And it was so influential for us."Schuldiner, who died of a brain tumor in 2001, cited Possessed as an influence on Death; the 2016 reissue of Scream Bloody Gore even includes a cover of “Death Metal.”Death went on to release several more classics within the genre, including the 1991 opus Human, which had a huge influence on the burgeoning technical death metal movement. “Becerra still had an evil voice, kind of like [Slayer’s] Tom Araya,” he said. I would probably have to go with Scream Bloody Gore,” Mazurkiewicz said. Bryan RolliPublished: May 30, 2021Combat, Relativity / CombatShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFor more than 30 years, death metal fans have been pulverizing each other in mosh pits and intellectually bludgeoning each other over the age-old debate: What is the first death metal album?The nod frequently goes to Death’s Scream Bloody Gore, the 1987 masterwork that elevated metal to all-new extreme heights with Chuck Schuldiner’s blood-curdling screams and dizzying riffs. “It's a great voice. In a new interview with Underground Florida, Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz gave his pick."That's always the one up for debate. And I loved Scream Bloody Gore — my favorite Death record, of course. But others argue in favor of Possessed’s 1985 debut Seven Churches, a blistering thrash-death metal hybrid that predates Death’s own debut by two years (and whose final track is literally titled “Death Metal”).Now, another death metal veteran has offered his two cents on the subgenre’s first proper release. “I think that was just a little bit more death metal in the vocals and in the music. Seven Churches, it had maybe a little bit more thrash elements still happening. Scream Bloody Gore was not thrash at all.”Mazurkiewicz cited Possessed singer and bassist Jeff Becerra’s vocals as an important point of distinction. “Like I said, nothing against [Possessed]. Seven Churches [was] amazing. They have since reformed and released a third studio album, Revelations of Oblivion, in 2019, with Becerra as the sole original member.Listen to Cannibal Corpse’s Paul Mazurkiewicz on Underground FloridaBest Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985
Source: Death Vs. It is a tough one. What a great band. You can't consider Tom death metal at all."The drummer, who has played with Cannibal Corpse since their inception in 1988, praised both albums effusively. Is it considered death metal? Possessed, meanwhile, released one more album, 1986’s Beyond the Gates, before breaking up in 1987. Possessed: Cannibal Corpse Drummer Weighs in on First Death Metal Album
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You're not paying attention." He also took an apparent swipe at the fees that the Rock Hall requested from attendees, saying the punk icons could have “fame at $25,000 if we paid for a table or $15,000 to squeak up in the gallery.”Artists are eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after releasing their first recording. in October 1996, which means they’ll be eligible next year. While the masked metal veterans are certainly heavier than any group that has previously been considered for induction, their cultural impact and incredible commercial success make them viable candidates. Repeat. Maiden’s snub comes one year after Judas Priest, Motorhead and Soundgarden got passed over for the 2020 class.“They disrespected so many bands over the past by putting others in before the ones that actually deserve it, that I would probably go the way of the Sex Pistols," Taylor continued. "I’d be like, ‘Your Hall is a sham. So take this and shove it up your you-know-what.'”The singer was referring to the time in 2006 when Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten rejected the Rock Hall’s invitation with a scathing letter in which he referred to the museum as a “piss stain” and said, “We're not your monkeys, we're not coming. Feed. Kill. The group has earned several platinum and multi-platinum albums, with three of them topping the Billboard 200.Still, Taylor said Slipknot "probably won't ever be nominated" for the Rock Hall, and he doubts fans “would actually care if we were in it to begin with. “They don’t honor anything except pop music, really, and they only really induct real rock bands when they have to cave to pressure.”The Rock Hall’s 2021 class likely did nothing to quell Taylor’s frustration, as artists like Tina Turner and Jay-Z got inducted over hard rock and metal trailblazers like Iron Maiden and Rage Against the Machine. Slipknot put out their demo album Mate. You have no idea what the spirit of rock and roll is actually about. Bryan RolliPublished: May 30, 2021Katja Ogrin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSlipknot’s Corey Taylor slammed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a “pile of garbage” in a new interview and said he would “probably” reject the nod from the Cleveland institution if his band ever received one.The masked frontman discussed the prospect of Slipknot’s future Rock Hall induction in a recent interview on Lazer 103.3, a radio station in Taylor’s native Iowa. Host Andy Hall pointed out that Slipknot become eligible for Rock Hall induction next year and proposed that fans "right all the wrongs of the past" by inducting the band along with other hard rock and metal giants such as Judas Priest and Scorpions.“First of all, I don’t care about that Hall, ‘cause I think it’s a pile of garbage,” Taylor responded. It’s not gonna stop us from playing.”Slipknot recently unveiled the 2021 Knotfest lineup, which includes heavy hitters like Faith No More, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Gojira, Trivium and many more.You can listen to the interview below.Corey Taylor Guests on Lazer 103.3's Andy's Hall PassThe Evolution of Slipknot's Masks
Source: Corey Taylor: Slipknot Would Reject ‘Garbage’ Rock Hall Nod
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:II: Nature. tour with all of you out there!"Nightwish's pair of interactive livestream shows, dubbed 'An Evening With Nightwish in a Virtual World,' will take place today (May 28) [edit: the May 28 stream has finished] and tomorrow (May 29), marking Koskinen's first-ever onstage performances with the group.Learn more about these events and snag your ticket here.Upon his exit, Hietala issued a formal statement announcing his resignation from Nightwish, citing his disenfranchisement with the current state of the music industry and noted his chronic depression as a contributing factor as well.Nightwish Announce New Touring Bassist18 Rock + Metal Bands Who Have Never Had a Lineup Change 
Source: Nightwish Announce Tour Replacement for Longtime Bassist Marco Hietala
Filed Under: Marco Hietala, nightwishCategories: News Joe DiVitaPublished: May 28, 2021Noel Vasquez, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterNightwish have officially revealed their tour replacement for bassist Marco Hietala, who left the pioneering symphonic metal band in January earlier this year and withdrew from the public eye. Filling the void on Nightwish's world tour supporting last year's Human. :II: Nature. album will be Jukka Koskinen of Wintersun.The addition of Koskinen as a live member adds some familiarity to the Nightwish rhythm section as drummer Kai Hahto (ex-Rotten Sound, ex-Swallow the Sun) has played alongside him in Wintersun for more than 15 years.Announcing the news on social media, Nightwish confirmed Koskinen's place within the band's ranks, marking their first new bassist since Hietala joined in 2001.The 39-year-old musician, who also previously spent time in Norther, Cain's Offering, Dark Sarah and Amberian Dawn, exclaimed, "I couldn’t be more honored to be part of the vehicle of spirit of Nightwish on its onward journey sharing special live moments to come on the Human.

And apparently he's pretty locked in on what he's doing as he nonchalantly smokes his pipe while playing and balancing as well."Dragonaut" was first introduced to Sleep fans on their 1992 album, Sleep's Holy Mountain.Bassil is still fairly new to social media, taking his balancing act to Instagram. So check out some of his unique covers.Bassil Cover Sleep's "Dragonaut" While Balancing on Motorcycle + Unicycle11 Best Stoner Rock + Metal Albums
Source: Watch Musician Cover Sleep’s ‘Dragonaut’ While Balancing on Motorcycle + Unicycle
Filed Under: sleepCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: May 28, 2021YouTube: WeedianShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt takes a certain amount of concentration to cover Sleep's "Dragonaut." Now imagine trying to add the extra distraction of trying to balance on a motorcycle or a unicycle and that's what you've got in this video from a multi-instrumentalist named Bassil.Apparently the musician has a fondness for playing covers or original tracks while balancing on things and a video posted late in March has been making the rounds online featuring Bassil first jumping his motorcycle onto a large amp and balancing on the motorcycle during the intro.Follow Loudwire's 'Ultimate Stoner Rock + Metal' playlist on Spotify.The action then jumps to a studio for the rest of the performance with Bassil playing all of the instruments but choosing to roll back and forth on his unicycle while rocking the killer bass lines of the Sleep favorite.

Loudwire StaffPublished: May 28, 2021BMG / Fearless / Napalm / SharpTone / Roadrunner / Metal Blade / Temporary Residence LimitedShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOur favorite bands are beginning to return from COVID hibernation and they've brought goodies. 1 albums on this list, including records by Foo Fighters, Architects, Royal Blood and more. Album Sales Chart, landing at No. Throughout 2021 so far, rock and metal has been on a tear, from established radio acts to the furthest nether regions of extreme audio.If you think rock and metal is dead, take a look at the charts in the United Kingdom. You'll see plenty of No. 1 for impressive pure sales and streams.Whether they've topped nationwide charts or caused rumblings in the abyss, these are the albums that have defined 2021. Check out Loudwire's picks for the Best Rock + Metal Albums of 2021 (So Far) in the gallery below.2021’s Best Rock + Metal Albums (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best rock + metal albums of 2021 so far
Source: 2021’s Best Rock + Metal Albums (So Far)
Filed Under: Best of 2021Categories: News The United States may remain obsessed with pop and hip-hop, but Gojira scraped to the top of the U.S.

"Nothing Else Matters" @ 1:03:00 (with Jordison)14. Guitar Solo #2 – 1:00: 5813. So, they took a jam, a practice room with them on tour," the percussionist continued, noting the rehearsal space resembled a "sea container."PLAYLIST: Early Thrash – The Beginning + The '90s. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" @ 15:52 (with Jordison)05. "Fade to Black" @ 38:25 (with Larsen)09. But, nothing but total loyalty to them, they’re our friends, I’ve always learned so much from them," enthused Clown, who admitted, "Being told to stay outside was even better because I just got to turn the camera off and think about one of my bros just ripping it up in there."Metallica later presented the members of Slipknot with gifts as a thank you for letting them utilize Jordison's skills in a pinch (Clown received a hunting knife), to which Clown said, "I thought, ‘Well, shouldn’t we be thanking them? "Seek and Destroy" @ 30:03 (with Jordison)08. And that did, it blasted it all off, it was like a time capsule for the future. Featuring 150 songs by Metallica and a lot more. "Battery" @ 1:44 (with Lombardo)02. I just turned the camera off and closed my eyes," said Clown, who recently launched his own cannabis line.Unfortunately, Clown wasn't allowed inside the container to watch his bandmate rehearse with the mighty Metallica, which he's still miffed about today, but harbors no ill feelings toward any of the band's members for restricting his access.“They wouldn’t let me in. I guess some would say I’m an opportunist but I like to consider myself sort of an oracle at times," posited Clown, "So I followed with a camera, and I can remember they were in that sea container for what seems like at least 60 minutes, and I can remember just listening to Joey play all these Metallica songs, and at least three-quarters of them he didn’t play onstage."Recollecting the atmosphere, he likened it to kids jamming in a basement."They were seeing which [songs] they were vibing and I can remember – I had my back against the sea container, and I could feel the rumble of the bass drum, and it was hitting my back. Somehow I feel like we need to thank them.'"Calling the moment "surreal," Clown acknowledged Jordison was nervous before the gig, but that was typical of him anyway."He loves the show so much that his nerves would always get sort of the best of him because the will to want to play was so high, so you can just imagine how he was being in there with his gods. "Creeping Death" @ 22:20 (with Jordison)07. What a remarkable day! "Last Caress" @ 53:07 (with Jordison)11. That pissed me off to this day — I was pretty pissed off. I love that, I love watching people earn what they work for.""Metallica runs really tight shit, you’re not going to penetrate it for anything. So we’re pretty honored and lucky," concluded the percussionist.Watch Metallica's complete Download Festival 2004 set below.Metallica Download Festival 2004 Set List01. "Enter Sandman" @ 1:08:50 (with Jordison)Metallica at Download 2004 — Full Show With Joey Jordison + Dave Lombardo on DrumsClown Speaks With Download Festival
Source: Slipknot’s Clown Explains How Joey Jordison Got to Fill In for Lars Ulrich at Metallica Festival Show
Filed Under: Joey Jordison, lars ulrich, Metallica, Shawn Crahan, SlipknotCategories: News "Wherever I May Roam" @ 46:30 (with Jordison)10. "The Four Horsemen" @ 7:13 (with Lombardo)03. Bass Solo @ 14:5504. "Sad But True" @ 55:30 (with Jordison)12. Guitar Solo @ 20:3006. Follow here."They had called Joey at some point to come in and practice some of these songs. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 28, 2021Jo Hale, Getty Images / Jeff Yeager/Michael Ochs Archives, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIn a new interview with Download Festival, Slipknot percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan looked back on the time in 2004 when now ex-'Knot drummer Joey Jordison was tapped as an emergency fill-in for Lars Ulrich for Metallica's headlining performance.Jordison, alongside Slayer legend Dave Lombardo, were the two skinsman Metallica brought onstage in relief of Ulrich, who is said to have suffered an anxiety attack and was unable to perform that night.While Lombardo and Metallica practically grew up together as bands and have familiarity with each other dating back to the early '80s, he only played the first two songs of the set, leaving the rest to the 29-year-old Jordison who had jammed with the group earlier that day in preparation for the big night.Clown said the event was "probably one of the most rememberable, favorite times in my entire career," and added (transcription via Ultimate-Guitar), "I like watching people succeed, and it really makes me happy.

Source: Fozzy Debut ‘Sane’ Video Filmed on World’s Longest Wooden Rollercoaster, Announce 2021 Tour
Filed Under: chris jericho, fozzyCategories: News 01 – Canton, Ga. @ Elevation @ The IntersectionSept. @ 98ROCKFEST*Oct. 09 – Orlando, Fla. 21-25 @ Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at SeaOct. @ Apollo TheaterSept. 17 – Grand Rapids, Mich. @ Victory NorthOct. @ Taco Festival*Aug. We were inspired, creating music that had the potential to be the best we’d ever recorded. 03 – Joliet, Ill. The next day, I came to the studio with ‘Sane’!"Watch the video for "Sane" toward the bottom of the page and view the lyrics below as well. 11 – Baltimore, Md. 12 – Pittsburgh, Pa. I can’t think of a better way to remind everybody of the feeling you get when you hear a great rock 'n' roll tune, one that makes u wanna put the top down on your car and put your foot down on the gas….and ‘Sane’ is that tune!""It’s been such a tough year in so many ways," he continued, "but now as the world is slowly getting better, Fozzy is here to vaccinate you with a proverbial phonograph needle and make you wanna rock again."Offered guitarist Rich Ward, "After the first few songs started to develop in the early stages of writing material for Fozzy's new record, we knew we were onto something special. 10 – Appomattox, Va. @ SoundstageSept. @ Louder Than Life*Sept. @ Basement EastOct. 26 – Louisville, Ky. @ Action BuildingOct. @ Blue Ridge Rockfest *Sept. Mich. @ HooligansOct. "In times like these, I don't wanna be sane," sing Jericho over the refrain.The frontman exclaimed, "'Sane' is the perfect first single for Fozzy to unleash on the world, as it’s heavy, hooky, catchy and RIFF-TASTIC!! @ Iron WorksSept. @ WJRR’s Earthday Birthday*Oct. @ Jergel'sSept. 29–Nov. 08 – Savannah, Ga. @ Machine ShopSept. @ Rockfest*July 17 – Jacksonville, Fla. 16 – Angola, Ind. @ Apollo TheaterSept. 03 @ The KISS Kruise X*festival dates2021’s Best Rock Songs (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best rock songs of 2021 so far. A series of 2021 tour dates have also been announced.The clip starts with the slow climb to to the coaster's peak with the band in tow, Jericho riding in the coveted spot up front. 07 – Johnson City, Tenn. As the music gradually intensifies, it kicks into overdrive after a slight pause, upon which a guitar is sent flying through the air, almost as if the band is racing the instrument to the bottom of the 141-foot drop."Sane," with its ebb and flow of hushed anxiety and expressive, relief-struck chorus, is an ode to those who live their lives a bit crazier than the average person. 09 – Harrisburg, Pa. @ 1175Sept. 02 – Columbus, Ohio @ Newport Music HallSept. @ UndergroundOct. The only thing we were missing was a riff worthy of opening the record. 19 – Cleveland, Ohio @ The WinchesterSept. 03 – Charlotte, N.C. @ Eclectic RoomSept. 04 – Jacksonville, N.C. 07 – Sheboygan, Wis. @ Capone'sOct. 02 – Tampa, Fla. Look for Fozzy's 2021 tour dates beneath the video player.PLAYLIST: Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.Fozzy, "Sane" LyricsI am living within this nightmareNo end to the cannibal kindAnd I am in between the cross hairsDead end for the rational mindCause it's too far goneThis deliriumSo I'm Losing it allLosing it allI can't take it saneThis realitySo I'm watching it fallWatching them all goCrazyCrazyIt's the only wayTimes like these I'd rather beCrazyCrazyThan a face another dayCause times like theses I don't wanna beSaneSaneStay quietGet underneath the tableRewiredJust a typical dayCheckingOutOf this suicidalCrowdGonna watch it all go downLaughing in the flamesCause it's too far goneThis deliriumSo I'm Losing it allLosing it allI can't take it saneThis realitySo I'm watching it fallWatching them all goCrazyCrazyIt's the only wayTimes like these I'd rather beCrazyCrazyThan a face another dayCause times like theses I don't wanna beSaneWhat if I should breakLet the voices take meFar awayWould that be okI can't take it saneThis realitySo I'm watching it fallWatching them all goCrazyCrazyIt's the only wayTimes like these I'd rather beCrazyCrazyThan a face another dayCause times like theses I don't wanna beSaneSaneSaneSaneFozzy, "Sane" Music VideoFozzy 2021 Tour DatesJuly 14 – Iowa City, Iowa @ WildwoodJuly 15 – Cadott, Wis. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 28, 2021Adrienne BeaccoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFozzy, the melodic hard rock band fronted by wrestling superstar Chris Jericho, are back with a thrillride of a new music video for the brand new single "Sane," which was filmed on 'The Beast,' the world's longest wooden rollercoaster. 18 – Flint. @ HMACSept. 06 – Kansasville, Wis. @ Hi FiSept. 13 – Buffalo, N.Y. @ Brat Days *Sept. 04 – Belvidere, Ill. 28 – Harrison, Ohio @ Blue NoteSept. 30 – Nashville, Tenn. 27 – Indianapolis, Ind.

Pre-order your copy here.At the Gates, "The Paradox" LyricsProdigious dreams, entangled and blackCoiled in the corners of lifeHallucinations, engraved in our bonesFutile, monotonous livesThe poison circle, eyes within eyesHow black our madness to beSpectral salvation, unfurling itselfThrough labyrinthian nightsTo carry these dead notesAs we stare into the abyssOur ruin, twisted and blackInto the starving voidDehumanization of our art and cultureParent of horrors to beMankind is nothing but self-conscious fleshThe triumph of our own deceitThe structures thеy now crumbleThe fevеred liturgyBlack with the scars of madnessWe hide within our cryptsThrough mad winds of terrorDreams are disturbedIn pulse after heaven-wide pulseOlder than darkness, colors unknownWithin the pit of deathHeroic dreams now trampledBy figures in rust-colored robesA region, illuminatedInto the nuclear dawnThe structures they now crumbleThe fevered liturgyBlack with the scars of madnessWe hide within our cryptsAnd as all hope turns to blackInto the dreamless nightAs all hope turns to blackOf pessimism and paradoxNo hope – all blackNo hope – all blackAnd as all hope turns to blackInto the dreamless nightAs all hope turns to blackOf pessimism and paradoxOf pessimism and paradoxOf pessimism and paradoxAt the Gates, "The Paradox"2021’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best metal songs of 2021 so far. And Patric Ullaeus, being the master that he is, went all the way to make that happen!""The overall theme deals with the topic of pessimism, and I have been diving deep down in pessimistic philosophers," Lindberg, who we interviewed about also being a schoolteacher, previously said of the themes present on The Nightmare of Being."Trying to understand this way of looking at the world. Enjoy!"Regarding the video, Lindberg added, "This was a very fun video to record, as we tried to create most of the “special effects” in an analog way, and not just to be added in the editing. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 28, 2021Ester SegarraShare on FacebookShare on TwitterJust over one month out from the release of The Nightmare of Being, melodic death metal icons At the Gates have debuted the new track "The Paradox."The sinister new song is the second single to be released off the record and follows the equally dark "Spectre of Extinction." Both tracks appear at the top of the 10-track album and it's clear that At the Gates are navigating some new sonic territory across their latest pair of singles, placing emphasis on an overwhelmingly foul atmosphere, even utilizing some choir elements in the latest offering.Watch the music video for "The Paradox" toward the bottom of the page and read the lyrics (via Genius) below as well.PLAYLIST: Early Death Metal: The First 15 Years — Featuring 150 songs from At the Gates and so many more. It is a very dark album, but not negative," he continued.The Nightmare of Being comes out on July 2 on Century Media. Source: At the Gates Release Dark New Song ‘The Paradox’
Filed Under: At The GatesCategories: News Hence we were drenched in tons of crushed coal and soil, which took over a week and a lot of showers to get out of our hair, haha. Follow here."Humanity is the biggest paradox. We really wanted an oppressive, apocalyptic emotion for this video. You could call the album an introduction to pessimism as a concept, I guess. We invent defense mechanisms to protect us from the thought of death, religion, different –isms, etc.," offered frontman Tomas Lindberg.He continued, "This first time our producer Jens Bogren heard this song, he said, 'This is a monster!' It touches on some core parts of the At The Gates sound, but builds further, on top of that, some classic NWOBHM/Mercyful Fate vibes thrown in for good measure. It is not a negative album, more a gateway into new ideas for me personally, trying out different perspectives. Our knowledge of being mortals drives us away from being human, hence the paradox. It is a death metal song, but has its progressive moments. We as humans always want justification for the big things: death, the meaning of life, etc.

Chad ChildersPublished: May 27, 2021Bryan Bedder / Kevin Winter / Tristan Fewings, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEarlier this month, Rage Against the Machine expressed their support for the Palestinian people in the ongoing conflict with Israel. We call on all governments to stop funding all resources and technologies that back the Israeli state and their war games.Today, we speak together and demand justice, dignity and the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people and all who are fighting colonial dispossession and violence across the planet.We call for you to join us with your name in refusing to perform at Israel's complicit cultural institutions, and by standing firm in your support of the Palestinian people and their human right to sovereignty and freedom. She also urged Hamas, which runs Gaza, to refrain from firing rockets indiscriminately on Israeli territory."“Although reportedly targeting members of armed groups and their military infrastructure, the Israeli attacks resulted in extensive civilian deaths and injuries, as well as large-scale destruction and damage to civilian objects,” she added.“Despite Israel’s claims that many of these buildings were hosting armed groups or being used for military purposes, we have not seen evidence in this regard,” said Bachelet."There is no doubt that Israel has the right to defend its citizens and residents. The same rights.”20 Rock + Metal Bands That Reunited in the Last Decade
Source: Rage Against the Machine, Serj Tankian, Roger Waters + More Sign Letter of Solidarity for Palestine in Israeli Conflict
Filed Under: rage against the machine, Serj TankianCategories: News Now they've joined with a large group of musicians drafting a letter sharing their solidarity with the people of Palestine and asking for public support and government action in order to hopefully help the Palestinians "live in a world without segregation and apartheid."The open letter in question is credited to #MusiciansForPalestine and was signed not only by Rage Against the Machine, but also Serj Tankian, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, The Strokes' Julian Casablancas, Run the Jewels, Cypress Hill, Patti Smith, Godspeed! The legacies of systemic violence, racism and dispossession shaped by colonialism must stop. Complicity with Israeli war crimes is found in silence, and today silence is not an option.Silence is not an option as the brutal Israeli bombardment of besieged Gaza claimed more than 245 lives in the last weeks. You Black Emperor, Ozomatli, Propagandhi and a wealth of other musicians. Silence is not an option as residents of Sheik Jarrah in occupied Jerusalem are continuously forced out of their homes. We believe this is crucial to one day live in a world without segregation and apartheid.Free Palestine.The letter, while asking for justice, does come with an action as the 600 musicians documented in the signing are calling for a boycott from performing in Israel until the Palestinian people are "free."Violence erupted in Gaza back on May 10 after tensions started to rise over the previous month with an Israeli move to block some Palestinian gatherings at the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Today it is essential that we stand with Palestine.We are calling on our peers to publicly assert their solidarity with the Palestinian people. In addition, at least 12 people, including three foreign workers and two children, were killed in Israel by rockets fired by Hamas and other armed groups from Gaza during the same period.According to Al Jazeera, United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has said Israel’s recent attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip that killed more than 200 Palestinians may constitute “war crimes” if they are shown to be disproportionate. The already strained relationship between the two sides then became more fraught when an attempt to evict six Arab families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, led to more confrontations.The offensive on the Gaza Strip has killed at least 253 Palestinians, including 66 children, and wounded more than 1,900 people, according to the health ministry in Gaza. She made the comments during a Thursday (May 27) special session of the UN Human Rights Council.“If found disproportionate, such attacks might constitute war crimes,” Bachelet told the 47-member Geneva forum. However, Palestinians have rights, too. Silence is not an option as millions of Palestinian refugees are denied their collective right of return.The Israeli government operates a Settler-Colonial project committed to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population. You can see the full list of those backing the open letter statement here.The letter reads in full as follows:In solidarity and empathy,As musicians, we cannot be silent.

The next morning, [I was] just waiting to hear that it's not true. News 8 in New Haven, Ct., is only an hour away from the Stafford Springs home where Herbert last lived. "There were times where we could barely get him to buy new shoes.")Those who may have information regarding the case, as News 8 pointed out, can still contact Public Information at (860) 685-8230."We are taking a look back at the death of a Connecticut music star that remains a mystery. Lead guitarist for the band All That Remains, 44-year-old Oliver 'Oli' Herbert was found dead behind his Stafford Springs home two and a half years ago. His death has been labeled suspicious. Part memorial and part investigation, the broadcast includes interviews with Herbert's bandmates and family members.Herbert died on Oct. The exact manner of the drowning, however, was left "undetermined."Watch the news report near the bottom of this post.All That Remains' Mike Martin put himself back in his thoughts on the days Herbert's death was revealed: "Why am I getting texts that say, 'Oli's dead'?" he recalled. I was texting Oli like, 'Dude, just text me back, please.' The next morning, they put it on the internet, and I was like, 'I cannot believe this is real, like at all.'"Added vocalist Phil Labonte, "I am really still mad at him, because he doesn't have to be dead."According to the Hartford Courant, some of the suspicion surrounding Herbert's death arose because the musician's will was notarized at a car dealership just one week before he was found dead. ("He wouldn't think to get a will," Labonte told News 8. "I could feel my heart go into my throat. We take an in-depth look at the case.""Unsolved But Not Forgotten" – News 8 Looks Back on the Death of Oli Herbert27 Bands Who Were (Mostly) Teenagers When Their Debut Album Came Out
Source: Oli Herbert’s Death the Focus of New ‘In-Depth Look’ From Local Station
Filed Under: All That Remains, Oli HerbertCategories: News 16, 2018, at the age of 44. Philip TrappPublished: May 27, 2021Christie Goodwin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterConnecticut's News 8 newly reflected on the "suspicious" 2018 death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert in a TV report that aired on Wednesday (May 26). He was found dead near the house — his body recovered from a reservoir known as Hydeville Pond — in what the state medical examiner ruled a drowning.

While on Twitter, alt-country superstar Jason Isbell revealed that his 5-year-old daughter's new musical obsession is Max Cavalera-era Sepultura music."Our 5 year old daughter is way into Cavalera-era Sepultura right now and I'm really proud," beamed Isbell, later adding, "Sure does make for a joyful bath time."While Isbell did not reveal his child's favorite album or song, there are six great records from the Cavalera-era of Sepultura to choose from include the singer's hugely influential swan song during his time with the band, 1996's Roots.Isbell's tweets then drew the attention of Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea who tweeted a series of "devil horns" emojis and revealed to Isbell that he used to crank Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" on blast and danced like a wildebeest to get his daughter to get his daughter to go to sleep.The conversation also elicited a response from '90s jazz and AC hitmaker Curtis Stigers who offered this piece of advice: "Make sure your little headbanger wears a helmet."While you might not expect to find a more odd trio than Isbell, Flea and Stigers discussing Sepultura, Isbell's love for metal has probably been tipped to fans through his own music, with the Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit track "Chaos and Clothes" referencing "black metal T-shirts."And while Isbell plies his talents in the alt-country world, he's not been averse to showing a heavier side. He appears on lead guitar on Frank Turner's new song "The Gathering," with Turner recently sheepishly revealing, "He's playing a solo that I'm never ever going to be able to play live."25 Awesome Celebrity Metalheads
Source: Country Singer Jason Isbell Raising Daughter on Max Cavelera-Era Sepultura Music
Filed Under: max cavalera, SepulturaCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: May 27, 2021Rick Diamond / Frazer HarrisonShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt's always great when parents pass down their love of metal to the next generation of children, and sometimes that transaction may come from a source that's not so obvious.

It's little bits and pieces of things that have intrigued me, of masks that I've had in the past. And it's feeling pretty rad, man. "The mask is king. And it's gonna have a devil-may-care kind of terror to it, let's put it that way."Listen to the full interview below.Corey Taylor on Andy's Hall PassAndy's Hall Pass · Andy Hall interviews Corey Taylor 2021The Evolution of Slipknot's Masks
Source: Corey Taylor Says He Is ‘Challenging’ Himself on New Slipknot Album
Filed Under: corey taylor, SlipknotCategories: News And for us, especially people like me and Clown and the guys in the band that really allow those masks to evolve, it's important for it to be a reflection of who we are in that music.""And I can tell you that the mask I'm working on is very disturbing," he continued. And that's kind of where I'm going with this new Slipknot album — trying to tell other people's stories and not just my own. He also touched more upon his "disturbing" new mask, too.During a chat on Andy's Hall Pass, the frontman explained that Shawn "Clown" Crahan had approached him to start working on new music, which they started "kicking around" during the COVID-19 pandemic."So they started putting together some rad music, man — really cool stuff that made me start thinking outside my own box and challenging myself," he teased."And it was cool, 'cause I got excited again about exploring some different stuff and not just being so driven in my own thing but thinking outside, trying to tell other people's stories again. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: May 27, 2021Herbert P. I can't wait for people to hear it."Crahan offered his own update on the band's progress a couple of days ago, referring to the new material as "God music," and adding that Taylor actually had all of the lyrics written before hitting the studio.Of course, with a new 'Knot album comes a new set of masks, and Taylor already told us that it's "uncomfortable" and will "fucking scare kids," but he touched on it again during this interview with Andy Hall."The mask has been a part of us forever," the vocalist said. Oczeret, AFP/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAs time goes on, we're learning more and more about Slipknot's new album, and Corey Taylor recently said he's really been "challenging" himself while working on it. "It's gonna be hard to look at. And it'll probably be my favorite mask that I've ever put together.

This is the ultimate My Dying Bride collection, unmatched anywhere on the planet!"Bundle 5 – BMG x "Donated by BMG, this comprises a Limited Edition/Rare Motorhead Ace of Spades – Box Set, and the Motorhead 1979 – Double Vinyl Box Set."Bundle 6 – Earache "This stunning bundle with numerous one-of-a-kind rarities has been kindly donated by Earache Records….don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bag this hyper-rare, highly-collectable package."Bundle 7 – U.K. Below, take a look at all that's available to win.If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website. In February, #ILoveLive hosted a contest that gave listeners the chance to win prizes from Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters and Muse. To speak directly to a professional, call 1-800-273-8255. Because of COVID-19's continued effect on tours and concert workers' needs, Stagehand is doing it again."When I heard about the 10th suicide among stage crew in late August I knew I had to do something," Stopps told Louder earlier this year. The more one enters, the more chances they have to win.The raffle's the latest contest from the #ILoveLive campaign, spearhead by U.K. In collaboration with Laney, Gibson & Epiphone, this incredible collection was donated by the legends that are Tony Iommi and artist Krusher Joule."Bundle 2 – Nuclear "The world’s biggest independent metal label Nuclear Blast have kindly supported the ILoveMetal campaign with this stunning package, comprising limited-edition packages from Slayer, Lamb of God, Nightwish, My Dying Bride, Anthrax and Kreator."Bundle 3 – Download "A pair of VIP tickets for Download 2022 (featuring amongst many others Iron Maiden, Korn and Deftones) would be an incredible prize on their own…but the winner also receives a Nightwish Live Tour Sold Out Framed Poster Presentation, and Download merchandise."Bundle 4 – My Dying "This bundle of limited edition, extremely-rare My Dying Bride merchandise and memorabilia would literally take a lifetime to collect, added to which most items are signed by the band. "Stage crew are not only suffering great financial hardship, but most are also experiencing mental ill-health. Every life is important.Bundle 1 – Black "A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win this exclusive bundle from the founders of heavy metal themselves; Black Sabbath. Resource information is provided for free as well as a chat message service. Metal Merger "Partly featuring items donated by the bands and artists that contributed to the U.K. stage crew charity Stagehand and concert promoters David Stopps, Ian McAndrew and Tom Schroeder. You are not alone and help is available. Metal Merger ‘In Solitude’ campaign (My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, Kill II This etc.) this bundle includes a Jackson Sharkfin guitar, t-shirts, rare vinyl, and a killer Brainfreeze package!"Bundle 8 – Judas Priest "Heavy Metal legends Judas Priest whose influence on generations of musicians and metal-heads is incalculable, have supported the Stagehand cause with this killer bundle."Bundle 9 – 5B Artists and Media "Featuring items from Behemoth, Kreator, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Tesseract. Crowdfunding is a way for communities to come together to support causes close to their heart, and this is a great example of how the music industry is pulling together to help each other in a time of need."See all the individual #ILoveMetal prize packs at the campaign's Crowdfunder site. It followed similar raffles in 2020 that helped raise £546,000 (about $766,000) for stage crew. Source: ‘World’s Biggest Metal Prize Draw’ Has Items from Sabbath, Priest, Motorhead
Filed Under: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, MotorheadCategories: News Courtesy of Bravado and King's Road merchandise, this bundle includes signed items by Nergal (Behemoth)."2021’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best metal songs of 2021 so far. Without roadies, there won't be a live events industry, even when COVID restrictions are lifted. Philip TrappPublished: May 27, 2021Frazer Harrison / Ethan Miller / Gary Wolstenholme (Getty)Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMassive prize bundles from the likes of Black Sabbath (including an autographed Tony Iommi guitar), Judas Priest (featuring a framed CD collection signed by the band) and Motorhead (a deluxe album box set) among several others, are available to win as part of a new #ILoveMetal raffle to help support underemployed and out-of-work concert stage crew in the United Kingdom.Each prize pack will be awarded in separate drawing, and entry tickets cost a minimum donation of £5 (roughly $7) per draw. Money raised from these prize draws will actually save lives and help to safeguard their future."Added Crowdfunder's Rob Love, "The #ILoveLive campaign on Crowdfunder is critical to supporting the 'behind the scenes' workers in the live music industry.

I am Scott Waldman, and I approve of that message times 10. Enjoy the pair's discussion below.Eric German — entertainment attorney for AWOLNATION, Atreyu, Asking Alexandria, Ice Nine Kills, Five Finger Death Punch, Escape the Fate, The Hu and more bands that you love, hate and are indifferent about — likes heavy music and vinyl that is light. Don't bill us, please.P.P.S. Scott WaldmanPublished: May 27, 2021Sony / Rock Hard / Blackened / Atlantic / iStockShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWe asked the artist manager and host of Waldman's Words podcast, Scott Waldman, to identify some of the most unbelievably expensive (and, for a few, perhaps preposterously expensive) vinyl records out there right now. Counselor Juris Doctorate German and I spoke about 10 ridiculously expensive vinyl releases, and you can read the sick-as-fuck results below.Thesis statement to this legal boxer/brief: People will pay a lot of money for a golden variant of an A Perfect Circle EP that never was released. You know who won? You and I and Eric German! As is his wont, Waldmann brought a friend along for the ride, this time entertainment attorney Eric German. Weak and powerless.German's Top 5Waldman's Top 5 (Sans German's Comments)In Conclusion: So, Devo, Incubus, Less Than Jake, Far, AFI, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppellin, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne got in a fight. Huh-huh, I said pp.2021’s Best Rock Songs (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best rock songs of 2021 so far. Source: 10 Ridiculously Expensive Vinyl Records – A Discussion With Rock Attorney Eric German
Filed Under: AFI, far, incubus, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, less than jake, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, pink floydCategories: News You're welcome.P.S.

And the sandwich part is something Wylde says he's continued to do for Osbourne over the years.Wylde was hired by Osbourne to replace Jake E. However, new music appears to be in the works as Wylde revealed earlier this month that he had tracked 30 songs for an album later this year. So when he looked back, he was like, ‘That’s where I’d ended up seeing you before.’ I figured maybe he had seen me at the Mezzanine level at the Spectrum when we were at the Bark at the Moon tour.”Within the chat, Wylde recalls Ozzy calming him down, telling him to change his trousers and asking the guitarist to make him a ham sandwich going light on the Coleman's mustard during his audition. It was sitting on the kitchen table, and I guess Mom (Sharon Osbourne) had it. He picked it up and looked at and was like, ‘Ah, this kid must really love Randy Rhoads.’"Wylde says, "He didn’t think anything of it. Chad ChildersPublished: May 27, 2021Frederick M. "But Ozzy said, ‘Have I met you before?’ and when I look back on it, he remembered that my picture was the only Polaroid that he’d picked up. He first appeared on Osbourne's 1988 No Rest for the Wicked album and has appeared on eight Osbourne solo albums in total. Sure Zakk had seen Ozzy play live before, but Osbourne's recollection hadn't come from spotting him at a show.“When I met Ozzy, he goes, ‘Have I met you before?’ And the funny thing was my sister had taken a Polaroid of me at my mom and dad’s house when I sent the audition tape in," recalls Wylde. Within the new interview below, Wylde revealed that he was preparing to enter the mastering phase for the next record.Check out more of the chat below.Zakk Wylde Speaks With 93.3 WMMR's SaraTop 66 Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time
Source: Ozzy Osbourne Remembered Zakk Wylde From a Polaroid Prior to His Audition
Filed Under: Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk WyldeCategories: News Browne, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFirst impressions can be everything, but during a recent chat with Philadelphia's 93.3 WMMR host Sara, Zakk Wylde revealed that it wasn't actually his playing that made his first impression on Ozzy Osbourne, it was a picture.As the story goes, Zakk Wylde's audition tape was passed along to Osbourne through photographer Mark Weiss, but when Osbourne first met the musician he's sworn that they had met prior. Wylde has served several stints with Osbourne's band and shared his dedication to the metal legend returning to the fold when needed.Wylde is currently promoting his None More Black Black Label Society box set. Lee in his band.

The Weezer rocker appears on the cover of the magazine's current issue (July 2021) following the May 7 release of Van Weezer, the alt-rock mainstays' 15th studio album that delves into more hard rock territory than some other Weezer releases."Once, I think it was in 2000, he [Osbourne] asked if I had any songs for him," Cuomo recalled, "and I just happened to have written 'Hash Pipe.' I sent it to him, but he didn't end up using it. What is going to confuse the internet?' He had no idea what I was making, but it just seemed like the perfect suggestion. So we tried it. Philip TrappPublished: May 27, 2021YouTube: weezer / Frazer Harrison (Getty)Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWeezer's 2001 single "Hash Pipe" could have been an Ozzy Osbourne song, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has revealed. In another reality, it might be interesting to hear him singing that song."Indeed, it would've been quite interesting to hear Osbourne reel off "Hash Pipe" lyrics such as "These players out to get me / 'Cause they like my behind" and "The knee-stocking flavor is the favorite treat / Of men that don't bother with the taste of a teat." (Cuomo composed the song about a transgender prostitute in a burst of tequila-and-Ritalin-fueled creativity one morning, as he has admitted in the past.)Alas, an Osbourne-led "Hash Pipe" was not to be, but Weezer and Ozzy get another shot at artistic synergy on Van Weezer's "Blue Dream." The song contains a re-purposed riff from Osbourne's classic "Crazy Train," so Weezer are sharing songwriting credits with Ozzy and co-writers Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisley."Blue Dream" initially "existed with another riff," Cuomo explained. Coincidentally, at the same time, our manager said, 'Hey, you guys should sample the 'Crazy Train' riff in a song.'"The Weezer bandleader continued, "I know he was thinking: 'What's going to get people talking? "[It] was good, but the riff was… It was okay, but it wasn't the greatest guitar riff of all time, which I felt like it should be. However, the "Prince of Darkness" and Black Sabbath icon ultimately passed on the track.That's the story Cuomo recently shared with Guitar World. "Hash Pipe" would appear on Weezer (The Green Album), released in May 2001.Weezer, "Hash Pipe"Weezer, "Blue Dream"Ozzy Osbourne, "Crazy Train"87 Rock + Metal Albums Turning 20 in 2021
Source: Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe’ Was Almost an Ozzy Osbourne Song Instead
Filed Under: Ozzy Osbourne, rivers cuomo, weezerCategories: News The tempo fit, and it all just seemed to come together.""Hash Pipe" served as Weezer's comeback song in 2001 — it was the band's first single in four years, following the 1997 promotional release of "Pink Triangle," the final radio single culled from the band's Pinkerton album.

"Stand"2021’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best metal songs of 2021 so far. "Time to Choose" (feat. "Crying for Your Life"08. "Before I Go"05. Follow here."I mentally had decided I was done," he continued, "But the state of things in 2020 had other plans for me. "Not only is he an American treasure and staple in the rock/metal community, he’s a truly original voice and talent like no other. "Open Season"06. At the end of 2019, I had felt my recording and live performing was over, but I didn't announce it to the world," said Snider.Watch the music video below and read the lyrics (via AZ Lyrics) as well.PLAYLIST: 2021's Best Metal Songs (So Far). "In for the Kill"09. This is my purpose.""Getting to work with Dee again has been incredible! I reached out to my producer Jamey Jasta and told him I was ready to make another record. The power and range in his vocals on this album really shine," Jasta enthused. In the immortal words of Ice Cube, 'I got somethin' to say!'"Offering more context behind what went into the album, the singer went on, "By the end of 2020, I knew I not only had to get back into the studio, but for the first time since the '90s, I wanted – no, needed – to be a part of the writing process. Source: Dee Snider Belts ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ on First New Song Off ‘Leave a Scar’ Album
Filed Under: Dee Snider, Jamey Jasta, Twisted SisterCategories: News "Down But Never Out"04. "The Reckoning"12. Pre-order the album here and view the artwork and complete track listing further down the page. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 27, 2021Napalm RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLegendary Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has just announced his new solo album, Leave a Scar, and has debuted the opening track, "I Gotta Rock (Again)."For this album, Snider once again partnered with Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta on the songwriting, crafting the ideal blend of modern metal and the more classic sounds of the singer's formative years.Reasserting the declaration of "I Wanna Rock" that echoed across airwaves in 1984, "I Gotta Rock (Again)" is the perfect comeback statement after we've all spent the last year in varying degrees of a lockdown."‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ is the starting gun for this album and the driving motivation behind me returning to the studio to record Leave a Scar. A special "DEE-lux" edition of the album is available as well.Dee Snider, "I Gotta Rock Again" LyricsIt's that time againDid you think that it would end?Wild and freewheelingSo damn appealingI can't stopIt's not something that I chooseJust what I gotta doWhile my mind is still screamingI can't stopBe a lifer til I'm doneGonna ride it til I'm goneFor as long as I'm breathing!Won't stopTil I dropBetter strap inI'm comin' in hotHere I goIt's time to roll againI gotta rockI survivedBe advisedGonna rock until I dieHere I goIt's time to roll againI gotta rockThis is lifeI'm gonna rockUntil the day that I dieThere's no better feelingLike there's nothing you can't doIt's a heavy metal healingWith your questions answered and your dreams come trueWon't stopTil I dropBetter strap inI'm comin' in hotHere I goIt's time to roll againI gotta rockI survivedBe advisedGonna rock until I dieHere I goIt's time to roll againI gotta rockThis is lifeI'm gonna rockUntil the day that I dieI gotta rock!Let's fucking go, it's time to rock againTime!When you're a lifer you're rocking til the endTo!Always screaming my life is on the stageRock!You will never ever feel the sameUntil we rock againHere I goIt's time to roll againI gotta rockI survivedBe advisedGonna rock until I dieHere I goIt's time to roll againI gotta rockThis is lifeI'm gonna rockI gotta rock!I'm gonna rockI gotta rock!I'm gonna rockI gotta rock!Yes, I wanna rockUntil the day that I dieDee Snider, "I Gotta Rock (Again)" Music VideoDee Snider, Leave a Scar Album Art + Track ListingNapalm Records01. Between COVID and the political state around the globe, I found myself yearning (yes, I yearn) to get back in the studio. "All or Nothing More"03. Combine that with the metallic prowess of the Bellmore bros., Russell Pzütto and Nick Petrino, you get a rockin’ metal recipe that even the most 'Dee-hard' SMF’ers will surely love!"Leave a Scar, the followup to 2018's For the Love of Metal, will be released on July 30 on Napalm Records. "I Gotta Rock (Again)"02. George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher)10. "S.H.E."11. Leave a Scar is filled with messages to and for the silent voices in the world who need someone to speak out on their behalf. "Silent Battles"07.

"Devastating news," wrote Black, "Kevin is gone. Thank you for always showing up for me with that 'big brother I never had' energy," he said on Twitter (see post below).In the movie, which grossed $131 million at the box office worldwide, Clark played the role of Freddy 'Spazzy McGee' Jones and it served as his one and only acting credit.TMZ notes that Clark "was riding his bicycle on the Northwest Side of Chicago early Wednesday morning when he was struck by a Hyundai Sonata," driven by a 20-year-old woman, per police. It is also alleged that he was then rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead at 2:04AM CT according to the Cook County Medical Examiner.Clark's drumming skills were not resigned just to School of Rock and he was, as of most recent, the drummer for the rock band Dreadwolf, who released their latest album, Escape Rhythm, earlier this year.Listen to the song "Aberration" further down the page.Loudwire extends our condolences to Clark's family, friends, bandmates, co-stars and all else who knew him. So many great memories. Rest in peace.Jack Black Remembers Late School of Rock Co-Star Kevin ClarkActress Rivkah Reyes Remembers Kevin ClarkDreadwolf, "Aberration"Rockers We've Lost in 2021 
Source: ‘School of Rock’ Drummer Kevin Clark Dies After Reportedly Being Struck By Car
Filed Under: jack blackCategories: News Beautiful soul. "Love you forever, Spaz. Way too soon. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 27, 2021Paramount / YouTube: Brian GriffithShare on FacebookShare on TwitterKevin Clark, the drummer in the hit 2003 film featuring Jack Black, School of Rock, has died at the age of 32 after reportedly being struck by a car while riding his bicycle in the Chicago area, reports TMZ.In remembrance of his former co-star, Black shared two photos on Instagram (seen below), one being an image from the movie and the other alongside Clark as an adult. I will never forget your hugs and your laugh and the sheer joy on your face when we'd run into each other in Chicago. Heartbroken, Sending love to his family and the whole School of Rock community."Rivkah Reyes, who played the role of Katie in the flick, also expressed remorse for the loss of Clark.

The singer is taking us a back a couple of decades with her take on the Jack Off Jill song "Fear of Dying."The song appeared on Poppy's socials and YouTube channel without comment, but the audio clip is accompanied by an animated piece of artwork done by by Cotoh Tsumi that features a young girl with her mouth stitched while a mouth and teeth appear to have grown out of her wrists. Take a listen to the new track in the player below.The original version of the song appeared on Jack Off Jill's 2000 album, Clear Hearts Grey Flowers, their second and last studio album.If you like Poppy version of "Fear of Dying," it's currently available via the streaming platform of your choosing here.In late December, Poppy announced that she was "about 95 percent done" on a new project that had "a different sonic vibe." Back in March, she performed her new song "Eat" during the Grammy pre-telecast ceremony. Chad ChildersPublished: May 26, 2021Rich Fury, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhile Poppy has chosen to debut a couple of new songs at high profile events this year, her first official new release of 2021 is a cover. She followed that in early April with a performance of the new song "Say Cheese" at a WWE NXT event.There has been no official announcement of a new album as of yet, but stay tuned as Poppy has been working on new music.PLAYLIST: Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.Poppy, "Fear of Dying" (Jack Off Jill Cover)70 Best Rock + Metal Albums of 2020
Source: Poppy Releases New Cover of Jack Off Jill Song
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But whatever, you know. Source: Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares Once Turned Down a Limp Bizkit Audition
Filed Under: Dino Cazares, Fear Factory, Limp BizkitCategories: News We’re selling like 5,000 records a week, 10,000 records a week,' and they’re like, ‘Oh I’m doing 50,000’ and the next week, 'Oh I’m doing 70,000 and I’m like 'holy fuck.'"In 2001, Fear Factory's Obsolete album was certified gold by the RIAA (for sales in excess of 500,000 units), marking their only certification from the organization.2021’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best metal songs of 2021 so far. Same thing with Korn — I witnessed Korn blow the fuck up too. We were playing everywhere and we met the guys from Limp Bizkit. Later on they had asked me to audition for Limp Bizkit when they lost Wes [Borland], I respectfully declined."Borland temporarily left Limp Bizkit in 1997 and returned to the group that same year, but departed once more in 2001, which opened up the possibility for Cazares to fill the role.Without going into much detail about why he never considered the audition, the guitarist, who will release Aggression Continuum with Fear Factory on June 18, simply recalled, "I was like ‘nah.'"SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: 2021's Best Metal Songs (So Far) — Featuring Fear Factory's "Disruptor" and more. I was there, we were on tour with them," Cazares added, taking stock of nu-metal's booming popularity at the time.It's an accomplishment that is not seen with such prevalence today and he further recalled, "The minute [Korn] fucking started selling fucking 70,000 records a week, it was stupid. We were on [the 1995] tour with Megadeth, Korn, Flotsam and Jetsam and Fear Factory [were] opening up. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 26, 2021Stephanie Cabral / George de Sota, Hulton Archives/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFear Factory and Limp Bizkit both broke new ground for metal in the '90s and in the new millennium, there was an opportunity for guitarist Dino Cazares to audition for the nu-metal giants, but he elected to instead turn down the potential gig with the platinum-selling band.As a guest on the 'Talk Toomey Podcast,' Cazares recalled first meeting Limp Bizkit while out on tour, as well as watching both them and Korn experience massive success in the mid-to-late '90s."We were on tour with Iron Maiden around ’95 when they had Blaze Bayley. and to come hang out," began the Fear Factory axeman (transcription via The PRP).He continued, "And so Ross Robinson called us up and Limp Bizkit were there and I was able to be on their first record on a song called ‘Indigo Flow‘. Literally on that tour things started to take a shift for that band, because remember this was still their first album and they’d been working that [self-titled debut] album [Korn] for about a year and a half before it really started to take off."He then compared those sales figures to Fear Factory's own at the time and stated, "So they blew the fuck up and I was witnessing all that and I’m like 'Fuck. They came on our bus, they played the demo—their first demo—and they said that [producer] Ross Robinson was going to be producing the [Three Dollar Bill, Y’all] album and this and that and they were going be in L.A. Follow here."But way back I saw Limp Bizkit fucking blow the fuck up and how that happened. It was fucking insane how they blew up.

Philip TrappPublished: May 26, 2021Joseph Okpako, WireImageShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEngland's Download Festival, already canceled for 2021 and with an announced lineup for 2022, will go ahead with a smaller "pilot" festival this June as the U.K. government's website.Download Pilot takes place from June 18-20. Frankly, we can't think of anything that sounds more awesome after 15 months away from our hallowed ground."Melvin Benn, the managing director of music promoter Festival Republic who is involved in the project, said, "Following the huge success of our Sefton Park event, we are delighted to contribute to Phase II of the government's Events Research Program with the creation of the first three-day camping festival which will be the Download Pilot at Donington Park. … The return of the full festival experience we have all been waiting for and a much-needed return to work for musicians, backstage crew, caterers and many more that form part of the U.K.'s exemplary live music industry." [via Blabbermouth]The Events Research Program "aims to examine the risk of transmission of COVID-19 from attendance at events and explore ways to enable people to attend a range of events safely," according to the U.K. Phase I included a fest in Liverpool's Sefton Park that brought 5,000 concertgoers together outdoors without face coverings or social distancing."We're hyped to announce [Download Pilot]," the fest revealed on Wednesday (May 26), "a camping festival pilot in Leicestershire's Donington Park that's part of the government's Event Research Program."Here's how it works: "Everybody on site will have taken a lateral flow test before entry and received a negative result and will have taken a PCR test too," Download explained. Tickets go on sale starting June 1 for Download 2022 ticketholders; general on-sale begins June 3.Get more information at International Rock + Metal FestivalsTake a look at the rock and metal festivals happening around the world. This massive next step will help us understand and study the safe return of large-scale festivals with no social distancing or facemasks over a full weekend. The event to take place at Download's usual stomping grounds in Leicestershire's Donington Park and is part of the ministry's ongoing Events Research Program, currently in Phase II. Source: Download Festival Announces 2021 ‘Pilot’ Fest to Ease Into Live Music’s Return
Filed Under: Download FestivalCategories: News music scene eases into live concerts' return following the largely festival-less year that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.Download Pilot, capped at 10,000 attendees and with no performers yet announced, has backing from the United Kingdom's government. "That means you'll be able to mosh, dance, hug your fellow Downloaders, and rock out without a mask or social distancing.

I thank her for doing so and hope that this clarifies that the situation was not at all as presented."The woman in question also posted online after their interactions were made public stating that she was not underage when these interactions took place, that she was a consenting adult and that she was not a victim as she initiated the exchange.In the time since the exchange was made public, Ellefson deleted his Twitter account and his Instagram account was set to private. While certainly embarrassing, I want to address it as openly and honestly as possible.""As much as it's not something I'm proud of, these were private, adult interactions that were taken out of context and manipulated to inflict maximum damage to my reputation, my career and family," he continued. The bassist has now issued a statement to Loudwire on the allegations made against him.As for Ellefson's new statement, it can be read below:Recently, a very private video was illegally posted on the internet and false allegations were made against me. The actions in the video were between two consenting adults and were recorded without my knowledge. I am working with Scottsdale Police Department in their investigation into charges regarding revenge pornography to be filed against the person who posted this video. Megadeth initially stated that they were monitoring the situation before revealing on Monday (May 24) that they had parted ways with the bassist."We do not take this decision lightly," stated the group, adding, "While we do not know every detail of what occurred, with an already strained relationship, what has already been revealed now is enough to make working together impossible moving forward." The group does still intend to tour this summer, though they have yet to name Ellefson's replacement.The Top 66 Hard Rock and Metal Bassists of All Time
Source: David Ellefson Gives First Statement Since Megadeth Split, Pursuing ‘Revenge Porn’ Charges
Filed Under: David Ellefson, MegadethCategories: News I wish my bandmates the best with their upcoming tour.Screenshots and explicit video clips of Ellefson, which the bassist has since referred to as "some private and personal conversations and interactions," initially surfaced on various social media platforms. At the time, Ellefson wrote in an Instagram post, "[They were] released with ill intention by a third party who was not authorized to have them or share them. Also, my lawyers are preparing a defamation lawsuit to be filed against this person. This person will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.I am taking this time to be with my family. "The other party involved has made a statement which you can see below. Chad ChildersPublished: May 26, 2021Scott Legato, FilmMagicShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEarlier this month, now former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson denied allegations made against him that he was grooming an underage girl after several interactions between the pair were leaked online.

Follow here.Check out Loudwire’s picks for the Best Metal Songs of 2021 (So Far) in the gallery below.Don't see your favorite song? Source: 2021’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)
Categories: News A rejuvenated nu-metal scene has delivered groove-laden cuts from the depths, juxtaposing new triumphs in traditional heavy metal and transcendental black metal. Loudwire StaffPublished: May 26, 2021Roadrunner / Epitaph / Metal Blade / Napalm / Nuclear Blast / Rise / Epic / IndependentShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the hellscape of 2020 deep into the rear view mirror, 2021 came roaring forward with a new era of bangers for the post-pandemic world. So far, 2021 has been a banquet.SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: 2021's Best Metal Songs (So Far). Whether released by metal stalwarts or up-and-coming new-bloods, these are the tracks that stood out so far in 2021.It’s been a fantastic year so far, with death metal legends releasing their best works in over a decade and modern down-tuned acts exploring limitless audio space. Check out our Best Rock Songs of 2021 (So Far).2021’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)Loudwire’s picks for the best metal songs of 2021 so far.

@ Des Plaines TheaterAug. 30 – Larchwood, Iowa @ Grand Falls CasinoNov. 15 – Reading, Pa. @ Dominion RacewayMarch 26 – Springfield, Mass. 06 – Woodford, Va. 28 – Milton, Pa. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 26, 2021Mark Horton, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterQuiet Riot are fulfilling late drummer Frankie Banali's wish that the band continue on after his death and now the glam metal icons have announced tour dates for both this year as well as next year.The band, now comprised of Jizzy Pearl (vocals), Alex Grossi (guitar), Chuck Wright (bass) and Johnny Kelly (drums), will hit the road for small stretches of time, playing a handful of shows in July, August and October with one November stop on the books before a pair of appearances in 2022.See the complete list of dates below.Since the death of singer Kevin Dubrow in 2007, Banali largely served as the face of Quiet Riot and was the longest tenured member of the group, which featured a revolving lineup in recent years. 23 – Arnolds Park, Iowa @ Roof GardenOct. @ SCM Steak BakeOct. Wright, who was an on-and-off member in the '80s, is the only other member to have played amid the band's classic period, although he only fully contributed to one '80s album, QR III, which was released in 1986, following the breakthrough Metal Health and its successor, Condition Critical.Wright did, however, play bass on the song "Metal Health" off the 1983 album of the same name.Banali died on Aug. @ The Lancaster SpeedwayJuly 31 – Wilmington, Ohio @ Rock The Block FestivalAug. He was told by doctors he only had about six months to live, but he bested their prediction and lived for over one more year.Last September, the band issued a statement, declaring, "It was Frankie Banali's wish that the band continue and we keep the music and the legacy alive."Quiet Riot 2021 + 2022 U.S. @ Yamhill County FairAug. Tour DatesJuly 02 – Menaga, Minn. @ Red River Valley FairJuly 17 – Lancaster, N.Y. 27 – Des Plaines, Ill. 20 of last year after fiercely battling cancer. 07 – McMinnville, Ore. 26 – Griffith, Ind. @ Mid-Summer Music FestJuly 10 – Austin, Texas @ Private EventJuly 16 – West Fargo, N.D. @ Clay County Fair w/ Skid Row & Warrant (2022)18 Rock + Metal Bands Who Have Never Had a Lineup Change 
Source: Quiet Riot Still Touring After Frankie Banali’s Death, 2021 + 2022 Dates Booked
Filed Under: frankie banali, quiet riotCategories: News @ Reverb Concert HallOct. @ Avenue 912Aug. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in April of 2019 and had been candid about the severity of the diagnosis. Mutual Center (2022)April 01 – Auburndale, Fla. @ MA.

Rabab Al-SharifPublished: May 25, 2021Charley Gallay, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMarilyn Manson is wanted in New Hampshire where police have issued a warrant for his arrest over an alleged spitting incident at a concert, reports TMZ.According to TMZ, police confirmed that Manson is facing two counts of misdemeanor simple assault for the August 2019 incident in which the rocker allegedly spat on a camera that was filming a live feed for the large screens at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion during the show. The camera was helmed by a videographer hired by the venue and video of the purported incident can be seen at the bottom of the page.Sources familiar with the case say the videographer claims some of Manson's saliva got on them, which and is why they went to the police, according to TMZ. Visit the RAINN website (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) or dial 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673).Marilyn Manson Spits Into Video Camera60 Infamous Rock Star Mugshots
Source: Arrest Warrant Issued for Marilyn Manson Over Alleged Concert Spitting Incident
Filed Under: Marilyn MansonCategories: News Gilford PD also reportedly told TMZ the alleged victim suffered "no injuries" and that Manson was charged because spitting on someone constitutes "unprivileged physical contact."According to the report, Police also claim that Manson, his agent and his legal team know about the warrant and that "no effort has been made by him to return to New Hampshire to answer the pending charges." TMZ also says sources in Manson's camp denied that claim and say that they've been in contact with the police since the warrant was issued in October 2019.Manson is currently facing multiple allegations of sexual assault. In February, actress Evan Rachel Wood named Manson as her abuser, which opened the door for more accusations to follow.Manson is now facing sexual assault lawsuits in Los Angelos filed by his former assistant Ashley Walters and actress Esme Bianco.If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, resources are available for help.

Viewers get a taste of that as well as "Awaken."Speaking of his own metal-inspired material, Small admits his favorite riffs are not the ones you might expect. “It was just two notes played together at the same time – a chord, the power chord, and you can move it around everywhere," he explains. "That was an important lesson cause it meant you could start writing your own songs.”He also credits a Paul Gilbert instructional video as a key tutorial, but one that drove his siblings a little nuts as he practiced the repetitive exercise constantly. Chad ChildersPublished: May 25, 2021LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small is our guest for this edition of Loudwire's Gear Factor, and it should come as no surprise that a rock classic inspired the future Dethklok and Galaktikon musician to pick up a guitar for the first time.Small says that while he was inspired by the riffs of Prince and Eddie Van Halen's work on the 5150 album, inevitably it was Guns N' Roses who first motivated the young rock loving musician to test out the guitar. “They’re never the fast ones," he states, adding, "They’re always on the ones that are more epic chord kind of stuff like ‘Go Into the Water.’ I like the intro and those chords a lot.”He also takes viewers into his playing on "Crush the Industry" and the Van Halen-esque "Prophecy of the Laser Witch" before finishing his Gear Factor performance with "GhostHorse," a song that shares a name with his Epiphone Guitar."I did something kind of fun based off of a riff I did on Galaktikon II, a song called ‘Icarus 666,’ that I stole that style back for myself," says Small.For fans interested in Brendon's Epiphone GhostHorse guitar, you can get a closer look at the specifics right here and check out the namesake track here. "I think I heard that at the orthodontist when I was getting my braces tightened and it made the pain go away," said Small, recalling his introduction to the classic "Sweet Child O' Mine." "The guitars on that are so good and it made me interested in why his guitar sounded so good.”Small serves up a hodgepodge of early influences, including Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, revealing that once his friend showed him how to play the power chords of "Iron Man," he was on his way. Watch the full Brendon Small edition of Gear Factor below.Brendon Small (Galaktikon / Dethklok) Plays His Favorite Riffs10 of Rock + Metal's Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theories
Source: Brendon Small (Galaktikon / Dethklok) Plays His Favorite Guitar Riffs
Filed Under: brendon small, dethklok, GalaktikonCategories: Exclusive, News "Thank you Paul Gilbert, but my family doesn’t love you as much as I do,” says the guitarist.Small then dives into his own catalog, singling out the Dethklok theme song as one of the first songs he ever wrote.

To speak to someone on the phone, dial 1-800-622-HELP (1-800-622-4357) or send a text message to 1-800-487-4889.Rockers We Lost in 2020 
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Filed Under: power trip, Riley GaleCategories: News Levels of fentanyl that measure 7ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter) or higher are typically fatal, as mentioned by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, and 22.5ng/mL was found in Gale's blood. The autopsy was performed on Aug. His history of Xanax abuse and depression were noted in the report as well, according to MetalSucks.While very high levels of fentanyl were found in Gale's system, the only other substance found was marijuana. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: May 25, 2021Vivien Killilea, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLate Power Trip frontman Riley Gale's cause of death has been confirmed by MetalSucks after checking with the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office. As of 2019, that number had risen to 36,359.Other prominent musicians who have died as a result of fentanyl overdose include Prince, Tom Petty, Slipknot's Paul Gray, 3 Doors Down guitarist Matt Roberts and rapper Lil Peep.If you or someone you know if struggling with drug and/or alcohol dependence, help is available through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website. The singer died from pulmonary edema as a result of a fentanyl overdose.A pulmonary edema causes excess fluid to build up in the lungs and is often a result of congestive heart failure, according to Medical News Today. Gale was found "unresponsive on the floor at home," the report reads, and his death was ruled accidental. 26 of 2020, the day after he was found dead.Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is between 50 and 100 times more potent than morphine, and is typically prescribed for severe pain following a surgery, as noted in the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In 2015, less than 10,000 people died from a synthetic opioid (other than Methadone) overdose in the U.S., which was primarily fentanyl.

I was amazed. That was two years ago, basically."The notoriously agile frontman noted that although he took care of that issue, it still hampered him on the road. So now, with my new hip, I'm back to fencing again. I'm squatting a hundred kilos. In revealing this news, he also divulged that he snapped his achilles tendon months before one of the 'Legacy of the Beast' tour legs in 2019, but managed to get back onstage and perform without anyone noticing any limitations in his lively performance.In an interview with Download Festival host Kylie Olsson, the newly-bearded singer spoke of his medical woes, but remained upbeat because having now sought medical treatment to mend his ailing body, he's now doing workouts he hasn't done since his teenage years."I had a new hip installed several months ago. What shocked Dickinson more than the fact that he was still able to play a demanding two-plus hour show each night with what many have regarded as a Broadway caliber performance, was that nobody noticed the adjustments he made in his movements."So I got that stitched back together and went out on tour three and a half months later. So I modified what I did on stage, and nobody figured it out. It's mental what your body can do," the Maiden frontman concluded, much to the relief of the fans around the world.Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Talks to Download FestivalIron Maiden Albums Ranked 
Source: Bruce Dickinson Snapped Achilles Before 2019 Iron Maiden Tour, Just Had Hip Replaced
Filed Under: Bruce Dickinson, Iron MaidenCategories: News I've been doing physio and doing weights that I haven't done since I was 16 or 17 years old. That's it then.''Dickinson, who will be 63 in August, left his hip alone and started "seriously" training again, engaging in his lifelong fencing passion, but his hip began "seizing up" and then the pandemic lockdown went into effect.At that time, he was in Paris where "you [had] to get a piece of paper and sign it to go outside and the rest of it, so I was running up six flights of stairs as my exercise, doing that." He also set up a fencing target on the balcony, but hip problems persisted and he elected to visit a specialist doctor, who then told him the condition would not improve from its current state.Dickinson said he told the doctor, "It's October. And I put it down to the fact that people were telling me, 'You're compensating for the other leg,' and everything else, and I thought, 'Oh, yeah. 'Cause I might have a tour next year," cheekily remarking, "Little did I know," in regards to Iron Maiden's rescheduled 2022 'Legacy of the Beast' run."But being an eternal optimist, it was the best thing I've done. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 25, 2021Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson had quietly been suffering onstage in recent years and recently underwent hip replacement surgery to fix some grueling issues. So let's do it now in October. So I got five and a half inches of titanium hammered into my leg. 'Cause I run around on stage and jump, and [after] 40 years of fencing left-handed, it was just worn out," began Dickinson (transcription via Blabbermouth)."I mean, the last tour was really quite painful," he continued, "And I put it down to the fact that during the last tour, just shortly before the last tour, I also broke my Achilles as well — my Achilles tendon snapped… It's horrible. So I couldn't actually walk properly or run. It's absolutely incredible. When the safety car comes out, Hamilton goes in for fresh tires. I did the whole tour — South America, the whole lot — and I ran around," he recollected and noted, "But my hip was giving me so much shit.

"Secret Garden"06. "Eternal Blue"09. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 25, 2021Travis ShinnShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCanadian alt-metal trio Spiritbox made big waves last year with the singles "Holy Roller" and "Constance" and now the group has dropped another new track, "Secret Garden," in tandem with the long-awaited announcement of their debut album, Eternal Blue."I think this is the most scared I’ve been to put out a song, because I realize as we continue to release music in single format, listeners can start to assume what kind of band we are, and are alarmed when we do not meet those assumptions," singer Courtney LaPlante said of the latest Spiritbox song.Expressing that diversity in music helps define the band, she went on, "I want to continue to showcase the fluidity that is inherent in heavy music, and even though this is just one part of a full body of work that may not sound exactly like this song, it is a song that we love and are obsessed with. I celebrate variation. "Circle With Me"12. Every single note and every single syllable is the music that we have always dreamed of making and we are very proud of it."Pre-order Eternal Blue here and view the album art and track listing toward the bottom of the page.Spiritbox, "Secret Garden"Spiritbox, Eternal Blue Album Art + Track ListingRise Records / Pale Chord01. "Sun Killer"02. ‘Secret Garden’ is exciting to me, for this reason. Halcyon"11. Sam Carter04. They all reflect different moments and influences in our lives. 17 release date set for the 12-track Eternal Blue, which will be out on Rise Records."We are very anxious to release our album, it is a body of work we have been accumulating for over two years. The Summit"05. I’m scared but excited, like I’m about to hit the big drop on a roller coaster, and I’m fully embracing that.""Secret Garden" is Spiritbox's most ambitious track yet. "Yellowjacket" feat. "Silk in the Strings"07. "Holy Roller"08. "We Live in a Strange World"10. A perfect amalgamation of their punishing heaviness and blissful ethereality, there's also some busy guitar and bass interplay during the verse, which is highly reminiscent of Discipline era King Crimson, a welcome surprise.Listen to "Secret Garden" further down the page.PLAYLIST: Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.As Spiritbox's star began to rise last year, the band let fans know that they were diligently working on their debut album and now the details are falling into place, with a Sept. "Constance"The 66 Best Metal Songs of 2020 
Source: Spiritbox Drop New Song ‘Secret Garden’ + Announce Debut Album ‘Eternal Blue’
Filed Under: SpiritboxCategories: News "Hurt You"03. We have had enough time to release the exact music we would like to put out into the world, with no need to compromise. Having the recording process put on hold for so long due to the pandemic has made me see that I can never take the experience of tracking an album for granted ever again," LaPlante remarked."I must say that although we never intended to wait so long to do this record, I think it did help the songs become stronger," she admitted, continuing, "I am so happy with every single song, I wish I could release each one as a single with a music video.

@ Summit Music HallOct. 10 — Silver Springs, Md. 26 — Charleston, S.C. 09 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ UC TheaterOct. @ Charleston Music HallOct. Louis, Mo. @ Vinyl Music Hall*Sept. @ Franklin Music HallSept. 08 — Los Angeles, Calif. 02 — Dallas, Texas @ House of BluesOct. tour, playing the album in full each night, with support coming from Fit For a King, Erra and Like Moths to Flames.The run will begin on Sept. If you're looking to score a VIP package, you can snag those for any of the listed dates now at this location."We're unbelievably excited to announce that our first tour back will be the 'Leveler 10-Year Anniversary Tour," said the band, who recently dropped a 10th anniversary edition of Leveler, which they re-recorded in full. 30 — Minneapolis, Minn. @ FillmoreSept. @ Toad’s PlaceSept. 11 — Mansfield, Ohio @ Inkcarceration Festival*^+Sept. on Oct. @ St Andrews HallSept. @ Webster HallSept. 9 in Philadelphia, Pa. 21 — Cleveland, Ohio @ The AgoraOct. 09 — Sacramento, Calif. @ FillmoreOct. @ Empire LiveOct. @ The SignalOct. @ The Marquee*Oct. 29 — Pittsburgh, Pa. 17 — Denver, Colo. @ House of BluesSept. @ The IntersectionOct. 28 — Detroit, Mich. @ Aftershock Festival^+Oct. 24 — Pensacola, Fla. 04 — San Antonio, Texas @ Vibes Event CenterOct. @ The TrumanOct. See you this fall!"August Burns Red, Leveler 10th Anniversary Tour Dates With Fit For a King, Erra + Like Moths to FlamesAugust Burns RedSept. A complete list of stops can be seen below and fans can purchase tickets here starting May 28 at 10AM local time. 12 — Seattle, Wash. 11 — Boise, Idaho @ RevolutionOct. @ Blue Ridge Music Festival^+Sept. @ Red FlagOct. 14 — Berkeley, Calif. @ RitzSept. 20 — St. 22 — Grand Rapids, Mich. 22 — Atlanta, Ga. 27 — Chattanooga, Tenn. 19 — Boston, Mass. We can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces again and then melt them right off. 14 — New York, N.Y. 17 — New Haven, Conn. @ TabernacleSept. and criss-cross the country, wrapping up back on the east coast in Sayreville, N.J. "We are bringing Fit For a King, Erra, and Like Moths to Flames along for the ride, so this will be a tour you don't want to miss. 12 — Danville, Va. @ Concord Music HallSept. 07 — Anaheim, Calif. 19 — Kansas City, Mo. @ Brooklyn BowlOct. 29 — Chicago, Ill. @ Marathon Music WorksOct. @ Furnace Fest+Sept. 15 — Las Vegas, Nev. 18 — Portland, Maine @ State TheaterSept. @ Starland Ballroom*No Fit For A King^ No Erra+ No Like Moths To Flames 
Source: August Burns Red Book 43-Date ‘Leveler’ 10th Anniversary 2021 Tour With Fit For a King, Erra + Like Moths to Flames
Filed Under: August Burns Red, erra, fit for a king, Like Moths to FlamesCategories: News 26 — Birmingham, Ala. 28 — Charlotte, N.C. @ Belasco TheaterOct. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 25, 2021PYMCA/Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIn celebration of the 10th anniversary of their 2011 album Leveler, metalcore mainstays August Burns Red will head out on a 43-date U.S. @ Roxian TheatreOct. @ Rebel Rock Fest^+Sept. 30 — Albany, N.Y. @ FillmoreOct. 24 — Nashville, Tenn. 06 — Tempe, Ariz. 15 — Buffalo, N.Y. @ House of Blues*Oct. 31. 16 — Salt Lake City, Utah @ ComplexOct. 31 — Sayreville, N.J. @ Showbox SoDoOct. 25 — Orlando, Fla. @ Town BallroomSept. 03 — Houston, Texas @ House of BluesOct. 23 — Cincinnati, Ohio @ Bogart’sOct. 21 — Raleigh, N.C.