Philip TrappPublished: April 14, 2021Bryan Bedder / Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLast month, the Finnish cello-playing metalheads in Apocalyptica unleashed the supercharged "White Room," a cover of classic rock legends Cream featuring vocals from Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix.Now, the orchestral alt-metal redux has an official music video. We want to thank Lzzy and the whole Halestorm team for their great work and friendship."Paying tribute to the music of the past seems an important facet of performing for the cellist. They'll be accompanied on the trek by Lacuna Coil — the joint tour was originally scheduled for 2020 before being moved once before because of the coronavirus pandemic. We hope you like the song just as much as we do."Toppinen had similarly kind words for Hale last year, gushing that "getting Lzzy to join us and perform in her outstanding way was a dream come true! Get tickets here.Apocalyptica feat. Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix, "White Room"87 Rock + Metal Albums Turning 20 in 2021
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Filed Under: apocalyptica, jacoby shaddix, papa roachCategories: News It now kicks off in August. In March, Toppinen joined several other metal mainstays (including members of My Dying Bride, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost and Athanasia) on an epic cover of Depeche Mode's "It Doesn't Matter Two."And for fans in North America itching to see Apocalyptica in concert, the band currently has tour dates rescheduled for later in 2021. The song follows Apocalyptica's "Talk to Me," another one-off collaboration from the symphonic metal band with another big name in rock, Halestorm's Lzzy Hale. Before that one emerged, Apocalyptica released their latest studio album, 2020's Cell-0, which contained singles such as "Ashes for the Modern World" and "En Route to Mayhem."Watch the "White Room" video down toward the bottom of this post."We were really looking forward to this release," offered Eicca Toppinen, the lead of Apocalyptica's three cellists, in a press release about "White Room." "Doing a cover of such a legendary song, originally by Cream, was great fun and having Jacoby Shaddix as featuring artist is a big pleasure for us!

Our fans won't go for that, because our fans only like us to do this style,'" he said. "Well, then there's no growth. It was dark. You're gonna grow stagnant. It's just not gonna evolve if you don't venture out and try new things."He went on to elaborate on the longevity of Slayer's career, attributing it to the fact that they played around with different sounds and styles, and didn't make one album sound like another.11 Bands Considered Pioneers of Death Metal 
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Filed Under: Dave Lombardo, SlayerCategories: News And it made all of us happy. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: April 14, 2021Chris Walter, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterNowadays, the internet seems to make or breaks bands, and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo is confident that the thrash legends "would have been destroyed" if things were the way they are now back in the early '80s when they debuted.In 1983, when Slayer released their debut album Show No Mercy and Metallica released Kill 'Em All, thrash metal was considered underground. It had our stamp of approval," the drummer continued.Lombardo then urged newer bands to listen to themselves only, and not what anyone else has to say."And another thing is bands that feel, 'Oh, no. It had a certain feel to it. Obviously, it went on to become a historical movement in music, but if social media had been around, they may have carried on — because everyone has a hell of a lot to say these days."If the Internet existed back when Slayer released their very first album, we would have been destroyed," Lombardo admitted to the Pit's MoshTalks Cover Stories."So, today, these days, you have to go with the approach of how we did it back then — we didn't care. We thought it was heavy, we thought it was brutal and evil.

I slept on the couch downstairs (it was a double decker bus) on top of the merchandise, fully dressed with boots on and a jacket.Despite the dark and tormented lyrical themes, what instances of happiness did you see within the band early on? AR: When we began to achieve little goals we set out for ourselves and moved on from playing for 50 of our friends to traveling to other states up and down the East Coast. We told her she can do her solo record and the band, but I think in her mind she was going to leave the band and come out and do the solo career as a woman. I feel that’s something that is going to change, and I see people coming around now.It’s 2021 — everyone needs to start accepting certain things.We’ve been up for so many tours and get turned down now and I’m kind of calling out the bands now. Life is traumatic and agonizing, but it is also so delicious and beautiful. You forgot that 15-20 years ago when you were nobodies that Life of Agony allowed you to open up for us three nights in a row, sold out in New York City, but when Life of Agony needs this band’s help, no one is there.[Shakes her head] I get heated up because I’m passionate about the human race.I want everyone to be happy in their own skin. I was popping every pill in the cabinet, anything I could sniff I’d sniff. I couldn’t wait to get back to my nightlife so I could actually express myself in the way I was most comfortable.Leaving that situation on a musical level freed me up from musical chains I felt I was bound to. If you want to live like a monk and go to the Himalayas, good for you.I want your dreams to come true more for you than for myself.Thank you to Mina Caputo, Joey Z and Alan Robert for the interview. She just said she was in too much pain to continue.I heard rumblings she was going to do a solo record. I’ve been doing yoga for 30 years and meditating for over 20 years — it’s how I get my clarity and strength. He only tried his best and forgiveness is present. After slugging it out in the underground building a fan base, their influential first album, 'River Runs Red,' was released in 1993, followed by a harrowing first European tour, which immediately took a toll on the band's members.How did each of your personalities gel when the band was formed?Alan Robert: I didn’t know about all the abuse going on in her household. It was no surprise when she came out and told me [in 2011] she’s Mina Caputo now. Mina was always very quiet unless she was breaking someone’s chops and she loved to laugh and was the prankster of the group. I was on opioids, awake constantly, doing bags of cocaine… It was like a switch and she became more and more detached, but never elaborated on what was going on. Mina knew it was special, too, and she verbalized in the past she was afraid of the success because she wasn’t living as the true person that was inside her.She didn’t want to publicly be known as "Keith Caputo" anymore. It was crazy. I can’t believe I made it.If you or someone you know if struggling with drug and/or alcohol dependence, help is available through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website. I haven’t arrived because life isn’t a destination. A disclaimer on the website notes that if you are concerned your Internet usage is being monitored, an alternative option is to call 800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233).STARTING THE BANDMina and Joey's musical background is traced back to their years growing up and by a unique, let's call it a twist of fate, Joey met the ideal songwriter, bassist and brother-like partner Alan Robert. Soon, they realized they had an opportunity to make music together and Alan converted to playing bass, as that was the instrument Joey and Mina hadn't locked up yet for their band.Thus, Life of Agony was born. That’s what rippled and we sent that out — it wasn’t just anger, but wanting to be healed and heard.AR: The first songs I wrote for for Life of Agony, I wrote all the lyrics and melodies/yelling parts. She had no choice but to quit.The group then recruited Ugly Kid Joe singer Whitfield Crane, but things quickly came to an end and Life of Agony split in 1999. Still, there's fight left in this band. I don’t blame anyone.I look at the value of everything I’ve gone through. I don’t rely on the medicine cabinet. You saw the anger come out of us when we played and we saw it in each other, as did the audiences. My grandmother was basically my surrogate mom.JZ: My grandma was a loving person.MC: I used to stare at her while she did her makeup every morning and I think she caught on. It’s tough not to be affected by the external world. For decades, the band and their music has been the vessel through which the principle members — Mina Caputo, Alan Robert and Joey Z — channeled real life pain, trauma, depression and suicidal ideation into something that can now only be recognized as beautiful and a promise to others bearing a similar burden that true happiness is something that can be achieved.For singer Mina Caputo especially, who came out as transgender in 2011 and is now living life as her true and honest self, happiness was not an emotion that was so easy to tap into.Her outlook on life today is extraordinarily complex — self-actualization shines, her love for the human race thrives and her ball-busting Brooklyn attitude remains charged to the max, laced with passionate cynicism and the ultimate hope that we can all do better and work toward a holistic and kinder approach to co-existing with one another.In Life of Agony's powerfully compelling new documentary directed by Leigh Brooks, The Sound of Scars, one element that radiates throughout the journey from the violent and abusive childhood in the adjacent homes of cousins Caputo and Joey Zampella (known the world over as Joey Z) through the rise, fall and resurrection of the band, is that right from the opening moments, Caputo looks happier now than she's ever been. As long as you’re happy, not hurting one and not fucking with kids, you can do whatever the fuck you want, in and out of your bedroom.HAPPINESS NOW + THE WORK THAT'S STILL LEFTHappiness may not be an ever-present emotion in the lives of Life of Agony's members, but it's one that certainly exists in abundance. People are looking at this person that is just somebody I didn’t back up. There wasn’t even the word transgender when I was growing up in the ‘70s — it was transsexual and all the bad names they called us.THE BAND BREAKS UP ON THE VERGE OF A BREAKOUTRight after Life of Agony released their third album, 'Soul Searching Sun,' in 1997, Mina Caputo abruptly left the band. It’s common to break people's balls in Brooklyn.JZ: The band was our therapy. It’s beautiful. That battle she fought inside for all those years put Life of Agony as a blockade for her that prevented her from living the true life she wanted to live.On the road, there were occasions in the earlier days where you would see “Keith” late at night in full on women’s clothing in the hotel hallway running to her room. I should’ve been honest, but you live and learn. It never happens. "Weeds" was beginning to get traction on radio, a necessary promotional vehicle that puts bands on the world's biggest stages.But the idea of presenting a false person — 'Keith' Caputo — to an even larger global audience wore too heavily on Life of Agony's singer. These shared experiences served as the foundation for what later became Life of Agony.What brought you joy amid the violence and abuse growing up?Joey Z: Any time Mina spent with my brothers and I was when she was at her happiest. We got into Sex Pistols, Cro-Mags, Sheer Terror and Agnostic Front at the same time and we both love Sinead O’Connor, so we had a big range of influences.That first European tour was rough, as the documentary showed. Talking is better than bottling things up for a long time.It’s strange to see some of your heroes gone. During violent outbursts that were all too typical of her home life, she attested to times where she had to protect her grandmother from abuse, leaping in front of her to absorb the beatings her grandfather was giving. Joey's father, who often turned violent when drunk, was also amid the violence that permeated the two households. Still, the cousins found moments of joy together and were very close during their childhood. I can’t put myself in her shoes and know what reservations she had about not telling me.JZ: Bands are funny things… She overcame it all right in front of the world and wasn’t afraid to do it. Now she’s practically in the crowd, standing on the barricade with fans holding her legs as she’s singing to them.Life of Agony now is more of an experience than a performance.Michael Loccisano, Getty ImagesMina, what was it like performing with Life of Agony as Mina Caputo for the very first time?MC: It was empowering. For everyone else, it was the proverbial rug getting ripped out from beneath their feet — Life of Agony were primed to make the leap and experience success at a much greater level than ever before. I sat with Mina and explained how I envisioned it and those were our first one-on-one interactions.We always had the same taste in music we had a deep love for classic rock bands such as Pink Floyd and the Beatles. She told us later looking back that she didn’t have the courage to do that and it all lingered.Life of Agony, "Weeds" Music Video (1997)JZ: Alan and I were always 110 percent into the band and knew it was special. I play my own game: you’re either on board or you can fucking eat my ass. I lived most of my life trying to protect this part of myself because of the cruelty of this idiotic fucking Matrix.JZ: For the amount of love everyone was able to give us, bar the distractions, they did their best to do that.MC: There was a lot of forgiveness as well. Their work is not finished.What helps define happiness for you now and how do you pull yourself out of the darkness?AR: Talking about it helps. Even though he channeled a lot of your life into his lyrics, what made this so especially difficult?MC: It was a tough thing. It’s all a play of energy, but the world complicates the simplest ideas.In what ways was love present in the house growing up?JZ: Love was around. I didn’t have the internet to help teach me about things — there’s no forums. I take that trauma, spin it around, flip that motherfucker and make it work for me, whether I pull a song out of it or a poem.JZ: Forgiveness is the only way to be happy in life. Good for you. We were exposed to a lot of stuff — people passed out on drugs, all the drinking…MC: There was love through those beatings and it was the only way my grandfather and the men knew how to express themselves. Her father, a drug addict, was largely out of the picture. I’ve got the best of both worlds, which gives me the pour and my soul is free. I felt very happy for her, and I love her eternally.MC: I was more concerned about the brothers in my band than for my own life. Yoga has allowed me to become my own pharmaceutical industry. She’s one of the bravest people I know.AR: In the ‘90s she’d be hidden behind the microphone with a hat and wouldn’t speak between songs. It’s a toxic environment and it’s going to be hard for our kids to navigate through that.MC: You got people killing themselves because they don’t get a certain amount of likes. Meanwhile, 'Keith' pursued a solo career and continued to battle this false sense of self.So often, music is seen as an escape from certain difficulties or a catharsis. It seems that initial taste of big success also came with serious baggage and perhaps wasn't the escape from reality so many may perceive it to have been.AR: It caused more depression for me. She almost thought that she could not be in Life of Agony as a woman, as a transgender person. We’ve grown so much and our bond as a family is stronger than ever.We have each other’s support and Life of Agony is a celebration now. We were able to leave the house and get the angst out, even at a rehearsal space. I know the fucking game, that’s why I don’t play it. It was probably one of my greatest shamanistic dances. I was afraid to lose people in my life.It’s very confusing and to this day I still get very confused.AR: I confronted her right after the set. I thought I was going to be part of the ‘27 Club’ and I was disappointed when I wasn’t back then. Joe DiVitaPublished: April 14, 2021Leigh BrooksShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLife of Agony chose their band name for a reason. we don't exactly hold meetings for something like this.Mina Caputo on Transgender Issues:We've Been Derailed From the Beauty of Our Own BodiesWhat are the biggest changes you've seen in Mina within Life of Agony since she revealed her true identity?JZ: She comes out onstage and has so much more power and presence. When did that no longer feel viable and that Life of Agony had maybe become a trap of sorts?AR: When Soul Searching Sun was about to come out, we did touring leading up to that and you can tell Mina was somewhere else mentally. It’s given her happiness and she’s found out how to love through all this. Alan was a genius the way he was able to pull these stories together. My grandfather made up for how confused he made me as a kid. I feel all the positives totally outweigh everything. It wasn’t 24/7 craziness in the households, but there was the rollercoaster of these Brooklyn Italian families. It’s not widely accepted or understood, and it’s a scary thing. The bunks were modified to accommodate that many people and you had to get out to just turn over in your own bed. Nine out of 10 times, that other person is in a funk and you can commiserate and get out of it together. There were a lot of tears. I got a lot of love from the women in the family. I have very bad days. I’m a very empathetic creature and depending on how strong I am depends on my state of being. It’s a dopamine game, a serotonin game. So many "friends" and bands that say that want to tour with us, there hasn’t been much support from these "friend" bands who say they’ll take us out on the road. There was a lot of isolation on the road and we were sent over there without any preparation for a two-month tour in the winter. Even the closest people to me, I wondered how they were going to understand. Happiness is not a solid state — no human emotion is. You want to wear a fucking diaper? This was not a planned act though and she was driven to come out after being provoked online, where a response to a fan served as her official announcement.Mina confronted Joey about her identity, but hadn't told Alan. I’m about to be 48 and I’ve got a body like a fucking 18-year-old. Mina spent a lot of time in our house and my mom would do a lot of the raising.Mina Caputo: I grew up playing classical piano and studied it for a few years.My uncle’s vinyl record collection — discovering Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin… (gasps), Robert Plant! The lyrics you sang were so powerful and revealing, so what prevented you from wanting or being able to communicate with the audience between songs?MC: It wasn’t that I was struggling with my stage persona so much as I was struggling with what was going on internally. To speak to someone on the phone, dial 1-800-622-HELP (1-800-622-4357) or send a text message to 1-800-487-4889.MINA COMES OUT AS TRANSGENDERIn 2011, Mina publicly revealed her identity as a transgender woman. Be a little brave.MC: All the institutionalized arithmetic that goes into making bands — it’s a numbers game. My neurological system is like the fucking Hulk. I was stuck in an identity that people created for me.Once we got more successful, I wasn’t equipped for it. Her bandmates, too, have all found new ways to define happiness within themselves and for others.Along the way, hard lessons have been learned, but they all offer a chance at redemption; at not wasting a second longer on missing out on the gift of life.A limited two-week screening of The Sound of Scars begins April 16 (tickets available here) and we caught up with Mina Caputo, Alan Robert and Joey Z to explore how this band overcame all the darkness and how Caputo's hard-fought road to happiness was paved.This is their story.A portion of the proceeds from Life of Agony's 'The Sound of Scars' documentary will benefit two charity organizations: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and All Out, which aims to protect the LGBTQ+ community from lawful discrimination while sharing messages of love and equality.Life of Agony, The Sound of Scars Documentary TrailerMINA CAPUTO + JOEY Z'S CHILDHOODMina Caputo was raised by her grandparents following the untimely death of her mother when she was just a toddler. There’s a lot of smiles and joy.Johnny Perilla, LoudwireMC: It is a celebration, but there’s still a lot left to do. I couldn’t share my authentic self with the world, so what was the point of making that leap with Life of Agony? It’s that simple.Meditation and yoga saves me. Instead, he learned of the news through online rock and metal news media reports right as Life of Agony were about to take the stage. I’ve got these big angelic wings hanging out of my back, metaphorically speaking.I want to empower people, whatever your trip is. You have the choice — do you want beauty or agony?Happiness takes practice. To live more of a lie?I had to take back my power or put a gun to my head. I was in situations where you didn’t really see a way out. These institutions are an insult to my humanity.Would you say today Life of Agony is more of a celebration of life and a triumph over the darkness?JZ: Absolutely. It all fluctuates and my emotions are all over. Both were accepted into the Manhattan High School of Art and Design, had the same bus stop and rode public transit together for six months without ever really speaking to one another, despite what should have been an obvious sign of an agreeable friendship — Joey's Misfits shirt.The school was violent and they both transferred out of the program and wound up in the same art class in Brooklyn together, which is when the two finally began to connect.Alan was friends with New York hardcore group Biohazard when they were just a local act and turned Joey onto their music. I was destroying myself and wanted to die just like my mother. Kids lined up hours before the show with our shirts on, and we felt like a real band.By the time the first album came out, our videos were on MTV and on Beavis and Butt-Head, we were playing in Europe to 3,000 people — it was amazing.Life of Agony Featured on Beavis and Butt-HeadMina, you struggled with your stage persona as "Keith" where you were shy and reserved. We had never been to Europe.We went out there sharing a tour bus with two other bands and crew. If you don’t want to have sex, good for you. It wasn’t the identity I wanted to share at the time. If it’s not good enough you can’t open for this band or that band. What has happened is I’ve allowed my male and female energies to become seriously one. Grab your ticket for the Life of Agony 'The Sound of Scars' documentary screening here and follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.26 LGBT Icons in Rock + Metal 
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Filed Under: alan robert, joey z., life of agony, mina caputoCategories: Exclusive, News Do it. It’s an everyday process but I’m happy with how I protect my own peace. Although we had adjoined houses, Mina lived with my grandparents next door (my mom’s parents) and her dad’s parents. I didn’t feel any kind of camaraderie with the way society perceived males, and I wanted everything pretty.She started putting eyeshadow on me and when that happened, whatever vibration and alchemy is going on inside of my body, it reaffirmed this sense of self that was trying to peek out. You never know what’s going on with someone on the inside.With social media, you most often only see the good stuff and it creates a sense of envy among others. He was blindsided, but holds no resentment.Mina, you didn't rush to tell Alan after you were provoked online and made that decision to come out. I was considering the shame and embarrassment for my brothers than for myself [if I came out as transgender at that time].Happiness was getting off the tour, hanging up the "Keith Caputo" false ID and living my life privately and in isolation. If you’re happy laying in bed with a man, good for you. I learned about it going onstage and we had a heart-to-heart. With a woman? I was eight to 10 years old and I was looking at this beautiful man with blonde curls and flowery shirts, silvery jewels and (gasps again) it was part of this thing, this femininity and dove-like approach to life.Annie Lenox always reminded me that she had this more male energy. I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.JZ: Our next challenge in regards to full appreciation of what Mina has done is with our peers. If you don’t forgive, you hold resentment, which is the killer of happiness.If you or someone you know is facing abuse, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website. There’s always struggles in life, but we’re better equipped now and we have better tool to deal with situations as people.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, she hadn't seen her Nightwish bandmates in over a year."I was in the hospital last week," Jansen revealed on Facebook on Wednesday (April 14). The medical procedure, known as a cholecystectomy, was precipitated by a bout of pancreatitis the singer experienced. So incredibly great to see them after all that time. The surgery led to the discovery of several gallstones.The episode took place in Finland, Nightwish's home base, where Jansen had traveled to rehearse with the veteran symphonic metal band for their upcoming livestream concerts, An Evening With Nightwish In a Virtual World, scheduled for May 28-29. And grateful for my own body. Jansen, who is Dutch, lives in Sweden with her husband, Sabaton drummer Hannes Van Dahl. I needed my gallbladder removed but because of the pancreatitis they couldn't do it at once. That's to keep a positive spirit, sun on my face, life is good! … After the first rehearsal day I woke up to severe stomach pains and decided this was not normal. … But I am most grateful for the amazing care I received at the hospital in Joensuu! [Nightwish guitarist] Emppu [Vuorinen] calls me stone henge from now on."In a selfie accompanying Jansen's recovery update, the musician is pictured smiling in the sunlight, eyes closed, in front of a serene thicket of green trees."I had a case of Murphy's Law hitting me," Jansen added, "even though the picture might suggest it's all peachy. Philip TrappPublished: April 14, 2021Noel Vasquez, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterNightwish lead vocalist Floor Jansen is recovering after recently undergoing gallbladder removal surgery. Once at the hospital I got what you call a gallstone attack."She continued, "Turned out I had pains because of a huge amount of gallstones, and pancreatitis. And for all the love and support from my band and friends and family! For taking this so well, I made a promise to take extra good care of it!"Tickets for An Evening With Nightwish In a Virtual World are on sale now at Evening With Nightwish In a Virtual World Advertisementnightwish.com27 Bands Who Were (Mostly) Teenagers When Their Debut Album Came Out
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Filed Under: floor jansen, nightwishCategories: News But challenging at times. The day after they took a scarred gallbladder out, with 15 stones in it! "In Finland, where I went to rehearse with my dear brothers in Nightwish for our virtual shows next month.

Joe DiVitaPublished: April 13, 2021Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterExodus drummer Tom Hunting has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the stomach. In a press statement, he expressed the desire to raise awareness for the condition in hopes of helping others identify potential symptoms early.The news comes as anticipation mounts for Persona Non Grata, the title given to the band's forthcoming album and first since 2014's Blood In, Blood Out."Today I will be starting treatment for a squamous cell carcinoma. It's a gastric tumor that was diagnosed in my upper stomach in February," relayed Hunting.The drummer, who co-founded Exodus in 1979, continued, "I'm making this public to raise awareness for people to pay attention to symptoms of stomach and esophageal issues. Röring, who described the first primary gastric squamous cell carcinoma case in 1895, hypothesized about basal cells in the gastric mucosa undergoing, transforming into squamous cells, and later turning into squamous cell carcinoma. I'm not gonna be sheepish talking about it. The optimal treatment strategy is controversial and the prognosis is poor. I'm stoked for everyone to hear it, and even more excited to get out there and play some of it! CHEERS!!!"The National Center for Biotechnology Information provides the following synopsis on the condition,The squamous cell carcinoma of the stomach is a very uncommon entity, with worldwide incidence of 0.04% to 0.07% of all gastric cancers, with fewer than 100 cases reported in the literature to date. The pathogenesis of this tumor remains unknown; however, the presence of squamous metaplasia and positive history of smoking is often related to cases of squamous cell carcinoma of the stomach. I've had great doctors and a great support system that is an army in itself. I will see you all very soon! I'm gonna beat this like a fucking snare drum that owes me money!!! If they persist, please go get it checked out. In addition, squamous cell carcinoma of the remnant stomach following gastrectomy is extremely rare and has been described in less than 5 reported cases. Since then, not much has changed, although several theories have been proposed referred to this respect.Loudwire wishes Tom Hunting courage and strength in the battle ahead. 
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Filed Under: exodusCategories: News I feel that if I can help someone with what I've learned, or someone out there has information to share with me, it's a win-win! When you can name the enemy, it's empowering, and you're one step closer to killing it!In spite of the diagnosis, Hunting remained upbeat and optimistic, expressing, "Okay, you've heard the bad news. I'm ready for the fight!"In closing, he said, "We have a lot to celebrate this year with the release of what will be a career-defining album and tours to follow! The good news is [I] feel great physically! It is more prevalent in the sixth decade of life, and the most common tumor location is in the upper third of the stomach, although 17-year-old patients have also been reported. It occurs mostly in men, and the male to female ratio is 5 to 1.

It’s getting out of hand I think.”Watch the full interview below.Dee Snider and Corey Taylor are two other prominent rockers who have recently expressed their opinions on "cancel culture" as well, with Snider comparing it to censorship, and Taylor urging everyone to stop expecting people to be perfect.Cannibal Corpse's Paul Mazurkiewicz – Wall of Sound31 Scariest Metal Album Covers All Time
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Filed Under: Cannibal Corpse, Paul MazurkiewiczCategories: News "Everybody seems to be offended by everything. They’re not real… They’re artwork and it’s pretty crazy fantasy art for the most part."The drummer assured that the things depicted on their album covers can't even happen, and compared the scenes to that of a horror movie or a book."Then there’s this cancel culture thing, I just heard about that not long ago and I’m like, ‘What’s going on here?’" he continued. Look at our album covers. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: April 13, 2021Chelsea Lauren, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAnother musician has spoken out against the notion of "cancel culture" — Cannibal Corpse's Paul Mazurkiewicz, who thinks it's "ridiculous." The topic came up during a conversation the drummer had with Australian publication Wall of Sound.Considering Cannibal Corpse are known for the violent imagery in their songs and on their album covers, the drummer was questioned as to whether or not he believes "cancel culture" is ridiculous and whether or not it will eventually spell trouble for the band."Yeah of course that’s ridiculous. If it’s not 100 percent PC (politically correct) these days then people have a problem with stuff. "I mean come on, we’re a band. Just like the censorship, that’s always been ridiculous to us," he replied. We’re a fictional horror band.

Chad ChildersPublished: April 13, 2021LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEvile's Ol Drake is our guest on this week's edition of Gear Factor, and like many musicians, his introduction to heavy music was a game changer.Drake grew up a fan of Metallica's early works and cites "Dyers Eve" as the song that first made him want to pick up the guitar. It’s just fast, all this chaos and fast and then more fast. You can place your pre-orders here (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases). So we thought we really need a riff in here to drop things to then bring things up and I thought, ‘What would Sodom do?’ with their slower riffs and then this riff just came out of nowhere,” he explains."The Thing (1982)" appears on Evile's Hell Unleashed album, which is due April 30. “The fast riff after the intro, it just blew me away and I wanted to understand how you can make that sound on a guitar. Check out the full Gear Factor episode below.Evile's Ol Drake Plays His Favorite Guitar RiffsThe Best Thrash Album of Each Year Since 1983
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Filed Under: EvileCategories: Exclusive At the time I could not play it but that’s the riff that made me sit up and think, ‘Ooh, I want to play that,’” he recalls.From there it was a quick study through Metallica's catalog, taking interest in Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning before falling in love with the sounds the guitar made on the track "Fade to Black."Drake also shares some riffs from a few of his heavier early influences ranging from Annihilator and Sepultura to Cannibal Corpse.As for his own music, Drake shows us the evolution of the first riff he wrote for Evile, which would become "We Who Are About to Die." Other favorite riffs in the catalog include "Origin of Oblivion," "Five Serpents Teeth" and "Infected Nation."Drake also shares his favorite riff from the band's upcoming album, which can be heard on "The Thing (1982)." "The reason for this riff came because we thought it’s just fast.

I’m ready to prove myself to everyone.”Thanks to Rhea Ripley for speaking with us. I would love to main event WrestleMania like Sasha and Bianca did, but if that’s not the end goal for me, then that’s not the end goal. I do get to get a lot of anger out and I do get to show everyone exactly who I am. “They’re someone I’ve got a real itch for to be in the mosh pit again. I’m being me and that’s what so special about it. I think I’ve slowly morphed into Chris [Motionless], which is quite wild.”As for her future, the ‘Nightmare’ isn’t setting specific goals. I don’t do that,” Ripley explains to Loudwire.Unlike artists like Lil Nas X, Rhea Ripley has avoided the backlash of a Satanic Panic thus far, but even if WWE fans mistake her demonic tattoos and devilish social media posts for legitimate evil, Ripley is done worrying about how others perceive her.“I don’t really have a character. “It’s definitely a weight lifted off my shoulders. Graham HartmannPublished: April 13, 2021WWEShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWWE Superstar and Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley does not play a character on TV, but she used to. Instead, the Australian-born Superstar wants to see how far she can make it in the sports entertainment business.“I try not to set too many goals, because once you get to the goal, then you sort of stop. The New Years Day vocalist lent her pipes to “Brutality,” which she just performed live at WrestleMania 37.“Walking down that ramp with Ash and New Years Day… oh my god. “I really want to see Motionless in White again,” she says. I don’t care what you say about me. Not only are they the most humble, amazing people, but they bloody rock.”And now that Ripley has not just seen, but walked down a WrestleMania ramp to one of her favorite bands live, she’s got a desire to see another one of her favorites from the pit. To watch her victorious WrestleMania performance against Asuka, head over to Peacock in the United States or the WWE Network across the globe.The Real Names of Over 50 Rock + Metal Icons
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Filed Under: Rhea Ripley, wweCategories: Exclusive, News “It’s honestly a dream come true. I just want to fight. You can say that I suck, you can say that I’m ugly, you can say that I’m a man — I just don’t care. Coming out and being able to be me is just so special and perfect."For the better part of her WWE career, Ripley has walked to the ring while Ash Costello’s voice blared through arena speakers. You can see Ripley reign over the Raw Women’s division every Monday night on the USA Network. Absolutely incredible, so wild,” Ripley raves. I’m the side of me that you don’t see in everyday life because I would probably get arrested,” Ripley laughs. Since her WWE debut at the 2017 Mae Young Classic, Ripley has slowly shed the template of who she believed a female WWE Superstar had to be, embracing instead her love of dark imagery, metal and all things supernatural.“I know a lot of people hate [my dark visuals] and they’re gonna call me a Satanist and all that, but at the end of the day I don’t sit at home and hail Satan. I just want to see how far I can get in this business. I’m just here to prove to everyone that they can be themselves and they can love themselves.""I love darkness, I love supernatural, I love metal… I love all of that stuff. I’ve grown up looking at these guys and idolizing these guys. I go out there and I’m me.

And in a fascinating bit of technological nostalgia, they sent the guitar's design to the ESP custom shop in Japan by way of a fax machine.According to Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the memorabilia dealer facility the auction, the "heavily stage played, recording used and signed glow in the dark" instrument has had only one owner since Hammett first relinquished the guitar in 2001. Also comes with a Gotta Have Rock & Roll Certificate of Authenticity.Kirk Hammett's ESP Ouija Guitargottahaverockandroll.comgottahaverockandroll.comgottahaverockandroll.comgottahaverockandroll.comgottahaverockandroll.comgottahaverockandroll.comgottahaverockandroll.comThe 16 Most Expensive Guitars of All Time
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Filed Under: kirk hammett, MetallicaCategories: News The guitar comes with the original photographs of Hammett presenting the guitar to the current owner, the signed stage used guitar strap and the original touring case. Philip TrappPublished: April 13, 2021Mick Hutson, RedfernsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOne of the most iconic Metallica instruments to appear both on record and in live performance, Kirk Hammett's original, customized ESP Ouija guitar is going up for auction. Hammett used the instrument for much of his work with Metallica in the 1990s.News of the public sale arrived this week, just days after another axe from the Metallica guitarist's past — Hammett's natural wood finish ESP from the band's "One" music video — went for over $100,000 at a separate auction. They include vintage snaps of Hammett signing and dedicating the instrument over 20 years ago.The inscription on the back of the axe, dated June 25, 2001, reads, "This guitar has been one of my main touring and recording guitarist of the '90s. It was around 1990 that Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett first approached ESP with the idea of a guitar that made use of graphic elements from Hasbro's classic Ouija mystical board game. They got a Ouija board, and used a combination of a copy machine and a pair of scissors to properly position the art elements on the guitar’s body. This guitar has been used extensively on the albums Load, Reload, Garage Inc., [the self-titled] Black Album and S&M."The idea for the instrument's look came to the musician around 1990, with ESP's designers using paper art to meet Hammett's plan before the age of widespread computer usage or email communication. The guitar was used extensively for the albums: 'Load, 'Reload,' 'Garage Inc.,' 'The Black Album' and 'S&M.' This can be considered one of the most important guitars in the history of metal music. The guitar is in very good condition. The value of this guitar cannot be understated as this is the most important Metallica guitar to ever surface in public auction. This guitar came directly from Kirk Hammett, with photographs of Hammett presenting the guitar to the current owner. Additional photographs of Hammett writing the history of the guitar on the back of the instrument are also included. It's expected to fetch big bucks.Get more info on Hammett's Oujia guitar auction at Hammett's number one glow in the dark Oujia Board Guitar. The guitar comes with one of Kirk's stage used guitar straps that he signed as well as the original touring guitar case. This very guitar was Hammett's number one instrument throughout the 1990s. He played and used this guitar on stage frequently. Back then, before the age of digital cameras and internet communication, creating a guitar like this took some ingenuity. ESP faxed the result to their ESP Custom Shop in Japan, and the rest is history: the Ouija guitar became one of the most well-known and coveted signature models in ESP history. The Ouija guitar auction starts on April 14.See the auction's description of the guitar that's made to look like a ouija board, plus plenty of detailed photos, down toward the bottom of this post.

LAWS WILL FOLLOW!”This marks the fourth song to arrive from the Fortitude album and continues a string of solid offerings from the band. The only possible revolution is the one that blossoms from within us. Acting accordingly with our deepest wisdom and standing for what is precious and good in this world. Change will come from individuals. Learn more about that here.Other previously released tracks from the band include "Born for One Thing" and "Another World." Pre-orders for the Fortitude album are being taken here.Look for Gojira to hit the road with Deftones later this year in support of their new album. Get a closer listen to the furious and powerful new song in the lyric video for "Into the Storm" at the bottom of this post.Gojira singer-guitarist Joe Duplantier says of the track, “This song is infused with the concept of civil disobedience. Chad ChildersPublished: April 12, 2021Photo by Gabrielle DuplantierShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt's looking like a big year is coming for Gojira with yet another new song just arriving in advance of their Fortitude album. Dates and details can be found here.Gojira, "Into the Storm"2021's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
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Filed Under: gojiraCategories: News Laws are meant to be bent and shaped to our vital needs. The record is on track for an April 30 release via Roadrunner Records and "Into the Storm" is now available via stream platforms at this location."Into the Storm" follows on the heels of the recent single "Amazonia," which has been tied to a charity auction benefit that will aid those impacted by the current crisis in the Amazon and the indigenous communities.

This is your Metal God, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, sending you a massive shoutout of thanks to our metal community for doing the right thing by getting the life-saving vaccine that will eventually eradicate COVID-19 around the world,” he said in the beginning of the video.Halford pointed out the sense of union he feels within the metal community, and says it's common sense that if more people are vaccinated, we'll have the opportunity to attend live music events again sooner than later.“You know, common sense states that by having the jab, we’re opening up one of the most important areas that we have so desperately missed, which is being side by side, horns way up at clubs, theatres, arenas and festivals where who we are and what we live for is tangible and real with the bands we love," he continued. "So let’s get those amazing vibes and feelings back faster."“I urge those of us who have not yet been vaccinated to please step up. Judas Priest and all bands everywhere are made complete by playing live for our fans."The rocker then provided the link to an online COVID vaccine resource center called, where people can find more information about the vaccination process.Watch the video below.17 Trends That Defined the Evolution of Fashion in Rock + Metal 
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Filed Under: Judas Priest, rob halfordCategories: News The vocalist completed his vaccination cycle a few weeks ago.“Hi everyone. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: April 12, 2021Maria Ives, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterJudas Priest frontman Rob Halford has posted a video on his Instagram asking metal fans to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to help bring concerts back as soon as possible.

When a group of young punks or metalheads took her stage, Jones’ staff encouraged the crowd to relentlessly boo her guests, attempting to break them down psychologically before the makeover segment. Anyone with a spiked jacket or dyed hair was paraded around like a circus freak on these shows, with some even forcing young outcasts into dressing like “normal” folks.On daytime TV, Jenny Jones was the most egregious example of a puritan’s attempts to snuff out any spark of individuality. While speaking with a group of New York punks, Philbin just couldn’t get past the way they looked, even when one woman named Christine spoke about her multiple day jobs and how she was putting herself through college.Before there was Facebook and Twitter, awful hot takes were reserved for talk show audiences. Though the new looks got a warm reception from the once icy crowd, the kids onstage rarely enjoyed their forced transformation.The late Regis Philbin may hold a Guinness World Record for Most Hours on Television, but his interviews were often vapid and cringeworthy. Boomer rage was always on full display on shows like Donahue, where parents spoke about throwing their own kids out of the house if they ever got a piercing or cut their hair wrong. Graham HartmannPublished: April 12, 2021YouTubeShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you’re a Gen X’er or a Millennial, you remember those trashy daytime talk shows that waged war on all things subcultural. “I’d rather see her on drugs than [dressed like a punk],” one woman went so far to say.Watch this compilation of how talk shows used to treat metalheads and punks in the Loud List below.How Talk Shows Used to Treat Metalheads + PunksRockers We've Lost in 2021
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#JustinChancellor and #DannyCarey getting ready to jam a few #Toolband tunes."More recently, Keenan released a short film about springtime called An Easter Story. 14, 2019All Tool Songs Ranked
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Filed Under: Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor, ToolCategories: News Hosted by the school's Steven Bailey, chair of the college's bass department, the once-in-a-lifetime drum and bass showcase gave the music students an experience they probably won't forget any time soon.Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.The complete footage of the instrumental Tool "Ænema" performance was just recently uploaded to YouTube, but it was first shared to Instagram in 2019 by bassist Mark Donohue on a page dedicated to the English instrument manufacturer Wal Basses. VincentShare on FacebookShare on TwitterTool's Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey performed an instrumental version of the band's classic "Ænema" — just bass and drums, without the guitar and vocals of bandmates Adam Jones and Maynard James Keenan, respectively — for Berklee College of Music students in 2019.The intimate performance occurred in November of that year, around two months after the band had released Fear Inoculum, their first studio album in 13 years. In it, the Tool singer waxes philosophic about the changing of the seasons, positing the metamorphosis as a "metaphor for the lifetime of a person. The waxing, thin sliver of light as their awakening consciousness and the formation of self, and the waning light as our elder years."Fear Inoculum was the band's first full-length effort in 13 years, following 2006's 10,000 Days. Since then, all Tool members except Keenan collaborated on a seven-minute song to commemorate Jones' Gibson signature model guitar, while Keenan issued a new album with Puscifer.Tool's Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey Perform "Ænema" at Berklee College of Music – Nov. (The song, of course, comes from Tool's 1996 album, Ænima.)"Hot off the presses!" The Wal Bass Collective shared on social media at the time, as Metal Hammer reported. Philip TrappPublished: April 12, 2021YouTube: Ronald P. "Just now at a clinic @berkleecollege.

That said, guitarist Dino Cazares, who remains the lone original band member, has fended off plenty of criticism since continuing the group and had a few choice words while expressing his commitment to Fear Factory and taking a not-so-veiled shot at a former bandmate."The people who talk shit about me don’t realize what I went through to put this record together, all the $ that I spent for FF to still exist, to keep it alive for the fans, and just for one asshole to shit all over it, because he lied in court and lost everything. Even with a new singer eventually joining the band, it has been confirmed the group's next album will feature Bell's vocals.It was recently announced that the first new song from the album will be "Disruptor." It's expected to drop on April 16, the same day that pre-orders will begin for the Aggression Continuum album.2021's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
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Filed Under: Dino Cazares, Fear FactoryCategories: News it wasn’t worth it. I was, like, ‘Fuck this, you can have it, take it all.’”Cazares first announced Fear Factory would return last September, with a crowdfunding campaign launched not long after. But after that, the last round of lawsuits plus Dino’s bankruptcy made me go bankrupt again. Bell announced his exit from the group in late September, shortly after denying his involvement with the band and the crowdfunding campaign. It definitely broke me, financially.”When asked about his feelings about Cazares, he continued, “Working with someone you don’t trust anymore and to be in a business where everyone’s coming after you … Cazares stated publicly that he didn't want Bell to leave and he left a window open for Bell's return but added that it "won't stay open forever." Despite the gesture, Bell maintained that he was "done" with Fear Factory,Static-X bassist Tony Campos and drummer Mike Heller are part of the current  lineup, though the vocal replacement for Bell has yet to be named. I love FF," stated Cazares, before continuing, "Part 2) you are not the victim when you lie."When asked by another fan if this was a jab at singer Burton C. Chad ChildersPublished: April 12, 2021Liz Ramanand, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe road to a new Fear Factory album has not been a smooth one, but after several years of legal issues the long awaited new record will finally arrive this spring. Bell, who announced his exit from the band last year after the court cases were finalized, Cazares added, "Take it how ever u want, just know this, I bleed live and die for FF."The Cazares comments come after a recent wide-ranging interview with Bell done by Metal Hammer in which the former Fear Factory vocalist addressed his current feelings about the experience of the last few years.In it, he spoke of the difficulty of recording while dealing with lawsuits and financial issues, claiming, "I personally filed bankruptcy nine years ago.

Like, a lot. Since then, they've released 10 studio albums (12 if you count Garage Inc. and Lulu), and played in all seven continents. So we headed over to and plugged in all of their songs to see which didn't show up on the list.Not surprisingly, Metallica have played a lot of their songs. That's a lot of material and a lot of concerts.We recently tallied up 33 songs that Slipknot have never played live, and were curious about Metallica, given they have over a decade of releases on the 'Knot. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: April 12, 2021NY Daily News via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica played their very first show on March 14 in 1982. They actually have fewer songs that have never been played live than Slipknot, but that just proves that they really experimented with their setlists throughout the years.For the sake of this list, we didn't count Garage Inc. or Lulu because we wanted it to consist solely of Metallica's own songs.. no offense to Lou Reed. Instrumentals weren't counted either, though they have played a lot of their instrumental tracks live before.See the 17 songs Metallica have never played live according to below.15 Bands Considered Pioneers of Thrash 
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To watch the full replay of WrestleMania 37, head over to Peacock in the United States and the WWE Network across the globe.Rockers We've Lost in 2021
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Filed Under: Ash Costello, New Years Day, Rhea RipleyCategories: News “I loved every second of it,” Ripley said of the band’s performance. And I’m so excited to share this experience with you and the 30,000 people in the stadium.”Watch Ash Costello play Rhea Ripley to the ring in the video above. “I thought I knew what a big rock show was, today I realized I’m about to find out what playing the biggest stage of them all feels like! Having lent her vocals to the studio version of Ripley’s entrance music, Costello got to break her COVID live performance dry spell with a vicious rendition of “Brutality.”The band actually wore Rhea Ripley’s own jackets while playing “Brutality,” with Costello and the boys showing off the leather in a backstage interview post-match. Graham HartmannPublished: April 12, 2021WWEShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAsh Costello of New Years Day returned to the stage over the weekend to play WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley to the ring at WrestleMania 37. Costello performed “Brutality” for a socially distanced crowd at Raymond James Stadium, setting the mood for Ripley’s victory over former Raw Women’s Champion Asuka.With pyro lighting up the Tampa Bay sky, Ripley’s entrance was one of the more epic moments from WrestleMania 37. “I was really trying to soak it all in and trying not to cry, to be honest.”Rhea Ripley got her WrestleMania moment: WrestleMania 37 Exclusive, April 11, 2021“This is so surreal watching the wrestlers walk into the stadium past a screaming crowd,” Costello posted before her big performance.

Where [are] lyrics and writing without metaphor? It was the Democrats and Republicans who were joined together in putting a leash on rock 'n' roll."Nevertheless, the scope of that inquiry was "definitely a … more conservative attitude, wanting to censor music," Snider continued. Yet, I was going, 'Can I say this? I mean, you [look back] at when I was in Washington testifying — by the way, it was a bipartisan effort. Philip TrappPublished: April 12, 2021John Lamparski, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterTwisted Sister's Dee Snider recently tackled the idea of "cancel culture" during a radio interview, with the current solo artist and author arguing that the modern type of ostracism is an evolved form of censorship.The topic came up at the tail end of Snider's talk with NewsNation's Ashleigh Banfield last week (April 8) when the host asked the Twisted Sister figurehead what he thought about "cancel culture." In his reply, the entertainer invoked the 1985 U.S. Can I say this?'"I have a song called 'In For The Kill,'" the Twisted Sister icon revealed, "and it has all these metaphoric [lyrics] — you know, Fire at will / I'm in for the kill. "Now, censorship still exists, but it's gone from the right more to the left. I mean, where is art without metaphor? And I was talking about going for it, just going for it, yet here I was censoring myself lyrically because of the current state of things."But what really is "cancel culture"? Per AP News, journalist George Packer called the term a "buzzword that creates more confusion than clarity" before describing the idea itself as "a mechanism where a chorus of voices, amplified on social media, tries to silence a point of view that they find offensive by trying to damage or destroy the reputation of the person who has given offense." calls it "the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive."Still, ideally, there must be some reasonable meeting place that lies between shunning a voice a group of people might find distasteful and dictatorial, out-and-out censorship?"Boy, I would say as long as you're not screaming 'fire' in a crowded movie theater," Snider added, "you're cool."20 Artists Who Told Politicians to Stop Using Their Music
Source: Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Says ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Just a New Form of Censorship
Filed Under: Dee Snider, Twisted SisterCategories: News We're in this PC world where we have to be careful about what we say and who we offend, and it's a very odd thing."Just how careful does one have to be? Senate hearing that found him joining fellow musicians Frank Zappa and John Denver in testifying against the censorship of the then-newly formed Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), the committee that instigated the infamous "Parental Advisory" label for recorded music."It's censorship," Snider said of "cancel culture." "And censorship has changed quite a bit. The musician, whose views typically trend more progressive, said he's found himself censoring his songs while writing them.Snider was "working on lyrics for my new album Leave a Scar, which comes out in July," he shared, "and I found myself questioning the metaphors I was using — metaphors!

"It's up to everyone to sort of shut their mouths and not make it confusing," stressed Clown.Beezer raised the point that an ideal time to release the record would have been during the pandemic, as Slipknot were on a forced hiatus while the touring industry shut down worldwide.Clown acknowledged this notion now put him in a "hard position," but elected to "speak facts.""We have never really had a tentative [release date]. Don't make it something it's not. Let's not get this confused. That's the way we tried to do it, and we did — we tried to get it out," he explained.Clown expressed absolute support for the material, calling it "absolutely beautiful" before again stressing it can only be released if it does not have a negative impact on anyone involved. It doesn't carry the Slipknot name," the percussionist said (transcription via Blabbermouth), later noting that drummer Joey Jordison, who was later dismissed from the band, did not take part in the recording and "he doesn't know anything about the songs."Clown urged that the album was not held to intentionally make fans made, nor was it held to "prove a point."He confirmed that Look Outside Your Window has been mixed and mastered and is "ready to go" but it needs to be released when it can be properly prioritized, citing the mandate to not have the album interfere with Slipknot's own priorities. I've got the rest of my life to do 'Look Outside Your Window' with him," continued Clown, "But he may only have right now, maybe in his mind, to do what he wants to do. But we don't even really make it tentative. Don't call it something it's not. Accept it. We speculate. So we get a speculation. I love that he wants to do his thing. And if it does, he is content with Look Outside Your Window never seeing an official release.Watch the interview below.Clown on the 'Mosh Talks With Beez' PodcastThe Evolution of Slipknot's Masks 
Source: Slipknot’s Clown Explains Why Shelved ‘Look Outside Your Window’ Album Still Isn’t Out
Filed Under: M. It's music. It's art. Joe DiVitaPublished: April 10, 2021Katja Ogrin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSlipknot percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan has offered more insight into the unreleased Look Outside Your Window album, which was written and recorded by four of the band's members during the sessions for the 2008 record All Hope Is Gone.In January of 2020, Clown revealed that the group had intended to release the record on Christmas day (2019), but that the plans deteriorated without much of an understanding as to why the release remained shelved. We get a date under speculation. It's not up to me to dictate what he may or may not want to do with his life, his career, even though we're so together with one thing, bonded by one. We never make everything confusing; everybody else does."It was confirmed that there were numerous potential release dates that were proposed during the pandemic, though the albums remains shelved for the time being."It was created because we wanted to create art, and we did, and it ended up being something that everybody's going to want, and they're going to get it when it's right," Crahan went on, likening the release to planned, responsible parenting."We should think about having babies — only do it when we know we can be good mothers and fathers, when we know we're not going to walk away from each other, when we know we're going be there for a reward for the child and give all of ourselves. We just kind of throw it out there — speculate. These comments came months after he had said that parts of Look Outside Your Window would come out amid Slipknot's touring cycle behind the We Are Not Your Kind album.In a new interview with Terry 'Beez' Beezer, host of the Knotfest podcast 'Mosh Talks,' Clown essentially threw his hands up in regards to the eventual release of the long-anticipated album that is said to feature overtly psychedelic songs."The reason why we never can commit to a date or anything is because — don't make it confusing. We really don't have to go much more into it than that. Shawn Crahan, SlipknotCategories: News But then someone like Corey [Taylor] might wanna do his solo album earlier," he explained."I love that.

Joe DiVitaPublished: April 9, 2021Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Streeter Lecka, Getty Images / Theo Wargo, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIconic rapper DMX died today (April 9) after being admitted to a New York hospital with an emergency health issue on April 2, reportedly suffering an overdose which resulted in a heart attack. He released a total of eight studio albums and spawned enduring hits such as "X Gon' Give It To Ya," "Where the Hood At," "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" and "Party Up (Up in Here)."The two-time American Music Award winner was also nominated for three Grammys and five MTV Music Awards. Members of the rock and metal community have publicly mourned the loss of the influential figure, who was just 50 years old.DMX (birth name Earl Simmons) was born in Mount Vernon, New York, on Dec. 18, 1970 and rose to prominence during the late '90s and on through the 2000s and into the following decade. Five of the rapper's albums have been certified platinum by the RIAA as well: It's Dark and Hell Is Hot (1998), Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood (1998), …And Then There Was X (1999), The Great Depression (2001) and Grand Champ (2003).Members of Rage Against the Machine, Body Count, Living Colour and more mourned the loss on Twitter. Rest in peace.Ice T (Body Count)Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves, God Forbid)The OBGMsVernon Reid (Living Colour)Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.)Chase Mason (Gatecreeper)Lil AaronNo Life ShaqThe Dirty NilPapa RoachAndy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)Garrett Russell (Silent Planet)BloodbatherRockers We've Lost in 2021
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Categories: News View what they had to say below.Loudwire extends condolences to the Simmons family and all who counted DMX as a friend and influence.

I remember thinking 'Man, these dudes are WILD- their energy reminds me of the punk shows I saw in the 80’s' and I’ve been friends with those dudes from that day. celebrating one of the most important punk rock/musical acts of all time Bad Brains. Mark looked over at me and said, 'We should cover that tune.' So we thought about it for a couple of decades and finally got around to doing it for the Burn the Priest Legion: XX record (hey, sometimes we move a little slow…)"He continues, "As we all know, this pandemic has sucked for live music, but the quarantine jams bands have been doing have been pretty fun, especially when you bring in guests. The track became one of the group's most popular tracks and cemented their status as leaders in the hardcore punk movement of the '80s.Have a look at the video below.Lamb of God With Fever 333's Jason Aalon Butler, "I Against I" (Bad Brains Cover)Lamb of God are currently promoting the recent three-disc deluxe edition of their self-titled 2020 studio album. Mark [Morton] and I were sitting in the back of our buddy’s Jeep ripping through the mountains, Bad Brains was cranking on the stereo and I was singing along to that particular song. All love."Bad Brains' "I Against I" initially appeared on the band's 1986 album of the same name. From legends to legends to the student. Chad ChildersPublished: April 9, 2021YouTube: Lamb of GodShare on FacebookShare on TwitterYou could light up the Eastern seaboard with the energy possessed in Lamb of God's collaborative quarantine cover of Bad Brains' "I Against I" with Fever 333's Jason Aalon Butler joining in.Fans of the original know that the Bad Brains version alternates between crunchy chugging heaviness and pure chaotic moments and that's something that Lamb of God and Butler embrace on their quarantine cover.Lamb of God's Randy Blythe says, “The idea to cover 'I Against I' goes back at least 20 years to a camping trip the band was on. It was only natural to ask Jason to join us and bring that energy to this song by the almighty Bad Brains, my favorite band of all time."Butler adds, "It is truly an honor to be a part of this one as I have the utmost respect for Randy and the boys since becoming homies after having my mind blown when I looked over at the side of the stage at Sonic Temple Fest and saw him watching us play. Meanwhile, Fever 333 also had a 2020 release with Wrong Generation that you can get here.The 40 Best Cover Songs of 2020
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Filed Under: Fever 333, Lamb of GodCategories: News It's been a pleasure getting to know him and an honor to rock L.O.G. I even texted Darryl from Bad Brains that afternoon to tell him to check them out. I saw Fever 333 for the first time at the Sonic Temple fest— I had never listened to them, but I was blown away by their live show. You can pick that up here.

Let's look at what we currently know about live music's return.When Do Concerts Return in My State?Here's the big question, and it will indeed vary by state. They've been paying attention: A return of live music this summer meets the forecasts of many in the biz, such as Live Nation's Joe Berchtold."In the key U.S., Western European markets," Berchtold said at the end of 2020, "it continues to be our expectation that by next summer, we're back with our major outdoor shows — our amphitheaters here in the U.S., festivals globally. Shinedown offshoot Smith & Myers have a six-state acoustic tour plotted for May, and Corey Taylor will charge through the Midwest on his solo "CMFTour" later this spring. Indeed, it looks like there will be no shortage of concerts coming up very shortly for the music fans willing to get out there and, hopefully, stay patient and respectful in following the safety protocols at the live events they might attend.Looking to the FutureBut the most cautious of us may not venture out to a concert quite yet, and that's OK, too. According to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the state's mask laws will stay in place even after the full reopening — so, yes, you could go and see a live show there with all your friends, but you'd have to mask up while inside the venue.Concertgoers itching to get back to the club will have to keep tabs on their state's reopening guidelines. can get there, but most health experts contend that vaccination is the best tool against stopping the pandemic. Yes, it's still recommended to avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces.What Concerts Are Coming Up?Many outdoor festivals are a go for this summer. The requirements and precautions will depend on the state.Do I Need to Be Vaccinated to Attend a Live Event?An Orwellian sense of doom bloomed in many's minds when Ticketmaster started talking about the kind of vaccination verification system they could build to track ticket buyers' COVID-19 vaccination records for concert admittance. It's already happening in some places. Chances are, there's a music venue near you ready to start having concerts again, or they will be very soon. However, anyone can tour in states without restrictions, so expect indie bands and other performers who don't need a lot of lead time to hit the road soon.Should I Attend a Concert if I'm Not Vaccinated?There are probably other issues at play here if this is an idea getting much traction, as a great headline from HuffPost once articulated. That's presuming, however, that the pandemic continues its slow unclenching of social life after a trying 13 months of, comparatively, hardly any live music at all.But what will in-person music events look like when localities across the United States start to reopen more businesses but drop some or all of the COVID-19 safety precautions they adopted over the past year? However, according to Billboard, New York's limited capacity opening for April does require evidence of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test to attend any events.Will I Have to Wear a Mask to Go to a Concert?Again, it'll be up to the individual venue you're visiting, if not its location. In vicinities that have already ended mask laws, plenty of businesses such as grocery stores and gas stations still post mask requirements. After the arduous 13 months that have passed since the coronavirus first hit U.S. Still, word of a live music's return understandably stokes music fans, and there's nothing wrong with being eager to get back to rocking.And venue owners, stagehands, promoters and plenty of other concert workers also deserve their passions and livelihoods back. And when it comes to rock, there are still tons of gems on the docket. Motley Crue's Stadium Tour remains on the books for June — there's been no word of another postponement. Can you feel safe at a show?These are among the many questions returning concertgoers undoubtedly have before they pack back inside a music venue with hundreds or even thousands of people to enjoy a set from one of their favorite artists. Isn't being a good customer is about following those guidelines?That same idea applies inside clubs and arenas when concerts come back — it's up to each attendee to make an effort. Will ticketholders need to prove they've received a COVID-19 vaccination to get into arena shows, club gigs, music festivals or other kinds of concerts?Because, finally, it looks like concerts are on their way back, slightly ahead of some predictions for a rebound. As infection rates dropped this year, Southern states such as Texas and Mississippi quickly opened back up with no restrictions or limits on venue capacity. Or maybe proof of a negative test would be required?But while that technology doesn't seem to have come to fruition yet, states are — again — taking it on their own to get things moving.CNN recently noted that California's reopening currently comes with no vaccine requirements. Philip TrappPublished: April 9, 2021Gavriil Grigorov, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhen are concerts going to return after the coronavirus? As was foreseen by many and reiterated by PopCrush, face masks plus social distancing requirements will be the norm indoors at some music venues, at least initially.When Will My Favorite Artist Tour Again?Here's the tricky thing because even if all states were back open and the music venues were ready to go, you still need artists to play those venues. Since those states also did away with mask laws, as shown in a map from The New York Times, live music's comeback in those places is already good to go.On the other hand, California is only opening up at a limited capacity for concerts on April 15, with a full reopening planned for two months later. So how soon until those gigs come back? Billboard predicted that it's unlikely most big bands will mount giant tours this year, especially considering capacity caps in some states. Plenty of pundits have theorized about herd immunity and how the U.S. How will they return?Are masks required for admittance? We'll be able to do those shows."It looks like he was right.15 Things Musicians Did to Help Us Survive 2020 Without Concerts
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Filed Under: CoronavirusCategories: News Sure, there are exceptions to everything, but is there a reason not to get vaccinated?Vaccines aside, the situation is the same as it has been. The CDC keeps its guidelines up to date on how to protect yourself and others, and help slow the spread of COVID-19, even a year after the pandemic began. But planning a tour takes a lot of time and effort, especially the nationwide treks from prominent artists. shores, everyone's going to climb back to "normal" at their own pace.

This album has been emotional and rewarding in every way, and we couldn't be more excited to finally release it. The record drops June 25 on Nuclear Blast and the first single, "Wilting in the Light," has just been released.Jones already made headlines this year with new music as part of Sion, his collaborative project with YouTuber Jared Dines, and this new record marks his first with Light the Torch since the group released Revival back in 2018."Wilting in the Light" finds the band expanding on their melodic metal sound, tempering the more punchy moments with spacious guitar playing and textured atmosphere. "Living With a Ghost"07. "Something Deep Inside"09. "Denying the Sin"11. "Let Me Fall Apart"03. The album was a welcome distraction, and we dumped every emotion we had into YWBTDOM. Joe DiVitaPublished: April 9, 2021Dave Etheridge-Barnes, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLight the Torch, fronted by former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones, are back with You Will Be the Death of Me, their second album since changing their name from Devil You Know. "I Hate Myself"10. Without our brotherhood, this music could not have happened. Everything we went through individually and together with this album drew Fran, Ryan, and I together. "Come Back to the Quicksand"12. "Sign Your Name"”25 
Source: Light the Torch Return With Melodic ‘Wilting in the Light’ + Announce ‘You Will Be the Death of Me’ Album
Filed Under: Light the TorchCategories: News As always, Jones delivers a remarkable hook over the chorus and although the song sounds overtly uplifting, the singer's lyrics channel a different energy entirely, setting up a wondrous juxtaposition.Read the lyrics (via AZ Lyrics) below and listen to the new song at the bottom of the page where you'll also find the album art and complete track listing for You Will be the Death of Me.Guitarist Franceso Artusato commented on the upcoming release, stating, "This record is special to me in a different way. Music is what kept us strong together during our toughest times. I couldn't be more proud of this album knowing I made it with my family," he continued."I think this album shows the growth the band has experienced after years on the road together," reflected bassist Ryan Wombacher, "and a friendship that has continued to thrive doing what we love together."Pre-orders for the album, produced by Josh Gilbert and Joseph McQueen at Sparrow Sound, can be placed here. The record also features guest drummer Alex Rudinger of Whitechapel.Light the Torch, "Wilting in the Light" LyricsLosing faith will always get the best of meBroken hope is treating me so carelesslyThe way you seem to live so effortlessBuilds the walls around the emptinessYou never, you never seem to noticeOver and over again, we struggleOver and over again, so heavy is the heartOver and over again, we struggleWe're wilting in the light and we stumble in the darkWe stumble in the darkPromises have always been the worst for meWanting more will always be a mysteryMake your peace and never make a soundLosing more will only tear us downYou never, you never seem to noticeOver and over again, we struggleOver and over again, so heavy is the heartOver and over again, we struggleWe're wilting in the light and we stumble in the darkIn the darkOver and over againOver and over againOver and over again, we struggleOver and over again, so heavy is the heartOver and over again, we struggleWe're wilting in the light and we stumble in the darkLight the Torch, "Wilting in the Light"Light the Torch, You Will Be the Death of Me Album Art + Track ListingNuclear Blast01. There's nothing like art that expresses pure and deep emotions, and that's what I feel when I listen to Howard's performance on this record."Jones added, "'You Will Be the Death of Me' has been a journey — even without the pandemic. To watch Fran heal and become an even more complete artist in front of my eyes has been amazing to watch. It's hard to describe how I feel, and to finally see this record getting ready to be released."He continues about the redemptive power of the album, offering, "We are all very satisfied with how this record showcases the evolution of our band and our evolution as individuals. "More Than Dreaming"02. From writing the music during one of the toughest times of my life while dealing with a bad injury due to a car accident to being obsessively involved with every aspect of its production, recording, and creating the artwork. "Death of Me"06. Maybe there was a bit of desperation writing and recording these songs.""Going through personal turmoil and watching Francesco deal with injuries, we knew this could change things drastically for us. "Wilting in the Light"05. "End of the World"04. "Become the Martyr"08.

The event is set for April 24 and tickets for the virtual concert are available at this location.Poppy, "Say Cheese" (WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver)70 Best Rock + Metal Albums of 2020
Source: Watch Poppy Perform New Song ‘Say Cheese’ at WWE NXT TakeOver Event
Filed Under: PoppyCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: April 9, 2021YouTube: PoppyShare on FacebookShare on TwitterPoppy is making the most of the rollout of her new music, following a recent appearance at the Grammys pre-telecast with the debut of another new song – "Say Cheese" – at this week's WWE NXT TakeOver event.The singer played inside a wrestling ring, initially providing an angelic melodic vocal contrasting against the heavy wall of sound her band was providing, but Poppy soon matched the band in their intensity amid a furious light show as can be seen in the performance clip from the WWE below.The performance took place at the Capitol Wrestling Center as part of the second night of the WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver event. Watch that here.While she's moving on musically from the game-changing I Disagree album, it appears as though she has one last big blowout for that record, recently announcing The Last Disagreement livestream. The first night also featured a rock presence with guitar great Nita Strauss playing the National Anthem, as can be seen here.As stated, Poppy has been working on new music of late and making the most of how she chooses to deliver them to the public. Her live debut of the song "Eat" came during the pre-telecast portion of the Grammy Awards last month.

She claimed that late at night the musician had snuck into her room, lifted the blanket and had started to touch inside her clothing around her intimate parts. money).In the documents, it was revealed that the musician had molested his daughter's friend during an overnight stay a their home. Authorities also seized two of the guitarist's computers and a mobile phone that were said to possess six films of children engaging in sexual acts.The court documents kept the girl's identity private, but did reveal her account of the incident that occurred during the sleepover. The girl shared her testimony with the authorities 11 days later.As for the possession of child pornography charge, Metal Sucks reveals the court documents cited the musician as having "owned seven child pornographic films." The musician reportedly admitted to watching child pornography, but denied that the films were his, claiming that others had access to his computer and that there was a previous owner of his computer as well. Source: Former Sabaton Guitarist Convicted for Molesting 8-Year-Old Girl + Possession of Child Pornography
Filed Under: SabatonCategories: News She said she first pretended to be asleep, but when she moved the musician left the room.She kept the incident quiet until sharing what happened with a friend several days later. The children eventually told the friend's mother who then reported it to the police on March 6, 2020. Chad ChildersPublished: April 8, 2021Gary Wolstenholme, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterRikard Sunden, the former guitarist of Sabaton and most recently a member of Civil War, has been convicted in a Swedish court of charges related to the sexual abuse of an 8-year-old girl and of possessing child pornography.The news was revealed by Metal Sucks, who obtained court documents relating to the case. Sunden was found guilty of one count of child sexual abuse and six counts of possession of child pornography. He conceded that the phone was solely his but stated that he did not believe the subject of the film on his phone to have been underage.Metal Sucks also revealed that the guitarist and his wife have now separated over the incident and that Sunden has officially changed his name in order to protect his children and their reputation should he be convicted.Sunden was one of the original members of Sabaton, playing guitar and lending backing vocals on six studio albums during his stint with the band between 1999-2012. He was sentenced to nine months in prison and a fine of SEK 53,400 (which is a little over $6,000 in U.S. He then joined Civil War in 2012 but is now listed as a former member of the group as of 2021.

It implies today has an ass and on top of that, it implies that today’s ass has balls — it’s like an M.C. I wish there was more quality control.But I can help with that and consult on your songwriting!Thanks to the super good looking Stix Zadinia for the interview. It's perfect.When people see “Let's Kick Today’s Ass in the Balls” they do a double take. We looked under the hood and saw how everything is connected and works in the music industry ecosystem. There’s no checkpoints along the way that songs need to go through to get out there.It sucks as the songwriter to have to get through it all, but per capita there were better songs at the top then than there are now. As a consultant, let’s set a goal and trail back and figure out how to get there.YouTube: Stix ZadindustriesYou're also offering up your services as a studio drummer for hire at a per song rate. In what ways will bands be able to use your name in subsequent promotion of their new track?One of my skills is playing the drums — I’ve been known to play a rock song. 1 is 'Be Awesome' and No. 1.' There’s so much angry stuff out there and I want to be the antithesis of that.Everyone always complains that the industry isn’t the way it used to be — albums don’t sell, etc. I’m about empowering the artist because they get taken advantage of in this business. If you’re good — you need kick ass music people want to listen to — then it can be awesome.If you have a shitty deal, then you’re not going to see the financial gain. 2 is 'Refer to Rule No. It’s so funny. People may write off Steel Panther as the band that wears Spandex and sings about dicks, but the reason we’ve been around as long as we have — first, we’re really good looking — is because the songs are enjoyable and well-written.Getting the right drums can make a good song great, but won’t make a bad song good no matter what.Regarding promotion, you can say “drums performed by Stix Zadinia.” I would prefer people not trade on the Steel Panther name, but if I’m hired to play the drums, by all means use my name.Evil Robb Photography, LoudwireThe third aspect of Stixadindustries is merchandise, so let's talk about that ridiculous slogan. You need to have the right kick pattern and hit in the right spots.I can’t stress songwriting enough. Am I Neil Peart? The same with catering. Then their brain goes, “Wait, what?” It’s a full conundrum — how am I understanding that I’m not understanding what I’m understanding?stixzadindustries.comIt’s motivational — let’s go get it! Visit the Stix Zadindustries website for more information and follow Steel Panther of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.25 Hilariously Accurate Rock Star Look-Alikes 
Source: Exclusive – Steel Panther’s Stix Zadinia Launches Consulting, Drum For Hire + Merch Business
Filed Under: Steel Panther, Stix ZadiniaCategories: News It’s great, but to a degree — a lot of stuff out there just sucks. It’s been fantastic.I encourage young bands to get a hold of me. Young bands especially don’t realize where all that money is being distributed and whose money it is.Some mid-level or bigger bands don’t know what the alternative is. There’s benefits to managers — they have relationships and can knock doors down for you, but you have to have the songs first.If you’re a mid-level band on the back side of your career mountain and you have a manager taking 10-15 percent for fielding phone calls and you’re not going to be doing anything groundbreaking (making new music and playing your hits on tour), you can save so much money by taking some responsibilities yourself.I have that blueprint, and I know what all of that entails. That’s not what I do.When I hear demos, I hear the drum loops. Joe DiVitaPublished: April 8, 2021Photo provided by Stix ZadiniaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSteel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia has launched a three-prong business — Stix Zadindustries — which finds him branching out into a band consultant, studio drummer for hire and merchandising maven.Although his promo video and slogan of "Let's Kick Today's Ass in the Balls" may come off as slapstick and another one of Panther's hilarious gimmicks, he's completely serious about the launch of this company, so we jumped on Zoom and caught up with him to learn more, or at least that's the excuse we tell ourselves.The truth is, as you all know, Stix is irresistibly good looking and we just wanted to stare at this god-like specimen under the guise of talking business. Let's count this as a win-win.Introduction to Stix ZadindustriesWhere did this idea for Stix Zadindustries start? What are you getting in exchange for giving?Photo: David JacksonWill you be consulting with unsigned bands at the local levels who are really just starting off or bands who already have some sort of career?There’s no prerequisite to chat. It’s easy to tell and it really can make a difference between hearing a song come to life or be monotonous. I’ve made mistakes and we’ve blown it in the same way you potentially may. Escher phrase or like Inception or something.I’m going to do posters and I have golf towels — I’m a golf junkie. I think I’m gonna go down the motivational and inspirational route. But the ability to expose your music to countless people is there. What you can achieve sonically for a very little amount of money is amazing where before you used to have a $250,000 recording budget for a studio.However, one of the things that was cool with the old music business is you couldn’t just create something and send it out to the world on YouTube. If you are mid-level and you want to scale back your payroll, I’m into it.I just want to help people who want to be in this business. People can share music without paying for it, which sucks for artists regarding album sales. I knew I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew people who did. If you do it yourself, get a distribution deal and record the album yourself, then you own it if you’re able to pay for it and that can be great.Another change that’s fantastic is home recording. Hell no. What are the positive changes you’ve seen in the last 10 to 20 years?The internet is a double-edged sword. I wanted to grow while Steel Panther are on this forced hiatus.I know what it feels like to be confused about why certain people are being paid certain amounts and when the dust settles I get a percentage of the crumbs that are left over. There’s not a lot of incentive in the traditional business model for a 15-year-old guitar player who wants to rock.You’ll get put on tour with this great bus, but you’re paying for it. I’m in the band that people are excited to come see — it’s so backwards.For the last three years, we've been self-managed and I run point on all that stuff. How the drums and bass work with the melody is part of the songwriting element. There’s so many things you don’t even know to look out for. There’s so many people bummed out right now, and if I can bring a little bit of joy with my merch line, then that’s what I want to do.I’m going to create content for the website too, and I’m starting a new religion called ‘Awesomeism.’ There’s two rules: No. I knew if I can be the hub and have the right people on the team, we could grow our business as Steel Panther. Was this planned before the pandemic or was this a byproduct of all that downtime?This came about partially because of the pandemic because I wasn’t distracted by all the things I regularly do.

"I love being able to reach out and connect with our fans, so being a 'first prize' in this contest and having the opportunity to have a real conversation with one of our fans is really terrific." Added Bello, "I love the idea of the golden ticket, it's a cool 'Willy Wonka' moment, and it'll be fun to just shoot the shit with one of our fans."Taking a lead from last year's Covid-influenced Record Store Day schedule split, the 2021 edition of Record Store Day will be spread up with two "drops" of music this year. The musical offerings go back for longtime Anthrax fans as you'll get special releases of "Madhouse," "I Am the Law," "Got the Time" and "Discharge."Drummer Charlie Benante, who oversees the band's artwork, took inspiration from the 3" turntable creation in Japan, mirroring the cover art in the style of the 7" record covers he collected from Iron Maiden and KISS.Only 1,000 of these turntable and vinyl bundles will be made and set to sale on during July's Record Store Day drops (July 9 and 17).And, while embracing the joy that comes with seeking out and finding the music you want at a record store, Anthrax have included a "Golden Ticket" in one of the bundles that will entitle the winner to a personal Zoom call with Anthrax's Joey Belladonna and Frank Bello."I'm really happy about being part of this," said Belladonna. The first comes on June 12, while the second is on July 17.Get a closer look at what 2021's Record Store Day drops have to offer by checking out the gallery at the bottom of this post.Anthrax Turntable + Vinyl Record Store Day 2021 BundleCourtesy of Anthrax2021 Record Store Day Drops
Source: Anthrax Embrace Vinyl Experience With Record Store Day Turntable + 3″ Vinyl Bundle
Filed Under: Anthrax, Record Store DayCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: April 8, 2021Photo by Jimmy HubbardShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSure there are a lot of bands issuing vinyl for Record Store Day, but Anthrax are going the extra mile to provide more of the full vinyl listening experience with their Record Store Day bundle this year.The band has a limited-edition package that features a custom Anthrax mini-turntable along with four 3" vinyl discs.

I have to do the best I can for my brothers who have fallen and for all of our fans. Paul died from heart and coronary disease in 2018.Purchase tickets for the livestream concert here.The 16 Most Iconic Hard Rock + Metal Festival Lineups of the 20th Century 
Source: Philip Anselmo – I Play Pantera Songs to Celebrate Lives of Dimebag Darrell + Vinnie Paul
Filed Under: dimebag darrell, Pantera, Phil Anselmo, Vinnie PaulCategories: News It’s [expletive] very tough to wrap my mind around even listening back to Pantera stuff. I have to do the best I can and look at the bright side.”Darrell was shot and killed onstage during a performance in Columbus, Ohio with Damageplan in 2004. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: April 8, 2021Ron Galella Collection via GettyShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSome musicians can't bring themselves to play old material after the death of a bandmate, but Philip Anselmo — who's lost not one, but two bandmates — says he still plays Pantera songs to celebrate the lives of Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul.Anselmo's upcoming livestream performance on April 9 with the Illegals is titled "A Vulgar Display of Pantera," and will feature him playing songs from Pantera's catalog.“It’s one of those cases where you have to say it is what it is,” Anselmo told the News-Herald of experiencing the loss of two former bandmates."All of that stuff is terribly sad. The truth of it is, I learned a while back dealing with Dimebag’s death that I could muck around and stay in the past and wallow, but it’s not healthy," he continued.“And in turn, when I play these songs, for me it’s all about celebrating the life of Dimebag and Vince.

Everybody follows James," he added.Recollecting a personal moment from the time Gojira spent on the road with Metallica, playing in stadiums across North America, the Gojira vocalist and guitarist explained how he befriended Metallica's monitor engineer, who he then hired for $100 for his own band."Then when Metallica played, one time he gave me James' spare in-ears [monitors]." Duplantier began."He said, 'Joe, come here,' because he saw me watching James and analyzing his fucking right hand. So far, the record has been preceded by three singles: "Another World," "Born For One Thing" and "Amazonia"The 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century 
Source: Lars Ulrich Follows James Hetfield’s Rhythm Live With Metallica, Says Gojira’s Joe Duplantier
Filed Under: gojira, james hetfield, Joe Duplantier, MetallicaCategories: News This is James' fucking monitors! What? "He's the foundation of the rhythmic section in Metallica. It's out of this world," he added, continuing, "It's not necessarily impressive on a technical level, it's the precision and the consistency and it's sharp. A little bit of drums to stay connected to the rest, but some people need a lot of drums because they´re so chaotic and are just sitting on the drums, like in my case for example," he recollected.Heaping more praise unto Hetfield, he noted, "This guy can do a whole show and I'm pretty sure everybody's following him, even Lars. He gives me a little radio there and I plug it in, I have my own in ears and I'm like, 'Oh my god, oh my god! I think Lars follows James when he plays."Gojira's new album, Fortitude, will be released on April 30. His right hand is a hammer, an unstoppable hammer," Duplantier gushed with praise in an interview with Rock Sverige. Joe DiVitaPublished: April 8, 2021SUZANNE CORDEIRO, AFP via Getty Images / Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica's James Hetfield is the master of rhythm and in a recent interview, Gojira's Joe Duplantier expounded on that sentiment, calling him the "foundation" of the band's rhythm section while noting that drummer Lars Ulrich follows him live and that he utilizes almost no drums in his in-ear monitors onstage.Duplantier, who will release a new album with Gojira, Fortitude, at the end of the month, is a known Metallica superfan. I want to follow his course. Maybe there was some hi hat, but he was flying through the songs, playing and singing and it was only him in his monitors. I think Lars is just dancing around James' guitar. In March, he told Loudwire Nights radio host Toni Gonzalez that he owes his career and marriage to Metallica, if that's any evidence of just how deep his affectations for the metal titans go."If there was a school for rock, he would be my teacher. What?'"Amazed by what he heard, Duplantier described how Metallica approach their live performances."I plug them in and put it in my pocket and look at him and I was amazed to see that there was almost no drums in there. Who does that?

Plus, it’s followed by Roger Waters’ renowned bass line, which serves as the mesmeric backdrop of everything else that makes “Money” so damn cool.Fleetwood Mac, “Rhiannon” (1975)The group’s self-titled 1975 LP marked the beginning of their most well-known period, and “Rhiannon” is its top example of why newcomers Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were so vital to that winning formula. It’s a lovely welcome into the ensuing daydream (whose breezy mystery has helped sustain The Eagles’ popularity ever since).Heart, “Barracuda” (1977)Taken from Heart’s third record, Little Queen, the trudging guitar riffs/harmonics and operatic singing that instigate “Barracuda” further prove how badass the Wilson sisters — and company — remained as the decade wore on. (Let’s just pretend the Limp Bizkit cover never happened, okay?)Alice Cooper, “School’s Out” (1972)Its biting chords appropriately capture a sexy, joyous and generally animalistic celebration of freedom and excess that’s boosted by the vocal and instrumental raucousness around it. It’s suitably gothic and ominous, yet strangely empowering as well, and the use of delicate vocal harmonies and a metronomic cowbell alongside it made the opening infectious long before Christopher Walker gave it a second life.The Eagles, “Hotel California” (1976)While the meaning of “Hotel California” remains debatable, it’s hard not to agree that its preliminary blend of acoustic fingerpicking and patient rhythms is pleasantly suspenseful and majestic. It becomes downright magical when the backing harmonies kick in, and its juxtaposition with the group’s trademark heaviness makes it more arresting. Its reoccurrence alongside his poetic yelps heightens the tune’s overwhelmingly fiery sorrow as well. Like “Paranoid,” it’s a must-learn part for everyone who’s trying to master the instrument.The Who, “Behind Blue Eyes” (1971)The most gorgeously confessional and dynamic tune from Who’s Next — which is saying something — Pete Townshend’s acoustic arpeggios are as hypnotic as they are heartbreaking. His chillingly subdued guitarwork matches Nicks’ captivating storyteller presence, yielding already enchanting chemistry that’s enhanced by the playing of their bandmates.Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” (1976)Considering its subject matter, it’s no surprise that “Don’t Fear the Reaper” begins with such a valiant and romantic guitar pattern. There’s a fittingly surreal charm to how its downtrodden guitar intervals mix with Steven Tyler’s pained bellows and peculiar harpsichord accentuations, leaving an indelible imprint on your soul.Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Free Bird” (1973)The combination of mournful organ croons and carefully strummed acoustic guitar chords creates a warm but somber foundation; then, Gary Rossington launches into possibly the most iconic use of slide guitar in classic rock, increasing the track’s grand sense of heavenly catharsis and reinforcing “Free Bird” as a timeless ode.Pink Floyd, “Money” 1973)Dark Side of the Moon is considered an innovative masterpiece for many reasons, and its playfully rhythmic use of dollars ripping and cash registers operating is one of them. The fact that it continually interrupts the proceeding heavy metal/psychedelic rock arrangement to remind you of its awesomeness is the icing on the cake.Aerosmith, “Dream On” (1973)Simultaneously mature, jaded, adolescent and naïve, “Dream On” cements itself as one of Aerosmith’s greatest compositions (and one of the best ballads of the 1970s) from the very start. Jordan BlumPublished: April 8, 2021Columbia / Harvest / Purple / Vertigo / AtlanticShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAlthough the roots of rock and metal go back further, the 1970s is when the genres truly rose to prominence, with many of their most enjoyable and influential tunes arriving within the decade.While there are several reasons for why those classic tunes endure — memorable lyrics, captivating melodies, iconic vocals, groundbreaking instrumentation — their openings are almost always the main factor.After all, there are countless examples of songs whose first few measures are so essential that even the most casual listeners will recognize them (even if they don’t know where the tracks go afterward).Whether it’s the simplicity of a killer guitar riff, the emotional eloquence of an acoustic arpeggio, or something equally appealing, the following fifteen picks — most of which are stylistic standards by now — will definitely grab you from the start.Black Sabbath, “Paranoid” (1970)The first single from the heavy metal pioneers’ second album, “Paranoid” kicks off with one of the most basic yet emblematic six-string patterns of the era. (Boyd left then-husband George Harrison for Clapton a few years later, so I guess his gritty angst paid off.)Jethro Tull, “Aqualung” (1971)Guitarist Martin Barre’s aggressively dingy six-note climb perfectly complements both singer Ian Anderson’s gravely bellows and the song’s perverse subject matter. It’s no wonder why Alice Cooper was such a quintessential glam rock/proto-punk artist.Deep Purple, “Smoke on the Water” (1972)Inspired by a Frank Zappa concert literally ending in flames, “Smoke on the Water” ignites with one of the most famous power chord sequences in rock music. On the contrary, Jimmy Page’s eloquent acoustic descent — coupled with John Paul Jones’ recorders — is as beautifully reserved yet sophisticated as 1970s rock openings got. Thus, it’s arguably the most exciting and legendary opening on Aqualung (an album that saw the English troupe continuing to transition from their blues rock origins into their folk/prog rock peak).Led Zeppelin, “Stairway to Heaven” (1971)It’s the most obvious choice here, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s undeserved. Like many of the best openings from the time, it’s uncomplicated but effectively nuanced and distinctive, so it’s quite easy to make it a permanent part of your life.Top 70 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 1970s 
Source: 15 Songs From the 1970s You’ll Recognize From the First Few Notes
Filed Under: Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, blue oyster cult, Deep Purple, fleetwood mac, heart, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, lynyrd skynyrd, mountain, pink floyd, the eagles, The WhoCategories: News Backed by Osbourne’s panicked vocals and a bustling rhythm section, Tony Iommi’s riff quickly became a crucial pick-up for any beginning guitarist.Mountain, “Mississippi Queen” (1970)It’s Mountain’s most successful song, and for good reason, as its opening transition — from cowbell count off and grungy chords to an uproar of sharp licks and rugged singing — embodies the best of Southern rock, plain and simple.Derek and the Dominos, “Layla” (1971)Partially inspired by his unrequited love for model/photographer Patti Boyd, Eric Clapton’s main hook gets your pulse racing from the very start.

I love a bunch of different types of different, but when I’m trying to move ‘stuff’ or if I’m picturing the main event of WrestleMania and trying to get ready for that, I need the music to match that intensity.”WWE's Edge Reveals Votes for Rock and Roll Hall of FameWatch our interview with Edge above and don’t miss him main event Night Two of WrestleMania on April 11. Graham HartmannPublished: April 8, 2021WWE / Mondadori Portfolio, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDid you know WWE legend Edge is a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s voting body? We’ve got Amon Amarth, Anthrax, Sabbath, the Cult, Faith No More, Crue, Foos, Maiden, KISS, Nirvana, Metallica, Ozzy, Zombie, Slipknot, Megadeth, Machine Head… [the music] needs to get my heart rate up. When we asked the Rated R Superstar what music gets him though his most vigorous workouts, Edge gushed over his gym playlists, which he’s titled “Move Shit.”“There’s always music and it’s always very loud,” Edge says. A lifelong rock and metal fanatic, Edge has been a force for good within the polarizing institution and the WWE Superstar revealed to Loudwire who got his votes for the Class of 2021.While speaking about his love for the Foo Fighters, Edge noted that he’d already voted for Dave Grohl and the boys to be inducted. And [Iron] Maiden.”Edge went on to state that Judas Priest should have been inducted, predicting that Iron Maiden may get the snub just like their fellow British metal gods. Both nights of WrestleMania can be watched on Peacock in the United States and on the WWE Network around the world.”15
Source: WWE’s Edge Reveals Votes for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Predicts Iron Maiden May Get Snubbed
Filed Under: Iron Maiden, rock and roll hall of fame, wweCategories: Exclusive, News “I put my votes in. “That might be the case with Maiden,” Edge says. “But I think their fan base is just so rabid that they’re not going to let it not happen.”When Edge shocked the WWE Universe with a surprise return at the 2020 Royal Rumble, he hit the ring in incredible shape. I voted for them, Rage [Against the Machine], New York Dolls, Tina Turner ‘cause how do you not? “I have ‘Move Shit’ from, like, 1 to 25.