The cut was directed by Warrior Films and featured the dancehall singer taking a shower before bending down on her knees for a prayer. Jada Kingdom debut her new video “Unwanted” just in time for the holidays. “No have no time fi slow down, and I won’t let you do this on your own, So put your wait pon me, I can tell that your too weak, Still them don’t see it yet, they can’t come your way I mean it, put yo pon lock and throw away the key,” Jada Kingdom sings. Related Posts Kingdom is one of the breakthrough dancehall artists in 2017 after gaining recognition for her unique vocals and her voluptuous body. Watch her new video “Unwanted” below. God finally answered her prayer and when she woke up she found the man of her dreams in her bed. While living out her fantasies it turns out her new man is really a manikin and people started looking at her in dismay.