It was a store employee who discovered the breaking and called cops. The “Ayo” rapper was also slapped with a lawsuit from a former business partner, Chuon Gen Lee, who said in his legal docs that Tyga stole the Last Kings brand from him and then kicked him to the curb. According the police report, someone or someones broke into the store late Friday night into early Saturday morning. Someone is either out to take revenge on Tyga or he is just plain unlucky. The total value of the stolen items are not known, but sources say it could be in the thousands. The Compton rapper’s Last Kings store in Los Angeles was burglarized over the weekend and the thieves made of with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, TMZ reported. The suit was filed after the landlord send the rapper a bill for $75,000 worth of damages to the premises. Tyga has been having a rocky year starting his longtime girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, dumping him and started dating Travis Scott. He also accused the rapper of not honoring an agreement to setup the company in both their names. She asked for $1.6 million in her lawsuit and Tyga has yet to pay the debt so that amount has since risen to over $2 million. Last year, Tyga was slapped with a lawsuit from the landlord of the building where the store is located. RELATED: Tyga Breaks Silence On Kylie Jenner Pregnancy On SnapChat
Tyga responded to the lawsuit arguing that he could not be held responsible for any damages because the building was not up to code and there were several other issues wrong with the building. The intruders have yet to be identified and investigators say they forced their way into the store front and made off with items of clothing. The plaintiff argued in the suit that the building was left abandoned and in bad shape. There are reports that she is currently pregnant for Scott.