I really think Nick's fans will enjoy this journey through his life."Menza played in the groups Rhoads and Cold Fire prior to joining Megadeth in 1989. In the interim, you can watch a sizzle reel teasing the documentary below.Nick Menza, This Was My Life Sizzle ReelBest Thrash Album of Each Year Since 1983
Source: Family Authorized Nick Menza Documentary in the Works
Filed Under: Megadeth, Nick MenzaCategories: News This Was My Life is currently in the works from Screaming Butterfly Entertainment.In a new sizzle reel promoting the upcoming film, Executive producer Holly Mollohan says the film is "an unflinching exploration into the life of one of the most successful thrash-metal drummers of all time, authorized by the Menza family. Nick loved his fans and always said, without the fans none this would be possible. His story has also been addressed in the 2018 autobiography "Megalife: The Autobiography of Nick Menza."Menza's longtime manager, Robert Bolger, says of the documentary, "I am very excited to be working with Screaming Butterfly Entertainment on Nick's official documentary. There's a lot of published misinformation out there about Nick that isn't true and I am very happy to bring the truth forth. From his childhood all the way through to the end of his life including a true blow-by-blow account of the repeated failed attempts of the classic Rust In Peace lineup.""This Was My Life will also feature rare and never before seen photos and video footage from Nick's personal archived VHS tape collection, personally filmed by Nick Menza himself from 1988 through 1991 – Featuring exclusive content showcasing Nick working at the studio, personal home movies, casual time and party time with his fellow band members, as well as other well-known bands of the era that Nick toured with," continues the film description.Menza died on May 21, 2016, suffering a heart attack while onstage performing with his group OHM during an appearance at the Baked Potato in Studio City, California. Chad ChildersPublished: November 30, 2020Photo By: Melina DellamarggioShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLate drummer Nick Menza, best known for his time in Megadeth, will be the subject of a new documentary based upon his life. He remained with the group through 1998 and returned briefly in 2004.Release details on the film will be announced shortly.

Produced by Jacob Hellner, the album showcased the now-legendary band in its early stages, when singer Till Lindemann was unsure of his craft and internal struggles slowly deteriorated the Herzeleid sessions.We recently spoke with Hellner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Herzeleid. 4. Till is the talented language man,” Hellner recalls. “I liked the music, I liked that it was in German,” Hellner says. “[It’s] what I call the never-ending Rammstein conference,” the producer explains. [The instrumental section of Rammstein] felt left outside of the process, which was probably true, because I said, ‘Listen, if I’m gonna do these vocals, we can’t have five or six other guys in the control room breathing down my neck.’ They agreed to let me do it, but they were really weary about all of this.”Hellner also describes the democratic nature of Rammstein. To this day, Rammstein still discuss all aspects of their band with all six members present. Okay, I’m in.’”“Things that made the first album very complicated was the fact that I didn’t speak German and they didn’t speak English, except for Till. During our chat, the producer revealed his first impressions of Rammstein as a listener and in the studio. “Till was different… not so good, but different. (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases)The Real Story of Rammstein's Debut AlbumTop 50 Hard Rock + Metal Debut Albums
Source: The Real Story of Rammstein’s Debut Album
Filed Under: RammsteinCategories: Exclusive, News When I saw them live, I was like, ‘Ah ha! Out of tune and insecure, but different. “We had a good pre-production, we had a good beginning of the production, but then things started to deteriorate. To pre-order the record, click here. The new edition features an HD remaster of the full album for the first time ever. Graham HartmannPublished: November 30, 2020MotorShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIn September 1995, Rammstein revealed their debut studio album, Herzeleid. “They talk constantly within themselves about what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, what is right for them, what is wrong for them… they can talk about a guitar riff for days, they can talk about a synth sound for days.”Watch the full story of Rammstein's debut album below.Rammstein will release the 25th anniversary edition of Herzeleid on Dec.

A tattoo on the masked singer ended up matching one of Edsel Dope’s tattoos, revealing the Dope frontman as the new Static-X frontman.When asked by the SDR Show is Static-X is still keeping Xer0’s identity a secret though “everyone knows” who the frontman is, Campos responded, “Yeah, but I still like to keep that distinction, ‘cause, again, I’m trying to keep the focus [on remembering Wayne].”Campos also said Static-X’s current singer wasn’t the only option the band considered. "But I think once people heard our story and heard that Wayne's family had given us their blessing to do what we were doing, and then once they actually saw it, I think that was the big turning point. 2, following up their successful Vol. 1 release from 2020.13 Musicians Who Have (Or Had) Hidden Identities
Source: Static-X Will Not Reveal Xer0’s Identity, Even Though Fans Know Who He Is
Filed Under: Static X, XeroCategories: News In a new interview, however, bassist Tony Campos reaffirms that although everyone knows who’s behind the mask, it’s important to maintain Xer0’s mystique.In 2019, a photographer managed to snag an image of Xer0’s neck. "I had a few ideas in my head, but he was the first to come up and actually demonstrate that he could do the job. Graham HartmannPublished: November 30, 2020TAG PublicityShare on FacebookShare on TwitterStatic-X have enjoyed a successful comeback with their new frontman Xer0, who hides his identity with a Wayne Static mask. Once people came out and experienced the show and saw what we were doing, I think it made most of those people turn around." [via Blabbermouth]Static-X are currently working on Project Regeneration Vol. So I was, like, 'I don't think I need to look any further.' [Laughs]""It was definitely a talking point, for sure," Campos said of initial negativity to Xer0 on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Poppy foreshadowed a surge in rock's penetration of pop music as she did the inverse and transitioned away from futuristic bubblegum pop and into genre-warping metal territory with I Disagree.Then came a jarring disruption to every day life, prompting a sort of holding pattern as bands kept their eyes on the growing pandemic. It was a year we mostly had to go without live music and for all the pain and hardship, it was still a rewarding one as far as the 70 Best Rock + Metal Albums of 2020 goes.For a lot of us, anything that happened before the stay-at-home orders were issued in response to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic seems like a completely different lifetime, nevermind events that transpired in this very year. Joe DiVitaRabab Al-SharifChad ChildersGraham HartmannLauryn SchaffnerJake RichardsonPublished: November 30, 2020Columbia / Roadrunner / BMG / Reprise / Nuclear Blast / Sumerian Records / Epic / eOneShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe year of 2020 is coming to a close, and it's one that will live in infamy for our remaining years. Some artists held their new releases indefinitely, while others delayed their records either as a result of supply chain issues pertaining to distribution or just preferring to wait out the situation a bit longer.When it became apparent we'd be resigned to living amid the pandemic as best and safely as possible, a stream of releases poured out, rewarding fans who need new music now more than ever.It's been a crazy year, one that feels like an eternity, and one that can be difficult to recollect in full as so many major events outside of music have taken place. In the pre-lockdown era, we got Ordinary Man, the first new album from Ozzy Osbourne in a decade. So, this year, we present to you the Best Rock + Metal Albums of the year in chronological order.Contributions by Rabab Al-Sharif, Chad Childers, Joe DiVita, Graham Hartmann, Jake Richardson and Lauryn Schaffner.2020's Best Rock + Metal Albums
Source: The 70 Best Rock + Metal Albums of 2020
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29) that's captioned, "Challenge Accepted."In the clip, Moody explains how he came to be aware of his former bandmates' collab. And the quote I heard was — and forgive me if I'm wrong on this — was that someone said the sex appeal has left Five Finger Death Punch. Philip TrappPublished: November 30, 2020Photo by WombatShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFormer Five Finger Death Punch members Jeremy Spencer and Jason Hook recently collaborated on an EP of cover songs, and FFDP singer Ivan Moody has taken the partnership as a challenge. And it read: 'Jason Hook joins forces with Jeremy Spencer.'"Moody continues, "Now, I could take this one of two ways. He also talks about it sharpening his focus for Five Finger Death Punch's next effort.The team-up he responded to is a collection of cover tunes, Songs To Stalk You By, released last week (Nov. But while the frontman encourages Spencer and Hook to "write the greatest fucking album you can muster," he also says, "Challenge accepted. I'll be your huckleberry. And I got, like, a hundred different news feeds. There's no indication that Hook has joined Psychosexual permanently or that the pair of former Death Punchers plan on recording an album of original material together.Spencer stepped down as Five Finger Death Punch's drummer back in December 2018. Hook, the guitarist whose exit from the band was shrouded in mystery for a portion of this year, was officially confirmed by the group to no longer be an active band member last month.See Five Finger Death Punch in the 66 Best Hard Rock Songs of the 21st Century
Source: Ivan Moody Mistakes Ex-Five Finger Death Punch Members’ Collab for ‘Challenge’
Filed Under: Five Finger Death Punch, ivan moody, jason hook, Jeremy SpencerCategories: News Sound familiar?"The singer did congratulate the pair as he explained that they had been looking to collaborate in the past on something else. At least that's what one would glean from the vocalist's video from Sunday (Nov. I could take this as a spit in the face, saying that you're going to do bigger and better. Because as of today, I am personally gonna make sure that this new Death Punch album is like nothing you've ever fucking heard before."Moody's reaction presupposed quite a bit. And they all read something… I thought it was a joke at first, but it's very real. (The drummer fronts the outfit under a persona known as "Devil Daddy.") On the new six-song EP, Hook contributes guitar solos to a pair of tracks.The collaboration was enough to grab Moody's attention. 27) by Spencer's post-FFDP outfit Psychosexual. Watch his response down toward the bottom of this post."As I'm driving home, my phone kept blowing up," the singer says in the video. "So I pulled over to check it.

20 in Tampa, Florida.Corey Taylor Speaks About Bad CandyBad Candy TrailerSee Corey Taylor in the Jobs 26 Rock + Metal Musicians Had Before They Were Famous
Source: Corey Taylor Featured in Horror Anthology ‘Bad Candy’
Filed Under: corey taylorCategories: News The movie, written and directed by Scott Hansen and Desiree Connell, also stars Zach Galligan, best known as the star of the '80s film Gremlins.In a chat with FirstGlance Film Festivals (seen below), Taylor shared a little bit more about Bad Candy. We were there for two full days really kind of mapping out and filming everything. I'm totally down.'"Taylor has shown his love of horror films in the past previously being cast in Fear Clinic opposite horror icon Robert Englund and appearing prominently in the horror documentary In Search of Darkness. And they asked if I wanted to be a part of it, and I was, like, 'Yeah, of course. "It's basically re-enactments of the stories that I'm actually telling on the radio, for the most part. "It's a pretty cool little horror movie that has a linear story going through it, but it's really kind of made up of different short stories — almost like a Creepshow kind of format, which is pretty cool," explained Taylor. And we just rolled with it, man. He also recently shot his scenes for another horror film titled Rucker. During the chat, Taylor reveals the one thing he's still waiting for from his horror film experiences is the opportunity to be "killed" on screen.As for Bad Candy, Taylor shared his fondness of working with Galligan. The pay-per-view event will take place on Dec. "I was a big fan of his work when I was growing up, and getting to work with him and meet him, he's just such a cool dude that it just made it easy. It was a small-budget film done by some people who knew my manager, and who had worked with him before. Chad ChildersPublished: November 30, 2020Roadrunner RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSlipknot frontman Corey Taylor is starting to rack up some credits on his acting resume, having recently landed a key role in the horror anthology film Bad Candy.In the movie, Taylor stars as Chilly Billy, the host of a Halloween radio show sharing the stories of supernatural tales from years gone by with each of the segments then portrayed throughout the film. We just had as much fun as we could, just making fun of each other."In other Corey Taylor news, the singer's "HWY 666" has landed a prime placement, being tapped as the theme song for the WWE's upcoming Tables, Ladders and Chairs event.

A sexually explicit music video accompanied the Liebe Ist Für Alle Da track, which put Rammstein back in the crosshairs of controversy once more.On the original version, Rammstein teeter between a subdued, tension-driving verse and pounding, synth-accented, anthemic chorus with some of Till Lindemann's most memorable and juvenile lyrics. Joe DiVitaPublished: November 30, 2020Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterA demo version of Rammstein's popular 2009 track "Pussy" has surfaced and it is nothing like the song you're used to hearing and have probably sung along to countless times. With the band already back in the studio, fans are hoping they won't have to endure another 10-year wait for new music.Rammstein, "Pussy" (Demo Version)See Rammstein in 50 Disturbing Songs That People Love 
Source: Rammstein English ‘P–sy’ Demo Surfaces, Sounds Nothing Like Original
Filed Under: RammsteinCategories: News 1 single in their home country. Overall, the singer's words are split between German and English, affording non-German speakers a rare opportunity to sing along without having to memorize parts of a different language.This decade-old ode to genitalia sounded vastly different in its original incarnation, first dubbed "Panterra Pussy," which can be heard directly below. And that's not just because this demo features lyrics entirely in English.The song, when first released in 2009, was the first new piece of music to be issued by the German industrial legends in three years and became the band's first No. The demo lacks the bombastic industrial romp Rammstein have perfected over their 25-year, but perhaps that's down to the production quality rather than songwriting intent.What's peculiar here is that the instrumentation later materialized as "Gib Mir Deine Augen," which was part of the "Meine Herz Brent" single that came out in 2012 as part of the Made in Germany compilation. On the demo, Lindemann adopts a softer, more hushed vocal style over his usual imposing bellow and it shows how drastic of a transformation the song underwent in the writing process.Listen to the demo version of Rammstein's "Pussy" below.Liebe Ist Für Alle Da was Rammstein's last record before they made their comeback with their self-titled release last year.

[Laughs] Somebody had to do it. It's actually quite interesting."Earlier this year, Loudwire analyzed 15 acts that could be considered pioneers to the thrash metal sound, with Anvil among those included. I'm two or three years older than those guys. What else am I gonna say? Check out more of Lips' chat with That Metal Interview below and see our list of 15 Bands Considered Pioneers of Thrash Metal below that.Hear Anvil's Steve "Lips" Kudlow on That Metal Interview15 Bands Considered Pioneers of Thrash Metal
Source: Anvil’s Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow Claims Band Originated Speed/Thrash Metal
Filed Under: AnvilCategories: News People never heard that done before, and that's an innovation that's created between a guitar player and a drummer."He further explained, "Only a combination of that could do that — not a guitar player and a vocalist, but a guitar player and a drummer. End of story. That's the stuff that everything — Slayer listened to that and said, 'Okay, let's make a band around that sound.' The syncopation and the ideas that were expressed in songs like 'Jackhammer' or even 'March of the Crabs' became Metallica. So some of our stuff like '666' is almost void of melody, but that's the style. I was in line first. Chad ChildersPublished: November 29, 2020SPV / SteamhammerShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhile the "Big 4" gets a lot of credit for the advancement of thrash metal, especially in the U.S., would any of those acts be considered the originators of the style? And let's face it, it's a different kind of situation."He then elaborated, "Our drummer, Robb Reiner, is a very, very spectacular, special drummer and inventive and innovative. That's who's gonna create that kind of music, because the faster you play and the more parts you put in, the less important vocals are, and that's basically the direction which speed metal took, and that's why there's virtually no melody in speed metal, because you can't — there's no time to create a melody in the spaces that you make in the songs. So it all goes hand in hand. In a new chat with The Metal Interview (heard below), Anvil singer Steve "Lips" Kudlow claims his band created that sound and style first.When initially asked about laying claim as an originator, Kudlow responded, "We're older. So when I came up with speed riffs that I thought were like Deep Purple and he's playing double-bass drums to these kind of riffs, that was the invention of speed metal.

According to Boone, Manson's role and music were both excised from the upcoming series due to budgetary concerns. The show was made on a very tight budget and some of the dreams we had went to the wayside. After a decade of collaborating with Tyler Bates, he kept the creative uptick in his career going by pairing with producer Shooter Jennings on the cinematic-sounding We Are Chaos album.But late in the year, allegations against Manson surfaced when actress Evan Rachel Wood publicly commented on a past abusive relationship. 17.Musically it was a good year for Manson. It premieres on CBS All Access Thursday, Dec. Manson's team has since commented calling the accusations rumors.See Marilyn Manson in 57 Rock + Metal Bands Who Changed Names Before Getting Famous
Source: Marilyn Manson Role Cut From CBS All Access Version of ‘The Stand’
Filed Under: Marilyn MansonCategories: News It turns out that Manson had been cast in the role of "The Kid," who makes a brief but memorable appearance within the book. When Manson wasn't able to make it work schedule-wise, the storyline was ultimately excised and never shot, which is for the best, as no one could have slayed that role like Manson would have. He and the great Shooter Jennings even recorded a killer cover of The Doors song, 'The End,' that ultimately proved too expensive to use. His main purpose of The Kid in the book is to drive Trashcan Man to Las Vegas, the home base of Randall Flagg's disciples."We thought we were going to be able to restore the character of The Kid, but there really isn’t a lot of reason for The Kid to exist," show runner Benjamin Cavell previously told EW.The Stand series stars James Marsden, Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgard, Odessa Young, Amber Heard, Heather Graham, Greg Kinnear, Daniel Sunjata, Eion Bailey, Nat Wolff and more. Hope to work with him in the future."In the book, The Kid is a psychopath who drives a classic hot rod and loves his Coors beer. But a tight budget forced some creative decisions that left "The Kid" out of this adaptation.Explaining how Manson's role and participation ended up getting cut from the series, Boone explained, “Just to clarify, Marilyn Manson and I had long-discussed him taking on the role of The Kid in The Stand. Though she didn’t call out Manson by name, backlash followed when people traced the timeline to the period when the pair dated. But according to one of the series directors, Manson nor his cover will appear in the upcoming series.Director Josh Boone spoke with EW.com after rumors began to circulate that Manson's presumed participation appeared to be in doubt. The Kid was another casualty. Chad ChildersPublished: November 29, 2020David Wolff, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLast year it was revealed that Marilyn Manson was planning to appear in an updated adaptation of the Stephen King novel The Stand and that he also recorded a cover of The Doors' "The End" for the CBS All Access limited series.

See those dates here.These 40 Smiling Rock Stars Will Make Your Day 
Source: You Can Pay to Spend a Night in Ozzy Osbourne’s Childhood Bedroom
Filed Under: Ozzy OsbourneCategories: News It’s so tiny, I’m going, 'How the hell did we do this?'Sharing another anecdote from his childhood, Osbourne recalled an emotionally cold and distant life. But that house was me, my mum and dad and my five sisters and brothers – eight of us in this house. When asked if he was able to tell his parents that he loved them, the singer replied, "No, never. When you’re little everything seems massive. He then exclaimed, "The fucking house weren’t [sic] worth £300!""They must be doing an expensive extension on the bathroom," he quipped before noting, "I tell you what was really weird: I went back to that house many years after I left. Joe DiVitaPublished: November 28, 2020Larry Busacca, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOzzy Osbourne was recently bestowed with a 'Man of the Year — Lifetime Achievement' award by GQ magazine. That wasn’t a thing you did in our house. Even now I say to my older sister that I love her and she won’t say she loves me back. After eventually sobering up, the vicar told Osbourne he must've contracted the flu while visiting his home because he had hallucinated for three days.Read the full interview with GQ here.Bogged down by numerous health issues in recent years, Osbourne had been forced to postpone multiple legs of his ongoing farewell tour. If I’d told my sister I loved her I’d have had the piss taken out of me. When I was a kid it was a sign of weakness to tell your parents that you loved them."Elsewhere in the interview, Osbourne recollected the time a vicar visited his home and mistakenly ate a piece of potent hash cake, which left him an a sort of incapacitated and severely stoned state. In the wide-ranging interview, the Prince of Darkness confirmed the person currently occupying his childhood family home charges money for people to sleep in his old bedroom.It's the ultimate one-night stay for any Black Sabbath and Ozzy mega fan — a wholly unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the everyday life of the pre-fame singer in the two-bedroom home located at 14 Lodge Road in Aston, a ward in Birmingham, England.Looking back on his early life, Osbourne admitted it is now difficult to wrap his head around how a family of eight managed to occupy a relatively small dwelling and also made a joke about how much it costs to stay in his old room."He charges £400 a night," the legendary metal singer told GQ when pressed about the alleged for-rent room. The pandemic has pushed retirement even further back and the Prince of Darkness is now aiming to return to the road in 2022 on a European tour. My parents never told me they loved me.

Joe DiVitaPublished: November 28, 2020funko.com / Matt Stasi, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAt the start of the year, it was announced that three Slipknot figures would be added to Funko's popular line of "Pop! What's even more exciting is that the band may release a new album next year, per Corey Taylor.Despite Slipknot totaling nine members, and more if you were to count past members, only three figures — Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson and Craig Jones — have been announced. Obviously, with such a high rotation of outfits and masks over the course of Slipknot's two-decade reign as one of metal's biggest bands, there's plenty of variants Funko could have elected to go with.As seen in Funko's social media post below, Taylor, Wilson and Jones are depicted in their most current state as seen on the We Are Not Your Kind album cycle. As Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases.Though 2020 has been a disruptive year for artists across the globe, it's been a productive one for Taylor and Slipknot. Source: Three Slipknot Funko Figures Coming in 2021 + Maybe a New Album
Filed Under: SlipknotCategories: News I don't know what the plan is yet. But I know that we were talking about doing it because we only have one album left on our contract [with our record label]."78 Rock + Metal Artists Turned Into Funko Pop! The singer released CMFT, his debut solo album, earlier this year and Slipknot percussionist Clown revealed Slipknot have been writing new music."The plan right now with Slipknot is to try and a) finish up the touring next year, and b) we're thinking about kind of putting another album out maybe next year," Taylor said (transcription via Blabbermouth) as a guest on the "Good Company" podcast with Scott Bowling.Fans shouldn't marry themselves to the idea of a 2021 record, however.Taylor cautioned, "But I don't know. Rocks" vinyl collectibles. FiguresAs Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases. They were originally expected to see an August release and, now, pre-orders are available with the product set to ship in early 2021. I just know that we all kind of feel like there's unfinished business and we want to finish that out before we do anything. The one exception here is that Jones is wearing a blue, zip-up jumpsuit, a color which was not seen on the tour in support of the 2019 record.Pre-order the Corey Taylor figure here, the Craig Jones figure here and the Sid Wilson figure here.

Graham HartmannPublished: November 27, 2020YouTube: System of a DownShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe music video for System of a Down’s legendary breakout single “Chop Suey!” has just hit one billion views on YouTube. Congratulations to System of a Down for reaching the incredible milestone. I didn’t think it was gonna be so huge, but at the time I thought it was good. (Official Video)See 'Chop Suey!' in the 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
Source: System of a Down’s ‘Chop Suey!’ Hits One Billion Views on YouTube
Filed Under: system of a downCategories: News I don’t know where we were, probably [driving] to the next gig, and it all came to me just hanging out in the back of the RV playing my acoustic guitar."He continued, “I can always feel when I write something good and I can always tell when I write something that needs a little work. 1 on the Billboard 200, going on to be certified triple platinum by the RIAA."I remember when I wrote ‘Chop Suey!’ we didn’t even have a tour bus yet,” Malakian recalled during an interview with Loudwire. Its middle-eastern tonality and wild pacing immediately stood out from ‘90s and early 2000s nu-metal favorites, allowing System to solidify their identity as an avant-garde band, rather than just another angst-ridden clone act."All of a sudden I’m walking in the mall, and there are people who recognize me and know who the hell I am through the video asking for pictures, asking for autographs,” Malakian recalled. I didn’t know that. “We were still in an RV and I was playing my acoustic guitar in back of the RV where there was a bed. Becoming one of the most bizarre acts to garner universal acclaim, Toxicity hit No. Watch the video for “Chop Suey!” below.System Of A Down – Chop Suey! I never write on the road. We were smart about it, we made it something cool.”System of a Down's Shavo Odadjian: Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?At the end of the 2010s, “Chop Suey!” was the eighth-most watched music video on YouTube from the 2000s, accumulating more views (at the time) than Linkin Park’s “In the End” and 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” As of 2020, “Chop Suey!” has been certified gold or platinum in at least four countries.By any metric, “Chop Suey!” is one of the 21st century’s definitive singles across all genres and one of the greatest metal songs of all time. “I was a big famous rock star, yet I was still living with my parents."According to bassist Shavo Odadjian, “Chop Suey!” was originally title “Suicide,” the name was changed following a discussion with System’s record label. “We had to pick and choose our battles — we couldn’t battle everything. No. That’s one of the few, very few songs that I wrote while I was on the road, I remember writing the song when the RV was on the highway. I didn’t know that it was gonna be our first [hit] single. I was a fan of it."“Chop Suey!” — released Aug. 13, 2001 — was the first single from Toxicity. “‘Chop Suey!’ is ‘suicide’ chopped in half,” Odadjian told Loudwire. I thought it was really good, but did I think it was going to turn into this huge song that was gonna get on MTV and become a huge hit for System of a Down? The milestone comes only months before the iconic song marks its 20th anniversary.Having recruited a cult following with their debut self-titled album, System of a Down were poised to become the next great cult band in the vein of Frank Zappa or Primus, but with the release of 2001’s Toxicity, the Armenian-American band blew apart those expectations and attracted monumental mainstream success.

Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: November 26, 2020NurPhoto via Getty Images / Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Alex Kluft, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLet's get one thing out of the way — 2020 sucked. Rock pioneers such as Little Richard and Charlie Daniels died in the midst of it. And the music and live entertainment industries felt that impact hard.After March, all major tours were canceled. Albums were put on hold. "Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain."These 40 Smiling Rock Stars Will Make Your Day
Source: 12 Huge Things That Didn’t Suck About 2020
Categories: News The outpouring of love and support in times of mourning, the fundraisers for live industry workers and the communal Zoom sessions were all heartwarming in times that felt ice cold.Though there were times where it seemed like nothing could get any damn worse, there were certainly a couple of highlights that are worth noting. Quiet Riot's Frankie Banali. People were being laid off left and right because companies couldn't afford to employ them anymore with the future of live music left unclear.Before the pandemic even hit, Neil Peart lost his battle with brain cancer. It was an absolute shit show.We don't have to go into detail about the COVID-19 pandemic, because it's something that has impacted the entire world. Power Trip's Riley Gale. And for the sake of not always remembering 2020 as a bottomless pit of chaos, isolation, depression and loss, we've compiled a list of some of the good things that have come out of this year.Check 'em out below, and remember that the tough times won't last. The almighty Eddie Van Halen, and many more were lost as well.But with each of those atrocities, we saw how tight-knit the rock and metal community can really become.

And then [James] Hetfield had to go away and deal with some of his [substance abuse] issues, and then that opened up this whole thing."The drummer continued, "It was a difficult time with Phil. He did save the fucking band. "We'd been a band for 20 years, and we realized we never had a fucking conversation about how we're feeling, what being in Metallica is doing to everybody. While Towle's approach may have seemed silly at times, Ulrich certainly appears pleased with it now. It was just this fucking machine. In the movie, amid some pronounced intra-band turmoil, the band's management brings the therapist on as a peacemaker thanks to his experience as a "performance enhancement coach."But Towle's presence also makes for some surprising moments in the doc. And, since that time, Metallica's influence has only grown larger.For her part, Bridgers is also beginning to get a taste of mainstream rock stardom. I think you and I wouldn't be sitting here talking to each other if it wasn't for him."Talk about a robust vindication for the band therapist who's likely been the butt of many Metallica fans' jokes upon viewing the film. Not the least of which being one of the all-female selections for the Best Rock Performance category.See Metallica in the 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
Source: Metallica’s Lars Ulrich: ‘Some Kind of Monster’ Therapist Phil Towle Saved the Band
Filed Under: lars ulrich, MetallicaCategories: News "I was like, 'Oh, my God.'"But although that sounds like a possible nightmare scenario between an established rock act and their group counselor, Ulrich stood up for Towle's methods and explained the situation that led them to him."It was a very transitional, experimental time," Ulrich explained. And as easy as a target as he is to make fun of, whenever I get asked about it now, I find myself defending him. The musician grabbed a total of four nominations among Tuesday's (Nov. A particularly obtrusive one was on the mind of singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers when she chatted with Ulrich for Rolling Stone on Nov. 20."One of the craziest things I've ever seen is in the Metallica documentary [Some Kind of Monster], when your therapist [Phil Towle] slides over [and suggests] lyrics," Bridgers said. Philip TrappPublished: November 25, 2020Stephen J. Boitano (Getty) / YouTube: metallivideoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica's Lars Ulrich recently went to bat for Phil Towle, the therapist who memorably mediated between the veteran metal band's members in the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster.In fact, the drummer outright said he saved the group.Metallica fans who've viewed the film probably haven't forgotten Towle's invasive but ultimately helpful role. 24) 2021 rock and metal Grammy nominees.

Coming to stores Spring 2021.”“I don’t think he should kill,” Death Metal artist Greg Capullo recently told Loudwire. He would be on a killing rampage that would never stop. Five issues of Death Metal are currently out, with two more set for release in December and January, respectively.As for Batman’s red axe, the action figure comes with a highly detailed demonic guitar. “Get ready to collect all Death Metal action figures to build The DARKFATHER! He’d make the Punisher look like a pussy. The headstock features a screaming hellspawn almost in the style of a cello. The body of the guitar looks to be depicted as pure metal, with bolts and pipes coming out of the body while a massive scythe bends dangerously close to Batman’s strumming arm.“Your next Build-A Wave sneak peek is here!” McFarlane Toys writes. To celebrate the new Dark Nights: Death Metal comic series, Batman has been molded to shred on an insane metal guitar shaped like a scythe.Musicians like Marilyn Manson, Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath and film composer Tyler Bates have collaborated on the soundtrack for Dark Nights: Death Metal, adding sonic weight to the bizarre and twisted Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo series. [via PRP]The Jobs 26 Rock + Metal Musicians Had Before They Were Famous
Source: Batman ‘Death Metal’ Action Figure Is Coming + It’s F**king Brutal
Filed Under: batmanCategories: News Graham HartmannPublished: November 25, 2020McFarlane ToysShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you’re finally sick of collecting Funko Pops, this new Batman action figure may scratch your itch for inanimate objects. “If Batman ever were to kill, he would be the bloodiest of the bloody. Once he crossed that line, it’s over, and then he becomes exactly what he’s warring against.”Get ready for Batman’s Death Metal action figure to hit stores in spring 2021 and click here to check out the Dark Nights: Death Metal series.

59 on the Billboard 200 upon its debut and featured standouts such as "Sleep Well My Darling" and "Dance of the Dead," the latter of which appeared on a deluxe edition of the record.Loudwire extends our condolences to the Melzer family, Secrets and all who knew Aaron. Aaron's passing came much too soon in his life and in ours. Every day we will remember his presence, his laughter, the joy he could bring to a room, the light he brought with him to the stage, his smiles, his heart and every memory we were able to share with him.For now we ask that you please respect the privacy of the family and loved ones as we take this time to reflect & grieve.We love you Aaron & you will not be forgotten.Aaron ForeverIn early 2015, Secrets announced that work had begun on what would become their third record, Everything That Got Us Here while also revealing that Melzer and the group had parted ways as they welcomed Wade Walters into the lineup, making Fragile Figures the only release to feature Melzer's contributions.Fragile Figures hit No. Joe DiVitaPublished: November 25, 2020Scott Dudelson, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAaron Melzer, former vocalist for southern California post-hardcore band Secrets, has died.As a member of the Secrets between 2013 and 2015, Melzer handled the harsh vocals in relief of original screamer Xander Bourgeois. Words cannot express how devastating and painful this is for all of us to hear and believe.We will miss Aaron every day. He appeared on the second of Secrets' three full length albums, Fragile Figures, and originally joined the band after leaving the local group Author & Finisher.In a statement released on social media, Secrets lamented the death of their former vocalist and remembered him warmly.Today we lost our brother, our friend, and our family with the passing og Aaron Melzer. Rest in peace.Rockers We've Lost in 2020 
Source: Ex-Secrets Vocalist Aaron Melzer Has Died
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Here are are the rock and metal nominees.It should be a solid year for metal with Body Count, Code Orange, In This Moment, Poppy and Power Trip all nominated in the Best Metal Performance category, while the Best Rock Performance nominees include Fiona Apple, Big Thief, Phoebe Bridgers, Haim, Brittany Howard and Grace Potter. 3Dua Lipa / Future NostalgiaPost Malone / Hollywood's BleedingTaylor Swift / FolkloreSong of the Year Beyonce / "Black Parade"Roddy Ricch / "The Box"Taylor Swift / "Cardigan"Post Malone / "Circles"Dua Lipa / "Don't Start Now"Billie Eilish / "Everything I Wanted"H.E.R. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah will host this year's ceremony which will air at 8PM ET / 5PM PT on CBS. 31. You can check out the full list at this location. We've listed some of the key Grammy categories below. / "I Can't Breathe"JP Saxe featuring Julia Michaels / "If the World Was Ending"Best New ArtistIngrid AndressPhoebe BridgersChikaNoah CyrusD SmokeDoja CatKaytranadaMegan Thee StallionBest Spoken Word AlbumFlea / Acid for the Children: A MemoirKen Jennings / Alex Trebek: The Answer IsRachel Maddow / Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia and the Richest Most Destructive Industry on EarthRonan Farrow / Catch and KillMeryl Streep / Charlotte's WebBest Compilation Soundtrack for Visual MediaA Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodBill & Ted Face the MusicEurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire SagaFrozen 2Jojo RabbitBest Music FilmBeastie Boys StoryBlack Is KingWe Are Freestyle Love SupremeLinda Ronstadt: The Song of My VoiceThat Little Ol' Band From TexasBest Album NotesAt the Minstrel Show (Various)The Bakersfield Sound (Various)Dead Man's Pop (The Replacements)The Missing Link (Various)Out of a Clear Blue Sky (Nat Brusiloff)Best Comedy AlbumBlack Mitzvah / Tiffany HaddishI Love Everything / Patton OswaltThe Pale Tourist / Jim GaffiganPaper Tiger / Bill Burr23 Hours to Kill / Jerry SeinfeldMetal Grammys Year by Year: Who Really Should Have Won
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Filed Under: Body Count, Code Orange, grammy awards, in this moment, Poppy, power tripCategories: News And there should be some excitement over Andrew Watt among the Producer nominees for his work on Ozzy Osbourne's Ordinary Man album.The 63rd annual Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday, Jan. 3Haim / Women in Music Pt. Chad ChildersPublished: November 24, 2020Albert Urso, Getty Images / Grizlee Martin, Loudwire / Kevin RC Wilson, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterGRAMMY nomination day is finally here and a new batch of nominees have learned their musical works have been recognized with nominations. Stay tuned as we update this post.Grammy.comBest Rock PerformanceFiona Apple / "Shameika"Big Thief / "Not"Phoebe Bridgers / "Kyoto"Haim / "The Steps"Brittany Howard / "Stay High"Grace Potter / "Daylight"Best Metal PerformanceBody Count / "Bum-Rush"Code Orange / "Underneath"In This Moment / "The In-Between"Poppy / "Bloodmoney"Power Trip / "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe) (Live)Best Rock Song"Kyoto" / Phoebe Bridgers"Lost in Yesterday" / Tame Impala"Not" / Big Thief"Shameika" / Fiona Apple"Stay High" / Brittany HowardBest Rock AlbumA Hero's Death / Fontaines D.C.Kiwanuka / Michael KiwanukaDaylight / Grace PotterSound & Fury / Sturgill SimpsonThe New Abnormal / The StrokesBest Alternative Music AlbumFiona Apple / Fetch the Bolt CuttersBeck / HyperspacePhoebe Bridgers /Brittany Howard / JaimeTame Impala / The Slow RushProducer of the YearJack AntonoffDan AuerbachDave CobbFlying LotusAndrew WattRecord of the YearBeyonce / "Black Parade"Black Pumas / "Colors"Da Baby featuring Roddy Ricch / "Rockstar"Doja Cat / "Say So"Billie Eilish / "Everything I Wanted"Dua Lipa / "Don't Start Now"Post Malone / "Circles"Megan Thee Stallion featuring Beyonce / "Savage"Album of the YearJhene Aiko / ChilomboBlack Pumas / Black Pumas (Deluxe Edition)Coldplay / Everyday LifeJacob Collier / Djesse Vol.

It makes sense. There’s a certain campiness to the '80s that seems to be embraced more and more today under the guise of ‘take your music seriously, but not yourselves.’ What do you miss most about that time period (other than album sales)?JL: I think if we weren’t separated by the pandemic, I could probably persuade Firstborne to do a similar, albeit more ironic, version of that wonderfully awful video.M: Well, I wasn't alive, so I wouldn't really know, but I will tell you, the one maxim that has guided my entire experience in the music industry is that it's supposed to be fun. There's something about the way that urgent synth line gets juxtaposed with the absolutely insane, crushing guitar riff that just activates all of the good brain chemicals.What else were you listening to at the time and how did this song compare?JL: There was a lot of new metal stuff around that time. Joe DiVitaPublished: November 24, 2020FirstborneShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFirstborne — the band comprised of drummer Chris Adler (ex-Lamb of God, ex-Megadeth), bassist James LoMenzo (ex-White Lion, ex-Megadeth), guitarist Myrone and singer Girish Pradhan — have partnered with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of their thrashy cover of Journey's pounding fan-favorite, "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)."On their original songs, Firstborne embrace a mix of classic heavy metal and rock with shades of thrash to give the music a deft balance between aggressive and anthemic.With "Separate Ways" Firstborne retain their core values, indulging their anthemic side just a bit more, as is only natural when tackling this stomp 'n' pomp classic. What was so impactful about his style?JL: Again, I was on board with Journey from their first album. When I met and performed with Girish across India I knew I’d met one of very few people in the world that could take this on and make it his own. Bass in giant arenas works best if it’s simple and to the point, but If people are sharing live music, any kind, then that’s where it’s at. Insane. "Separate Ways" was so cool! He has it all — fire, fury and taste!M: One of my favorite things about Neal Schon is that he was one of Prince's favorite guitar players. his guitar collection? They were actually more of a progressive band, so I was already hip to Schon’s amazing ability, let alone his playing in Santana previously. We can do anything — let’s have fun and share."The track comes on the heels of the recently released original single, "Sacred Lights" as Firstborne continue to churn out fresh songs following the five-track self-titled EP, which came out earlier this year in June.Listen to Firstborne's cover of Journey's "Separate Ways" below and read our interview with LoMenzo and Myrone further down the page.Follow Firstborne on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify to stay up to date with everything the band is doing.Firstborne, "Separate Ways" (Journey Cover)FIRSTBORNE — INTERVIEWDo you remember the first time you heard “Separate Ways” or, at least, have a recollection of this song from your youth?James Lomenzo: I was a fan of Journey’s from their very first album released in 1975. When Escape came out in ’81, I was totally sucked in — so many great songs!Everyone was really interested in their next record, which was Frontiers. There are so many better ways of making money in this lifetime, so if I'm going to make a living doing music, it HAS to be fun.Doing this full-time is stressful. "I’ve always wanted to cover a Journey song and always thought of ‘Separate Ways’ as their 'heaviest.' The problem was always the same. I alas, only had my standard issue black Schott motorcycle jacket.M: I've only worked up to the Canadian tuxedo phase of my wardrobe. Also… Neal can rip it up with the best of them, but he can also write the Hell out of a song, which I think is more impressive than any of the technical stuff. I'm hoping that with a little more time, effort, and maybe some blood and tears, I too can one day achieve the white leather jacket look.Neal Schon’s abilities seem to fly under the radar with the younger generations. The same plodding, nervous edge that plays out over the verse is perfectly intact and it's the chorus that gets a boost courtesy of Adler's kick drum flurries that beef this up with modern metal overtones."It's hard to not appreciate Journey," said Adler."As a musician I’ve always greatly appreciated their individual talents that combined into something so contagious," the drummer continued. There's so many emotions involved and the correlation between hours put in and money received isn't always positive. Legendary ripper.As a bassist, what excites you the most about playing a steady arena rocker versus something more technically-minded?JL: I like it all — technical, simple. That’s the goal of the group. After the huge success of Escape what have they go to be so angry about?" [laughs]Myrone: I vaguely remember hearing this as a kid in the car. When I spend 90 billion hours crafting the perfect guitar solo for a track that ultimately doesn't make the record, you better bet your bottom dollar I had a good time doing it or I wouldn't have done it at all.Another note on the music video regarding the woman who is a central figure… have any of you, at any point, ever owned a white leather jacket? I’ll say that having toured with AC/DC early on, I came to really appreciate arena rock in it’s best light —fill that giant room with something big, broad and powerful!55 Best Metal Covers of Classic Rock Hits 
Source: Firstborne (Adler, LoMenzo) Debut Thrashy Journey Cover ‘Separate Ways’
Filed Under: chris adler, Firstborne, James LoMenzoCategories: Exclusive, News Interestingly, "Separate Ways" seemed in the ballpark as far as aggression.The original music video is widely regarded as the embodiment of cringeworthy. No one can sing it. It’s pretty much the coolest rock ’n’ roll accessory.JL: My brother Peter picked one up back then. It had a decidedly heavier edge and Steve Perry’s grittier vocal style seemed to give the song and the band a brand new coat of paint.I remember thinking, “This sounds angry.

It's something we sank our teeth into creatively, as much as a record, and I'm excited for everyone to see and hear what we've got to show them."Watch a trailer for the "Fuck Content" streaming event below. a lot of different elements together,” said Puciato.Further elaborating on his artistic aim, he continued, "I wanted to make the modern equivalent of a VHS release you would have bought from a band decades ago, but with more of an arthouse sensibility. Like any other thing I've released, and that we've released with [my record label] Federal Prisoner, it was born from excitement, and flamed up really quickly from the initial spark into what it became.""Jesse (Draxler, Federal Prisoner label-partner and acclaimed visual artist) and I were having a conversation about making a visual release, to tie into my record, that would include live performance," Puciato went on, "but also much more, and got to talking about the idea of ‘content,’ how dumb and revolting the idea of, and emphasis on, ‘content’ is overall, and how the opposite of content is substance, that we needed to make sure whatever we made had real substance."As for the inspiration for the title of this event, it was a spur of the moment idea."We were both ranting about it and at one point I said, ‘fuck content,’ and that was the spark we needed to build up the fire to start putting this together," Puciato explained. Get your ticket here, where you'll also find exclusive event-specific merch as well. 11 streaming event, "Fuck Content," which rails against the new norm of virtual performance.The singer and multi-instrumentalist, who released his solo record Child Soldier of God, already this year as well as the sophomore album, Reluctant Hero, with Killer Be Killed, insists this is a multimedia project that will serve as a natural extension of his that solo effort."'Fuck Content' is just another creative release, but in a different medium, marrying visual art, audio, live performance, studio footage … The show is set for 11PM GMT / 6PM ET / 3PM PT / 10AM NSW.Greg Puciato, "Fuck Content" Streaming Event TrailerThe Best Metal Song of Each Year Since 1970 
Source: Greg Puciato: ‘F–k Content’ Streaming Event Isn’t a Normal Livestream Show
Filed Under: greg puciato, Killer Be Killed, The Black Queen, the dillinger escape planCategories: News Joe DiVitaPublished: November 24, 2020Evil Robb Photography, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterGreg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Killer Be Killed and The Black Queen fame, as well as a solo artist, has just announced an artsy Dec. "As we were making it, it took twists and turns, and new ideas formed, just like making a record, and we just followed them to their natural end points."The rocker urged that this was not just a matter of formality in a world where touring is firmly on hold."This, for me, is a release, as much as any other," he affirmed, "it's not a livestream, it's not some way to placate people who aren't seeing shows, or to keep me busy.

The singer giddily showed off some Deftones merch and reported that he's quite fond of the California-based band's new album, Ohms, their ninth studio effort.Deftones subsequently shared the Story on their own Instagram, as did the group's bassist, Sergio Vega, via his personal page. "I'm absolutely loving your new record Ohms!"However, it's seemingly not the first time the jazzy songster has displayed his love for the band. In the Story, he also tagged the record's title track, as Metal Hammer pointed out, and offered some encouraging words for the group."Thank you @deftones for the swag!" Bublé enthused. From there, other fans lit up Reddit and Twitter with word of Bublé's Deftones fandom.The vocalist's unexpected rep for the band showed him jumping in the air while wearing one of the exclusive Deftones hoodies manufactured for the Ohms album cycle. Still, when one looks deep enough, there are plenty of celebrities who are likewise unabashed metalheads.It just goes to show that you never know who's listening.See Deftones in the 66 Best Hard Rock Songs of the 21st Century
Source: Pop Crooner Michael Bublé Is a Deftones Fan, Says He’s Loving ‘Ohms’
Filed Under: DeftonesCategories: News As listeners on Reddit recalled, Bublé previously praised Deftones' work when their preceding album, 2016's Gore, came out.Is it surprising that the soulful crooner has a penchant for the Deftones? Philip TrappPublished: November 24, 2020Ethan Miller / Jason Oxenham, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMichael Bublé, Deftones fan?That's right — the Canadian traditional pop crooner known for his smooth vocals and jubilant Christmas renditions is a big fan of the Chino Moreno-led rockers.It's something Bublé made apparent this week by way of an Instagram Story on his official profile at the photo and video-sharing social network. Perhaps.

Ultimately, he said, "I'm happy we did it."Ulrich then segued from St. Ulrich went on, "And of all the shit – pandemics, fires, politics, race problems, and just fucking looking at the state of the world – it’s so easy just to so fall into a depressive state. But writing always makes me feel enthusiastic about what’s next. Bridgers professed to being a longtime Metallica fan and acknowledged that her passion for metal doesn't translate much within her music despite this fandom.Throughout the interview, the two hit on time-honored controversy regarding Ulrich's battle against early 2000s music pirating giant Napster as well as the portion of Metallica's fan base who only regard certain album as "real" Metallica records.Bridgers even engaged in some controversy of her own, declaring that the group's divisive 2003 effort, St. It’s like, 'Fuck, there’s an opportunity here to still make the best record, to still make a difference. To still do something that not even turns other people on, but turns me on.'"While fans await a new Metallica record, hoping they won't endure another eight-year drought that they experienced between the release of Death Magnetic and Hardwired… Anger to the current day and revealed the writing process for the presumed follow-up to 2016's Hardwired… The work continues and drummer Lars Ulrich has now confirmed that the band has engaged in some "serious writing" over the last three to four weeks.The drummer spoke with American indie folk star Phoebe Bridgers as part of Rolling Stone's 'Musicians on Musicians' interview series. Anger, is a "great record."The drummer remained supportive of that album, noting the approach of "no rules" when writing the music. To Self-Destruct. Tiding headbangers over in the interim, Metallica released new versions of "Blackened" and "Disposable Heroes" as well as the S&M2 live album and concert film.Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career 
Source: Lars Ulrich: Metallica Are Weeks Into ‘Some Pretty Serious Writing’
Filed Under: lars ulrich, MetallicaCategories: News to Self-Destruct is going well. "We’re three, four weeks into some pretty serious writing," he affirmed.The work has more meaning that simply writing new music — it's a much-needed catharsis amid a chaotic year. Joe DiVitaPublished: November 24, 2020Jeff Yeager/Michael Ochs Archives, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEven with touring off the table, 2020 has been an incredibly productive year for Metallica.

A tweet from Sevendust also revealed that they'll dish out all of Animosity "and then some," leaving the opportunity for some additional surprises.Tickets for the show, which will be broadcast by OPAV in Orlando, Florida, are available now. Next year is looking at least just as busy onstage as they've just revealed they'll be playing their 2001 record Animosity in its entirety on Jan. This time, fans will get more than "Angel's Son," "Praise" and "Shine," which were all featured, as the veteran hard rock outfit prepares to play the remaining 10 tracks off the RIAA gold-certified record.The nearly 56-minute third effort from the five-piece isn't all that's on deck for the Jan. Head here to purchase and for more info.Meanwhile, if there's a nagging Sevendust itch to scratch, drummer Morgan Rose recently announced his debut solo EP alongside the new track "The Answer." Get the scoop here.See Sevendust in 13 Artists Talking About the Best 13th Albums by Rock + Metal Bands
Source: Sevendust to Play ‘Animosity’ Album in Full at 2021 Livestream Show
Filed Under: sevendustCategories: News Joe DiVitaPublished: November 23, 2020Evil Robb PhotographyShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSevendust just dropped their 13th album, Blood & Stone, earlier this year and celebrated with a livestream release day event that served as their one and only concert performance for all of 2020. 8 with another livestream set.In the career-spanning set from Sevendust's 2020 livestream gig, Animosity was the most heavily favored as the band played three songs from that record, the most material off any album during that show. 8 show.

Graham HartmannPublished: November 23, 2020YouTube: michaelgreccoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you’re gonna call someone out, do it from the stage. “Limp Bizkit sucks cock!” Zakk Wylde randomly screamed out during one of their songs, adding, “Another nail in fuckin’ Fred Durst’s motherfuckin’ coffin.” Thankfully, Wylde and Durst have since buried the hatchet.Before Guns N’ Roses reunited for one of the biggest tours in history, bad blood festered between Axl Rose and his Appetite for Destruction bandmates for years. Zakk Wylde actually called out Limp Bizkit during a 2002 gig in Detroit, which was recorded for the band’s Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-Boned DVD. In a time of Twitter feuds and comments section drama, we sometimes forget the glory of pro-wrestling style call-outs, which are often caught on tape.A few bands have had beef with Limp Bizkit over the years, including Slipknot and Black Label Society. Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten and Ramones’ Marky Ramone came to verbal blows in front of an audience, arguing over their own credentials. During one gig in the 2000s, Axl commented on the feud in between songs. “Slash may sound like the De La Hoya, but he’s the fucking Vargas,” Axl said, referencing a boxing match where Oscar De La Hoya beat Fernando Vargas by TKO. “They’re a bunch of a bad cops and I’m the fuckin’ Serpico and they can suck my dick.”One of the few times feuding musicians were actually onstage together was during a Punk panel. Marky accused Johnny of not “walking the walk” when it came to punk, while Johnny lambasted Marky as “not even an original Ramone.”Check out these Musicians Calling Each Other Out Onstage in the Loud List below.Musicians Calling Each Other Out Onstage12 Stories Behind the People on Iconic Rock + Metal Album Covers
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It’s like, "STOP!" …but don’t stop as well.As much as I think it's kind of not the best to have one in the chamber, I don’t necessarily think it's great for us to release a double album. But when he did, and then I got a copy of the test pressing, I sat down with some friends in my music room and listened to it on the turntable. When you are in there and you’re creating something with such a heavyweight you want to be sure you listen to every detail and make sure it's the best you can create at that moment for him.There's already an overabundance of material for the new album. But I think it’s tough to listen to, to be honest. For some of our super fans that maybe own them on like a seven inch record.These days it's maybe a little bit rarer — no pun intended — for people to go and sit down and listen to seven inches. When are we going to go looking and can’t find it anymore?"That is always a fear that a lot of musicians and artists go through.Sometimes you do have a mild case of writer's block or maybe you have a severe case of writer's block. I’m not going to say it has become this therapeutic thing because I don’t know… They are over here they are over there. It's sort of a no-pressure situation, especially if they dig it.We sent them the rough track of the demo and they were like, "Yes, that's killer." I think the first thing that we sent over was a little too dark and depressing — like we do. The lyrics and things will trigger these memories, not that every single thing… It's kind of a ritual of the past if you will. It has been something I have been unable to turn off. Basically, I did a clown every day for 101 days straight. They described a scene to us, showed us the scene and we had to sort of tailor it around that. When you are handed this narrative it makes it a lot easier because for us, usually, we are coming up with our own narratives and our own storytelling.Mastodon, "Rufus Lives"Writing for somebody else and just plucking one song out of the repertoire makes it easy and makes it kind of fun. It would take me an hour to send the text message with the clown embedded in the message there because I don’t have social media or anything.So, that is what I did.WarnerMastodon are working on a new album that's a creative representation of Nick John, your late manager. The clown would take me about anywhere from five to seven hours to do. The ones that we are wanting to play more than the other ones, those are the ones that are going to make it. They were kind of wanting this party rock 'n' roll vibe that's a little lighter and a little more fun. We were jamming the other day and we had like 30 songs we could be running through and we started writing something brand new. I knew that we wanted a way to release "Fallen Torches" that wasn't just like, “Oh, here's a song." So, it made more sense to do this [Medium Rarities compilation] where we could get all these all these loose-leaf songs together.Mastodon, "Fallen Torches"It's very rare for us to go and do a loose-leaf song.We always are like putting our efforts into a full album experience. It’s where we put those things.Mastodon has become that… Especially for us, it's sort of where we deal with some of the tougher things life can deal you. In a lot of ways, he was like the fifth member almost, so, for us to sidestep that isn’t going to be able to happen.The pandemic is going to lend itself to so much art and music — it’s going to be in the lyrics of a lot of the songs that are going to be coming out. I have been constantly going. We were talking the other day were relearning the song "Thickening" from The Hunter and I remember Nick John would call me up, I'd answer the phone, and be like, "Hello," and would recite one of the lyrics from the song and it goes like, “Wrapped up like a baby,” and I started cracking up.Mastodon, "Thickening"It is getting a little bit easier but listening back to the demos, it's just kind of devastating. It was actually very cool.It's very eclectic all over the place and it's got "Fallen Torches" in there and I'm into it. That’s too much [laughs] but I think it is coming into focus now. He was one of our biggest fans. We have an abundance of material and a lot of really great things. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.Where Does Brann Dailor Rank Among the Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Drummers of All Time?  
Source: Mastodon May Immediately Record a Second New Album If Pandemic Persists
Filed Under: Brann Dailor, MastodonCategories: News The hardest part is going to be picking the ones that go on the actual album because there are too many songs at this point. I would get up at eight o' clock in the morning and make coffee and sit at my coffee table, crack my sketchbook open and start to draw the daily clown which by the end of the day I would send around to about 40-50 different people.It kind of turned into a snowball and it started with five or six people getting the daily clown and by the end of it, there were about 50 people or so. The drummer discussed the band's latest compilation release, Medium Rarities, which was led by the new single, "Fallen Torches," and looked forward to the group's next full length record.With over 30 songs written, Mastodon aren't planning to release everything together as a double album. So if there was any sort of silver lining from this horrible pandemic for me then it's the two to three months that we decided not to come to the studio and not engage in Mastodon activities.I took the opportunity to focus my artistic efforts elsewhere and not in music, such as drawing. It's also a little bit stressful because I feel we have had too much time off. You can have those special memories that make you laugh. Like a lot of groups, we have had too much time and we're constantly working. They told us the situation what was happening and so that's pretty much an easy thing to do I think. It’s like, “Oh, I remember that?" It's like a trip down memory lane when I sit and listen to it.I wasn't paying too much attention to it when it first came together. We want to put maybe 10-12 songs on the album and we have like 30.Scott Legato, Getty ImagesThat's a lot.That’s a lot. Before, we had a lot of those opportunities over the years like Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Game Of Thrones.It's awesome and we love when those opportunities come up and we love being associated with things like that. 24/7 has been how it's been going for about 20 years plus. It’s exciting to me because every time you go to approach writing new stuff, you say, "Well, when is this well going to dry up? I don’t see the problem recording a full length album and then because of the fact that we are not going to be able to go on tour immediately, record another full length album not far after.I think that that's a possibility that we will have an abundance of music and we will have an abundance of stuff that we really dig that we can release to the public while we are still in this muck.Mastodon are part of the Bill and Ted Face the Music movie soundtrack with a track called "Rufus Lives." How does the connotation of a song change by association when its connected to the whole other story of a move?We had a few of those riffs where its sort of put together and they had been loosely specific about what they wanted. Everything we do from now on is going to be in some way dedicated to him because he was such an integral part of our existence and we miss him a lot.It was such a heavy loss for our group.We have dealt with loss and we have put the loss into the music, but it was more for each person — it was for someone each person [lost] but this person was sort of the center of the Mastodon universe. We also want to honor him so it's very important that the song does great and that we do feel like the songs are great, and that they do honor him and that it is something that he would have fallen in love with. It's just a super fun life experience.Brann, what's the hardest part about making unrelated songs come together as a cohesive album?First I was all for it — releasing ["Fallen Torches"] because those songs are kind of like shrapnel. when I think about Nick John, it is a sad thing, but at the moment it still is half and half. The fact that over 20 years we have collected all these little cover songs and bits and pieces, it seemed like a good idea to get them all together.Now, the track listing itself, I think [bassist and co-vocalist] Troy [Sanders] sat and kind of poured over the way to arrange all of them. It's just cool to be folded into another sort of pop culture moment. If you're a child of the '80s like we all were, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was a super fun and awesome movie.It seemed like it was tailor-made for rockers in that era so it's really cool to be a part of all that stuff. It's good to get them all together in the collection.It's almost like a photo album for me. I back it.I love the artwork and I just think it's a cool package. It's a riffer and it's really fun to play and was really fun to put together. It's sort of hard for us to do that, come to find out.The first thing that we sent over they said, "That's a little doom and gloom. It’s a cool thing for fans and there's a lot of our fans that either haven't heard of some of those songs or didn't even know they existed. Full Metal JackiePublished: November 23, 2020Jimmy Hubbard, Warner Bros.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMastodon's Brann Dailor was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program. That isn’t the case with us, luckily. Do you want to lighten it up a little bit?" We were like, "Oh yeah, sorry."It's hard to not be yourself, but I still really like the song. It’s the thing that is kind of impossible to put to the side when you are creating art. When I’m off tour I am thinking about what we are going to do for the next tour — T-shirt designs, what is next for music… We're a full album band or that's how we consider ourselves. I would send him a riff that I had recorded on my phone that I recorded at practice like, "Dude, listen to this riff," and he would call me a couple of minutes later and just talk about the riff for 20 minutes.He was always super supportive and he loved our band. We have been a lucky band. But even with the ones we are really, really digging there are still too many of those — there are like 20 of those.There is always room for new ideas too. We had the shut down for a couple of months, but we're back at it.I guess it's a good thing we're still wanting to come down here and wanting to work on our 20-year-old project that we have been calling Mastodon. What does having that much music reveal about the process of making a Mastodon album, and the band in general?It is a good problem to have. the list goes on.When the shutdown happened it has probably been the first time I have been able to shut Mastodon off from my brain.It was kind of a weird feeling, but I liked it because it was much needed. He was our biggest cheerleader. I knew that we were going to release it. I think a lot of people maybe do that but it's much more common for people to listen on Spotify or listen on whatever streaming service they pay into or to have it on a CD even or to have it on a full-length album to have all that stuff together so you're not like breaking out one seven inch and another seven inch — let me see if I can find that Feist cover and listen to that…So, this is a convenient package and a good way to celebrate 20 years of us being a band.Thanks to Brann Dailor for the interview, Grab your copy of Mastodon's 'Medium Rarities' here (as Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases) and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. What's comforting and distracting when the basis of music is being built with so much emotional vulnerability?Well I would say that a lot of the subject matter that's gonna pop up, the majority of it is going to be focused around him. How has the abrupt shutdown of the pandemic made you change the way you might allocate your energy in the future?You are correct. However, Dailor did mention that if the band is unable to tour amid a persistent pandemic, there's a chance they'll go back into the studio and track a follow-up record to the one that is expected to arrive some time next year.Elsewhere, the drummer explained Mastodon's involvement with the Bill and Ted Face the Music film soundtrack, for which they contributed the song "Rufus Lives."Read the full chat below.You've always been immersed in Mastodon — literally around the clock, seven days a week, year after year.

Chad ChildersPublished: November 21, 2020Metal BladeShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDeath metallers can get in the holiday spirit too! 18 at 7PM ET / 4PM PT, featuring live performances, special guests and plenty more. At present, they have a solid run of European shows booked for the first few months of 2022. You won't want to miss it!"The special livestream concert event is set to take place on Friday, Dec. Live music from albums new and old, skits, cartoons, Ham Sanitizer … In addition, the band will be selling special merch bundles commemorating this special show. See the tour dates here.Metal Blade2020's Best Metal Albums (So Far)
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Filed Under: the black dahlia murderCategories: News You can currently purchase tickets and check out the special merchandise at this location.The Black Dahlia Murder issued their latest album, Verminous, earlier this year, and while the pandemic has cut down on touring for 2020, the band does have plans to tour the record. Just take The Black Dahlia Murder for example, as the band has announced their "Yule 'Em All" holiday variety extravaganza coming up next month.Frontman Trevor Strnad comments, "We in The Black Dahlia Murder have been hard at work assembling what will surely be the most major holiday event since Tickle Me Elmo dropped. Clear your calendars for Dec 18!!! it's all here and waiting for your eager bloodshot eyeballs to blissfully consume!

He played in a couple of bands in high school before founding Bring Me the Horizon, signing with the label Thirty Days of Night Records for BMTH's first EP, This Is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For, as noted in Drowned in Sound. Sykes has noted Pantera and the Misfits' influence on him, among other bands, but none were as profound as Linkin Park and Chester Bennington. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: November 20, 2020Chiaki Nozu, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt's not often that a 17-year-old forms a band that goes on to become a household name, but Oli Sykes did it when he started Bring Me the Horizon in 2004.Sykes was born on Nov. Him as a vocalist and his band are genuinely responsible for the path I chose in life.” he told Kerrang! The impact Sykes and the band have had on modern heavy music is undeniable.Explore the gallery below to see photos of Oli Sykes through the years.11 Metal Musicians Who Killed It In Other Genres
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Filed Under: Bring Me the Horizon, Oli SykesCategories: News They've been both praised and ridiculed, but ultimately emerged triumphant after experimenting with different sounds and genres while growing a massively loyal fanbase. after the singer died in 2017.Bring Me the Horizon have gone through varying periods throughout their career. "I know we’ve lost a lot of great artists over the years, but no-one had the impact and influence on my life that he did. 20, 1986 in a town in Kent, England called Ashford.

Chad ChildersPublished: November 20, 2020Photo: David JacksonShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhat?! Plus, the band will debut their new anthem "Fuck 2020," which reimagines the Heavy Metal Rules favorite "Fuck Everybody."Steel PantherThen, on Dec. 5). So toss out the "Auld Lang Syne" and serve up a truly righteous farewell to the year that was as Steel Panther rock "Fuck 2020." The group will be joined for this event by Slipknot's Corey Taylor and Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho.Steel PantherYou can actually catch both virtual concerts for the price of $20 (deal valid until Dec. "We are saying up front that this is Almost Live," states the press release. 31, be sure to ring in the new year with The Almost Live – Formal as Fuck New Year's Eve Special. Both shows will start at 2PM PT and tickets as well as exclusive merch for the concerts can be purchased here.Steel PantherSee Steel Panther's Satchel in the 30 Most Underrated Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists
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Filed Under: Steel PantherCategories: News You didn't think Steel Panther were packing it in for the holidays, did you? 5 for Gobblefest, hilariously subtitled "Gobbling Isn't Just for the Holidays, livestream. The over-the-top rockers are ready to "double your pleasure" this holiday season, announcing their "Gobblefest" and "Formal as Fuck" livestream events.The group will venture to the longtime Sunset Strip hot spot The Viper Room on Dec. Longtime Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer will step in to help out the group during the concert, while other surprise guests are also expected to join in the festivities.

To confess, to acknowledge and to accept these mistakes, can be a very painful process – however, unescapable when the burden becomes too heavy.”The band refers to the track as "a heavy kick ass song with that old school Within Temptation vibe" in announcing the release. Check out the lyrics for the song below.Got no scars cut on my skin,only my truth is wearing thinand it hollows me.It hollows me.I hate the darkness of my past.The cold rebelling, it drives me madand it follows me.It’s carving the heart out of me.I’ve got to bleed it out.All my thought intoxicated ‘cause the weight on me.It buries me alive.It pulls me down right into the darkness.It pulls me down and I can’t resist.Let me feel it ‘cause I don’t know, I can’t see.All I feel is I'm breaking up.Oh, can’t you see it’s taking over, over me.Can’t you see?Yeah, you want me to fight it and you want me to let go.Yeah, you tell me to fight it and you damn me if I don’t.So, let me bleed it out and purge me.I can't see, no I can't see, no I can't see.And I feel I'm breaking.My defiance made me strongbut now I’m doubting what I have doneand it's killing me, it's killing me.I hate to see what I’ve become.I find no peace, no justice done,This gravity, it's carving the heart out of me.I’ve got to bleed it out.All my thoughts intoxicated, 'cause the weight on meIt buries me alive.It pulls me down right into the darkness.It pulls me down and I can’t resist.Let me feel it 'cause I don’t know, I can’t see.All I feel is I'm breaking up.Oh can’t you see it’s taking over, over me.Can’t you see?Yeah, you want me to fight it and you want me to let go.Yeah, you tell me to fight it and you damn me if I don’t.So, let me bleed it out and purge me,I can't see, no I can't see, no I can't see.Within Temptation continue to work toward a new studio album. Chad ChildersPublished: November 20, 2020Force MusicShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWithin Temptation are back with their second new song of 2020, releasing a brand new single called "The Purge."It's a soaring track built on a backdrop of heavy synth that accentuates the power vocals of singer Sharon den Adel. You can hear the song in full in the player below and find the track on the platform of your choosing at this location. Earlier this summer, Sharon den Adel told Full Metal Jackie, This new album that will be about social matters I think. For me, that was a very important source of inspiration and it will be for the next album."Within Temptation, "The Purge"See Within Temptation in the 66 Best Metal Songs of 2019
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Filed Under: within temptationCategories: News You start realizing you've made mistakes, causing harm to not only others but also to yourself. A lot of things are changing in the world and we should be more aware of it. The vocalist says of the track, "'The Purge’ revolves around self-reflection and a search for redemption”, No one gets through life without scars or without inflicting them on others and there will always be moments in your life you start questioning your choices. We are in our own rollercoaster and things are going fine, but sometimes you need to take a look at the bigger picture. With Resist it was about your privacy laws and those kinds of things. Maybe a lot of people do that, but I know a lot folks only focus on music.

Miley Cyrus is releasing a rock album, Doja Cat put on a metal performance at the MTV Europe Awards, and now Rihanna was seen sporting a new metal look — a Pantera shirt dressed with a mullet.We're not mad about it, it just seems to have become a recurring theme lately.Rihanna isn't a stranger to the metal genre, though. Last year, it came out that Slipknot were supposedly her favorite band, and she's been seen repping metal bands on shirts in the past. The best part about this Pantera tribute, perhaps, is the marijuana leaf the logo is paired with.See the images below.We're not sure if this look indicates that Rihanna will be releasing heavy music anytime soon, but if she's down, then so are we.The 12 Most 'Metal' Artists That Aren't Actually Metal
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Filed Under: PanteraCategories: News Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: November 19, 2020Frazer Harrison, Getty Images / Scott Gries, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOf all of the bizarre things that've happened in 2020, one of the trends we've seen in recent weeks is pop stars giving nods to rock and metal.

Girish, Myrone and James have the exact locker room mentality of 'kill 'em all! but let's make sure everyone is okay and having a kick-ass time' that I try and bring to everything I do. Some things have changed. This may not be exactly what people expect from me right now, and I'm aware and embrace that. 'This is right' is now my alarm clock. I'm have a platform to present something important, true and collaborative," reflected Adler (via Blabbermouth) earlier this year."Creating Firstborne beckons cohesiveness as a mission statement," the drummer continued, adding, "This is not about being mad all the time, egos or fabricating polarizing drama. Firstborne is the result of all of my experiences, both positive and negative, and I'm proud of what we are doing together."Firstborne, "Sacred Lights"2020's Best Metal Songs (So Far)
Source: Firstborne, Featuring Chris Adler + James LoMenzo, Power Up New Song ‘Sacred Lights’
Filed Under: chris adler, James LoMenzoCategories: News From the start, I sought out the best players I could find to work alongside. It's been an incredible journey that is clearly not over. Have a look below.Like its predecessor, "Sacred Lights" appears to be a standalone single, though there's always the possibility it could be added to a full album at a later date."I've been incredibly fortunate in my creative endeavors. It's time for something new. Having already issued a five-song EP and followed not long after with the standalone single "Cut the Strings," the band, which features ex-Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and ex-Megadeth bassist James LoMenzo, have revealed a video for the new track "Sacred Lights."The song is a jolt of high energy, allowing for singer Girish Pradham to deliver his soaring metal vocals over a fast paced old school metal backing with a little classical guitar work thrown in for good measure. The video is a mix of performance footage with quit cutting imagery of earthly disasters and mass unrest. Chad ChildersPublished: November 19, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty Images / Chad Childers, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFirstborne continue to roll out new music as 2020 continues.