The man is battling a serious life threatening illness and they want to pronounce him dead before his time. The news sent some of his fans into a panic while searching for answers to their many questions. Police officers say that the three men shot and killed Johnson on Marl Rd, Kingston 11, following a dispute with Jamiel. What kind of people would want to do something like that. Tweet
Ninja Man is alive and in good spirit despite rumors late yesterday evening that the dancehall legend passed away. One prosecution witness testified in court saying that the three men fired two shots at him but he ran for his life, but his friend Ricardo wasn’t so lucky. went in search for those answers and uncovered a malicious plot by some individuals to spread false news about the artist. “There is just no truth to this bogus story, the man is alive and in good spirit despite what he is currently facing,” a rep for the artist told us. “These reports are just plain malicious against someone who is fighting for their life in an unjust criminal justice system. On Tuesday afternoon, rumors surfaced online claiming that Ninja Man died in the hospital from his recent heart attack. That witness is now in the witness protection program. The deejay, born Desmond Ballentine, his son Jamiel Ballentine, and their friend Dennis Clayton, are all on trial for murder and shooting with intent for the killing of Ricardo Johnson in March 2009. This is upsetting and people should stop it.”
Ninja Man is expected to learn his fate sometime this week and if found guilty he could be sent to prison for the rest of his life. A representative for the artist told us today that the rumors are not just false, but are malicious against the dancehall legend who is currently fighting for his life in the courts and also battling a serious illness.

High Court judge, Justice Martin Gayle, transferred the case to a special court that deals with cases older than five years. The dancehall legend was rushed to the hospital on Friday after collapsing in court from a suspecting heart attack. The judge adjourns the trial until Monday, but the artist was unable to attend court. If found guilty, Ninja Man could be sent to prison for life. A foreign-based witness was set to give testimony against the artist before he fell ill. Ninja Man, real name Desmond Ballentine, his son Jamiel Ballentine, and another man, Dennis Clayton, are all on trial for the murder and shooting with intent. Tweet
Ninja Man remains in the hospital but his high profile murder trial is proceeding without him. Cops say the three men shot and killed Ricardo “Trooper” Johnson on Marl Road, Kingston 11, in March 2009. “He has given permission to us to finish it without him.” Ninja Man reportedly started feeling severe chest pain and difficulty breathing while in court on Friday. “We went on with the case today (yesterday,” Neita-Robertson said. This means that he could learn the verdict while on his hospital bed. The case continued in the Supreme Court in Kingston yesterday and today. This case has seen roughly two dozens mentions and 17 trial delays since 2009. His attorney, Valrie Neita-Robertson, confirmed that he gave permission to continue the case without him. Ninja Man received bail in 2012 but was remanded in custody last month while the trial commences.

The judge should give him bail while he is on trial, its crazy how they treating him.”
Ninja Man’s attorney, Valrie Neita Robinson, also confirmed that the deejay fell ill in court and was rushed to get medical attention. Tweet
Ninja Man reportedly suffered a heart attack in court during his in camera murder trial on Friday. She said on Monday we will know when the trial will be concluded given these latest development. We will know on Monday,” Neita Robinson said. “It seems he had a mild heart attack because even his words were slurred and he was having some serious pain in his chest. Ninja Man, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, his son Jamiel Ballentine, and another man name Dennis Clayton, are charged with the murder of Ricardo “Trooper” Johnson. An overseas based witness was scheduled to give testimony for the murder trial when Ninja Man started complaining about chest pain and inability to breathe. Sources close to the artist told Dancehall HipHop that Ninja Man likely suffered a heart attack in court and was struggling to breath. “He requested to be taken to his private doctor but then his doctor send him to the emergency room,” sources told us. It was a frightening ordeal, we thought that he was dying, but thank god he is okay now for the most part. The dancehall legend is currently on trial for a decade old murder case, but on Friday morning a judge was forced to adjourned the trial after the deejay got sick inside the courtroom. Cops say the three men shot and killed Trooper in a yard on Marl Road, Kingston 11 in March 2009. “We don’t know now [when the trial will conclude] that he has fallen ill.