Cupcake and Starchie
Are strong as they can be
Pineapple Guy and Peppermint Butler
Have musicality
[Verse 4]
About that Peppermint Butler
A peculiar type of guy
And once a drop of spicy serum
Fell into his eye
[Verse 5]
Cinnamon Bun is a lot of fun
When he’s not falling down
Chocoberry and Chet
Have icing on their crowns
[Verse 6]
Doctors Ice Cream and Donut
Will fix you up real well
There’s even a Nurse Poundcake
To keep you feelin’ swell
[Verse 7]
Dr. [Verse 1]
In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom
Whose sidewalks you can eat
And everyone who lives in there
Is made of something sweet
[Verse 2]
There are many candy people
Far too many for to name
But if you care to take a dare
We’ll try it just the same
[Verse 3]
Mr. Dextrose showed up once
At the Science Barbecue
Made a speech then grumbled something
And off again he flew
[Verse 8]
Earl of Lemongrab can be a crab
He rides a Sour Horse
There’s Taffy Girl and Candy Bar Guy
And Manfried, of course
[Verse 9]
Colonel Candy Corn and Candy Cane Guy
Are not the best seat mates
Lollipop Girl and Ice Cream Guy
Were once seen on a date
[Verse 10]
Marshmallow Kids, Banana Guards
Jelly Horse and Gelatin Man
Gumdrop Lasses and Ice Cream Lady
Royal Tart Toter… (Eat my tarts?)
Royal Tart Toter (Hello?) Green Gumdrop Dude
And a Grape Popsicle Guy…
[Verse 11]
In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom
Whose song is now complete
Except for one more Candy Person
Who really can’t be beat
[Verse 12]
Her best friend is a Rainicorn
She rides a royal swan
Ruling with a chewy fist
It’s Princess Bubblegum
[Verse 13]
In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom
In the Land of Ooo is a Candy Kingdom