So far away
All the feeling flow through the words on the screen
Took a while to make sense took a while to be clear
Verse 2
My first marriage sinking down after all
Got 2 beautiful daughters and 2 grandsons
Now it’s time for me to sail into to my journey
I’m moving on to find the love of my life
She was talk
She was walk
She was all that I need
She was walk
She was talk
She was all that I need
Verse 3
The first time I lay my eyes on her
She was wearing a yellow dress in kl
It’s been 10 years since Malaysia
We were married in Bali Indonesia
Verse 4
Our love grew stronger each and every day
Hoping that it will last forever and ever
Never too young and too old to fall in love
What matters is to who you share it with
Kamu ganteng …
Kamu lucu …. Kamu ya ya ya
Verse 5
Saat pertama kita bertemu
Aku merasa masih malu malu
Mungkin aku masih ragu ragu
Apakah dirimu yang kutunggu
Verse 6
Setelah lama kita bersama
Berdua banyak kita bercerita
Sampai akhirnya kuyakin juga
Memang rasa suka itu ada
Ending Kamu ya ya ya
Kamu lucu…. Kamu ganteng …. Intro
Verse 1
I met her online in the old days
Separated by the distance… so..