Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: May 17, 2021Nicholas Hunt, Getty Images / Michael Ochs Archives, Getty Images / Raymond Ahner, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShirts are overrated, right?As music fans, we know just from jumping around in the crowd how hot it can get, so we can only imagine how overheated the musicians tend to feel onstage while they're up there giving it their all under bright, hot lights.Well, that's the reason some of them don't wear shirts. Iggy Pop is probably the first one to come to mind, but there are others who usually follow suit.So, we compiled a photo gallery of said-rockers — some of which start their concerts off fully-clothed with multiple layers on top, and later end up stripping them off. Def Leppard's Phil Collen, for example, does get hot while he's performing — but there's another reason he's typically seen shirtless."But also, I do look good!" he confidently explained to Inside Hook.Just as some rockers are known for sporting their own band logo on their T-shirt onstage, others are known for not wearing one at all. Therefore, icons such as Axl Rose and Slash didn't make the cut, because although they spent many of their younger years partially-nude, in more recent years they always have shirts on.Rockers Known for Going Shirtless OnstageWho needs a shirt to perform? The 10 Most Identifiable Guitarists With Signature Looks 
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Filed Under: anthony kiedis, Iggy Pop, Sid ViciousCategories: News Billy Idol, for example, usually has some form of leather jacket on, but he often ends up bare-chested, even if he still keeps the jacket on.The rules to be included in the gallery are that it has been a fashion choice they've been making throughout their whole touring career.

In a chat with Joe Rock of Long Island's WBAB, Rock Hall president and CEO Greg Harris addressed that very concern.When Rock asked how Harris would respond to those who suggested it should be more accurately called the Music Hall of Fame, the Rock Hall president stated, "I think to get to the core of it, people like the stuff that's closest to them, and I think they need to expand their thinking of rock 'n' roll. Source: Rock Hall President: ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Was Never Just Four Skinny Guys With Long Hair + Guitars’
Filed Under: rock and roll hall of fameCategories: News It's an attitude, it's a spirit, and that's rock 'n' roll."One of the major concerns, especially amongst fans of heavier music, is the lack of representation for metal artists, with early metal favorites Judas Priest and Iron Maiden being passed over in recent years.As with his recent comments, Harris stressed the importance of nominating metal bands, reiterating that a large number of acts nominated eventually get in (80 percent) even if it's not on the first try."There's no doubt that [Iron Maiden] are an impactful, influential band, and that's why they were nominated this year, along with 15 other artists and acts, and when the votes came in, these six were the leaders. Well, the fact of the matter is that ship has sailed. We've inducted quite a few artists in that canon. Chad ChildersPublished: May 17, 2021Michael Loccisano, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has taken plenty of criticism, especially in recent years as the Hall has inducted artists from the rap and pop fields, leading some to question the validity of the Hall's title given the broader scope of artist representation. So we're not questioning, are they an important band, are they impactful and influential," said Harris, adding, "So everybody has their favorites; everybody has different artists that impacted them or impacted other artists. And I think, underneath it, it frequently gets to the hip-hop question because some people are not fans. It's a big tent and everybody fits under it. So, if you look at this list, you can make that case for all of these folks, just like people make that case for Iron Maiden."You can check out the full discussion between Harris and WBAB's Joe Rock here. It's a big tent."He continued, "Rock 'n' roll was never just four skinny guys with long hair and guitars; it's always been diverse… We take that interpretation that these are all variants of rock 'n' roll.

Organizers have revealed the music lineup for next year's rock cruise with Lamb of God and I Prevail sitting atop a stacked bill of performers.They'll be joined on the ShipRocked Cruise by 10 Years, '68, Avatar, Ayron Jones, Badflower, Blacktop Mojo, Bones U.K., Dead Poet Society, Dead Sara, From Ashes to New, He Is Legend, Lilith Czar, Motionless in White, Oxymorrons, P.O.D., Raveneye, Sevendust, Steel Panther, VRSTY, Wage War and Zero 9:36. It will be the best fishing trip you have ever been on…if you’re fishing for a first mate or just an old-fashioned rockin’ good time.“The 2022 edition of ShipRocked will take place between Jan. Chad ChildersPublished: May 17, 2021ASK4 EntertainmentShare on FacebookShare on TwitterGet ready to set sail on the rocking seas as the ShipRocked Cruise is returning for 2022. Bring your sunscreen, Pedialyte and lots of Dramamine…Let’s gooooooo!"Steel Panther added, “Continuing the legacy of legendary seafarers who came before us like Captain Ahab, Captain Nemo and the great Captain Merrill Stubing, Steel Panther is proud to be a part of ShipRocked 2022. The ship will set sail from Galveston, Texas, heading off to beautiful Costa Maya en route to Cozumel, Mexico in the Caribbean.Not only will you get musical performances throughout the run, but cruise goers will have a variety of onboard and beach activities available — including photo ops, meet and greet opportunities, artist hosted events and activities, theme nights and after hours parties.A limited number of staterooms are still available and you can visit the ShipRocked website for pricing details and to reserve your spot on the cruise today.ShipRocked 2022 LineupASK4 Entertainment70 Best Rock + Metal Albums of 2020
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Filed Under: I Prevail, Lamb of God, shiprockedCategories: News Live music is coming back in a big way and what better chance to make up for all the concerts you’ve been missing out on over the last year than to set out to sea for five days of non-stop rock?! 22-27, with cruisers joining the bands aboard the Carnival Breeze. Plus, fans can look for special performances by the all-star cast of The Stowaways, Mark Morton playing a solo set and the return of We Are the Fallen.Lamb Of God and Mark Morton remarked, "We are thrilled to announce that Lamb Of God will be appearing on ShipRocked 2022!

26 – Green Bay, Wis. @ 20 Monroe LiveOct. 12 – Boise, Idaho @ Revolution CenterOct. @ House of BluesOct. @ Knitting Factory (No BVB)Oct. 27 – Grand Rapids, Mich. 29 – Louisville, Ky. @ Piedmont HallNov. 17 – Greensboro, N.C. 23 – Milwaukee, Wis. Louis, Mo. @ House of BluesNov. 20 – Houston, Texas @ Bayou Music CenterSept. 8 – Billings, Mont. 19 – Kansas City, Mo. @ Sherman TheaterNov. @ The Tabernacle15 Things Musicians Did to Help Us Survive 2020 Without Concerts
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Filed Under: black veil brides, in this momentCategories: News 16 – Richmond, Va. 29 – Las Vegas, Nev. 2 – Anaheim, Calif. 25 – Oklahoma City, Okla. 31 – Pittsburgh, Pa. @ First Interstate ArenaOct. @ Eagles BallroomOct. 5 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ The ComplexOct. @ House of BluesSept. @ Hard Rock CasinoNov. @ Stage AENov. @ Paramount TheatreOct. @ Roseland BallroomOct. @ The NationalNov. Seeing as how the pandemic kept both bands from playing out until now, it will mark the first time that In This Moment can debut much of their Mother material in concert.Black Veil Brides last year released their debut album, Re-Stitch These Wounds, in a re-recorded form, but the studio follow-up to their 2018 set, Vale, arrives later this year — it's called The Phantom Tomorrow.Tickets for the tour go on sale this Friday (May 21).Atom SplitterIn This Moment + Black Veil Brides Fall 2021 U.S. @ The FillmoreNov. @ Shrine MosqueSept. 13 – Portland, Ore. @ Grand TheatreOct. 22 – Hammond, Ind. @ The PalladiumNov. 7 – Casper, Wy. @ Casper Events CenterOct. 13 – Cherokee, N.C. 30 – Columbus, Ohio @ Express LIveOct. @ The Factory @ The DistrictOct. 19 – Dallas, Texas @ Southside BallroomSept. 17 before winding up in Atlanta eight weeks later. @ Resch ExpoOct. 14 – Seattle, Wash. 7 – Worcester, Mass. 3 – Detroit, Mich. @ Palace TheatreOct. @ The FillmoreNov. Philip TrappPublished: May 17, 2021Ethan Miller / Jeff Hahne, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIn This Moment and Black Veil Brides will band together for the "In Between Tour" this fall, a lengthy concert trek from the two acts that will cover the United States from September to November.As reported by Revolver, the tour, first scheduled for 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic shuttered most large live events, features support artists in Ded and Raven Black.See all the dates down toward the bottom of this post.Taking its name from the lead single ("The In-Between") from In This Moment's latest album, 2020's Mother, the 45-date tour kicks off in Lincoln, Neb., on Sept. 30 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ The CriterionSept. 3 – San Francisco, Calif. 24 – Minneapolis, Minn. 20 – St. @ Myth LiveOct. @ Midland TheatreOct. 14 – Nashville, Tenn @ Marathon MusicNov. 18 – Springfield, Mo. @ The WarfieldOct. 20 – Lake Buena Vista, Calif. 6 – Montclair, N.J. 9 – Philadelphia, Pa. 19 – Tampa, Fla. Tour DatesSept. 12 – Myrtle Beach, S.C. 21 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Arizona Federal TheatreOct. @ Horseshoe HammondOct. 10 – Spokane, Wash. 2 – Cleveland, Ohio @ The AgoraNov. 17 – Lincoln, Neb. 10 – Silver Spring, Md. @ Centennial MallSept. @ Harrah'sNov. @ Mission TheatreSept. @ Franklin Music HallNov. 5 – Stroudsburg, Pa. @ Wellmont TheatreNov. @ House of BluesNov. 22 – San Antonio, Texas @ Aztec TheatreSept. 16 – Reno, Nev. 24 – Lubbock, Texas @ Lone Star AmpitheaterSept. 27 – Denver, Colo.

We're not super intimidated by it. So we always wanted to make sure that that element of our band and that live aspect was up to par with some of the best and to do that we had to critique and practice the little tedious things that most people would think is just a waste of time.Tetrarch, "You Never Listen"Unstable is an eagerly anticipated album that's already being called one of the best of the year. I loved the music. Full Metal JackiePublished: May 17, 2021Guillermo BriceñoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterTetrarch's Diamond Rowe was the guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show. We played the talent show. We would always film every show and we'd go watch it back. What's empowering and intimidating about such lofty expectations?It's always empowering when we've had lofty expectations since we were kids. We toured in a van, slept at Walmart, slept on people's floors. Why is that important? We've met so many established bands and they are like, "Man, if we had to tour in close quarters, if we had to tour in a van, we wouldn't make it." But for us, that's like easy stuff for us. You know? Check out the chat in full below.We're here to talk about Tetrarch's new album Unstable, which is out now. I was always kind of like a weird kid from my demographic. It's not becoming a focus because it is so different, but at the same time, I think because it's so genuine to me and because it's something that I've genuinely done since I was a kid, because I love it. I think it kind of naturally plays itself out as being something that's honest.Thanks to Tetrarch's Diamond Rowe. It's very cool to hear it coming from people that are not ourselves. We'd see was there too much pause before Josh started talking after the crowd cheered? Your band becomes just completely one when you have to go through those things together and it makes everything so much easier and it makes you so much more appreciative of everything that you get later on.Tetrarch, Unstable Album ArtworkNapalmDiamond, you studied your musical heroes, but you also studied and critiqued your own performances. One thing we heard a lot when we were younger was like, "Oh, you guys, it's bad that you guys are walking down the center. But conversely, how do you make sure that people aren't focused on just that?When I started playing guitar and when I got into heavier music, I never had like any female influences or African-American guitar playing influences. They put on an amazing live show. I wanted to be like those guys that I loved watching, but as we started progressing and our career started to progress and more people started talking about it, I kind of started realizing how much of a blessing in disguise it was, even though I was unaware of it when I started.It drew a lot of attention to our band that we wouldn't have maybe gotten without it. All these people are talking in our ear and saying we've got to pick one or the other, but we found that when we finally were at the point of you know what we're going to do and what we feel is best for ourselves, we just wrote the music as best we could for ourselves and that was not limiting ourselves stylistically. So, it wasn't anything really different to me to get into guitar.I was like super genuine, you know? We learned so much about each other and also like how to just be a band. Our favorite band collectively was Metallica and it's such a cliche thing to say, but watching them and watching their live DVDs as kids, you realize that they're the biggest metal band in the world, but you realize kind of why. Then I started realizing, wow, this is a little bigger than myself. Like, I'm just playing guitar. The guitarist was on hand to discuss the band's new buzz-generating Unstable album, and Diamond reveals why the critical response is something they've been prepared for giving their career path so far.Rowe also discusses the importance of not bowing to pressures to conform to a certain sound and she comments on her thoughts about being a trailblazer in the industry and an inspiration to minority kids. I think people can kind of sense that, that it's not like this gimmick or this thing that we use for attention. Or did we take too long to count off that song? So just little things like that. I did it because I loved it. We're like family, we have to do it. You can also follow the band on their website, Facebook. There's nothing that I can really do anything about. We would like critique everything because we wanted to keep the energy of performances high.There are things that a lot of bands when they hear that, they're like, "Are you serious?" This is metal or this is hard rock and it's all supposed to be just natural. You don't see that." And I'm like, "What are you talking about? But, if we want to write a song that is so heavy and people could get in the pit just mosh to and go crazy to, we want to write that song as well. I was always kind of like a tomboy. I think it's really cool and it helps us connect with more people.Diamond, you're a guitarist in a metal band who happens to be female and black. So we always wanted that.We always wanted to be a band that could write the music, but also be entertainers, you know? People would always tell me as we were coming up, "I don't know what you're doing, it is really different. Tetrarch are a band that's come into its own through gradual growth and development, which is something unusual today. That's when we really started to resonate with people and we found that it worked to our benefit.Even with this new record, we have some of these heaviest songs we've ever written in our life, but we also have some of the biggest choruses and the catchiest songs you've ever written in our life. My influences were Dimebag Darrell, Slash, Kirk Hammett – all white guys – Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield. We're very confident in it because we're willing to do the work to get where we want to go but it's more so just making sure we make the right decisions and take the right steps to get us closer and closer.Tetrarch, "Forget to Remember" (Acoustic Mudvayne Cover)Two recent acoustics demonstrate that the stylistic choices are limitless for Tetrarch. It was very genuine to me. You guys aren't heavy enough or you're not active rock radio enough. What did that level of scrutiny make you realize about the band's musical persona?When we grew up we were becoming influenced by our favorite bands. I wanted to be like those guys. It's just something that naturally happens because of my interest. So that's been really cool.We're not very intimidated by it like I said. And it is, but we practice everything because we have lofty goals and we've always wanted to be one of the biggest bands in our genre and the world. We were always kind of in the middle.We always were like, "Man, we liked that about ourselves because it doesn't limit us." If we want to write a song that's huge and catchy and could be on active rock radio, we want to do that. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify accounts. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.Top 50 Nu-Metal Albums of All-Time
Source: Tetrarch’s Diamond Rowe: ‘We’re Not Intimidated’ by Lofty Expectations for ‘Unstable’ Album
Filed Under: Diamond Rowe, TetrarchCategories: News The band's 'Unstable' album is out now and available here. I started doing it because I genuinely just loved it, but it's very humbling and awesome to see that it makes a difference for so many people and that it's something that's kind of trailblazing. For so long, we kind of battled that. We learned how to play shows like that.The experience of playing shows in front of two people for 30 dates in a row around the country, when you're doing it, you're like, "Oh my gosh." But when you start to play those bigger and bigger shows and you're so tight and everything's just so in sync, you realize how important those experiences were. That has played to our benefit a lot because we can have fans that might not even be metal fans enjoy our music, but we also can have like elitist metal fans that enjoy some of our music. Why is it important, Diamond, to establish yourselves as musically undefined?That's a really cool question because when we grew up we started getting a lot of industry attention at a very early age, I think we were 16 or 17 when our first major label contacted us and kind of started trying to like groom us in a sense. It's been a gradual journey from being 11 and 12 years old, but I wouldn't change that at all because, you know, we learned a lot about each other.The little things that bands go through when they meet later in their careers, we don't have to go through anymore. They write great songs, but they are monsters onstage. When you're kids and you're like, we're going to be as big as Metallica, and everyone's like, "Yeah. People started to become curious and wanted to check our band out or I would get messages from other minority kids who would be like, I felt I was made fun of, I felt so outcasted because there was no one that looked like me and everyone made fun of me, but now being able to show them, you were able to make me feel comfortable.It makes me feel like I belong here too. In order to do that, we have to be great entertainers. We started in middle school, and from there we hit every level of being in a band. We're very confident in ourselves. I liked skateboarding and hockey and motocross. Diamond, what's been the biggest benefit of that trajectory?It's crazy because we started like me and Josh [Fore], our singer and rhythm guitar player, we met when we were 12. Alright kid, that's great." But it's cool when you work really, really hard and you keep those goals in mind, then you have other people that start to kind of catch on and start to believe it along with you and start to support that journey and that goal. We played the local show. I'm just a guitar player."It doesn't matter.

and Heavy Grass for his HashBone line. See all of the details about Clown Cannabis, including a photo of the packs, below.As noted in the press release, Clown has been a large advocate of marijuana, especially for its medicinal effects and its ability to enhance one's creative processes. According to the California Cannabis Portal, marijuana has been legal for recreational use in the state of California since 2016.The 20 Most Metal Marijuana Strains 
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Filed Under: Shawn Crahan, SlipknotCategories: News The rolls were lab tested to confirm a potency level of over 40 percent THC.How can I buy Clown Cannabis products?The Clown Cannabis HashBone packs are available on and on Clown Cannabis available in my state?Clown Cannabis is currently available in California. "Remember, it's just medicine," the Slipknot co-founder assured."We are very excited to belaunching our HashBone collaboration with Clown. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: May 17, 2021Courtesy of Cosa Nostra PR / ClownCannabis.comShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWe recently discovered that Slipknot's Shawn "Clown" Crahan was going to be launching his own cannabis line, and the cat's finally out of the bag — Clown Cannabis is officially up and running as of today (May 17).Clown teamed up with Hollister Cannabis Co. It also includes a meet-and-greet with Clown himself, and a Cannabis Clown merch bundle. Enter the contest here.Clown CannabisWhat is Clown Cannabis?Clown's all-new Clown Cannabis line features an exclusive HashBone pack — which are hash-infused pre-rolls. We couldn't ask for a better partner and someone who is true to the plant. The packs include six half-gram pre-rolls that come with a set of matches, all inside a soft, black case that is designed with original artwork.What are the HashBone rolls made of?The Clown Cannabis HashBone pre-rolls are made of a mixture of 75 percent indica flower and 25 percent Paradise Citrus bubble hash. This partnership is our first step in combining hard rock/metal with cannabis in a truly authentic way," enthused Carl Saling, the co-founder, CEO and director of Hollister Biosciences.In addition to the launch of Clown Cannabis, Heavy Grass have announced a special "Green Ticket Experience" — the winner will be given a ticket that allows access to unlimited Slipknot shows for two people anywhere in the world for the next three years.

The #Endwalker theme was performed by Sam Carter from @ArchitectsUK!," tweeted out the Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account with a graphic notating Carter's involvement. 23, but for now you can hear Carter singing over the trailer for the game in the promo below.As stated, it's been a big year for Architects who released their For Those That Wish to Exist album back in late February. The critically-hailed record has already yielded the songs "Animals," "Black Lungs," "Dead Butterflies" and "Meteor."Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker TrailerThe 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks, Ranked
Source: Architects’ Sam Carter Sings New ‘Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’ Theme
Filed Under: architects, Sam CarterCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: May 16, 2021Chiaki Nozu, WireImageShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt continues to be a banner year for Architects, with singer Sam Carter now adding lead vocals on a new video game theme to his credits. By the end, it's more of a full-belting vocal giving listeners a broad view of his range. Carter voiced the theme for the upcoming game expansion for Final Fantasy.The theme itself starts off dark and moody, building in intensity with Carter offering a more breathy and hypnotic vocal before things start to pick up. Carter responded, "Really proud to have been part of this."The Final Fantasy XIV Online: Endwalker game expansion will arrive on Nov. You can hear the epic musical piece soundtracking the action in the game trailer provided."How about those amazing vocals in the trailer?

"My beautiful Brandi and I got engaged while we were in Hawaii! Among them is the moment Moyer got down on one knee to propose on an oceanside beach. My partner in love, life, and time is now my fiancé. See the photos below.The bassist is best known for his time in Disturbed, joining the band in 2005 for their third album Ten Thousand Fists and playing on every one of their recordings in the time since.Disturbed's most recent album is 2018's Evolution. Love you baby," wrote Moyer. Chad ChildersPublished: May 16, 2021Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCongrats are in order for Disturbed bassist John Moyer and his now fiancé Brandi Nicole Hester.Moyer shared the joyful news via his Instagram account, showing several photos from their Hawaii getaway. The group had plans to hit the road last year to mark the 20th anniversary of their debut album The Sickness, but after pushing dates to 2021 due to the pandemic, the band scrapped the tour earlier this year when it was uncertain how concerts would return within the time frame scheduled.Moyer, who started his career Texas-based band Soak before catching his big break with Union Underground, has also played with Adrenaline Mob, Art of Anarchy, the Geoff Tate band Operation: Mindcrime and most recently Stereo Satellite.Our congrats to the happy couple.Top 66 Rock + Metal Bassists of All-Time
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But there was no way in hell we could do that," Dee told Green (transcription via Blabbermouth).He continued, "And I said to Phil, 'Look, instead of arguing with Lemmy or pushing him not to do this,' because we said maybe we should break for a couple of months for him to catch his wind, basically. I'll check that out.' And I said, 'Let's hook up after Christmas.' Because it was the 11th of December at that time, and I figured we'd talk between Christmas and New Year's Eve and decide which two songs that we agreed on on playing on that next leg."Kilmister agreed to work out which songs would enter the set and Dee said, "And that was it. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 15, 2021Christie Goodwin, Redferns via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMotorhead drummer Mikkey Dee has recalled his last-ever conversation with late band leader Lemmy Kilmister in an interview on the video podcast 'Waste Some Time With Jason Green.'Kilmister died on Dec. Very sad."When pressed about how Kilmister handled ongoing health issues during his final years, Dee felt it was "maybe a little too late" regarding the moves he made to improve his health. I went down to Lemmy's dressing room, and I said, 'All right. And both me and [guitarist] Phil [Campbell] were trying to talk him out of starting the second part of the European tour after Christmas. He knows best what he wants to do.' And he wanted to be onstage."The two elected to support Kilmister's decision, though the next leg of the planned tour never materialized due to the frontman's death.After that Dec. Let him decide what he wants to do. And that tells you, the guy died with his boots on. It wasn't too sore of a reflection, however, as the drummer noted that Kilmister's uncompromising nature in all aspects of his life "made him what he was" and that was "why Motorhead was Motorhead, and still is Motorhead."Kilmister's official cause of death was listed as prostate cancer along with cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure. All right. And we take out the two songs that we already played on this leg, and we put in two new songs from the record.' And he said, 'Yeah. A brain scan had also previously revealed that the rocker had terminal brain and neck cancer as well.After Kilmister's death, Dee enjoyed a brief stint as the drummer for Thin Lizzy before being recruited as James Kottak's replacement in Scorpions in 2016.Mikkey Dee on 'Waste Some Time With Jason Green'15 Rock + Metal Icons Who’ve Inspired the Name of a New Species
Source: Motorhead’s Mikkey Dee Recalls Last-Ever Conversation With Lemmy Kilmister
Filed Under: lemmy kilmister, mikkey dee, MotorheadCategories: News 11 show, the band parted ways and returned to their respective homes, which meant traveling back to Sweden for Dee, who admitted he did not have an indication that this would be the last time he would ever see Kilmister.Before they each went their own way — Dee to Sweden, Campbell to Wales and Kilmister to Los Angeles after a brief stopover in London to see some friends — there was a conversation about the upcoming tour leg and a potential change in the set list regarding which songs would be played off the band's latest record, Bad Magic."I spoke to him right after the show. I said, 'Let's not push him anyway. Go back to L.A. 28, 2015, just four days after his 70th birthday and not long after the completion of what proved to be Motorhead's final tour as the vocalist/bassist battled a myriad of health issues amid his steadfast commitment to the stage."We played the last show the 11th of December [of 2015] in Berlin, and he passed just [two] weeks later. He had no intention of not coming back to Europe and touring. So we did a little finger hook, as we always did, and that was the last time I saw him, actually. and figure out, maybe, another two songs from Bad Magic that you think that we should do.

It is going to be one for the history books!The rescheduled tour dates can be seen below.Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison + Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Rescheduled Tour Dates for 2022June 16 — Atlanta, Ga.June 18 — Miama, Fla.June 19 — orlando, Fla.June 22 — Washington D.C.June 24 — New York, N.Y.June 25 — Philadelphia, Pa.June 28 — Charlotte, N.C.June 30 — Nashville, Tenn.July 02 — Jacksonville, Fla.July 05 — St. 28 — San Diego, Calif.Aug. 12 — Pittsburgh, Pa.Aug. 31 — Seattle, Wash.Sept. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 14, 2021Frederick M. 21 — San Antonio, TexasAug. 06 — Boston, Mass.Aug. 07 — San Francisco, Calif.25 Legendary Rock Albums With No Weak Songs
Source: Motley Crue, Def Leppard + Poison Stadium Tour Rescheduled for 2022, New Dates Announced
Filed Under: Def Leppard, Joan Jett, Motley Crue, PoisonCategories: News Brown, Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images / Scott Legato, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe 'Stadium Tour' starring Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts has officially been postponed to 2022. 22 — Arlington, TexasAug. Louis, Mo.July 08 — Chicago, Ill.July 10 — Detroit, Mich.July 12 — Hershey, Pa.July 14 — Cleveland, OhioJuly 15 — Cincinnati, OhioJuly 17 — Milwaukee, Wis.July 19 — Kansas City, Mo.July 21 — Denver, Colo.Aug. 14 — Minneapolis, Minn.Aug. 05 — Boston, Mass.Aug. 27 — Los Angeles, Calif.Aug. We appreciate you hanging in there and can’t wait to get back on stage and bring 'The Stadium Tour' to all of our fans. 19 — Houston, TexasAug. A new set of tour dates has also been announced.The high-profile Motley Crue reunion run was originally set for the summer of 2020, but was delayed until 2021 due to restrictions on public gatherings as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.The rescheduled trek was set to begin this June, but now a new statement shared by the tour's participating acts has confirmed that the dates have again been pushed, citing a desire to be certain that they will be able to perform at all scheduled stops.The statement reads as follows:To all our loyal fans, we wanted to let you know that we learned today that the tour is getting moved to 2022. This is the only way to ensure that we can play ALL of the dates for ALL of you who have purchased tickets. 10 — Buffalo, N.Y.Aug.

Bungle, Coheed & Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, NOFX, Sublime with Rome, New Found Glory, Circle Jerks, Simple Plan, the Ghost Inside, Dinosaur Jr., Gogol Bordello, Thrice, GWAR, Fever 333 and more.Riot Fest“We’ve missed you and we can't wait to see you this year (and/or next year!) September 15–17, 2021 in Douglass Park, Chicago,” Riot Fest writes. However, My Chem are confirmed to headline the 2022 Riot Fest.The stacked Riot Fest 2021 lineup also includes Mr. Graham HartmannPublished: May 14, 2021Theo Wargo, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterRiot Fest has just announced a massive lineup for the fall. Fans who want to transfer or refund their tickets may do so here. “See you real soon…”Single day tickets will go on sale next week. 2021 ticket holders will gain access to 2022 Riot Fest tickets at a special price.Every Ozzfest Lineup, Ranked
Source: Nine Inch Nails to Headline Stacked 2021 Riot Fest Lineup
Filed Under: Nine Inch Nails, riot festCategories: News The three-day festival will be headlined by Nine Inch Nails, the Smashing Pumpkins and Run the Jewels, while acts such as Faith No More, Pixies and Devo round out the bill.My Chemical Romance were initially slotted to headline Riot Fest 2021, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced MCR to postpone the entirety of their 2021 touring plans.

We absolutely wish him the best in any endeavor he decides to pursue, and we hope that fans show him the same love and support as well.” [via Lambgoat]Nuclear Blast dropped Rings of Saturn in April, alleging Lucas Mann had previously threatened the label. “We are looking forward to exploring new territories of writing and expand on the band's overall sound in this way. “Sadly, Lucas Mann on behalf of Rings of Saturn has brazenly threatened to issue public statements ‘condemning Nuclear Blast in the strongest terms possible’ if the label does not give in to his baseless demands. While Nuclear Blast is truly shocked and saddened by Lucas Mann’s actions, Nuclear Blast also does not tolerate threats.  Accordingly, Rings of Saturn have been dropped from the label.”Best Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985
Source: Rings of Saturn Split With Vocalist, Will Continue as Instrumental Band
Filed Under: Rings of SaturnCategories: News The technical deathcore band confirmed the change in their first public statement since being dropped by Nuclear Blast.Bearer was the longest-serving vocalist for Rings of Saturn, manning the mic since 2012. We would like to thank Ian Bearer for his years of hard work and commitment as the voice of the band during its most recent 10 years. Along with the recent instrumental album release versions of our past discography, every album since Dingir has traditionally included an instrumental track, so many fans will appreciate what’s coming next with a sense of familiarity.”Mann and Omens continue by inviting Bearer to perform on Rings of Saturn’s previously booked tour dates, but assure fans that all following tours will be instrumental-only.“We would love to have Ian Bearer on any tours we currently have booked, but that decision remains ultimately up to him, and moving forward this also means that live shows will be done completely as an instrumental band. On tour and in the studio, it has been an honor to create and perform music alongside such a great vocalist. Graham HartmannPublished: May 14, 2021Nuclear BlastShare on FacebookShare on TwitterRings of Saturn have parted ways with vocalist Ian Bearer and will continue as an instrumental group. Bearer made his debut on Rings of Saturn’s sophomore album, Dingir, recording three more full-lengths with the group before the 2010s came to a close."Rings of Saturn is transitioning towards a strictly instrumental direction which will open up many new doors in terms of musical creativity for the bands future,” write Rings of Saturn guitarists Lucas Mann and Joel Omans.

Whenever I am invited to participate in their music, it is exciting to be around their tireless enthusiasm, and cool things always seem to happen because of it. Marty Friedman, David Ellefson, Joey Concepcion and Jimi Bell)3. "Take Another Piece" (feat. "Denial of Anger" (feat. "My Last Goodbye" (feat. Alex Skolnick, Angel Vivaldi and Richard Shaw)4. "Decomposing Composers" (feat. "Bargaining Depression" (feat. "Acceptance" (feat. Marty Friedman, Alex Skolnick, Nuno Bettencourt + Richard Shaw, "Take Another Piece"Lost Symphony, Chapter III Album Art + TracklistLost Symphony1. Marty Friedman, Nuno Bettencourt, Alex Skolnick and Richard Shaw)6. Marty Friedman, David Ellefson, Jimi Bell and Matt LaPierre)2. "Let me rephrase that, they are dangerously obsessed with it! Benny, Paza and Cronin have a podcast called 2020'd where they interview rock and metal artists such as former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese.Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.Lost Symphony feat. Philip TrappPublished: May 14, 2021Images courtesy of Lost SymphonyShare on FacebookShare on TwitterClassical metal ensemble Lost Symphony are back with a new song called "Take Another Piece," an electrifying instrumental tune featuring guitar contributions from Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Alex Skolnick (Testament), Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme) and Richard Shaw (Cradle of Filth).The selection is the first single from Lost Symphony's third album, the aptly titled Chapter III, out July 9 and available to preorder starting Friday (May 14). In addition to the metal masterminds found on "Take Another Piece" and several others (Jimi Bell, Joey Concepcion, Angel Vivaldi, Matt LaPierre), Chapter III also boasts a posthumous performance from late All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert.Watch Friedman, Skolnick and more swap guitar solos in the music video for "Take Another Piece" down toward the bottom of this post."The friendly folks in the Lost Symphony project have a deep love for guitar," Friedman shares. Oli Herbert, Matt LaPierre and Ryan Formato)30 Most Underrated Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists
Source: Marty Friedman + Alex Skolnick Trade Hot Licks on New Jam From Lost Symphony
Filed Under: Alex Skolnick, Marty Friedman, Nuno Bettencourt, TestamentCategories: News Jeff Loomis, Jimi Bell, Matt LaPierre and Joey Concepcion)5. The newest song, 'Take Another Piece,' may be my favorite of all the LS songs I've been a part of."Adds Skolnick, "It is humbling to share guest guitar duties with Marty and Nuno, two guitarists I consider to be champions among our generation of players, and an overall honor to be brought in to participate." Of the upcoming Lost Symphony album, he says there's "plenty of fodder for fans of shred," and also "no shortage of moments for listeners of true classical, soundtracks and other symphonic music as well."Lost Symphony is a musical collective founded by multi-instrumentalist and producer Benny Goodman that includes his brother Brian Goodman (compositions, arrangement), Cory Paza (bass, guitar), Kelly Kereliuk (guitar), Paul Lourenco (drums) and Siobhán Cronin (violin, viola, electric violin).Much of the revolving cast of virtuosos who appear on Chapter III likewise contributed to the previous Lost Symphony album, last year's Chapter II.

"Upload Apathy"10. "Download Happiness"11. This album represents something important to me, and that was both the impetus and the goal in its creation and completion. "Far Too High" (feat. "Parabolica"05. "Two Brothers"06. With that said, I do hope that you enjoy it too!""Parabolica" comes after Mansoor released a wealth of Bulb material last year — 10 albums totaling 110 tracks, all of which properly archived his early experimentations that pre-dated Periphery.The video, seen below in addition to the album art and track listing, comes with a warning that reads, "This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Well over a decade after he first began using this name online to share demos and playthroughs, Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious, the debut Bulb album, has been announced in tandem with a music video for the first single, "Parabolica.""I can’t tell you guys how excited I am and how cathartic it feels to finally be able to put out my first solo album. "And Yet, This Man Will Soar"Top 25 Progressive Metal Albums of All Time 
Source: Periphery’s Misha Mansoor Debuts First Song Off Debut Solo Album Under ‘Bulb’ Moniker
Filed Under: Bulb, misha mansoor, peripheryCategories: News Viewer discretion is advised."The instrumental "Parabolica"showcases Mansoor's propensity for the djent-styled rhythms he helped popularize, textured by restrained lead playing that all works to build layers and create a dense atmosphere.The 11-track album will be released on July 16 through 3DOT Recordings and pre-orders can be placed here.Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.Bulb, "Parabolica" Music VideoBulb, Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious Album Art + Track Listing3DOT Recordings01. Axel Mansoor)07. "Füf Redux"08. "Press Enter Redux"09. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 14, 2021Ekaterina GorbachvaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterBefore there was Periphery, there was Bulb, the moniker adopted by guitarist Misha Mansoor. Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious has technically been about 15 years in the making, so your patience has been appreciated," explained Mansoor."It was important that I felt genuinely happy with this Bulb debut," he continued, "but I can say that I finally put together something that I am proud of. "Unleash the Pwnies Redux"02. "Breeze Redux"04. "Echo Teuffel"03.

The 12-date run, dubbed the "Road to Rock Fest 2021," kicks off in Albuquerque, N.M. @ The EndJuly 18 – Springfield, Mo. Purchase tickets through their website, and see the full itinerary underneath the song.Hopefully this tour will make up for their 2020 shows that had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.In early 2020, Carnifex had announced that they were parting ways with lead guitarist Jordan Lockrey, who had been playing with the band for eight years. See the tweet below.Carnifex, "Seven Souls" LyricsSeven souls Seven souls Seven souls Seven soulsSeven souls and two dead eyes Who am I, who am I tonight? @ LaunchpadJuly 9 – Lubbock, Texas @ Jake’sJuly 10 – Oklahoma City, Okla. @ Emerson TheaterJuly 17 – Nashville, Tenn. @ 89th St.July 12 – Omaha, Neb. Seven souls and two dead eyes And I'm lost, lost insideKeep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.Carnifex – "Seven Souls"Carnifex 2021 U.S. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: May 14, 2021Johnny Perilla, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCarnifex have released a new song called "Seven Souls." It's their second single of 2021, following "Dead Bodies Everywhere," which came out in April.Their latest studio album, World War X, came out in 2019, and with the release of two new songs this year, we can only assume that a new album announcement is imminent. tour last month for the summer of 2021. They initially recruited DevilDriver's Neal Tiemann to fill in for Lockrey during their 2020 tour, but have not since announced whether they'll be hiring another guitarist to take his place in the band.Their most recent photo on social media was a promo shot for "Dead Bodies Everywhere," and featured the four remaining members — Scott Lewis, Cory Arford, Shawn Cameron and Fred Calderon. Seven souls and two dead eyes Who am I, who am I tonight?Look death in the eyes and see what I see No lies and no disguise God of death is the only god I needI'm a soul that can't be at peace Maybe you're just like me My greatest enemy is when I sit and thinkI'm back from the dead, with the same old hеart Embrace this pain, before it tеars you apart Soulless, we all died young I'm back from the grave with my dead friends in my lungs I'm more like you than you think When I look in the mirror, I still hate what I see Crossed out This is the only real meThere's subtext in these songs I don't even know about The past lives they hid lines just to fuck around Inevitable, it's what I know deep down Tortured souls, they go fast, they don't last And I won't always be around No, I won't always be aroundAsk me no questions and I'll tell you no lies You want to know if I'm really dead behind the eyes You want to know if I'm going to scare you tonight You want to know if I want to take my lifeAsk me no questions and I'll tell you no lies I'm seven souls Seven souls and two dead eyesTo you it's a wall of sound But I can see them And they're here right now In the shadows, way deep downUnholy souls Let yourself be known So I can let go Give into my violent soul, that inner asshole I just want to get my finger on the trigger and pull, pull, pullMy violent soul That inner assholeOne of these souls has a shelf life That fucker wanted me dead by 25 And every day since I've been restless I know it's just a matter of timeI'm back from the dead, with the same old heart Embrace this pain, before it tears you apart Soulless, and we all died young I'm back from the grave with my dead friends in my lungs I'm more like you than you think When I look in the mirror, I still hate what I see Crossed out This is the only real meSeven souls Seven souls Seven souls Seven soulsSeven souls and two dead eyes Who am I, who am I tonight? Listen to "Seven Souls" and follow along with its lyrics below.The group also announced a U.S. @ Mesa TheaterJuly 22 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ Metro Music Hall15 Rock + Metal Bands Banned by Disney
Source: Carnifex Release Brutal New Song ‘Seven Souls’
Filed Under: CarnifexCategories: News in early July and concludes in Salt Lake City, Utah later that month. @ The Waiting RoomJuly 13 – Des Moines, Iowa @ Wooly’sJuly 15 – Cadott, Wis. TourJuly 8 – Albuquerque, N.M. @ Outland BallroomJuly 20 – Colorado Springs, Colo. @ Black SheepJuly 21 – Grand Junction, Colo. @ Rock FestJuly 16 – Indianapolis, Ind.

Jordan BlumPublished: May 14, 2021RammsteinShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSexuality has been a part of rock and metal music videos since the 1980s, with many pushing the envelope to shock and seduce viewers.Naturally, the medium has become more explicit and troubling as artists have become bolder and censorship has become more contested.Thus, it’s only fair to expect modern videos – like the 10 picks below – to shatter preconceived notions for how abjectly arousing the artform can be.The Most Sexually Explicit Rock and Metal Music VideosWarning: These clips go to some dark and dirty places.Head below to see some of the most sexually explicit music videos in rock and metal.Disturbing Songs That People Love 
Source: 10 of the Most Sexually Explicit Rock + Metal Music Videos
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We've found our footing with these six members. Now we're stepping on the gas and not letting up."TDWP summed it all up stating, "Before, there were five songs about how to fend off the apocalypse. Now, there are five songs of hopelessness against the hoard.”Pre-orders for ZII, which also features the previously-released "Termination," are available here with the EP arriving on May 21. "I remember that it's the first song I completed vocally and I know that it's straightforward — very much straightforward. Chad ChildersPublished: May 14, 2021Solid State RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFind something of significance to hold onto as The Devil Wears Prada are ready to pummel you with the new song "Nightfall" from their upcoming ZII EP.We're just a week out from the release of the highly anticipated follow up to their fan favorite Zombie EP and this latest primal slab of music from TDWP will certainly blow your hair back from its intensity."Sonically, I think 'Nightfall' is a celebration of what the band did for a long while," singer Mike Hranica says. We just had our first song go to radio with 'Chemical,' and now in the same year, we will be releasing the heaviest music of our career with ZII," state the group. Lyrically, an atmosphere is created concerning the attack rather than the anatomic details of the undead themselves. It's a thumper with no introduction to kick off the EP."Get a closer look at the song's lyrics below:The Devil Wears Prada, "Nightfall" LyricsNight FallNight FallRiseCreeping up getting closerAll forms of prevention lostNotify your ensuing ghostThe shadows move fromEast to west like clockworkThey’re hiding from the lightWe sleep in anticipationWe awake in total fearEvery window boarded upOur fate is drawing nearNight FallNight FallWe rise at nightThe sunriseBrings an endBut can you make it ’til dawn?You can’t hideFrom the deadBut can you make it ’til dawn?What walks beyond the doorway?Looming torture / jaws baringIs this the night of our demiseEntwined with hell’s facesCan you make it ’til dawn?Can you make it ’til dawn?Can you make it ’til dawn?It’s that slow traverseIt’s that cold fleshMoving in moving inCreeping up getting closerAll forms of prevention lostNotify your ensuing ghostThe shadows move fromEast to west like clockworkThey’re hiding from the lightWe sleep in anticipationWe awake in total fearEvery window boarded upThis is our timeThey rise atNight FallThe original Zombie EP arrived in 2010, with ZII viewed as being the next chapter in the story. Get tickets here.Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.The Devil Wears Prada, "Nightfall"25 Best Metalcore Albums of All Time
Source: The Devil Wears Prada Drop Primal New Song ‘Nightfall’
Filed Under: The Devil Wears PradaCategories: News "A goal we had for this EP was to pay tribute to ZI while honing in on the characteristics that we enjoy about heavy music today and the directions we want to see it heading. You can also look for the band playing a livestream event this Saturday (May 15), playing the ZII EP in full. "This isn't just a new chapter for the Zombie EP; this is a new chapter for us as a band, and an opportunity to lean into both sounds in ways that feel better than ever.

According to the Rock Hall's website, it's given to musicians, songwriters and producers who've had a "dramatic impact on music." In the past, Ringo Starr, the E Street Band, Hal Blaine and others have received it.But Rhoads' Rock Hall nod is likely intended as a way to include the guitarist, who died in 1982, without attaching him to a performer. Philip TrappPublished: May 14, 2021Kevin Winter / John Atashian, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOzzy Osbourne has made a statement expressing his happiness that late guitarist Randy Rhoads will receive the Musical Excellence Award from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.As revealed on Wednesday (May 12) alongside the other Class of 2021 inductees, Rhoads, LL Cool J and Billy Preston will each receive the honor, an award originally created by the Rock Hall specifically for musical sideman. It's really great that Randy's family, friends and fans get to see him honored this way."Still, the scope of the Musical Excellence Award is a bit vague. "I only wish he was here in person to get this award and that we could all celebrate together. When an artist is considered a solo act, their backing band is not eligible to be inducted with them — therefore, if Ozzy Osbourne (already inducted with Black Sabbath) was included in the Rock Hall for his solo work, Rhoads would not be enshrined with him unless an exception was made.See Photos of Ozzy Osbourne Throughout the Years
Source: Ozzy Osbourne Reacts to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Honoring Randy Rhoads
Filed Under: Ozzy Osbourne, randy rhoads, rock and roll hall of fameCategories: News Foo Fighters, the Go-Go's, Jay-Z, Carole King, Todd Rundgren and Tina Turner are the Rock Hall's 2021 performer inductees.This week, according to Blabbermouth, while speaking to Premiere Radio Networks' Sal Cirrincione in an interview clip provided to radio, Osbourne offered comment on Rhoads' recognition by the Rock Hall."I'm so happy that Randy's genius, which we all saw from the beginning, is finally being recognized and that he is getting his due," Ozzy said.

His voice is still present on Aggression Continuum, though the band is now searching for his replacement.Speaking with Australia's Heavy, guitarist Dino Cazares commented on the ongoing search."There's some really great people out there — male and female. So there are male and female [singers] in the running, who's gonna get this position," he said (via Blabbermouth).Regarding what qualities he's looking for in this person, Cazares noted, "Someone who knows how to be a good frontman onstage, someone who knows how to command a crowd… Joe DiVitaPublished: May 14, 2021Stephanie CabralShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIndustrial metal overlords Fear Factory have just debuted another pummeling new song, "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine," off their long-awaited Aggression Continuum album, which will be released on June 18.The song's title takes inspiration from one of the lines spoken by the Nightrider character in the post-apocalyptic 1979 film Mad Max, directed by George Miller and produced by Byron Kennedy."Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" follows up the previously released lead single, "Disruptor," and places a greater emphasis on crafting a bleak atmosphere to match the dystopian nature of the film that served as its influence. Of course, whoever I pick is gonna have talent. this is just besides talent. Still, Fear Factory's jagged, pounding rhythms are central to the track, juxtaposed by lullaby-esque melodies that work perfectly with Burton C. Bell's clean vocals.Listen to the new song toward the bottom of the page and read the lyrics (via AZ Lyrics) below as well.Bell notably left Fear Factory in September last year once the band regrouped after a series of legal battles over rights to the band's name. There's being secure with your position — mentally secure — not being insecure, taking care of your throat, being able to command a crowd, getting along with others, being a team player, et cetera."Aggression Continuum will be released through Nuclear Blast and pre-orders can be placed here.Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.Fear Factory, "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" Lyrics[The feral kid:]In the roar of an engine he lost everythingI have lost respect for human lifeMy contempt becomes a bloody knifeI am dripping with anger for all I seeFuel injected suicide machineSuicide machineI will harvest the human diseaseReaper of fear upon humanityOn your day of judgment I'll hear you screamFull injected suicide machineI hate everythingI hate everythingI hate everything that I seeI hate everythingI hate everythingI hate everything that I seeLook into my eyes and you will seeI am not afraid of destinyMoving forward with violent graceI'm the weapon to seal your fateLook into my eyes and you will seeI am not afraid of destinyMoving forward with violent graceI'm the weapon to seal your fate[Nightrider:]I'm a fuel injected suicide machineThis would be my last confessionI will never stop resistingI am your saviorTo deny your prayersI am your saviorTo deny your prayersI have many reasons for my painMerciless scars from those I disdainI have suffered many injuriesFuel injected suicide machineI hate everythingI hate everythingI hate everything that I seeI hate everythingI hate everythingI hate everything that I seeI hate everythingI hate everythingI hate everything that I seeLook into my eyes and you will seeI am not afraid of destinyMoving forward with violent graceI'm the weapon to seal your fateLook into my eyes and you will seeI am not afraid of destinyMoving forward with violent graceI'm the weapon to seal your fateFear Factory, "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine"Every Ozzfest Lineup, Ranked 
Source: Fear Factory Drop Pummeling ‘Mad Max’-Inspired Song ‘Fuel Injected Suicide Machine’
Filed Under: Fear FactoryCategories: News But it's not just vocal talent; there's other talent too.

A sampling of comments can be viewed below.Architects' ninth studio album, For Those Who Wish To Exist, was released in February, peaking at No. who cares? They're not getting rich from our concept. Chad ChildersPublished: May 13, 2021Epitaph Records / YouTube: Os OfficialShare on FacebookShare on TwitterArchitects fans have been up in arms after it was recently revealed that a German-singing duo recently released a video that bares a very striking resemblance to the group's For Those That Wish to Exist album cover.The band is named OS, with their sound described as "between hip-hop and pop." The duo just released their video for "Er Lebt," that featured on a central astronaut figure inside a church. Life is too short to care about things like this. 80 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. Support for the album started last fall with the song "Animals," followed by "Black Lungs," "Dead Butterflies" and "Meteor."OS, "Er Lebt"27 Bands Who Were (Mostly) Teenagers When Their Debut Album Came Out
Source: Architects Fans Call Out German Band Over Video Similarities
Filed Under: architectsCategories: News The group eventually released a statement via their Instagram Stories about the similarities, which can be viewed via the screenshots below:Instagram: Os Band OfficialInstagram: Os Band OfficialInstagram: Os Band OfficialInstagram: Os Band OfficialArchitects drummer Dan Searle eventually hopped online and defended Os against attack from his band's fans through his own Instagram story. The clip can be seen toward the bottom of this post.It didn't take long to spot the similarities for those who've picked up The Architects' buzzy album, which features an astronaut standing amidst the pews in a church with natural light shining in.Once the similarities started making the rounds, fans started calling out OS enough so that the band members eventually turned off their comments function while feeling attacked. "Yes the artwork is similar but …. They're not hurting anyone," stated the drummer, as seen below.Instagram: Dan ArchitectsEven with the explanation, not all Architects fans were on board with the apology and the reasons the band gave.

"Poster Child"02. I'm sure you can imagine everyone loading guitars, drums, cabs, cameras, power, etc. Joe DiVitaPublished: May 13, 2021Cosa Nostra PRShare on FacebookShare on TwitterProgressive deathcore vets Born of Osiris have unveiled the details to their sixth album, Angel or Alien, and have debuted a new music video for the title track, which underscores the band's need to continuously evolve their sound.This latest song comes nearly two months after the band dropped "White Nile," which seemed to suggest that the successor to 2019's The Simulation would be arriving some time later this year."Angel or Alien" is among the most atmospheric Born of Osiris track in which melodic synth lines anchor the song, supported by a start/stop, stuttering backbeat that offers a juxtaposed sense of dynamism. Working through multiple facets of his voice — guttural roars, distorted and gritty cleans — Ronnie Canizaro grapples with reconciling the positive and negative aspects of a person close to him, looking for a definitive answer."After what has been an extremely trying year for the world, we couldn't be more excited to bring you our new album, Angel or Alien. "Waves"05. "Angel Of Alien"04. "Threat Of Your Presence"07. "White Nile"03. We feel like we brought the best elements from each album in our discography and combined them into what you will hear on Angel or Alien. "Truth And Denial"14. across the desert with each step you take sinking six inches into the sand," he said of the video shoot."It all lead up to a moment I'll never forget – everything set up on top of a dune in the desert, performing with my best friends and a great crew of amazing people filming, and looking over the desert in between takes as the sun set," added McKinney. "Love Story"08. "You Are The Narrative"13. "I'll never forget the moments we shared that day. "Crossface"09. "Oathbreaker"06. We wanted to walk out into the desert where there were no footprints and find the right spot for the performance shots. "In For The Kill"12. "Echobreather"10. "It’s not always easy and we crave it whether we know it or sometimes not. Either way your heart and time are going towards the future and the end."Read the lyrics to "Angel or Alien" below and view the music video for the new track toward the bottom of the page where you'll also find the artwork and track listing for Born of Osiris forthcoming album, due July 2 on Sumerian Records.To pre-order Angel or Alien, head here.Born of Osiris, "Angel or Alien" LyricsLost inside my headSave my place in heavenGoodbyes sink like leadPierced, ripped and fallingMore than a dreamI’m awake in my sleepYou know I’m longing for youThe same longing I needPushing away every turn there's no reactionI see everything you believed was incompleteThis is not what I thought it would beWhen you came back aroundCame back so carelesslyLost inside my headSave my place in heavenGoodbyes sink like leadPierced, ripped and fallingMore than a dreamI’m awake in my sleepYou know I’m longing for youThe same longing I needHeartless machineBuilt to destroy meNegative beingAngel or alien?Moments make me feel connectedMake me feel like I’m an addictOur paths don’t matchGuarding what was hadLove was nothing but our historyLost inside my headSave my place in heavenGoodbyes sink like leadPierced, ripped and fallingMore than a dreamI’m awake in my sleepYou know I’m longing for youThe same longing I needWe tried – we were not speakingWe lied – there was no reasonSometimes I needed control of my spirit and my soulThose are possessions of mineThey are not leavingI thought you wanted to seeIf I feel – if I bleedWe tried but it was for all the wrong reasonsYou always needed controlNo matter what would unfoldWe tried but it was for all the wrong reasonsLost inside my headSave my place in heavenGoodbyes sink like leadPierced, ripped and fallingMore than a dreamI’m awake in my sleepYou know I’m longing for youThe same longing I needBorn of Osiris, "Angel or Alien" Music VideoBorn of Osiris, Angel or Alien Album Art + Track ListingSumerian Records01. So, no matter what album you favor in our discography, this one should shine. "“Lost Souls"11. I think I can speak for the band and camera crew when I say that we truly hope you love the final product, it was both a challenge and a pleasure to create.""There is a longing for connection," offered keyboardist and co-vocalist Joe Buras. "Shadowmourne"The 66 Best Metal Albums of the 2010s 
Source: Born of Osiris Debut Title Track Off Newly Announced ‘Angel or Alien’ Album
Filed Under: born of osirisCategories: News You can shine like an Angel or hide like an Alien. We get lost in thought at times but we always have to end up facing the world, exposed to the earth. We tried to refine and improve on each aspect that makes us Born of Osiris, and I think it's apparent on this record," commented guitarist Lee McKinney."The 'Angel or Alien' music video was actually extremely challenging for the band and crew.

30, with a special to follow on HBO and HBO Max at a later date.Rock Hall President + CEO Greg Harris Speaks With Audacy's Ryan Castle
Source: Rock Hall President Comments on Iron Maiden + Judas Priest Not Being Inducted
Filed Under: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, rock and roll hall of fameCategories: News So it’s really a question of, let’s keep nominating them, let’s get ‘em on the ballot, and let’s get it out to the voting body. Addressing that very topic, Rock Hall President and CEO Greg Harris shared his thoughts on the Rock Hall's lack of metal in a chat with Audacy host Ryan Castle (seen below).Earlier in the chat, Harris noted that the Rock Hall voting body is made up of "over 1,000 artists, historians, members of the music industry and fans via a fan vote." Like Judas Priest in both of their years on the ballot, Iron Maiden was included on the fan-voted ballot but was not named for induction when all the votes were tallied.When questioned about the Maiden omission this year, Harris stated, “It’s an interesting one, because we do [celebrate metal]. Kraftwerk, Gil Scott Heron and Charley Patton have been tapped for Early Influence Award honors and Clarence Avant is receiving the Ahmet Ertegun Award.The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place at Cleveland's Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on Oct. Chad ChildersPublished: May 12, 2021Terje Dokken / Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe lack of metal bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a talking point for years, and it's all the more noticeable the last two years as two of the genre's most iconic and influential acts — Iron Maiden and Judas Priest — have been nominated but ultimately not inducted. They just can’t all go in.”The Rock Hall's first induction class was 1986. They were nominated; we nominated Maiden, Judas Priest have been nominated, we put Def Leppard in."He continued, "Those that are nominated, over 80 percent of them eventually do get inducted. In order to be considered, an artist must be 25 years removed from their first album. We celebrate all forms of rock 'n' roll. This ballot had 16 artists on it. Plus, metal is a newer genre in the overall history of rock 'n' roll.The Who were inducted in 1990, The Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1992, Cream in 1993 and Led Zeppelin in 1995 — all acts that paved the way for heavier music — but it wasn't until Black Sabbath's induction in 2006 that a true metal artist was included in the Rock Hall.In the years since, Metallica joined in 2009 and metal adjacent acts Van Halen (2007), Alice Cooper (2011), Guns N' Roses (2012), KISS (2014), Deep Purple (2016), Bon Jovi (2018) and Def Leppard (2019) have all heard their name called, showing that there is a trend toward inducting some heavier music. But there's an argument to be made that the Rock Hall has just two metal acts in Black Sabbath and Metallica.While Maiden did not make the cut in voting this year, metal will be represented as Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads will be saluted at this year's Rock Hall induction with one of the Awards for Musical Excellence.Foo Fighters, Todd Rundgren, Tina Turner, The Go-Go's, Carole King and Jay-Z will make up the Rock Hall's induction class, with the aforementioned Rhoads joining LL Cool J and Billy Preston as Musical Excellence honorees. Keep in mind that most of the initial classes focused on the early pioneers of the rock 'n' roll era before eventually catching up to more modern artists.

But will they be able to write the song that ends up being their salvation?Metalocalypse first debuted on Adult Swim in 2003 and ran for four seasons, ending with the 2013 half-hour special The Doomstar Requiem. Any complaints and we’re turning this internet around and going home," stated the network.50 Most Important Metal Bands in the 21st Century
Source: ‘Metalocalypse’ Getting a New Film Via Adult Swim
Filed Under: dethklok, metalocalypseCategories: News Metalocalypse is one of three Adult Swim franchises that is getting a new movie, per the network.From co-creators Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, the new Metalocalypse movie "follows the power-hungry Tribunal as they unveil their secret and deadly 'Falconback Project.' This is against a backdrop of a world which is growing embattled in chaos with the menacing Doomstar breaching the Earth’s atmosphere. until now.Dethklok, the animated band at the center of the series, proved quite successful over the initial run releasing four albums. Though fans have attempted to sway Adult Swim over the years to return the series to the airwaves, the series has remained at an end … Meanwhile, the mysterious and twisted dissent of a band member threatens the future of Dethklok."The film is said to pick up directly after the heroic rescue of Toki Wartooth, with the band facing a gauntlet of dangers that will try their very souls. Chad ChildersPublished: May 12, 2021Cartoon Network / Adult SwimShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWelcome back, Dethklok! A movie soundtrack is expected to accompany the upcoming film.Back in March, Adult Swim started paving the way for renewed interest in the Metalocalypse series by streaming all episodes for free.In addition the Metalocalypse, Adult Swim has also given the green light to films based around the series Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Venture Bros.“Leveraging the power of WarnerMedia allows us to deliver original content to our amazingly dedicated and not-shy fans, while also giving our talented series creators an opportunity to tell stories in new and interesting ways,” said Michael Ouweleen, president of Adult Swim.As revealed online with a humorous bend, "These original films have been green-lit.

Barely one.Does that kind of musical recall sound familiar to you? It doesn't matter. A more casual listener may barely notice the song has started, the astute fan already knows what exactly it is.For example, for longtime rock listeners, the opening seconds of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" — what with its famous Jacoby Shaddix chant — is all that's needed to pick out the number. That's all they needed to make their American Idiot title track distinguishable within seconds. That must be a feat.The Killers – “Mr. Albeit, perhaps, loosely. And, for real, how many seconds do you suppose an emo fan requires to spot My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade" and its unmistakable opening G note? Regardless, the tune's quick recognizability is undeniable. Well, at least it is for Green Day. After all, just because you can recognize a song within its first few notes doesn't necessarily mean it's good.Coldplay – “Clocks”2002We're kicking this list off right — with a tune that might make a portion of rock fans angry at its inclusion. When the beat to "Float On" kicks in, many familiar with 2000s rock already know tune what they're listening to — even before lead singer Isaac Brock starts his wailing about crashing into a police car.My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade”2006This meme:PinterestNickelback – “How You Remind Me”2001Again, as with a handful of others listed here, some listeners may scoff at this song or artist. Keep on rollin', baby.Linkin Park – “One Step Closer”2000A filtered and slightly palm-muted electric guitar riff served as many listeners' introduction to Linkin Park when Hybrid Theory's "One Step Closer" first hit the airwaves in late 2000. 1 export. It's the intro to Three Days Grace's first-ever single, 2003's "I Hate Everything About You," and the band's sonic calling card. The Fallen single clocks in at around 4 minutes in total, but for most diehard fans, a few seconds of Lee tickling those ivories is all that's needed to recognize what tune it is. As soon as you hear him start this one-hit-wonder earworm with a deadpan first sentence — and a capella first two words — you know what the song is pretty instantly. Whatever the case, at the start of the 2000s, the English band was viewed by many as Brit-rock's No. In "How You Remind Me," Nickelback singer Chad Kroger reels off the first verse's guitar-backed opening line in a matter of seconds. No matter what kind of rock listener you are, at that point, you know precisely what the song is — no need waiting on a different story.Nine Days – “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)”2000You don't know this guy's name. But it's the quiet, classic rock-evoking guitar intro that has most Foo Fighters listeners picking out the song within its first few moments — the calm before the storm.Green Day – “American Idiot”2004Three chords. Wake me up!Foo Fighters – “The Pretender”2007"The Pretender," found on Foo Fighters' 2007 album, Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace, is one of the Dave Grohl-led act's most successful singles. The introductory sound of a signature lick, riff or vocal line, for the listener familiar with it, can magically cram a powerful song's impact into just a few seconds of near-involuntary recollection. Brightside," one of the numbers that put the Las Vegas act on the map back in the 2000s. Just a few seconds is all a seasoned rock listener needs to place the tune.Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire”2008What's that guitar figure that sounds like something a novice musician might hammer out on one of their first go-rounds with a six-string? Now, the opening of The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" is so immediately recognizable that it transcends the genre itself — we'd venture to guess almost any consumer of modern entertainment could place it from the first notes.87 Rock + Metal Albums Turning 20 in 2021
Source: 20 Songs From the 2000s You’ll Recognize From the First Few Notes
Filed Under: coldplay, evanescence, foo fighters, green day, jet, kings of leon, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, modest mouse, my chemical romance, nickelback, papa roach, Queens of the Stone Age, sum 41, system of a down, The Darkness, The Killers, three days graceCategories: News Play that sound for almost any rock fan, and they'll be able to tell you exactly what it is.The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army”2003What has since become a sports anthem started life as just a killer rock song. Two decades after the song's release, that strummy opening remains unmissable.Three Days Grace – “I Hate Everything About You”2003Hear that tinny acoustic guitar figure? To wit, the song's urgently rocking chorus is perhaps one of the finest Foos moments ever captured on tape. In fact, you don't know this person at all. Dave Grohl on the drums.)Sum 41 – “Fat Lip”2001Here's another palm-muted guitar intro that tells listeners exactly what they're hearing, especially those fans who spent their youth imbibing on the finest 2000s pop punk. Is it a person or a band? Is Coldplay even a rock group? But there are a few that some listeners would now prefer to mothball. Philip TrappPublished: May 12, 2021Roadrunner / American / Wind-Up / Epic / Flip / Interscope / Capitol / 550Share on FacebookShare on TwitterHow quickly can you recognize a memorable song from the 2000s (2000–2009) once it starts playing? The quick combination of A, D and G barre chords on Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar can make a tuned-in listener's head turn whenever they hear it.Jet – “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”2003The 2000s were huge for recognizable rock hits. Two decades on, the piano riff that starts "Clocks" remains an immediately recognizable intro, if not one that could induce nausea in some.The Darkness – “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”2003The Darkness burst onto the scene in 2003 with the glam-powered "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," a cheeky hard rock hit fueled by lead singer Justin Hawkins' dynamic vocals. Three quick bars of percussion and then a bass line, and the tune's ascertained in 3 or 4 seconds. That's all one needs to make a memorable rock song intro. Still, no matter what one thinks of the band Jet or their claim to fame, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," music fans can recognize the song within the first few notes — and that's mostly just tambourine. Brightside”2004Here's another catchy electric guitar intro that identifies a hit rock ditty within a matter of seconds — it's the opening to The Killers' Hot Fuss single "Mr. Subsequently, their songs were damn near inescapable. This is the story of a girl.Papa Roach – “Last Resort”2000Cut my life into pieces — boom, you know the song.Queens of the Stone Age – “No One Knows”2002It's really just the four-count that starts the song, but the boom-bap intro of Queens of the Stone Age's "No One Knows" marks the tune in mere seconds. Can you figure out what it is within the first few notes?As has been shown with tunes from both the groovy '70s and the grungey '90s, some rock and metal classics have a magical way of identifying themselves early. Sure! (The track was also in the movie Dracula 2000, remember that?) Now, just the opening notes of that intro can tell many fans exactly what song they're hearing.Modest Mouse – “Float On”2004Modest Mouse's biggest single also elicited the veteran indie rockers' most recognizable first few moments of song. You happen to share that familiarity with the many great (and not so great) artists who've covered Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water single "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" over the years, not to mention the fans who love it. But before the singing on the Permission to Land cut even starts, the fuzzy guitar chords at the top of the track are indication enough for many. It's just the intro to Kings of Leon's then-unescapable 2008 hit "Sex on Fire" and the reason it's recognizable within its first few notes.Limp Bizkit – “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)”2000An unaccompanied voice utters, "Alright, partner." You're 2 seconds into the track. (In case you forgot, that's Mr. You already know what song it is, and it hasn't even actually started yet. If so, look below through 20 songs from the 2000s that you'll undoubtedly recognize within the first few notes.But be warned, there may be some that you'd just as soon rather forget than quickly remember. But no matter what your age now, when the opening notes of Sum 41's "Fat Lip" hit, you know you're in for a good time.System of a Down – “Chop Suey!”2001For all its aggression, it's sort of amazing that the part of System of a Down's "Chop Suey!" that first catches listeners' attention is a flamenco-style guitar intro. Do you believe in a thing called love?Evanescence – “Bring Me to Life”2003On Evanescence's signature smash, "Bring Me to Life," it's Amy Lee's evocative piano that gives the song's opening its distinct feel.

Schaffer’s full Statement of Offense reveals he was in the Capitol for a total of nine minutes and exited the building after being “sprayed in the face with [an] irritant.”Schaffer was one of the first rioters arrested for breaching the Capitol as the Senate was certifying Joe Biden’s Presidential Election victory on Jan. “SCHAFFER was among the first six individuals to push past the damaged doors and into the building, forcing the officers to retreat. I make this statement knowingly and voluntarily and because I am in fact guilty of the crime to which I am pleading guilty.”Read the full Statement of Offense here.Schaffer is currently facing up to 30 years in prison for the nine minutes he spent inside the Capitol Building. “The Statement of Offense is a summary made for the purpose of providing the Court with a factual basis for my guilty plea,” Schaffer admits. SCHAFFER admits that his belief that the Electoral College results were fraudulent is not a legal justification for unlawfully entering the Capitol building and using intimidation to influence, stop, or delay the Congressional proceeding.”Schaffer’s Statement of Offense concludes with a Defendant’s Acceptance — a written admission of guilt concerning the details documented within. 6. Graham HartmannPublished: May 12, 2021Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer recently pleaded guilty to two charges related to the Capitol riot earlier this year. “It does not include all of the facts known to me regarding these offenses. As the mob swelled inside, and officers were being assaulted, SCHAFFER and other members of the mob continued to advance while aggressively gesturing toward a row of five to six backpedaling officers trying to maintain a security line in front of them.”The statement goes on to document Schaffer being pepper sprayed by Capitol Police. “The officers' effort quickly failed as SCHAFFER and the rest of the mob overwhelmed the officers, who ultimately deployed a chemical irritant to disperse the mob. Though originally charged with six separate crimes, Schaffer entered into a plea deal with authorities, admitting guilt on two charges — Obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress and Trespassing on restricted grounds of the Capitol while armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon.Schaffer’s full Statement of Offense, which was signed by Schaffer and his lawyer in mid-April, lays out the details of the guitarist’s unlawful entry into the Capitol.“At approximately 2:40 p.m., as legislators and their staff were being evacuated to secure locations, SCHAFFER – still wearing his Oath Keepers hat and tactical vest, and still carrying on his person bear spray – positioned himself at the front of a large mob that broke open the Capitol building doors being guarded by four Capitol Police officers wearing riot gear,” the statement reads. SCHAFFER was among those who were sprayed in the face by the irritant. He thereafter exited the building, with his unholstered bear spray now in hand, through the same doors that he had entered through approximately nine minutes earlier.”“SCHAFFER unlawfully entered the building with the purpose of influencing, affecting, and retaliating against the conduct of government by stopping or delaying the Congressional proceeding by intimidation or coercion. He was released on bail and is awaiting sentencing. The attack on the Capitol resulted in five deaths, assaults on nearly 140 police officers and the evacuation of Congress.10 of Rock + Metal's Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theories
Source: Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer Was Pepper-Sprayed by Capitol Police, Spent Nine Minutes Inside Building
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Chad ChildersPublished: May 12, 2021Karl Walter / Michael Buckner / Bruno Vincent, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFor metal fans, here we are again! Fela Kuti was an early leader in fan voting and finished second overall in the fan vote, but was left out this year. They need to stop taking Prozac and start drinking fucking beer.”The Rock Hall's consideration of Maiden was already fairly self evident as one of metal's pioneering acts had been eligible since 2005, but only this year received their first nomination to potentially be included in the Rock Hall class. Iconic guitarist Randy Rhoads, best known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne, is being saluted this year with the Musical Excellence Award, so at least there will be some metal representation.Foo Fighters represent the hard rock side and Todd Rundgren, in addition to his solo career, has produced a number of great rock records from Alice Cooper, the New York Dolls, Bad Religion, Meat Loaf and more. Rage Against the Machine and New York Dolls were also among the acts still waiting to hear their name called.Others left out after being on the initial voting ballot for 2021 include Mary J. I actually think the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is an utter and complete load of bollocks, to be honest with you. It’s run by a bunch of sanctimonious bloody Americans who wouldn’t know rock ’n’ roll if it hit them in the face. Blige, Kate Bush, Devo, Chaka Khan, Fela Kuti and Dionne Warwick. But still there's work to be done, especially when it comes to the metal representation in the Rock Hall.The 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place Oct. Meanwhile, Iron Maiden, like Judas Priest before them, found their name included on the fan ballot, but they too were left out.Even before the band was announced for the 2021 ballot, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson shared his feelings concerning the Rock Hall's voting tastes during a 2018 fan Q&A. They'll join Tina Turner, The Go-Go's, Carole King and Jay-Z in this year's induction class. LL Cool J, who was also on the ballot, wasn't among the six names for the induction class, but he is still going in the Rock Hall this year as an honoree for the Music Excellence Award.As with recent years, the fan voted ballot hasn't reflected the final outcome. Earlier this year, Paul Stanley, whose band KISS also was long overlooked by the Rock Hall until finally being inducted in 2014, shared his thoughts on the matter, stating, "Regardless of whether it matters to them, Maiden not being in the Rock Hall is INSANITY."For Rage Against the Machine, it's also a bit of a head scratcher that they've now been twice overlooked despite having such a major impact and influence on the heavier rock sounds of the late '90s and early 2000s. And as punk pioneers, the New York Dolls are certainly deserving with some of their peers from that scene and period already in.While there are bands certainly deserving of being in who aren't there, there's still plenty to celebrate at this year's induction — even for metal fans. But Iron Maiden are just one of the acts who ultimately did not make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when the final induction class was announced Wednesday (May 12). 30 in Cleveland, Ohio at 8PM ET at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and a radio simulcast will be available on SiriusXM. The ceremony will also air on HBO and will be available to stream through HBO Max at a later date.31 Hard Rock + Metal Acts Who Deserve to Be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Source: Iron Maiden, Rage Against the Machine, New York Dolls Snubbed for 2021 Rock Hall
Filed Under: Iron Maiden, New York Dolls, rage against the machine, rock and roll hall of fameCategories: News Iron Maiden have been left out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, following a year in which Judas Priest were left out of the Rock Hall for the second time. When one fan asked if he thought Maiden should be in, Dickinson stated, "Absolutely.

Anger snare. It's enough to make any Metallica lover wake up in a cold sweat.Indeed, consternation surrounding the snare lives on.But last year, St. Listeners can hear their work (it resides somewhere in the grind- and deathcore vein) at"Sleep Paralysis but the Demon Is the Snare From St. Anger’ Snare Is Metalhead’s Sleep Paralysis Demon on TikTok
Filed Under: Metallica, tiktokCategories: News Anger as their sleep paralysis demon.It's an amusing thought, isn't it? Anger's blunt snare sound has been debated among Metallica fans since the album emerged in 2003. The frightened musician hides under the covers as the drum levitates from its stand, the sound and terror heightening. Anger producer Bob Rock said he was "fine with that [sound]," detailing how studio experimentation led him to suggest to Ulrich the Plexi Ludwig drum responsible for the tone. St. But is the unusual thwack enough to terrorize one's dreams? Apparently so — at least it is for Lee Deane of the U.K. Some listeners still find it questionable; Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich continues to defend it. extreme metal act Raised by Owls, as he portrays in the side-splitting mini-thriller he shared on his band's TikTok account last month.Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.In the clip, Deane gets awoken by a loud thud, eventually revealed to be coming from the St. Anger" TikTok Video10 of Rock + Metal's Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theories
Source: Metallica’s ‘St. Philip TrappPublished: May 12, 2021Blackened / iStockphotoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThere's no sandman coming for the Metallica fan and TikTok creator who recently shared a funny video imagining the snare drum from Metallica's St. As Rock remembered, after testing out the snare, Ulrich declared, "That's the sound."Deane plays drums in Raised by Owls alongside lead vocalist Sam Fowler, bassist Toby Cope and guitarists Mark Bainbridge and Alex LeGrice.

Joseph's Health Amphitheater at LakeviewAug. 11 – Mountain View, Calif. tour for 2021 with Staind, who will be joining them for all dates.The 28-date run will begin in early August in West Palm Beach, Fla., and will end in Dallas toward the end of September. 03 – Burgettstown, Pa. @ DTE Energy Music TheatreSept. 21 – Dallas, Texas @ Dos Equis PavilionSept. 12 – Irvine, Calif. Tour With Staind
Filed Under: Korn, staindCategories: News Louis, Mo. 10 – Raleigh, N.C. 18 – Holmdel, N.J. @ Northwell Health at Jones Beach TheaterAug. @ Ameris Bank AmphitheatreAug. 14 – Phoenix, Ariz. 02 – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio @ Blossom Music CenterSept. 25 – Syracuse, N.Y. In select cities, they'll also be joined by '68 and Fire From the Gods.It's been a while (yes, pun intended) since rock and metal fans have been able to look forward to concerts at all, and your chance to grab tickets for this tour starts with a pre-sale on May 13 at 10am local time. 18 – Austin, Texas @ Germania Insurance AmphitheaterSept. 15 – Albuquerque, N.M. Tickets are available through Live Nation.See the full itinerary below.Korn's latest studio release is 2019's The Nothing, however, frontman Jonathan Davis has confirmed that the band finished writing its follow-up a couple of weeks ago. 08 – Alpharetta, Ga. The general sale starts Friday, May 14 at noon local time. 13 – Camden, N.J. @ Isleta AmphitheaterSept. @ Hollywood Casino AmphitheatreAug. 09 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ USANA AmphitheatreSept. 11 – Bristow, Va. 05 – St. @ Louder Than Life FestivalEvery Ozzfest Lineup, Ranked 
Source: Korn Announce Summer 2021 U.S. @ Ruoff Music CenterAug. @ Shoreline AmphitheatreSept. Who is to say when they'll be able to hit the studio to start recording it now that they're going to be hitting the road — but we're more than okay with that.Right now, live music is the majority of musicians' main priority because of how long they've been deprived from taking the stage.Staind also have new music underway. 06 – Bonner Springs, Kan. Tour With StaindAug. 21 – Mansfield, Mass. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: May 12, 2021Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Tim Mosenfelder, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThis summer is about to get loud — Korn have announced a U.S. 31 – Detroit, Mich. @ Xfinity TheatreAug. 19 – Houston, Texas @ The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by HuntsmanSept. @ Xfinity CenterAug. @ BB&T PavilionAug. 27 – Tinley Park, Ill. @ Ak-Chin PavilionSept. @ The Pavilion at Montage MountainAug. 24 – Darien Center, N.Y. @ St. 20 – Hartford, Conn. @ Azura AmphitheaterSept. @ Darien Lake AmphitheaterAug. @ iTHINK Financial AmphitheatreAug. 07 – Tampa, Fla. 23 – Louisville, Ky. After reuniting in 2019 and playing a handful of shows, vocalist Aaron Lewis just recently confirmed that he believes their new album will be out sometime in 2022 — which will be their first new record since 2011's Staind. Korn Summer 2021 U.S. 05 – West Palm Beach, Fla. 28 – Noblesville, Ind. @ PNC Bank Arts CenterAug. @ MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the Florida State FairgroundsAug. @ Hollywood Casino AmphitheatreSept. @ Jiffy Lube LiveAug. @ FivePoint AmphitheatreSept. 14 – Scranton, Pa. @ The Pavilion at Star LakeSept. 17 – Wantagh, N.Y. @ Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut CreekAug.

"Somewhere I Sadly Belong"06. In order to bring our complete vision to life we were extremely honored to host Ashmedi Melechesh, who is the original source of extreme metal in the Middle East, who really brought to the song the spirit we were looking for," Dolev continued.Watch the music video and read the lyrics for "Somewhere I Sadly Belong" further down the page.Mountain Fever, the latest album by Subterranean Masquerade, will be released on May 14. The song is dedicated to all people in refuge and exile. "For The Leader, With Strings Music"10. Even amid these more uplifting elements, the lyric, "Are we going to make it?" sung as a gospel choir, leaves the most poignant impact as citizens of the world look to escape the clutches of cruelty and pursue individual freedom."It's about roots, identity, love, guilt, trauma, immigration and wars. "Ascend"08. Are we going to make it? The record was recorded in Golan Heights, Israel with engineer David Castillo, mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios and mastered by Tony Lindgren. "Diasporea, My Love"03. It's about history, but also about history in the making. Get your copy of 'Mountain Fever' here.Subterranean Masquerade, "Somewhere I Sadly Belong" LyricsLook at where my feet got me now!Not a single word on this piece of paperI cannot! "Mångata"14 Rock + Metal Artists That Give Back 
Source: Israel’s Subterranean Masquerade Dedicate ‘Somewhere I Sadly Belong’ to Refugees, Melechesh Leader Guests
Categories: News Joe DiVitaPublished: May 12, 2021Yalon SchoriShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIsraeli prog metal group Subterranean Masquerade have dedicated their latest Mountain Fever single, "Somewhere I Sadly Belong," to anyone in the world currently in refuge and exile. "Snake Charmer"02. close my eyes any longer,Always waking up at some last station -Somewhere I sadly belong.A refugeewhere mountains kiss the seaAm I my sister’s keeper?Have I a brighter hairto keep a future brighter?Exile is where the heart issomewhere I sadly belong,Someplace I always come back toIdentityDeconstruction of the family treeWhat is a last name anyway?!Are we going to make it?Are we going to make it?The apple and its coreAm I my parents’ war?Jerusalems of goldyet all I see is crimsonHow can you talk of peace?!You know this damn abysswas a flat surfacebefore you built your walls around it.You know this barren landis full of stillborn soldiersGives hope to stillborn daughterssomewhere I sadly belongsomeplace I always come back toWhat is a last name anyway?!Are we going to make it?Are we going to make it?Subterranean Masquerade, "Somewhere I Sadly Belong" Music VideoSubterranean Masquerade, Mountain Fever Album Art + Track ListingSensory Records01. The band navigates some surprising instrumental turns, flipping the switch between aggression and whimsy. I would also like to dedicate it to my grandmother. We used sign language in the chorus of the video to symbolize the deafness of our society toward those who are in need," reflected lead vocalist Davidavi Dolev.Musically, "Somewhere I Sadly Belong" meshes elements of classic prog rock with Middle-Eastern melodies and folk touches. Artwork and the layout was handled by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight 13 Media.Additional guests include drums from Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land), bouzouki and lead guitars on "Mångata" by Idan Amsalem (Orphaned Land), as well as the aforementioned Melechesh and Hole on "Somewhere I Sadly Belong."Follow Subterranean Masquerade on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Bandcamp. "Mountain Fever"04. The song, premiering here at Loudwire, also features guest appearance's from Melechesh vocalist/guitarist Ashmedi Melechech and gospel choir vocals by British singer Jackie Hole."This one is extremely dear to us and might be one of the most personal songs on the album. "The Stillnox Oratory"07. "Ya Shema Evyonecha"09. "Inwards"05.

Artists who were nominated but were not selected for induction include Iron Maiden, Rage Against the Machine, New York Dolls, Fela Kuti, Mary J. LL Cool J and legendary session keyboardist Billy Preston (the Beatles / the Rolling Stones / Little Richard) will also receive the Musical Excellence Award.The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2021 will include Foo Fighters, The Go-Go's, JAY-Z, Carole King, Todd Rundgren and Tina Tuner. The ceremony will also air on HBO and will be available to stream through HBO Max at a later date.”33
Source: Randy Rhoads to Receive Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ‘Musical Excellence’ Award
Filed Under: randy rhoads, rock and roll hall of fameCategories: News 30 in Cleveland, Ohio at 8PM ET at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and a radio simulcast will be available on SiriusXM. The category, meant to recognize largely uncredited musicians, was transformed into the Musical Excellence Award, which is “given to artists, musicians, songwriters and producers whose originality and influence creating music have had a dramatic impact on music.”The vague award has been given to Ringo Starr, the E Street Band, Hal Blaine and others.When an artist is considered to be a solo act, their backing band is not eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with them. Blige, Dionne Warwick, Devo, Kate Bush and Chaka Khan.The 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place Oct. Thus, if Ozzy Osbourne was inducted for his solo career, Randy Rhoads would not be enshrined with him unless the Rock Hall made a special exception.Randy Rhoads will be posthumously awarded as a part of the Rock Hall’s 2021 ceremony. Graham HartmannPublished: May 12, 2021Fin Costello/RedfernsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLegendary Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoads has been selected to receive the Musical Excellence Award by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.In 2000, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame added a ‘Sidemen’ category to their institution.