songwriting that focuses on what can be done with technicality, bringing it far beyond what listeners would hear in average contexts. John HillShare on FacebookShare on Twitter"Progressive metal" can mean a lot of things. Angular solos, driving drums and off-beat patterns create a kind of sound that's infinitely thrilling and incredible to hear. Oftentimes, this means the tag of "progressive metal" just isn't enough, and these albums cross over to different territories and new sounds.

If he was to have to paint with someone else, who may be one of his best friends, but if they were doing a piece together, and even if your dad respected that guy’s work and if they were doing it together but your dad really wasn’t into the piece, and they just couldn’t agree on it, that’s okay — they can still remain friends and just not agree on the piece. But the important thing is that we enjoy each other. So it’s done that. But the important thing is that we’ve gone beyond that.”He continued, "The question is, will there be another System record? The music was a byproduct of our friendship; our friendship wasn’t a byproduct of our music."The singer concludes, "Everyone has a different way of looking at stuff. But this past week, Tankian quelled any speculation of a divide between the pair."My drummer and brother in law @johndolmayan_ whom I love and respect irrespective of our extremely polarized political commentary and differences has always been my stalwart ally in efforts for recognition of the Armenian genocide within SOAD," started Tankian, adding, "The amount of online hate and stupidity against him and I are unjustifiable: social media has created an erroneous digital society that partially thrives on this reality."He continued, "Remember irrespective of the stance, only artists that truly care and are impassioned will risk alienating their base for what they consider the truth. So that’s really what happened with us ultimately. administration, often sharing opposing viewpoints. Because that, to me, is more important. Because that’s where it started. However, the studio disappointment has not kept the veteran group from touring.At the time, Tankian took responsibility for the band's 2006 hiatus, but also spoke of his displeasure with how "artistic and egalitarian differences" led to strained relationships. And that’s okay.”Tankian has also been in the headlines of late as he and drummer John Dolmayan have both been vocal in their commentary of the current U.S. So that’s fine. That’s what’s made the music great. And that’s okay. "And as we couldn’t see eye to eye on all these points we decided to put aside the idea of a record altogether for the time being."In the new chat, Tankian tells Oganesyan, “I think we all see eye to eye and we respect each other as friends and band members, which is why we tour, which is why we have fun together, we rehearse together, we’re in the same space, we crack jokes. Some may consider that a weakness but the artistic, political and social dichotomy if not quadrichotomy (not a word) has made @systemofadown what it is today. Some grievances were aired in public, with Daron Malakian eventually pushing forward with music for Scars on Broadway, while Tankian directed some of his material to a solo release. And they were, and that happened. I don’t know. That’s what artists are."He related to the host, "Your dad’s an amazing painter. The truth is all out there. Though Serj Tankian previously addressed what happened at the time they emerged from studio sessions with no new album, he's offered more insight in a recent chat with Sona Oganesyan (seen below).Hopes rose for a new record in 2016, but were later dashed when System of a Down reunited in the studio to work on new music, but ultimately disagreed on the direction. You can go read it. We’re four quite different personalities, and irrespective of being friends and all being Armenian, we’re quite different from each other, all of us. But at the same time, we’re not all the same, we’re not always on the same page, and we’ll never be, really. Not everyone will say that to you, but I’ve always said that. My friendship to Daron and the rest of the guys has always meant more than System of a Down to me. "Ultimately I had to draw a line in the sand because I knew I could never be happy going back to how things used to be within the band," he explained in 2018. Thank you all for reading. I don’t need to regurgitate it. Our only problem is [not] seeing eye to eye artistically, and that’s not a bad thing. Chad ChildersKevin Winter, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWill there ever be another System of a Down album? We should all do more non-online reading."Serj Tankian Speaks to HyeBrand With Sona Oganesyan25 Legendary Metal Albums With No Weak Songs
Source: Serj Tankian: Artistic Differences With System of a Down ‘Not a Bad Thing’
Filed Under: Serj Tankian, system of a downCategories: News There were woes of the past, which were aired, and I’m glad they were aired, because it needed to get out — not in public, but amongst us. Our dilemma and possible fallacy is that we have two in one band.

The singer was jailed for 37 days in Prague before he was acquitted of criminal charges in 2013.Speaking to a Czech fan who asked if the band would ever return to the country or if their experience had led them never to return, Blythe stated, “I would love to play in the Czech Republic again — I have nothing against the Czech people, and I was not mistreated there. That fan suffered an injury that was determined to have led to his death. I hope the Czech fans understand.”Lamb of God recently released their tenth studio album, an eponymously titled effort, which has already yielded the songs "Checkmate," "Memento Mori," "New Colossal Hate" and "Routes." You can pick it up here.See Lamb of God in 50 Metal Songs That Defined 2009
Source: Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe ‘Would Love to Play’ Czech Republic Again
Filed Under: Lamb of God, Randy BlytheCategories: News Chad ChildersEthan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDuring a recent Reddit AMA, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe told a fan from the Czech Republic that he "would love to play in the Czech Republic" again, but also has well-intentioned reasons for staying away.Blythe was arrested in the Czech Republic in 2012 and charged with manslaughter for allegedly pushing a fan offstage at a show two years prior. Eventually I think we might play there again, but it will 100 percent have to be with the cooperation of the family of the young man who died, and I would want to give the money from the show to a charity they choose."The singer continued, "If we played there, it would be a huge news story, and I do not wish to cause the young man’s family anymore pain — they did no wrong, and were not cruel to me at all; in fact they showed me great kindness. But they have suffered enough, so it is out of respect to them we have not returned.

"I rarely look out at the crowd," he told the New Zealand Herald. They've been a staple accessory in rock and metal since the beginning. "It makes me very uncomfortable to look directly into the face of the crowd."Then you have Ozzy Osbourne's signature round shades, which he pretty much wears everywhere he goes. Rob Halford is seen in sunglasses more often than not, as is Avenged Sevenfold's M Shadows.These 40 Smiling Rock Stars Will Make Your Day
Source: See 26 Rock + Metal Musicians Rocking Sunglasses
Categories: News Lauryn SchaffnerTheo Wargo, Getty Images / Martin Philbey, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSummer is finally here, which means you'll more than likely be whipping out your favorite pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's rays.But shades don't always necessarily have to serve a purpose. Some rockers wear them onstage, even when it's dark out. We're looking at you, Slash.Actually, they do serve a purpose for the guitarist.

Dominika Urbanska-Galanciak, Head of Spidor, who added, "We are pleased that the Ministry of Education and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki support and recognize the role of the video games sector in culture, creativity, innovation and even education. Joe DiVitaYouTube: IGNShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIn a shocking move, Poland's government has become the first to add video games as part of a school's curriculum. This is a great example of how video games can support education by telling stories and raising important ethical issues."Simon Little, CEO of ISFE, offered, "It is extremely exciting to see a European government recognize the value of video games to education in this way. The game — This War Of Mine — will be an educational tool for high school students as part of the 2020/2021 academic school year.The announcement came from ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe) member Spidor, which represents the Polish video game industry. Lessons in the game, which is a wartime scenario that flips the script on typical war-theme video games, placing the user in the role of a civilian, rather than frontline combatant, have applications in sociology, ethics, philosophy and history.Inspired by a conflict in the Balkans, the 2014 game, which was developed by Warsaw-based 11 Bit Studios, is based around morality and difficult situations where decisions must be made in order to secure basic necessities such as food, medicine and shelter.“For the first time in history, a video game has been included on the recommended reading list for schools," said Dr. Video games are an intrinsic part of 21st century society and bring enormous benefits especially when used appropriately in a school setting where they are proven to increase student engagement and learning outcomes, develop team-building, problem-solving and mental agility."Watch a trailer for This War of Mine directly below.This War of Mine — Gameplay TrailerThe 66 Best Metal Albums of the Decade: 2010 – 2019 
Source: Poland Becomes First Country to Add Video Games to School Curriculum
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@ MECU PavilionJune 27 —  Pittsburgh, Penn. @ Oakdale TheatreJuly 03 —  Scranton, Pa. @ Saint Louis Music ParkJuly 27 — Kansas City, Mo. @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union AmphitheatreJune 22 —  Asheville, N.C. @ Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air TheatreAug. @ Les Schab AmphitheaterAug. 11 — Bonner, Mont. Let’s hope 2021 will resolve us all into some form of unity. @ Beacon TheatreJuly 09 —  Asbury Park, N.J. 18 — Bend, Ore. @ Grinders SKCJuly 29 — Denver, Colo. 2020 has proven to be one nasty kick to the crotch on many levels," said Primus singer and bassist Les Claypool.The visionary continued, "This nation is divided beyond anything I’ve ever seen; from who’s wearing masks or not to who’s treating folks with common dignity…or not. @ Freedom Hill AmphitheatreJuly 19 —  Cincinnati, Ohio @ PNC PavilionWith Wolfmother & Battles:July 20 — Chicago, Ill. @ Marymoor ParkWith Battles:Aug. 04 — San Diego, Calif. As far as touring, it will be nice to be back in the saddle again, see y’all next summer… @ Bonnaroo Music & Arts FestivalJune 20 —  Charlotte, N.C. @ The MetJuly 13 —  Toronto, Ontario @ RBC Echo BeachJuly 15 —  Columbus, Ohio @ Express Live! @ The Greek TheatreAug. 06 — Paso Robles, Calif. @ Rockland Trust Bank PavilionJuly 08 —  New York, N.Y. 02 — Phoenix, Ariz. 10 — Boise, Idaho @ Outlaw Field at Idaho Botanical GardenAug. 07 — Los Angeles, Calif. Refunds are also available with further information available here.View the complete list of tour dates below.Primus 'A Tribute to Kings' 2021 Tour DatesPrimusWith Wolfmother + The SwordJune 09 — Houston, Texas @ Revention Music CenterJune 11— Irving, Texas @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music FactoryJune 12 — Austin, Texas @ ACL Live at The Moody TheaterJune 13 — New Orleans, La. Geddy up!"More information and tickets can be found at the Primus website. @ The Stone Pony Summer StageJuly 10 —  Philadelphia, Pa. Source: Primus Announce Rescheduled Rush Tribute Tour For Summer 2021
Filed Under: battles, primus, Rush, The Sword, wolfmotherCategories: News 14 — Redmond, Wash. @ TBAJuly 05 —  Lafayette, N.Y. All tickets originally purchased for the corresponding 2020 dates will be honored for the shows taking place next summer. @ The ArmoryJuly 24 — Milwaukee, Wis. @ Kettlehouse AmphitheaterAug. @ Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards (no The Sword)July 06 —  Boston, Mass. @ BMO Harris PavilionJuly 25 — Maryland Heights, Mo. @ ArenaJune 23 —  Raleigh, N.C. @ The Greek TheaterWhere Does Les Claypool Rank Among the Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Bassists? @ The Mission BallroomJuly 31 — Salt Lake City, Utah @ The Complex OutdoorsAug. @ Stage AEJune 29 —  Essex Junction, Vt. @ Coca-Cola RoxyJune 18-19 —  Manchester, Tenn. @ Virginia Credit Union Live!June 26 —  Baltimore, Md. @ Midway Law at Champlain Valley ExpoJuly 01 —  Westbrook, Maine @ Main Savings Pavilion at Rock RowJuly 02 —  Wallingford, Ct. @ Hard Rock LiveJune 16 —  Atlanta, Ga. 13 — Spokane, Wash. @ Chicago TheatreJuly 21 — Indianapolis, Ind. OutdoorJuly 16 —  Cleveland, Ohio @ Jacobs Pavilion at NauticaJuly 17 —  Sterling Heights, Mich. Joining them in the summer of 2021 will be Wolfmother, The Sword and Battles, all appearing at select stops."Third time is the charm…we’ve postponed this 'A Tribute to Kings' tour twice now. @ Red Hat AmphitheaterJune 25 —  Richmond, Va. Joe DiVitaMark Metcalfe, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterPrimus have rescheduled their "A Tribute to Kings" tour, in which they will be performing Rush's A Farewell to Kings album in its entirety. @ Riverfront ParkAug. This time, I will get to go out there and get my 'Geddy on.' I’ve got my Ricky shined up and have been practicing my Moog licks. Once, because we opted to help send Slayer on their way into retirement, and once because mother nature decided to slap us all into isolation with a nasty virus. @ The Mission BallroomJuly 30 — Denver, Colo. @ Vina Robles AmphitheatreAug. 17 — Troutdale, Ore. 20 — Berkeley, Calif. @ Saenger TheatreJune 15 — Orlando, Fla. @ EdgefieldAug. @ Amphitheater at White River Stage Park (no Battles)July 23 — Minneapolis, Minn. @ Commerica TheatreAug.

See if you can recreate a song.The Last of Us Part II - Metallica "Nothing Else Matters"Every Metallica Song Ranked: See Where "Nothing Else Matters" Landed 
Source: Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Played on Guitar in ‘Last of Us Part 2′ Game
Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News Players can use the touchpad on their PlayStation 4 controllers to create a sequence of chords and fingerpicking for her to play, so you can literally make her play any song. YouTuber KWFoxy chose the Metallica anthem, which you can watch below."It's extremely hard and I'm surprised people are able to make covers like this one," a Reddit user on the Metallica thread wrote in the comments on the video.Players all over are choosing different popular rock and metal songs to be strummed by Ellie, including the Eagles' "Hotel California," the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" and more. Lauryn SchaffnerYouTube – Metallica TV / YouTube – Boss Fight DatabaseShare on FacebookShare on TwitterVideo games have gotten really innovative over the years, especially with allowing players to create custom content within them. The Last of Us Part 2 is the brand new sequel to the original 2013 survival video game, and there's a video of the main character playing Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" on YouTube.Somewhere along the storyline, the protagonist Ellie is given an acoustic guitar.

We hope you will enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it!"While you can hear the new song "Viral" in the player below, a video for the track will be arriving later today (June 26). Make It Better03. Archangel10. 2 street date for their sixth studio album, Manifest. Wake Up And Die12. Do Or DieBonus Tracks:13. Scream My Name04. Crystalline09. 82nd All the Way (Sabaton cover)14. Fearless02. Viral05. An all-out metal rollercoaster, Manifest does not hold back in any regard – from the first second to the last, it is brimful with some of the heaviest Amaranthe riffs to date, soaring and emotional vocals and unrelenting metallic fury. The band says, "Finally we can unleash 'Viral' upon an unsuspecting world! In advance of the new album, the band has also dropped a new song titled "Viral" that you can hear in the player below.The band says, "Manifest is the latest step in the evolution of Amaranthe, and across the board it is the boldest statement: We are here to stay, we are utterly passionate about what we do and we will take no prisoners in our strive for musical excellence! Angela Gossow)15. Adrenaline06. Welcome to a new era of Amaranthe history – welcome to 'Viral!'"Amaranthe have packed Manifest with 12 tracks of awesomeness (plus an additional four bonus cuts). The Game08. Included in the bonus materials is their Sabaton cover "82nd All the Way," "Do or Die" with a guest turn from Angela Gossow, an acoustic version of "Adrenalina" and an orchestral version of "Crystalline." Fans can also look for Battle Beast's Noora Louhimo making a guest appearance on the song "Strong" from the album.Manifest will be released by Nuclear Blast, offered as a CD, as a media book with four bonus tracks, with a media book bundle and with assorted vinyl options as well. Crystalline (Orchestral)2020's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
Source: Amaranthe Return With ‘Viral’ Single, Announce ‘Manifest’ Album
Filed Under: AmarantheCategories: News Noora Louhimo)07. You can check out the artwork and track listing below. 'Viral' was prophetically titled before the onset of the current worldwide situation, and so we felt compelled to tie it in lyrically with this. Chad ChildersSpinefarmShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAmaranthe are ready to bring their metal stylings back to the masses this fall, setting an Oct. It is one of the grooviest and downright heaviest songs in Amaranthe's history – it is the very epitome of what we have always stood for: Massive choruses, a thundering rhythm section and a constant will to push our sound forward into the future. Adrenalina (Acoustic)16. Do or Die (feat. BOOM!111. Pre-orders are available here and you can pre-save the record for digital service providers here.Amaranthe, "Viral"Amaranthe, Manifest Artwork + Track ListingNuclear Blast01. Strong (feat.

"Make Love Great Again"03. "Invitation Only"10. "Divider"08. Cohen, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe "Yellow and Black Attack," Stryper, have returned with "Blood From Above," the first song off their newly-announced Even the Devil Believes album, which will be out Sept. "Middle Finger Messiah"2020's Best Metal Albums (So Far)
Source: Christian Metal Legion Stryper Return With New Song ‘Blood From Above’ + ‘Even the Devil Believes’ Album
Filed Under: stryperCategories: News We’ve worked so hard through some very difficult times to bring you an amazing album and hopefully one that will go down as our very best.""Blood From Above" is one of the 11 tracks that make up Even the Devil Believes, which is set to include songs such as "Make Love Great Again," "Middle Finger Messiah," and "Don't Let the Darkness In."Listen to the new song further down the page and read the lyrics here.A star to shine, a true life divineBorn to die for me and for youProphesied, with no love deniedIt's redemption and power so trueHe's a holy human sacrificeNailed upon a crossA righteous murder scene of loveFlowing down graceIn the blood from aboveEvil is damned in the special planA straight and narrow path is for allThe crucifixion the torment of I amWhere Golgotha's atHe answered the callHe's a holy human sacrificeNailed upon a crossA righteous murder scene of loveFlowing down graceIn the blood from aboveHe's a holy human sacrificeNailed upon a crossA righteous murder scene of loveFlowing down graceIn the blood from aboveThe album art and track listing for Stryper's 11th studio album can be seen beneath the video and to pre-order the new record, which will be out on Frontiers Records SRL, head here.Stryper, "Blood From Above"Stryper, Even the Devil Believes Album Artwork + Track ListingFrontiers Music SRL01. "For God & Rock 'n' Roll"11. Joe DiVitaStephen J. "How To Fly"07. "Do Unto Others"05. "Let Him In"04. 14.It's the first music from the Christian metal group since 2018's God Damn Evil and wields a classic heavy metal sound, powered by razor wire riffing, agile lead playing and a forceful performance from singer Michael Sweet, who hits some piercing falsetto screams toward the song's end.Commenting on the new release, Stryper exclaimed, "We are beyond excited to be able to announce a new album and for the first time, with our new bassist Perry Richardson! "Blood From Above"02. "Even the Devil Believes"06. "This I Pray"09.

28 on Tee Pee Records and pre-order your copy here.The Atomic Bitchwax, "Scorpio" Music VideoThe Atomic Bitchwax, Scorpio Album Art + Track ListingTee Pee Records01. "Scorpio"05. "You Got It"09. "Instant Death"2020's Best Metal Songs (So Far) 
Source: The Atomic Bitchwax Ride High With Stoner Jam ‘Scorpio’ + Announce New Album
Categories: News with engineer Stephen DeAcutis.Look for the album to be out Aug. "Hope You Die"02. "Easy Action"06. Joe DiVitaTee Pee RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterKick out the stoner jams with New Jersey's The Atomic Bitchwax, who have just released a '90s-styled music video for the title track to their forthcoming new album, Scorpio.The power trio have been a reliable force in stoner rock for over two decades now and the acid-washed "Scorpio" finds them in great shape and as youthful as when they started. A no-frills, pounding desert-streaker, this song is pure, upbeat fun capped off by a delightful nod to Black Sabbath.Listen to the new song below and view the album art and complete track listing further down the page.Scorpio brings 10 new tracks to the Atomic Bitchwax catalog and marks the first full length from the group since issuing Force Field back in 2017. The record was tracked in January earlier this year at Sound Spa in Edison, N.J. "Energy"03. "Crash"07. "Super Sonic"08. "Betting Man"10. "Ninja"04.

Without this certificate it was illegal to play gigs, and you weren’t allowed to make contact with promoters without one."This wasn't a preferred system for aspiring musicians, but there was no alternative. There were three levels, and I reached the first one! We had lyrics that protested against the system. Before the Berlin Wall came down in Germany, he was part of the underground music scene in the late '80s and even shared a band with two government spies.Recollecting the major events in his life that led him down the path of music, Schneider told Metal Hammer about what it was like to perform music in East Germany. I had a certificate which allowed me to charge four Deutschmarks per hour when I played a concert. "The government had their people everywhere, though: Secret Service spies," the drummer recalled."What was funny was that I couldn’t imagine any harder band than mine at the time," Schneider confessed and then revealed, "and we had two people actually in the band who were spies – the singer and the keyboard player! The tour is in support of last year's untitled album, which dominated charts worldwide.See Rammstein in the 66 Best Metal Songs of 2019 
Source: Rammstein Drummer Was In ’80s East Germany Band With Two Spies
Filed Under: RammsteinCategories: News "Die Firma was like a new wave punk band," explained the drummer, who noted, "The style was a little dark, with gothic influences. Ha ha! Joe DiVitaJens KochShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDrummer Christoph "Doom" Schneider's music history pre-dates Rammstein. Incredible."He did go on to clarify that they were not part of the Secret Service, however, and stated, "They weren’t professionals: they were hired spies who received a little payment and every once in a while had to report about the music scene."Rammstein were originally slated to embark on a North American stadium tour this summer, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced the band to postpone those dates. "People accepted this because they had to," lamented Schneider.Further describing the process, he went on, "To get your certificate you had to play in front of a commission, like a jury, who decided if you had the right songs: you were only allowed to play 40 percent cover versions in your set, the rest had to be your own music." That rule, however, had a benefit to bands as Schneider, explained "Actually it wasn’t that bad an idea, because bands had to come up with their own stuff, and so there were a lot of interesting bands at that time."Speaking more specifically, Schneider looked back on his first proper band, Die Firma (translation: The Firm), who subverted laws with their lyrical aim. "In the East, we had professional bands which had all studied music and had official permission to play music. This was not permitted, of course – we were an underground band."Schneider's future bandmates were circling the same scene and he elaborated, "All the other Rammstein guys were in underground bands too. Their European tour was also impacted and that run has already been rescheduled for 2021. We used to play in small clubs with all kinds of fans: freaks, goths, punks."Even in the underground, government oversight was unavoidable. They were allowed to work as professionals and they had the right to charge money for their shows," he said, describing a hierarchy in place for live performance of music.The drummer continued, "If you were an amateur, you had to be classified at a certain level.

Then I started wiping more and realized I wasn't just vaginally bleeding. We do not condone his actions, and we stand with the victims. Attila bassist Kalan Blehm has been publicly accused of sleeping with a fan while she was underage:Update: Blehm has released a statement addressing the allegations against him:The accuser now claims she began talking with Blehm at age 17, which is the legal age of consent in Colorado.This is a developing story. i was 17 when he first asked me for nudes. i began talking to Bryan. She posted the following on Twitter along with DM exchanges with McClure:“Back in 2017 i met attila. i was 16. He tries to hug me and I go "don't you fucking touch me" "get the fuck away from me". [via Metal Injection]Anderson also uploaded screenshots of a text exchange where an individual named Bryan (with the initials BM) admits to the sexual assault. they have no regard for age or sobriety when it comes to women consenting. I remember someone telling him "no dude, she loves you and that's not how it is". That’s not who I am.”Anderson’s statement and text exchange can be read in full below.Before this above allegation was made, a 19-year-old woman accused McClure of grooming her from age 16 and eventually asking her for nudes once she turned 17. I woke up the next day to use the restroom and wondered why it stung to pee and hurt really bad to sit down. Then we start fighting again and I was just so emotionally done that I laid on the couch in the fetal position crying until I completely passed out.I woke up some time later and my pants were somewhat pulled down thinking it was weird and got into the bunk where he was asleep still angry at him but didn't want the band to see what was going on. Looking at one of the techs and other band members and just going off on his usual degrading tangents. Bryan also made a lot of points to tell me his band mates didn't like me so I already felt like an unwanted guest in their "home". It was time for the buses to leave and we are drinking and having fun on the bus and out of nowhere Bryan gets blackout again and starts saying "you don't fucking like me, you only want me because of the band I'm in". I wiped myself and saw blood. We are deeply sorry to those affected and want nothing more than love and healing for them.- Fronz, Chris, & Kalan.Last week, Attila vocalist Chris ‘Fronz’ Fronzak was accused of sexual misconduct, which he later addressed with a statement. McClure would have been 31 at the time. It was an extremely awkward situation for everyone involved and he wouldn't stop.We started fighting and he got up to yell at me in my face and the bus swerved and he accidentally fell into me hard which caused me to start gushing blood everywhere out of my nose. i won’t let it happen again.”Attila announced today (June 25) that they’ve parted ways with McClure following the allegations:Over the last 4 years, Attila has been a three piece band. Additional news will be posted as it comes in. I don't like anything anally done to me and it just internally clicks why my pants were pulled down earlier and I start crying.I come back and everyone on the bus is laughing because they have photos of a blacked out Bryan completely naked walking around the bus coming from the back room that night. Source: Attila Fire Drummer Bryan McClure Following Rape + Grooming Allegations
Filed Under: AttilaCategories: News Graham HartmannAtom Splitter PRShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAttila drummer Bryan McClure has been dismissed from the band after being accused of sexual assault by a former girlfriend. Loudwire has received permission from McClure's two accusers to publish their tweets in this article. attila was one of my favorite bands and i was just ecstatic to have someone i admired give me attention. i’ve heard allegations about fronz and i know how manipulative that band is. “We did fucking speed that night and blacked the fuck out. She writes about the alleged incident below, which took place on Attila’s tour bus after snorting what they believed to be cocaine, but turned out to be speed.One night we thought we were doing coke with a couple of other guys and it ended up being speed which no one wanted. A former fan has also come forward to accuse McClure of grooming her beginning at age 16, when he was in his early 30s.Eileen Anderson posted a lengthy statement on her social media pages today (June 25), accusing McClure of vaginally and anally raping her while she was unconscious. His guitar tech and guitarist were the ones who took care of me immediately while he didn't even notice right away because he was all worked up and angry. “I totally forgot about that yes I’ve told [Attila] and I’ve apologized multiple times for that,” the text reads. While blood is getting cleaned up off me and I'm crying the lights turned back on mentally for him and started getting emotional and trying to care for me saying "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry!" Trying to hug me and I'm extremely angry at him for his usual drunk actions.I go into the back lounge to get away from him and he soon follows after. I'm so isolated and sad feeling and don't know what to do because I just found out I was raped by my boyfriend. We were absolutely disgusted to learn of some recent events surrounding a touring member of the band, and earlier this week we parted ways with that member. below i’ve posted screenshots. last time i called out Bryan was for making ableist comments on my snapchat and i was immediately shut down.

"We held off on the Zoom concerts and asked our creative/production team to come up with the biggest real-time live metal streaming event of the summer and what we now have to present to you is our show called 'A Light or a Distant Mirror.' This performance will be 100 percent live and is not pre-taped. There will be a pre-show beginning at 3PM ET with Mosh Talks host Terry Bezer, serving up interview and clips from the pre-production. In addition, there will be an opening support slot from Sylosis. In addition, the band has exclusive, limited edition merchandise and VIP bundle options available via their webstore.Trivium will donate a portion of the proceeds from the live streamed event to the music therapy program at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.Trivium: A Light or a Distant MirrorRoadrunner Records2020's Best Metal Albums (So Far)
Source: Trivium Return to Concert Stage Next Month for Live Streamed Show
Filed Under: Sylosis, triviumCategories: News We are thankful to our friends at Full Sail University, who are providing us a first class performance arena and the Maestro broadcast team for streaming our show to the corners of the earth! We hope you can join us."Trivium are currently selling tickets for the event. It will cost $9 to attend and you can pick up your tickets now at this location. The band has announced plans to live stream a concert taking place next month, marking their first official show since the April release of their new album.The band is promising brand new production and an arena-style visual show for the event dubbed "Trivium: A Light or a Distant Mirror." The concert will stream globally via Full Sail Live, a state of of the art event and broadcast arena at Full Sail University in the band's hometown of Orlando, Florida.The timing allows the band to dig into the music from their recently released album, What the Dead Men Say. Chad ChildersRoadrunner RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhile Zoom chat collaborations have become the norm in the last few months, Trivium are ready to set foot on a concert stage again. We will have a brand new epic stage set and lights, and we will bring it 100 percent. The pre-show starts at 3PM ET, with the concert itself beginning at 4PM ET on July 10."We had to get creative when we heard there was no touring this summer," the band explains.

"Propitiation"3. "Unborn Ambrosia"11. The second half, charged by a lead guitar part that calls to mind Death's "Zombie Ritual" a bit, is underscored by a battering, dam-wrecker of a groove as frontman John McEntee bellows on about ritual sacrifice, aided by hazy visuals befitting of the theme.Read the lyrics to "Propitiation" and listen to the brooding song further below.Weeping matrons bow at the dawnGroveling upon a path withdrawnSecond death fire starts churningThroes in frenzy inspires the blazingPillars of fourVagrant tribes once sworeBull of the east flamePermits the souls releaseInfants are fuelServants to the bestialGods ruinous flockIndulging the hunger of molochDispossess what you boreBrilliance of sufferingIlluminates the nightSmother the skyWith the ashes of plightCharred remainsOnce offspring is his delightThe 13-track Sect of Vile Divinities will serve as the successor to 2017's Profane Nexus and can be pre-ordered at the Relapse Records webstore here. "Siege Hive"The Best Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985 
Source: Death Metal OGs Incantation Debut Slimy New Song ‘Propitiation’ + Announce 11th Album ‘Sect of Vile Divinities’
Filed Under: IncantationCategories: News "Ritual Impurity (Seven Of The Sky Is One)"2. "Chant Of Formless Dread"8. "Fury's Manifesto"12. 21.The four-and-a-half-minute song is divided into two clear halves — the first portion dedicated to the claustrophobic, churning, crawling doom that has been the staple of the Incantation sound for 30 years. "Ignis Fatuus"7. "Guardians From The Primeval"5. "Shadow-Blade Masters Of Tempest And Maelstrom"9. "Black Fathom's Fire"6. Joe DiVitaRelapse RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterReigning death metal institution Incantation are back with a slimy new song "Propitiation." The track is the first single to be released from the group's forthcoming 11th studio album, Sect of Vile Divinities, due Aug. View the artwork and complete track listing beneath the video for the song.Incantation, "Propitiation"Incantation, Sect of Vile Divinities Album Art + Track ListingRelapse Records1. "Scribes Of The Stygian"10. "Entrails Of The Hag Queen"4.

He came onto our bus, opened my bunk curtain, gave me a shot of whiskey and said 'booze is the healer.'"Added guitarist Scott Ian, "'If we arrived for soundcheck a little hungover, Dimebag would be standing there with a knowing Cheshire Cat smile, a shot of whiskey at the ready and the words 'booze is the healer.' And goddamn if it didn't work. Put us right back on the horse."The band's new limited-edition bourbon is Solera-aged in a King's Barrell, produced by Hillrock Estate Distillery in New York's Hudson Valley Highlands. "When I took the first sip, the mix of flavors really came out in a big way, and it was obvious to me that this bourbon had to become my new best friend. Second glasses are fun."Ian added, "To my uneducated palate, this high rye content bourbon with notes of toffee, molasses, cinnamon and mint was incredibly well-balanced. It was like a cool smooth vibe that made me pour a second glass. The depth of the flavor was intense. "This bourbon got my vote right away," said bassist Frank Bello. It is 115.6-proof elixir and is priced at $140.The group decided to put their stamp on "The Healer" after enjoying a post-show dinner and bourbon tasting at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut last November. In layman's terms, it's some damn-good hooch!"This marks Anthrax's third venture into the world of bourbon, previous giving their go ahead to 2014's "Indians" and 2015's "The Devil You Know." For those interested in "The Healer" bourbon, you can go ahead and place your orders here.Like most acts, Anthrax are using their pandemic down time to focus on new music. Chad ChildersHerfitz PRShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAnthrax are rolling out a new bourbon called "The Healer," revealing the idea for what to call their latest libation came from the legendary rocker Dimebag Darrell.Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante explains, "The first time I heard Dimebag refer to booze being a healer was when we were on tour together and I was really sick. The band has been writing and rehearsing in anticipation of their follow-up to the For All Kings album.Anthrax's "The Healer" BourbonHillrock Estate DistillerySee Anthrax in the Top 50 Thrash Albums of All Time
Source: Anthrax Find Inspiration in Dimebag Darrell for New Bourbon ‘The Healer’
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Thanks for playing along with us!"Indeed, it's the Master of Puppets album centerpiece that ultimately takes the cake in Metallica's bracket. Not bad for the little thrash metal tune that, as Metallica themselves mentioned above, was selected for induction into the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry in 2016.All Metallica Songs Ranked
Source: Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ Voted the Band’s Best Song Ever
Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News The first round ended on June 4.The group posited that fans' "fav Metallica songs [would] go head to head in #SomeKindOfBracket. Vote on daily match-ups here on Facebook and in our Instagram stories until we crown the champ!"The voting played out online as listeners voted for their favorite in each heat. "Your champion is — drum roll please — 'Master of Puppets'! By the following day, a victor had emerged."The people have spoken and [a] single song stands alone above the rest," the band shared Tuesday (June 23). When all was said and done, "One" — the 1989 single from …And Justice for All — went head to head with "Master of Puppets," the title track from Metallica's 1986 album. Philip TrappEbet Roberts, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica fans have voted "Master of Puppets" the veteran metal act's single most significant song in a knockout tournament called "Some Kind of Bracket." The promotion, instigated by the band, let listeners determine the top Metallica tune in a sporty kind of single-elimination contest.It all started around a month ago when the legendary Bay Area rockers initially distributed the contest's first-round bracket on social media. On May 28, over 60 Metallica songs — everything from "Enter Sandman" to "I Disappear" — were among the lot that kicked off the challenge. Along the way, it defeated 'Dyers Eve,' 'Atlas, Rise!,' 'Ride the Lightning,' 'Sad but True,' 'Fade to Black' and 'One' in head-to-head match-ups… no wonder that thing is in the Library of Congress! On June 18, the semifinals found "Master of Puppets" going up against "Fade to Black" and "One" battling "Enter Sandman."By June 22, the tournament had winnowed down to just two remaining Metallica songs.

Loudwire StaffKevin Winter (2) / Scott Gries, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThankfully, after being pronounced dead and being brought back to life, these seven rock stars didn’t develop a hankering for human flesh. Nope, they just kept making great music, but with a new appreciation for the fragility of life.While some of the rockers fell victim to rock and roll excess, dabbling too much with drugs, there are a few others who suffered a fate far worse with a laundry list of injuries added on from vehicle accidents.Scroll through the list and see which rockers we thankfully still have that briefly were no longer with us. Source: 7 Rockers Who Died and Came Back to Life
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Set to premiere this week in Cannes' virtual market, the movie explores the melding of music and activism via Tankian.The frontman's System of a Down bandmates John Dolmayan and Shavo Odadjian also make appearances in the documentary — as does the group's manager, David "Beno" Benveniste, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, record producer Rick Rubin and filmmaker Carla Garapedian. And our logic being a part of the process can change the world. How we feel about things can overwhelm our logic. Now if only he and Dolmayan can continue to keep their differing political views from messing with the momentum of their influential band.Truth to Power, First Look TrailerSee System of a Down in the 50 Most Important Metal Bands of the 21st Century
Source: System of a Down’s Serj Tankian Speaks ‘Truth to Power’ in New Documentary
Filed Under: Serj Tankian, system of a downCategories: News Morello and Tankian founded the non-profit organization Axis of Justice in the early 2000s, uniting music fans with their goal of fighting for social justice.Watch a trailer down toward the bottom of this post.According to a Tribeca Film Festival synopsis, Truth to Power portrays Tankian's "passion for human rights and activism. As longtime fans of System of a Down are most likely aware, Tankian is an Armenian-American who holds Armenia's social justice issues close to his heart.While it's no new System of Down album, the documentary built around Tankian's outspoken activism certainly seems like an informative and entertaining watch. But it requires people realizing that they have the power."Garin Hovannisian is the director behind the movie — he guided last year's I Am Not Alone, a doc about the 2018 Armenian velvet revolution. … Fueled by interviews with the band, their producers and fellow rock icons, [the film] is both an energizing rockumentary and an inspiring call to action for our turbulent times."As Tankian says at one point in the trailer, "Music changes our intuitive parts; music changes the way we feel about things. Philip TrappYouTube: Avalanche EntertainmentShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSystem of a Down singer Serj Tankian stars in the upcoming documentary Truth to Power, a film from Live Nation Productions and the musician's own Serjical Strike Entertainment.

"I've got a bunch of stuff like that that maybe I'll end up releasing on the albums two and three when it comes to the solo stuff, but yeah, I have a ton of stuff that hopefully will see the light of day," he beamed.Elsewhere in the interview, the Slipknot and Stone Sour singer addressed the state of modern rock, stating, "There's a lot of dead music out there disguised as rock music, and yes, there's still a great thriving rock scene that I think a lot of people aren't getting to hear because of a lot of the bands that are kind of dominating the airwaves right now."He blamed the way a lot of rock music is produced today, resulting in what he deemed to be a "homogenized sound" and that "you can't tell any god damn band, the difference between any of those bands, because they all sound the same, they're all produced the same, they're all mixed the same, nothing stands out."As of yet, there are still very few details pertaining to Taylor's debut album, but the singer has described it as "big choruses, fun rock." There's also a coffee table book of crazy quotes from his Slipknot bandmate Clown on the way too.2020's Best Metal Albums (So Far) 
Source: Corey Taylor Is Already Thinking About Second + Third Solo Albums
Filed Under: corey taylor, Slipknot, stone sourCategories: News Joe DiVitaKatja Ogrin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCorey Taylor's first solo album isn't even out yet and the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman is already thinking about a second and third solo record.You may be assuming Taylor laid down a ton of new songs in quarantine, but he has constantly been writing songs since his teenage years. His upcoming debut as a solo artist, which was finished in quarantine, however, will even feature a track that he began writing back in high school.There's a lot of material still waiting to be heard, Taylor indicated in an interview on "The Eddie Trunk Podcast." "I'm always thinking of songs, I'm always like coming up with stuff in my head, and because I'm so – almost hyper-focused on stuff, especially like that, I will mull and just exhaust every idea that comes with that song in particular, whatever I'm working on until I really got it figured out," said the singer when pressed about his writing process.There's no big secret to fully fleshing out a song in this way, it's just that repetition is key. "It comes down to just playing it over and over and over again," added Taylor, who implied playing the songs both acoustically and plugged in. He also said he taught himself piano over the last 30 years."Obviously, I'm no virtuoso," the singer went on, "but I could play along with almost anything that I've ever written, so that comes in handy when you're looking for that extra level, or element, when it comes to enhancing songs or just writing songs completely." Trying out "obvious" and "cliche" ideas is part of the process of finding exactly the right fit, as well as nuances like a "little hook."Looking forward Taylor suggested this solo debut is in no means the end for his individualized output.

We'll give you a small hint — that Easter egg can be found within the "Bloodshot Eyes" video.Can you find all the hidden messages? Lamb of God have released a series of new music videos to go with their new self-titled album, and the videos each contain Easter eggs that lead to different rewards.The lyric videos for "Resurrection Man," "On the Hook," "Poison Dream," "Bloodshot Eyes" and "Reality Bath" each have different hidden messages in them. Lauryn SchaffnerEpic Records / Photo by Travis ShinnShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWithout tours to promote new albums in 2020, bands are having to come up with new and creative ways to keep their fans engaged. Watch the videos below, and get to work!Lamb of God's latest, self-titled album was released on June 19. The winnings for discovering the messages range from unreleased content to contests to coupons for the band's merchandise store.One contest prize in particular is one of frontman Randy Blythe's signed photos that the music videos and the art featured on the inside of the album are based upon. Check it out here if you haven't already, and you can also get signed copies of the record on CD and vinyl through Epic Records' webstore.Lamb of God – "Resurrection Man"Lamb of God – "On the Hook"Lamb of God – "Poison Dream"Lamb of God – "Bloodshot Eyes"Lamb of God – "Reality Bath"2020's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
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What once was another side of that line full of moments of incredible purpose and happiness that could have extended far beyond the life span of my career … Despite these improvements, there is sadly no amount of therapy or self exploration that can supplement the feeling of simply doing what I love, and more importantly, it certainly cannot rectify regrets that are irreversible. If you can try and tell me you're not dealing with something that if handled could promote a better quality of your life, then I am calling you a fucking liar."He concludes, "On the positive side, though the 2 aspects of my year that I mentioned feeling lost about are still weighing on me, almost every other aspect in only 5 months have drastically improved as a result of the effort I'm putting in. I hope anyone else experiencing similar feelings are doing okay."The singer says that tweet was met with mostly support, but he felt the need to elaborate beyond Twitter's character limit. There's nothing we could have done/can do about the coronavirus downtime regarding working, but there is everything we can do to pursue a better life for ourselves from within. *extreme eye roll*)."Offering an update on music and how it ties to what he's been going through, the singer says, "Throughout this year, we have also been working on writing new music and some additional MIW related projects that I am very proud of, but where this creativity usually fills most of whatever voids are present, it has not been as effective and I've been met with such a feeling of being lost in not knowing how to handle these very emotions I have been describing when there is seemingly NOTHING i can do about it except, as I said, to rely on the passing of time as my only remedy.""At the risk of sounding like a self help meme, If so many of the comments I received about being a person that many look to for release are true, let this letter be a catalyst to spark your own personal journey to confronting destructive thoughts and patterns in your life, or at least to be open to talk about them," suggest Motionless. I implore you to seek help and be open about your feelings before you dig yourself a hole so deep it feels easier to bury yourself than to climb out. All my progress has lead me to a point of a line in the sand in which I simply cannot cross. Yo should I use these as lyrics? In addition to that, at the beginning of this month, I came face to face with a memento (from the other non band related aspect) that I know would seem very small and probably be regarded as laughable by most people but of severe significance to me, And as a result, Those 2 situations avalanched on me more than they already were, with no solution in sight except potentially the solace of time."The vocalist revealed that he's "been in therapy most of this year," adding, "It has lead to monumental moments of self discovery, reprogramming of my lifestyle, and pivotal life changes that I've implemented to improve my quality of living. Especially this month. still somehow unjustly seems taboo."Elaborating on one his previous comments, Motionless clarified, "I stated that I feel worthless due to not touring. However, I said what I said not because my sense of self worth is directly dictated by being enjoyed by our fans, not because who Chris Cerulli is doesn't exist without the association of the band, but because it is the primary balance I experience on the opposite side of my life long path of creating and experiencing highs and lows. Good luck."The 66 Best Rock Songs of the Decade: 2010 – 2019
Source: Motionless in White Frontman: Topic of Mental Health Still ‘Unjustly Seems Taboo’
Filed Under: chris motionless, motionless in whiteCategories: News I can't believe how worthless I feel not being able to tour and having so much time to sit in my head and obsess over regrets and self hatred. Motionless returned to the social media platform with a more in depth commentary, thanking those who did offer their encouragement, explaining his reasoning behind the post and offering greater detail on his journey with mental health so far this year."First and foremost, Thank you so much to everyone from friends, fans, artists/band members, and more who reached out to me to show their support and words of encouragement," writes the vocalist. For people who have had the rug completely pulled out from under them with no certainty of when this will end. "I was not expecting that at all, and in all of the ugliness I am experiencing, that was a beautiful and inspiring thing to see. You can have all the money and fame in the world, but that can't buy you true love or a true connection with people around you. is now a self-inflicted abyss with simply no solid ground for me to step foot on (holy dramatic! I feel so bad for families who have been forced to juggle all of the factors that have fallen on them unexpectedly. It is a feeling and an energy that has the power to shift mountains."He continued, "To elaborate further on where this is coming from, for the entirety of this year I have been dealing with so many personal issues I have resisted confronting for a long time, but fronted by 2 overlying aspects that took place this year that have been deteriorating as each month has passed, 1 of which being the loss of touring and having to reshape my life around not having the balance I just described. I did not mean to come off like I was taking that away from anyone. Chad ChildersLorne Thomson, Redferns/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMotionless in White singer Chris Motionless shared his thoughts on the "serious decline" of his mental health in a tweet earlier this week, and he's now elaborated in a more extensive post detailing his personal journey with therapy this year.On June 22, the singer tweeted, "My mental health is on a serious decline this year. To encourage further discussion about a topic that in its increasing notoriety … Much like the same release people receive from attending a live performance. "Fuck the fear of speaking out about how you feel, fuck your toxic masculinity, and fuck the idea that someone's status should determine if someone is 'allowed' to be in pain. However, with mental health being something that people are being rightfully more and more open about, I felt comfortable to express my feelings to people that I know are directly relating. Sorry. I will be honest in that it has frequently been a crutch to help distract myself or have a crucial outlet from personal mental issues, and that I do occasionally find myself tethering my happiness to what is taking place within that realm exclusively, much to the detriment of other areas of my life. I can't thank you enough for the help."He then added, "I'd like to establish that I am aware that so many people in the world are having experiences that far outweigh the severity of my own. It can't buy back relationships and friendships.

;)”Dines also shared that he worked with Trivium’s Matt Heafy on original music, composing two songs back in 2018.“Who's been waiting on @matthewkheafy and I to make original heavy fucking music together?! “Ya'll remember the biggest shred collab songs I do every year? ..It has people such as Stevie T, Angel Vivaldi, Matt Heafy, Cole Rolland, Berried Alive, Andy James, and more?!25 Best Metalcore Albums of All Time
Source: Howard Jones + Jared Dines Start Project That Sounds Like 2000s Killswitch Engage
Filed Under: howard jones, Jared Dines, Killswitch EngageCategories: News ..2 years ago!! ..What's that?! According to Dines, they’re seven songs deep into writing and the cuts sound like Howard-era Killswitch Engage.Howard Jones helped propel Killswitch Engage toward becoming the biggest metalcore band in the world thanks to his vocals on 2004’s The End of Heartache. It's already been finished for weeks?! (hopefully out soon) Would you believe me if I said I'm already 2 songs deep into the 2nd ep with him?!” Dines tweeted.A giant shred collab album is also on the way, featuring a huge stable of talented people. Jones remained with Killswitch for two more albums before leaving in 2012, leaving the door open for original singer Jesse Leach to return.Jones went on to form Light the Torch, formerly named Devil You Know, and even collaborated with Killswitch again on their 2019 song “The Signal Fire.”“Who remembers 'Howard Jones era' Killswitch Engage?!” Dines began in a tweet. “Who wants to hear more music like that WITH THE MAN HIMSELF Howard Jones but also with …….. Well, who wants a BIGGEST SHRED COLLAB ALBUM?! WE DID!!! Graham HartmannDave Etheridge-Barnes, Getty Images / YouTube: Jared DinesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFormer Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones and YouTuber Jared Dines have been collaborating for a new project. ..well shit, you might like these 7 songs we're sitting on then! MYSELF?!

For me it's really important that we capture that not just in the lyrics, but also sonically that it really illustrates the vibe."Sykes then added that going forward, each of the new albums will have a "very different tone."Watch the full video below. Frontman Oli Sykes has described their upcoming album as "aggressive" and a "protest record."The band has been releasing video clips documenting footage of their time making the new albums. Lauryn SchaffnerC. “It’s trying to capture the anger, sadness, frustration, fear, paranoia and everything I think we are all collectively going through right now. Brandon, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterBring Me the Horizon received quite a bit of criticism last year with the release of their experimental album amo, but for those of you who are yearning for their heavier side — fear not. Anyway, in one of the videos from earlier this year, Sykes declared that he was bringing back the guttural vocals for the new songs.In a new clip, the singer has assured that the new album is heavier in nature due to the circumstances that have been going on in the world throughout the recording process.“This first record is very much a protest record,” he said. Yes, albums — they've previously confirmed that there will be multiple albums released in the near future. Bring Me the Horizon's new single "Parasite Eve" drops tomorrow, June 25.Bring Me the Horizon Studio Clip2020's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
Source: Oli Sykes: New Bring Me the Horizon Album Is an ‘Aggressive Protest Record’
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In addition to Worsnop and Paige, Sons of Apollo's Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Epica's Rob van der Loo, Within Temptation's Ruud Jolie, Symphony X's Mike LePond, former Evanescence member Rocky Gray and many others are taking part in the music for the game."It was an absolute honor to work with Danny. In the interim, Steam users can add it to their wishlist here. It will also be available for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.Check out Worsnop's announcement as well as a trailer featuring the tracking of music for the game below.Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop Reveals Participation in Of Bird and CageOf Bird & Cage Music Trailer10 Rock + Metal Musicians in Video GamesBest Rock Songs of 2020 (So Far)
Source: Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop Cast in ‘Of Bird and Cage’ Video Game
Filed Under: Asking Alexandria, danny worsnopCategories: News His latest is being cast as a voice talent in the upcoming Capricia Productions video game, Of Bird and Cage.The game, which is currently in development, will feature Worsnop voicing one of the game's central characters, Ari, who the singer describes in his announcement video as "a bad guy." Ari is the boyfriend of Gitta, the game's protagonist, who is being voiced by Kobra and the Lotus singer Kobra Paige.Of Bird and Cage is something unique in the gaming world, with a full rock and metal record completely produced to provide the story-driven narrative of the game itself. There are a lot of incredible other musicians who've been involved in the casting, the creation, the scoring, and the performance within this video game and I would just want to say thank you to all of them who've been involved, and thank you to everyone who has created Of Bird and Cage for having me on board."While an official release date has not been announced, Capricia revealed that the game is coming "very soon" and they hope that it arrives no later than early 2021. He is a professional, and he understood that in this case, he was not just singing a 'normal' vocal line, but voicing a complicated character, who already has his own personality and voice. We believe Danny not only captured Ari perfectly, but also added his own personality to the character and made him even more interesting," said Arnold Nesis, Capricia's CEO and music composer/producer.Meanwhile, Worsnop adds, "We've had a lot of fun making this — it's an entirely new approach, an entirely new concept, and a way to absorb the video game platform that I believe you guys are going to enjoy. Chad ChildersYouTube: Capricia ProductionsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAsking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop has spread his wings in recent years, taking on a number of ventures outside the band.

The threshold is reached when a certain percentage of the population has built up an immunity to a given contagion, bringing the risk of community spread to nearly nil.A study done by CovidActNow indicates that only three states —New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts — are on track to properly contain the coronavirus at this point, with case numbers surging to record highs in various states.Still, the festival's organizers view the weekend activities as a necessary component in mitigating the stress of everyday life brought on by the pandemic and the resulting nationwide economic closures.Other acts set to perform at the Herd Immunity Fest at the Q & Z Expo Center include Flaw, Blacktop Mojo, Metallica and AC/DC tribute bands (One and Thunderstruck, respectively), Kaleido and more. What the actual fuck??” Nonpoint contended they backed out due to the fest's name. Joe DiVitaPhoto: Edgar CarrancoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterYes, the Herd Immunity Festival in Ringle, Wisconsin is indeed real, despite repeated warnings over the last three months from countless public officials of various rank against exactly this type of thing amid a devastating worldwide pandemic. "Mini Fest" had also appeared on advertising before. View the daily lineups below and, for more information, head here.ThursdayTBA 4:30-6PMFlaw 6:30-8PMBlacktop Mojo 8:30-10PMFridaySaul 1-2PMONE – Metallica Tribute Band 2:30-4PMThunderstruck: America's AC/DC Tribute 4:30-6PMRoyal Bliss 6:30-8PMBobaflex 8:30-10PMSaturdayTBA 12:30-2PMVersus Me 2:30-3:30PMKaleido 4-5PMDOPE 5:30-6:15PMNonpoint 6:45-8PMStatic-X 8:30 to closeTop 50 Nu-Metal Albums of All Time
Source: ‘Herd Immunity Fest’ With Static-X + More Changes Name, Still Happening Next Month
Filed Under: Dope, nonpoint, Static XCategories: News The three-day event is set for July 16-18 and will feature Static-X, Nonpoint, Dope, a reunited Bobaflex and more.UPDATE: Nonpoint have officially dropped off the bill following a post made by Powerman 5000's Spider One, who derided on Twitter, “A bunch of bands that I consider peers and some friends are partaking in a show called ‘herd immunity fest’, which by that title is basically saying to their fans, come see us and we hope you get sick. See that update toward the bottom of the page.The name of the fest embraces the concept of a population's ability to resist the spread of a contagion, typically achieved through the use of vaccines. The fest also announced a reduced outdoor occupancy by 80 percent and that it will no longer be called 'Herd Immunity Fest,' though no other name was given.

Tankian has now addressed that issue via Instagram, setting the record straight that he loves and respects Dolmayan.The progressive beliefs of Tankian and conservative views of Dolmayan have been on full display for years, but COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd have brought an increased spotlight on the two musicians. The amount of online hate and stupidity against him and I are unjustifiable: social media has created an erroneous digital society that partially thrives on this reality. Thank you all for reading. Tankian has now added to that thought, explaining that both his and Dolmayan’s constant search for truth remains a creative strength for SOAD.My drummer and brother in law @johndolmayan_ whom I love and respect irrespective of our extremely polarized political commentary and differences has always been my stalwart ally in efforts for recognition of the Armenian genocide within Soad. Tankian has publicly called for President Trump’s resignation, while Dolmayan has called the 45th president the “greatest friend to minorities.”Dolmayan recently offered an olive branch to fans, assuring that System of a Down’s music is for everyone, regardless of personal politics. Remember irrespective of the stance, only artists that truly care and are impassioned will risk alienating their base for what they consider the truth. Some may consider that a weakness but the artistic, political and social dichotomy if not quadrichotomy (not a word) has made @systemofadown what it is today. Our dilemma and possible fallacy is that we have two in one band. Watch the documentary’s first publicly shared clip below.25 Legendary Metal Albums With No Weak Songs
Source: Serj Tankian: I Love and Respect John Dolmayan, Despite Political Differences
Filed Under: John Dolmayan, Serj Tankian, system of a downCategories: News Graham HartmannFrank MaddocksShare on FacebookShare on TwitterExtreme differences of political opinion have led System of a Down fans to wonder if frontman Serj Tankian and John Dolmayan can continue to exist in the same band. We should all do more non-online reading :)Tankian is also the subject of a new documentary called Truth to Power, which will focus on the music and activism of the SOAD frontman.