These niggas wanna play man…Ha ha ha
They bench riders man
Tell coach you wanna play (Ha ha)
Can’t ban the Snowman
Not now, not ever
Ayy, the Glock feel so much better than the choppa
Trust me nigga
So much better! I’m laughing at these niggas, man
Niggas is funny, man
Denzel Washington ass niggas
That’s what I call em, they good actors
They act real good
So y’all never forget that, man
Y’all see these niggas, man
All this extra shit, they doin’ they job, man, they actin’
They shouldn’t be in the booth, they should be on TV, man
The big screen [Hook]
Nigga you’s a studio gangter
Mad at me, I think I know why
Nigga you’s a studio hustler
In the vocal booth talkin’ bout shit you don’t do
Nigga you’s a studio ganster
All that d-boy talk, and ain’t sold no blow
Nigga you’s a studio hustler
You know you dead ass broke, and ain’t got no dough
[Verse: 1]
Winter time, I got the white bricks and they for cheap
And I can move about 100 squares in one week
I see how these rap niggas be lookin’ at me
But real talk, they ain’t got the nuts to get at me
It’s CTE, USDA for life
The shield in the freezer cuz it’s flooded with ice
Snowman, bitch, I ain’t wit all that dumb shit
Choppa hit ya ass, nigga, knock off ya whole hip
Body Tap, nigga, yeah I’m spending ya re-up
Whole team shining so they hate when they see us
Catch me in the Lambo
Zip of cush, box of Swisher Sweets
Nigga I’m rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
[Verse 2: Slick Pulla]
Got ‘Cris in the cooler, waitin’ to get popped
Summertime comin’, the whole clique gettin’ drops
Lucci go the new grill spilled in blue rocks
Clean old school, down the slab with the paint stock
The kid’s kinda guapish, you know Imma big talk
Stacks round my neck, imma show you how money walk
Run up on me wrong, you gettin’ outlined in chalk
50 cal dezzy, better duck when that bitch bark
Nigga, stop playin’, the block [?]
USDA, nigga, the clique show no fear
In any kinda weather, man them birds gone fly south
Just give it up to me, man, the kid got a full mouth
[Outro talking]
Ahhhh, You hear me laughing at these niggas, Dram? You know what it is
Ay Kink B, what it do nigga? Coach K!