When Judas Priest roared back with the molten Painkiller album, they also had their ears to the ground and were cognizant of new developments within metal and elected to bring Pantera on tour with them for the European and U.K. In 1997, during his time away from Priest, Rob Halford joined Pantera onstage to perform the British Steel cut "Grinder."The relationship between the two bands runs much deeper than merely Priest having a heavy-handed impact on Pantera in their formative years. "I was playing my first gigs before I was barely a teenager," Anselmo told the Phoenix News Times in 2013. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 25, 2020YouTube: AISShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAmongst KISS and Van Halen, Judas Priest were a crucial influence on a young Pantera as the Texas group honed their skills in the '80s and dominated the next decade. Meanwhile, Halford had recently laid his band Fight to rest after two albums and was beginning work on what would become Voyeurs, the lone album released by the Metal God's industrial project 2wo, which came out on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records.In the video below, Philip Anselmo heaped praise unto Halford as he welcomed the singer to the stage, calling him "the fucking king of heavy metal in my eyes." As Halford took the mic, the rest of Pantera dished out a pummeling version of "Grinder."For Anselmo, it was a full circle moment as he had grown up idolizing Halford, doing his best to sing along with his favorite Priest songs. "I'll put it like this: I used to come home from school and practice Judas Priest's Unleashed in the East live record, and sing it a couple times over before my folks got home from work. It was the same year that Pantera had reinvented themselves with the Cowboys From Hell album.By 1997, Pantera had defied the odds and become a mainstream success, despite their penchant for releasing heavier and heavier albums as the decade raced by. Then I'd go play with my band."Although he'd later abandon the high-pitch singing, the influence can be heard on Pantera's Power Metal album, which was the first to feature the singer as the band was in the thick of a stylistic transition, moving more toward traditional heavy metal as they began to abandon their more glam-oriented sound before eventually becoming groove metal titans.Pantera Cover Judas Priest's "Grinder" With Rob HalfordWhere Does Dimebag Darrell Rank Among the Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time? 
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“RZA’s on the new volume, so we’re gonna get him on one video too. I never wanted to touch that. [North Kingsley] will 100-percent have live shows.”Click here to grab North Kingsley’s Vol. Graham HartmannPublished: September 25, 2020Chris CasellaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSystem of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian is having fun again with his new project North Kingsley. System doesn’t work as much, we’re not working enough for me. Instead of releasing a full-length album, the group will hit fans with a new three-song EP every few months, keeping a steady stream of new music coming.“I want to do a clip for every song, because I think every song deserves a visual,” says Shavo. It’s cool as fuck, man. 1 EP and watch our full chat with Shavo Odadjian in the video below.SOAD's Shavo Odadjian: 'I'm Having Fun Again' With My New BandSee SOAD in the 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
Source: System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian: ‘I’m Having Fun Again’ With My New Band
Filed Under: North Kingsley, Shavo Odadjian, system of a downCategories: Exclusive, News We’d be working a lot more if I was all of System, but since I’m not, I have to take what I can get, right? If System’s touring or making a record, I’m there. 1, with their second planned for October. If a song ever sounded rap-rocky, we squashed it.”As for balancing North Kingsley with System of a Down, Odadjian explains, “System is always System for me. “I come from the ‘90s where there was rap-rock and I was never a huge fan of it. I loved Rage, I loved some of the other stuff that was going on, but it got really oversaturated and it got kind of cheesy at some point — we can all say that. I’m having fun again.”Odadjian also shares how North Kingsley is avoiding rap-rock, aiming to make experimental hip-hop instead. After Shavo proved and disproved what’s written about him on Wikipedia, the musician spoke about making experimental hip-hop and an upcoming collab with Wu-Tang legend RZA.North Kingsley recently dropped their debut EP, Vol.

Das alte Leid8. 4.The anniversary edition has been remastered and will include the album's original track list on a single CD. Heirate mich9. 25, 1995), but their limited edition, remastered 25th anniversary collection will wait a while longer, set to arrive on Dec. Der Meister3. 8 in their native Germany and spawning the singles "Du reichst so gut," "Seemann" and "Asche zu Asche." The album was certified platinum in both Germany and Europe.Pre-orders for the set are currently being taken here.Rammstein, Herzeleid 25th Anniversary Reissue Artwork + Track ListingVertigo/UMe1. The booklets for this special edition will also contain the band's original portrait shot by Praler.Though worldwide success would come later, Herzeleid was a stellar debut for the group, peaking at No. Herzeleid10. Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen2. Seemann6. The creator of the original artwork, Dirk Rudolph, is responsible for the album's anniversary edition packaging. It will be housed in a lavish, cross-shaped digipak with deluxe slipcase, and, for the first time ever, the remastered album with HD sound will be available digitally.Fans can also get their hands on a 2LP version of Herzeleid with a slipcase containing two 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl discs with blue splatter. Laichzeit11. Weisses Fleisch4. RammsteinSee Rammstein in the 50 Disturbing Songs That People Love
Source: Rammstein Announce 25th Anniversary Edition of ‘Herzeleid’ Debut Album
Filed Under: RammsteinCategories: News Asche zu Asche5. Du riechst so gut7. Chad ChildersPublished: September 25, 2020Photo by Jens KochShare on FacebookShare on TwitterTime flies, but German rockers Rammstein have now been around a quarter of a century and they intend on marking the occasion by reissuing their debut album, Herzeleid.The album actually came out 25 years ago today (Sept.

Scene Two: I. A Nightmare to Remember3. Scene Nine: Finally Free20. Overture 192810. Paralyzed (Bonus Track)See Dream Theater in the 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
Source: Dream Theater Perform ‘Metropolis Pt. Barstool Warrior5. Recorded right before the COVID-19 pandemic, Distant Memories — Live in London, will feature a blistering 21 tracks, including a play-through of the entire Metropolis Pt. Strange Déjà Vu11. Scene Three: II. Along with a front-to-back performance of Metropolis Pt. Scene Four: Beyond This Life14. 2′ in Full on New Live Album
Filed Under: Dream TheaterCategories: News 2, the prog legends loaded their new concert album with tracks from 2019’s Distance Over Time, plus a few extra fan favorites from their prolific discography.“Whether you had a chance to see this tour in person and want to relive what was hopefully an awesome concert experience or enjoying the performance on video for the first time, Distant Memories – Live In London very accurately and very beautifully captures the energy and excitement we all felt together at the Apollo this past February,” raves guitarist John Petrucci.The new live release will be available in various configurations including digital only, a 3-CD and 2 DVD multibox, a 3-CD and 2 Blu-Ray digipak with slipcase, a limited deluxe 3-CD + 2 Blu-Ray + 2 DVD Artbook and a limited 4-LP and 3-CD box set. Scene One: Regression9. Pale Blue Dot7. The Dance of Eternity17. Through My Words12. Fatal Tragedy13. Scene Two: II. At Wit’s End21. Scenes Live Intro8. Fall Into the Light4. Scene Seven: I. 2: Scenes From a Memory album.Distant Memories is Dream Theater’s ninth live album and their first since 2014’s Breaking the Fourth Wall. Scene Five: Through Her Eyes15. Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On19. Scene Three: I. Scene Seven: II. One Last Time18. Scene Six: Home16. Untethered Angel2. To pre-order Distant Memories — Live in London, click here.Dream Theater, "Pale Blue Dot" (From Distant Memories – Live in London)InsideOut1. Behind the scenes and backstage footage will be included with video bundles.Check out Dream Theater’s performance of “Pale Blue Dot” and the track listing for their upcoming live album below. In the Presence of Enemies – Part 16. Graham HartmannPublished: September 25, 2020Photo Credit: Nidhal MarzoukShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDream Theater will unleash a new live album in 2020.

"I really love the Ride the Lightning record. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, David Ellefson of Megadeth, Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, and Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer, with Metallica as the conversational anchor throughout every episode.Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career 
Source: Comedian Dave Hill Knew Metallica Would Be Huge in 1988
Filed Under: dokken, Metallica, scorpions, Van HalenCategories: News "I mean, people were into the other bands, but that was like, ‘Oh.’ You were just like, 'This is gonna be the biggest band in the world.'"During the Speak N' Destroy conversation, the Valley Lodge singer/guitarist and Witch Taint mastermind praised Metallica for their "endless great riffs" in particular."I used to know at least part of every song on Master of Puppets at some point," he explained. This included devotion to bands like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.To those in the know, Metallica felt like a well-guarded secret through most of the 1980s. Anselmo developed an eclectic taste at a young age. They were starting to be more epic, but still with the scrappiness of the first record."Elsewhere in the lengthy chat Hill talked about Metallica's relationship with ESP guitars and his love for Danzig. He shared great stories about hanging out with Fenriz from Darkthrone and Anselmo. But "Metallica was definitely the thing of the day," Hill said. The future star of shows such as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, standup comic and friend of Philip H. Previous guests include M. He also spoke about the creation of the new album from Painted Doll, the band he started with legendary death metal drummer Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death).The Speak N’ Destroy podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and elsewhere. My buddy Tim and I were the only guys in our town who were into them. Dokken played before the German rockers, and Metallica played before them, just after newcomers Kingdom Come. Despite a growing fanbase of fiercely dedicated loyalists, without the support of radio or MTV, the thrash metal leaders remained a few years off from world domination. I was like, ‘Oh. Ryan J DowneyPublished: September 25, 2020ElektraShare on FacebookShare on TwitterComedian, actor and musician Dave Hill remembers the moment he realized Metallica was destined to rule the rock world. It’s not just me and Tim that like these guys.’"Scorpions were the main support act. In 1988, before "Enter Sandman" and the self-titled black album moved 16 million units around the globe, Metallica set out as one of four support bands on the Monsters Of Rock tour. Van Halen, who headlined, had just released their second album with singer Sammy Hagar.Hill caught the tour in Akron, Ohio. "That was the first time I saw Metallica," he recalled in a new episode of Speak N' Destroy, the podcast featuring interviews about Metallica."It was right before …And Justice for All came out. I knew all the records. Obviously, it's in between Kill 'Em All and Master of Puppets, so it's kind of the bridge between the two. I mean, I’m sure there were many others, but of our friends, I should say. I remember they came on and it was just a sea of Metallica fans.

"Euthanasia"04. "Indoctrination"12. "Genesis XIX"05. "Sodom & Gomorrah"03. "Friendly Fire"See Sodom in the Top 50 Thrash Albums of All Time 
Source: Sodom’s Classic Lineup Addition Fuels Raging New Song ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’
Filed Under: SodomCategories: News "Waldo & Pigpen"11. Pre-order the album, out on SPV/Steamhammer, here and view the album art and track listing beneath the lyric video.Sodom, "Sodom & Gomorrha"Sodom, Genesis XIX Artwork + Track ListingSPV / Steamhammer01. It's got that punk edge the band has always played to quite well, caked in black metal grime with flashes of sinister melodies accenting the thrashy rhythms.Read the lyrics to Sodom's new song below and hear the track further down the page.There is a bewitched temple of lust in that wicked forest petrifiedPerverse dissoluteness, never change or compromisedThey wallowed in vice, they moaned in lustSeeking out flesh, baptized in bloodThe midnight of terror, surrendered in painAnd saved the angels from disgraceThe golden wine cups were emptyAnd their swollen lips were coldThey could not resist the evil insideWhen the frozen morning dawned inSodom & GomorrahSodom & GomorrahSlaughtered human material, they died a thousand deathsLibidinous butchered and quartered, even Satan shunned this placeThey rang the bell, distress ignoredDeath took their hands, they begged for moreConcupiscence would keep their faith, holy servants victimizedThe golden wine cups were emptyAnd their swollen lips were coldThey could not resist the evil insideWhen the frozen morning dawned inSodom & GomorrahSodom & GomorrahThe fire of heaven descended to the mystical body of GodNo promises can be fulfilled, the justice demands his wrathMature fruits turn into ashes, flowing life rotten to deathGodlessness and growing hatred, grave refused, Hell damnationThe golden wine cups were emptyAnd their swollen lips were coldThey could not resist the evil insideWhen the frozen morning dawned inSodom & GomorrahSodom & GomorrahSodom & GomorrahSodom & GomorrahIn 2018, Sodom reunited with classic guitarist Frank Blackfire. "Occult Perpetrator"10. "Nicht mehr mein Land"06. "The Harponeer"08. 27 release of their 15th album, Genesis XIX, which is the first full length to feature Blackfire since 1989's hallowed Agent Orange. After testing the songwriting waters with three EPs since then, they're now staring down a Nov. "Blind Superstition"02. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 25, 2020Steamhammer / Photo by Monsterpics – FotografienShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter announcing their new album, Genesis XIX, a week ago, the German thrash institution Sodom has discharged their first new song, "Sodom & Gomorrah."Over the decades, Sodom have leaned in a few different direction with their trash-oriented sound and "Sodom & Gomorrah" is a coalescence of everything they do best. "Dehumanized"09. "Glock'n'Roll"07.

“The whole album’s like having someone pour a couple of lines into your ears.”Black Sabbath, "Supernaut"It can’t be stressed enough how much of an influence the drug was to Vol. I’d never played the piano before and I started learning it right there and then, within a couple of weeks. “It’s funny though how quickly that feeling passed and suddenly they turned into our worst days ever.”10 Best Tony Iommi RiffsBlack Sabbath Albums Ranked
Source: 48 Years Ago: Black Sabbath Take It to the Brink on Drug-Fueled ‘Vol. 4 didn’t fare as well as their preceding albums with critics or on the charts in either the U..K or the States. “I’d found a piano in the ballroom up at the house and I used to play that thing when I’d had a million lines of coke. But there was an album to be recorded, and this time the stakes were higher because the band had decided for the first time to produce the album themselves.“It’s not like we were fed up with (producer of the first three Sabbath albums) Rodger Bain or anything, I thought he was alright,” Tony Iommi said in his autobiography Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath. “We felt it was pretty laid-back here, so we probably were attracted to the fact it was a much slower pace here and we could actually relax.”Comprised of six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool and movie theater where they would gather to rehearse and write, the mansion was also ground zero for copious amounts of drugs being ingested while creating what was tentatively titled Snowblind, a thinly-veiled reference to cocaine, the Black Sabbath drug of choice at the time.“I was putting so much of the stuff up my nose that I had to smoke a bag of dope every day just to stop my heart from exploding,” frontman Ozzy Osbourne would say of the period in his autobiography I Am Ozzy. Mind you, I was up all bloody night every night with a line of coke, play for a bit, another line of coke, play, so I was probably up for the equivalent of six weeks.”Osbourne hummed the melody and bassist Geezer Butler wrote the lyrics to “Changes,” using a particularly messy break-up Ward was going through with his wife at the time as inspiration. 4′
Filed Under: Black SabbathCategories: Anniversaries, Longform, News 4 brought new elements to Sabbath. Michael ChristopherUpdated: September 25, 2020Vertigo / Warner Bros.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThree albums into their career, Black Sabbath had attained such a level of success that they decided to change things up for their next LP in a number of ways, resulting in what would eventually become the most critically lauded record in their catalog in Vol. 4 would be the only Sabbath album featuring the original lineup to be recorded in L.A.“We’d visited L.A. “Snowblind” was the most overt example, with lyrics like “Fill my dreams with flakes of snow/Soon I'll feel the chilling glow.”“That whole period was one of the most enjoyable times ever, and a song like ‘Snowblind’ makes it clear it was also because of a certain drug,” Iommi said.Black Sabbath, "Snowblind"Even more serene moments such as the instrumental “Laguna Sunrise,” inspired by a Laguna Beach sunrise, came after being up all night on cocaine and Iommi coming up with the song on an acoustic guitar.Ultimately, the label rejected the use of Snowblind as the album’s title to avoid any controversy, though the band had a bit of fun with a dedication on the record sleeve under the track-listing which read, “We wish to thank the great COKE-Cola Company of Los Angeles.”Vol. 25, 1972.Having broken big in America by then, the band decamped to Los Angeles to record the album at the Record Plant while living at an estate in the Bel-Air neighborhood owned by John du Pont, heir to the Du Pont fortune who would later be convicted of murder. 4 was the frenetically paced “Supernaut,” featuring a pounding rhythm under Iommi’s iconic riffage and one of Osbourne’s best vocal performances, again something the singer attributed to cocaine.“When I listen to songs like ‘Supernaut,’ I can just about taste the stuff,” Osbourne said. “But we had done so much studio work by then, that we felt we knew how to do it ourselves.”Black Sabbath, "Cornucopia"Vol. 4. Vol. Butler would later estimate that the record made $60,000 to make, but $75,000 was spent on cocaine. Alongside the familiar slow and sludge-like grooves on “Wheels of Confusion” and doom-laden “Cornucopia,” there was the brief but wildly shifting “St. 4] was when we started introducing different things,” Iommi said. “It would be almost impossible to exaggerate how much coke we did in that house…at one point we were getting through so much of the stuff, we had to have it delivered twice a day.”Osbourne said in addition to cocaine, food, alcohol, groupies – basically whatever the band needed to live on – would be brought to the dwelling, leaving them no reason to leave the grounds, which led to many shenanigans along with the partying. Another highlight of Vol. 4, released on Sept. Hindsight now sees it as arguably the crowning Black Sabbath achievement before infighting took over and drug addictions drove an irreversible wedge through the band.“I look back now and I think of them days as the best we ever had,” Osbourne told Mick Wall. when we played concerts here and all of us liked Los Angeles,” drummer Bill Ward recalled years later. Vitus Dance,” elements of bizarre experimentation on “FX” and the uncharacteristic balladry of “Changes.”Black Sabbath, "Changes"“The first three albums could’ve all been from the same batch really, but [Vol.

So, how can racism exist here? 1 single at rock radio with “Sober,” which you can view here. Doc also hosts the weekly podcast ‘The Ex-Man,’ which you can find here."A Discussion on How Metal Can Be Even More Accepting"57 Rock + Metal Bands Who Changed Names Before Getting Famous 
Source: How Can Metal Be Even More Accepting? "And the truth is if someone feels like that’s their experience, even if I haven’t experienced it, I have to give them the latitude to express their experience. And I understood what that was, and I understood what I was going to go through being a Black guy in a band."When asked if he’s seen racism in the metal community, Lamb of God's Mark Morton says that he’s definitely been made aware of his own privilege.He shared a story of a long ago conversation he had while staying up late and drinking with God Forbid's Corey Pierce."He was like, 'You’re the next Pantera,' and I was like, 'I don’t know you guys are better players and a tighter band. It kind of speaks to this idea of the limitations of empathy. Get tickets here.Sepultura have been hosting a quarantine Q&A’s titled Sepulquarta. By saying it doesn’t exist — that’s the definition of gaslighting."Sepultura's Green agrees that it can be hard to understand if it's not something that affects you directly."Unless you really experience it then it’s hard for you to really imagine it’s happening," he says. We accept everyone, right?The reality is that racism is a systemic issue that has seeped into all facets of our lives, and metal is not excluded. And while we are an accepting and diverse community, there is, of course, room for improvement. "But it’s consistently happening. It exists all around the world."Fire From The Gods' Channer says he can understand why people say that racism doesn't exist in metal."I do understand what people might mean, because you go to a show — especially here in the states — and you see people of all sorts of races, backgrounds, genders. It can seem like this is such a homogenous community where everyone loves each other, but then again it’s like Doc said, look at the comments on a God Forbid video, look at the comments on a Fire From the Gods video, look at the comments on a Sepultura videos when Derrick first took over I mean it was insane," Channer says."I was not really in a band or touring at that point, but I was a fan, I looked up to Doc, I looked up to Derrick, I looked up to Lajon [Witherspoon] from Sevendust, so I saw what they went through. We can't help eradicate something without accepting that it is here and understanding how it manifests.That's why we asked a group of metal musicians to discuss some difficult topics around racism to help us all better understand how it finds its way into the music industry, and to hopefully make our community even more compassionate and accepting.Moderated by rock and metal expert, TV presenter and radio host Sophie K, this panel features Bad Wolves’ Doc Coyle, Fire From the Gods’ AJ Channer, Lamb of God’s Mark Morton, Oceans of Slumber’s Cammie Gilbert and Sepultura’s Derrick Green.The chat topics span from artists using the n-word and cancel culture to privilege and the Confederate flag —but first we explore why so many metal heads insist that there is no racism issue in metal to begin with."Go to a God Forbid music video on YouTube and look at the comments and ask yourself if there’s racism in metal," Bad Wolves guitarist Coyle shared at the start of the discussion."There’s this idea that if I haven’t experienced then it must not exist. I think it’s you guys.' And he was like ‘Dude, you know there’s only so far we can go with this thing.’"Morton didn't understand the obstacles and limitation God Forbid faced being a predominantly Black band."For me to not even have my head wrapped around the conversation before it was pointed out to me speaks to my experience and me not having to be confronted with that idea," Morton shared."I don’t really experience racism as a white dude, but I know that there’s certainly privilege and to me [that's] the most shining example of when it was most glaringly pointed out to me."As for the future, Oceans of Slumber's Cammie Gilbert said she'd like to be seen more as a unique person than an anomaly."It would be so nice to just be seen and treated as an individual without all the qualifiers that come with what people see first," she says. Rabab Al-SharifPublished: September 24, 2020Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe metal community is built on expressing individuality and alternative ideas. " So it’s like Black and now it’s a Black woman and all these assumptions roll in and block me out as a person and what I’m contributing."Once again, we encourage you to open your minds and hearts as you watch the conversation below, and make an effort to understand how racism exists in metal so that we can actually make a difference and move forward as a stronger, more accepting community.Thank you to Sophie K for moderating this panel and to AJ, Cammie, Doc, Derrick and Mark for taking the time to participate.Oceans of Slumber recently released their self-titled album, which you can check out here. Lamb Of God will be performing their album ‘Ashes of the Wake’ in full for the first time ever (along with some special treats) in a livestream concert this Friday (Sept.25) at 5pm EST. Find details here.Fire From The Gods release the music video for their latest single “Break The Cycle” on Juneteenth, which you can view here.Bad Wolves recently celebrated their fifth No. You can try to see the world through someone else’s eyes, but you just can’t," he adds. – A Discussion
Filed Under: Bad Wolves, Derrick Green, Doc Coyle, Fire From the Gods, Lamb of God, Mark Morton, SepulturaCategories: Exclusive, News We are proud to embrace people who look different — whether it be style, tattoos and piercings or wild hair.

Hell, "Eracist" sounds like it could have easily fit on a Stormtroopers of Death album, the crossover thrash group spearheaded by Ian and Anthrax skinsman Charlie Benante in the mid-'80s."Eracist" is a natural pit-starter (if shows existed right now) that hinges on a mid-tempo, knuckle-wrapped, give-'em-the-business groove for the first half of the track before an explosion of red-lined thrash hits right after the solo.Read the lyrics for "Eracist" further down the page"Recording THIS music with THESE guys was an enormous head-rush of virtuosity and surprises every day in the studio," said Patton of the forthcoming record. Bungle’s ‘Eracist’ Is the Mosh Song That 2020 Needed
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Source: Mr. 30). 30. “Trey’s video game-esque solos, Scott’s bionic right hand and cyborg-like precision, Dave’s caveman-meets-Bobby Brady-like drum fills, Trevor’s solid foundation and laser-focus to detail. It's actually a re-recording of a 1986 demo with some of metal's most esteemed fixtures now in the lineup, and they've just released a music video for the stomping "Eracist."Alongside Mr. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 24, 2020Eric LarsenShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAs Halloween draws near, Mr. BungleCategories: News We were haunted for 35 years by the fact that this music wasn't given it's due respect. Bungle are inching closer toward The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny, their first album in 21 years (out Oct. All we had to do was go back to our original professors for some additional guidance and talk them into joining us. We even went for extra credit by revisiting some tunes that we'd given up on back in the day. There is nothing sweeter than getting your ass kicked by true comrades…where everyone has a singular drive and mission."Dunn professed, "Recording this record felt like we were finally utilizing our Ph.Ds in Thrash Metal. It was less like a trip of nostalgia and more like the refining of an original, worthy document. Turns out we were A+ students. Head here to pre-order.Mr. Now we can die.”Well, you’re crazy like a barn owlLaughing hyena growl, ERACIST, ERACISTHipster jackal bark and snarkSniffing in the car park, ERACIST, ERACISTERACISTWatch the statistics lieLiars , they love their statsKeep your shit-eating grin slyAnd ignore the ballistics…GUNNIN, GUNNIN, GUNNINErase your face, fool!!!!GUNNIN, GUNNIN,GUNNINWell, you picked a bad dayTo have a bad dayNow you’re eracist, eracistWipe it clean, Armor-AllJoy of missing out, scrub it down…eracist, eracistERACISTWhite-out won’t erase this, you sadistErase your face, fool!The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny will be released on Oct. Bungle's co-founders Mike Patton (vocals), Trey Spruance (guitar, keyboard) and Trevor Dunn (bass) are Anthrax's Scott Ian (guitar) and ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, who also now resides in Suicidal Tendencies, The Misfits and Dead Cross.The band recruited an ideal pair of thrash vets as the material on The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny is well within their wheelhouse.

8 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. Check out the lyrics for the song below:Angels in exileHere lies the deadAn ice cream truck in your infernoDon't chase the deador they'll end up chasing youDon't chase the deador they'll end up chasing youIf tonight lasts foreverIt won't matter if there's no tomorrowIf tonight lasts foreverIt won't matter if there's no tomorrowNo tomorrowI got my tickets to hellI know you so wellAnd I know you wanna be there tooIftonight lasts foreverIt won't matter if there's no tomorrowIf tonight lasts foreverIt won't matter if there's no tomorrowNo tomorrowDon't chase the deador they'll end up chasing youDon't chase the deador they'll end up chasing youDon't chase thedeador they'll end up chasing youIf tonight lasts foreverIt won't matter if there's no tomorrowIf tonight lasts foreverIt won't matter if there's no tomorrowDon't chase the deador they'll end up chasing youDon't chase the deador they'llend up chasing you"Don't Chase the Dead" appears on Manson's recently released Shooter Jennings-produced album, WE ARE CHAOS, which just arrived at No. Chad ChildersPublished: September 24, 2020YouTube: Marilyn MansonShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMarilyn Manson has pulled in The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus for his latest video, with the cinematic clip for "Don't Chase the Dead" telling the story of a heist gone wrong.Travis Shinn directed the clip, which finds Manson and Reedus as two of a trio of thieves making their getaway not completely unscathed. You can still get your copy at this location.Marilyn Manson, "Don't Chase the Dead"See Marilyn Manson in 57 Rock + Metal Bands Who Changed Names Before Getting Famous
Source: Marilyn Manson Stars Opposite Norman Reedus in ‘Don’t Chase the Dead’ Video
Filed Under: Marilyn MansonCategories: News You can see the video in full below.As for the song itself, it's a darker track that pulses with energy and dark intentions. Manson appears to have been wounded during their adventure, hovering in an out of consciousness while he and his two partners drive through the night.

While enough time has passed for tracks like Tool's "Lateralus," System of a Down's "Chop Suey!" and Opeth's "Blackwater Park" to reach iconic status, we've also given love to more recent cuts which forced metal to expand its horizons. It's just evolved at speeds never seen before in popular culture.Looking deep into the 21st century, we've pulled metal's most important and influential gems from Y2K to present day. You'll find tracks by genre benders such as Scarlxrd, Zeal & Ardor and Babymetal, who sprouted new branches on metal's family tree to mass acclaim, setting themselves up for possible legendary status in the near future.The 21st century has been a diverse and experimental one, so delve deep by checking out our picks for The 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century in the gallery below.The 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
Source: The 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
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That lineup recorded four albums together, three of which were certified Platinum by the RIAA.Mustaine also recently issued a new book, Rust In Peace: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece, which dives into the history of the band's revolutionary 1990 album.Marty Friedman Auditions for Megadeth in 1989The Best Thrash Album of Each Year Since 1983 
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Filed Under: Marty Friedman, MegadethCategories: News 24) marks the 30th anniversary of Megadeth's groundbreaking album, Rust in Peace. Mustaine declined and the search continued.In the video below, Friedman is seen playing "Wake Up Dead" with Mustaine, Ellefson and Menza, who would ultimately represent stability within the Megadeth lineup until 1998 when Menza left, followed by Friedman a year later. It was the first album on which both guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza played on and, thanks to YouTube's bottomless video archive, you can watch Friedman audition with the group in 1989.In the 1980s, Megadeth's lineup was in constant turnover as Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson were unable to retain any one particular member for too long. Dime had one condition though — that Megadeth also bring in his brother, drummer Vinnie Paul. By 1989, over a dozen other musicians had already been in and out of the band and in that same year, the thrashers auditioned Marty Friedman, who was making a name for himself as a hotshot guitar player in both Hawaii and Cacophony.Megadeth's search for a new guitarist also found them auditioning members of bands from the local area — Guns N' Roses, Heathen and Dark Angel, as well as members of Savatage, Annihilator and an 18-year-old Jeff Loomis, who would later join Sanctuary and then Nevermore.Mustaine had even offered the gig to Dimebag Darrell of the then budding Pantera, who had yet to release Cowboys From Hell. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 24, 2020Mick Hutson, Redferns/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterToday (Sept.

25 years later, he's one of the most sinister-looking, brilliant figures in metal.By the mid-1990s, Crahan was married with kids and working as a welder in his hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. 24 is the day Crahan was born, so we compiled a collection of images of the musician over the years to celebrate. Considering Slipknot rarely did any press unmasked before the late 2000s, it's mostly a collection of images of his masks. By the early 2000s, Slipknot had drawn in a cult-like following and were touring the world. Now, they're a household name in metal, and no one has done it like them since.Sept. "I was like, 'You don't understand — I'm gonna make the biggest band in the world.'"It wasn't easy, but Crahan brought his vision to life. Enjoy!The 50 Most Important Metal Bands in the 21st Century
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Filed Under: Shawn Crahan, SlipknotCategories: News Between instances of falling asleep in the car on his drive home from work and having various existential thoughts about the shortness of life, Crahan knew he wanted something bigger. "I started to think to myself that this is not how I wanted to live," he told BangerTV in 2010.When he approached his wife about the idea of going back into music, she didn't seem to get the magnitude of how serious he was about it. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: September 24, 2020Jo Hale, Getty Images / Victor Chavez/WireImage / Mick Hutson, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShawn "Clown" Crahan founded Slipknot with Joey Jordison and Paul Gray in 1995, and he had a vision in mind.

It's fucking stupidly good, some of it, but they knew back then that it was stupid. The musician made the case that contemporary reappraisals of such music often misses the fact that listeners "knew it was dumb" then, but relished in the catchiness despite its foolishness.Moreno's unlikely defense came at the end of a recent Vulture interview with the Deftones frontman. It's stupid. "And you know what? So it's not like in retrospect they're like, 'I can't believe I listened to that.' It's like, 'No, when you listened to it then, you knew it was dumb, but you liked it.' And that's okay. … It wasn't any smarter back then."Deftones have fostered an uneasy relationship with nu-metal throughout their career. 25). Two singles from the record have so far materialized, the pummeling "Genesis" and the sprawling title track. Philip TrappPublished: September 24, 2020Raphael Dias, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDeftones vocalist Chino Moreno has contended that one shouldn't necessarily be embarrassed for enjoying some of the more boneheaded nu-metal styles that emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s — the type of music that, two decades later, some have relegated to the "guilty pleasure" department.Quite the contrary. "They always felt guilty about listening to certain things. There's nothing wrong with that."Ohms comes out this Friday (Sept. I don't think it's us so much but definitely Limp Bizkit and shit like that. No one should be embarrassed by shit they like that's dumb. I get it. I think motherfuckers were embarrassed for that shit back then, too."The musician continued, "You can't deny it. Fans can also adopt a portion of the album artwork for charity.See Deftones in the Most Streamed Spotify Songs for 66 of Rock + Metal Acts
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Filed Under: chino moreno, DeftonesCategories: News After discussing his group's forthcoming effort, Ohms, and the in-the-works White Pony remix album, Black Stallion, the pop culture site asked the singer for his thoughts on those who disparage the era."I think they probably always did look down," Moreno responded. It's catchy. Once considered pioneers of the subgenre, they quickly outgrew the style."It's the same music it was 20 years ago," the Deftones figurehead added. I mean, listen to the words.

They recorded a special concert that aired at drive-in theaters, shared a quarantine jam of a new version of "Blackened," bested pop star Katy Perry on the Billboard charts with the highest-selling new album in a week with the release of S&M2, are working on an orchestral version of "Nothing Else Matters" for a Disney movie and may even record some new music this fall.Just don't hold out hope for a Metallica biopic — Lars Ulrich said that would be "complicated" to do.Watch: Metallica Perform the National Anthem for San Francisco Giants GameMetallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career 
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Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News Joe DiVitaPublished: September 24, 2020YouTube: MetallicaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEvery year since 2012, Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants have held a "Metallica Night" to honor the legendary band that cut their teeth in the local area. This year has been a bit different though and even without a home game dedicated to 'Tallica, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett still maintained a semblance of tradition and provided a pre-game virtual performance of the National Anthem.The threat of the coronavirus pandemic has left the Giants to play at their Oracle Park home field with no fans in attendance, meaning the annual "Metallica Night" was a no-go. 27, Hetfield and Hammett squeezed in an appearance with the MLB team, decked out in Giants uniforms.Hammett took lead with a command over the National Anthem's melody, which was embellished by Hetfield's occasional harmonies that made for an impactful, triumphant rendition.Watch the clip below.Despite being unable to tour, Metallica have remained awfully busy amid a year marked by a pandemic and efforts to maintain social distancing. With the regular season coming to an end on Sept.

But this list also includes some albums that don't come close to some of these known band's best works.You can kind of understand Fleetwood Mac going deep into the pockets after the huge success of Rumours to create their double-album follow-up Tusk, but some of these other albums may leave you wondering where all the money went. But that doesn't mean that the money is always put to great use, as evidenced by this list of the 10 Most Expensive Rock + Metal Albums.Sure, there are some rock and metal gems in here, albums such as Metallica's self-titled "black" album and Def Leppard's Hysteria that saw large returns for not only the time and effort that they spent on the record but also the amount of money funded to create their masterpieces. And if you're lucky enough to find some success, you may also have a pretty big budget on your hands. Join us as we scroll through the most expensive rock and metal albums, seeing what their current going rate would be and how they fared after the album was released, in the gallery below.57 Rock + Metal Bands Who Changed Names Before Getting Famous 
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Categories: News Chad ChildersPublished: September 23, 2020Scott Gries / William Thomas Cain / Frank Micelotta, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAs an artist sometimes you have big dreams.

@ Buffalo Iron WorksSept. 07 —Tulsa, Okla. 28 —San Jose, Calif. The trek will take place in the fall and totals an eye-popping 46 stops in just 49 days.The trek will be in support of Dark Tranquillity's 12th album, Moment, which will be released on Nov. 18 —Minneapolis, Minn. 16 —Milwaukee, Wis. 03 —Worcester, Mass. @ Hawthorne TheatreSept. 12 —Columbus, Ohio @ Skully'sSept. 09 —London, Ontario @ Call The OfficeSept. @ The Venue ShrineOct. @ The CaboozeSept. 06 —Quebec City, Quebec @ Imperial de QuebecSept. 04 —New York, N.Y. 06 —Denver, Colo. @ ReverbSept. 11 — New Orleans, La. 18 — Baltimore, Md. @ OrpheumOct. 19 — New Bedford, Mass. @ The HavenOct. 10 —Buffalo, N.Y. @ Whiskey a Go GoOct. @ Southport HallOct. 09 —Austin, Texas @ Come and Take It LiveOct. 14 — Winter Park, Fla. @ The ForgeSept. 29 —Fresno, Calif. 02 —Reading, Pa. @ Brick by BrickOct. @ Kelsey TheaterOct. 12 — Tampa, Fla. 30 —West Hollywood, Calif. 07 —Ottawa, Ontario @ BabylonSept. 24 —Vancouver, British Columbia @ Rickshaw TheaterSept. @ The Gramercy TheatreSept. Let's make sure things get back to normal and that this can happen. @ Canal ClubOct. 03 —Tempe, Ariz. 05 —Salt Lake City, Utah @ Liquid Joe'sOct. @ Holy DiverSept. @ The MasqueradeOct. 02 —San Diego, Calif. @ Hermans HideawayOct. 11 —Cleveland, Ohio @ Beachland BallroomSept. 10 — Houston, Texas @ Scout BarOct. 01 —Anaheim, Calif. 13 — West Palm Beach, Fla. It's been a while and it will be a while still, but we're coming back to America. Obscura and Nailed to Obscurity will be with us and we cannot wait to hit the stages with these awesome bands and see you all again. 19 —Winnipeg, Manitoba @ Park TheatreSept. @ The CrafthouseSept. 05 —Montreal, Quebec @ Club SodaSept. @ SoundstageOct. @ MotorcoOct. 17 —Des Moines, Iowa @ Vaudville MewsSept. 15 — Atlanta, Ga. 08 —Toronto, Ontario @ Opera HouseSept. 20 —Regina, Saskatchewan @ The ExchangeSept. @ Miramar TheaterSept. @ CrofootSept. 14 —Pontiac, Mich. 17 — Richmond, Va. 22 —Edmonton, Alberta @ The Starlite RoomSept. 08 —Dallas, Texas @ TreesOct. Their countrymates, melodic death/doom band Nailed to Obscurity, issued Black Frost, their fourth album, in 2019.Dark Tranquillity, Obscura + Nailed to Obscurity 2021 North American Tour DatesSept. @ El CorazonSept. 25 —Seattle, Wash. 16 — Durham, N.C. 15 —Joliet, Ill. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 23, 2020Century MediaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSweden's melodic death metal masters Dark Tranquillity have just announced a massive 2021 North American tour alongside Obscura and Nailed to Obscurity. 27 —Sacramento, Calif. 13 —Pittsburgh, Pa. We miss you and cannot wait to get to share our music with you again."See the full list of dates toward the bottom of the page and head here for tickets.Obscura, the progressive/technical death metal unit from Germany, last released Diluvium, in 2018. @ The RitzSept. @ Club RedOct. @ The PalladiumSept. @ StrummersSept. @ City National GroveOct. 26 —Portland, Ore. 21 —Calgary, Alberta @ DickensSept. @ The Vault Music Hall at GreasyThe Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Bands
Source: Dark Tranquillity Book 46-Date 2021 North American Tour With Obscura + Nailed to Obscurity
Filed Under: Dark Tranquillity, ObscuraCategories: News 20 and was lead by the single "Phantom Days."Looking ahead, the headlining group remained cautious of the touring environment surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, stating, "It's hard to even imagine this happening, but I really hope so and it's going to be very, very awesome.

Though they announced plans to take a break in 2017, they reunited briefly for some tour dates last year.Richie Kotzen, "Raise the Cain" Lyric VideoSee Where Mike Portnoy Ranks Among the Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal Drummers of All Time
Source: Richie Kotzen Teams With Mike Portnoy on New Song ‘Raise the Cain’
Filed Under: mike portnoy, richie kotzenCategories: News At least after doing some touring to support the '50 for 50' release… Well, That didn’t happen … LOL. Once you get them sorted send them off to me and I’ll see if I can edit some of your beats and possibly write them into songs."Kotzen reveals, "I ended up writing the riff to Mike’s 7/8 drum groove which then lead me down the road to completing a song which is ‘Raise the Cain.' Initially I thought of sitting on the track to include on a full length album down the road but then reality sank back in. Why bother? I said ‘hey Mike, I’ve got an idea for you if you’re up for it … Suddenly I found myself like all of us locked up wondering what now?"Kotzen says he found himself inspired during the pandemic downtime with some new music ideas and one of those came from a phone conversation with Portnoy. I hope you all dig it!"Check out the lyrics for the song and the lyric video for the track below:Richie Kotzen, "Raise the Cain" LyricsFar from wiseLet him blowHear his rhymeHe is PinocchioThey slow our driveLike Pinot GrigioNo sober mindsLeave our innocence to dieI wanna hear your voice raise the cainI wanna hear your voice raise the cain tonightIn with the newOut with the oldWe say uniteBut nature dividesSo where do you go when you’re out of hope?These broken livesLeave our innocence to dieI wanna hear your voice raise the cainI wanna hear your voice raise the cain tonightI wanna hear your voice raise the cainI wanna hear your voice raise the cain for lifeI believe in us that’s why I’m raising the cainI believe in life we’re raising our cainThe Winery Dogs, which also includes bassist Billy Sheehan, last released an album with 2017's Dog Years. "The nucleus of this song came out of a phone conversation I had with my fellow Winery Dog bandmate Mike Portnoy at the start of our Covid quarantine," said the singer. Why bother sitting on a finished track and letting it sit on a hard drive until who knows when? Chad ChildersPublished: September 23, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty Images (2)Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIt's not a full Winery Dogs revival, but singer/guitarist Richie Kotzen teased earlier this week a new song would be coming and now he's revealed that his Winery Dogs bandmate, drummer Mike Portnoy, also had a hand in the new song "Raise the Cain."Speaking via his Facebook page, Kotzen explained, "So after releasing a 50 song original album at the start of 2020 I had absolutely no intention of releasing any more new music at any point this year. No good reason to do that so here we are with yet another RK single release featuring some badass drumming from Master Mike Portnoy. "He mentioned his drums were miked up and that he had been doing some recording. Pretend I’m jamming with you and record as if it were a song. Take 4 or 5 different tempos and different grooves and lay down a few song forms.

11.See Marilyn Manson in 57 Rock + Metal Bands Who Changed Names Before Getting Famous 
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Filed Under: Marilyn Manson, Shooter JenningsCategories: News That’s the magic moment, every time," Jennings affirmed.The session left the producer with a lasting memory."I only had one set of headphones at the time, and I brought this whole rig over to his house, and he was sitting there, singing on the Pro Tools track, and I was just sitting in the room with no headphones, and I can just hear Marilyn Manson in the room singing 'Cat People' with no music or anything! But it was when the pair first linked up to track a cover of David Bowie and Italian composer Girgio Moroder's "Cat People" that Jennings first discovered the "magic hour" to capture Manson singing in the studio.In an interview with Guitar World discussing the history between Jennings and Manson and the steps taken to create Manson's eleventh full length work, the producer first recollected the first time they worked on music together."Kurt Sutter, who created [the TV series] Sons Of Anarchy, had written this song lyrically to be in the very final episode, and he wanted me to write music to it. On the dot. I worked it out, and then I had the idea, 'Why not get Manson sing this? Like, no matter what time you start singing with him, 3:30AM is the magic hour. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 23, 2020KEVIN RC WILSON, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMarilyn Manson's new album, We Are Chaos, marked the first time the shock rocker and producer Shooter Jennings (son of outlaw country icon Waylon Jennings) collaborated on a full length record. Instead of me singing it, it would be a lot cooler if Manson did it,'" relayed Jennings.Although the work never amounted to much (the song was changed to "Come Join the Murder" and was issued by the White Buffalos), more was to come, which brings us to the cover of "Cat People" for a Giorgio Moroder tribute album Jennings had in the works."I went over to his house and that’s when I discovered that he sings his best at 3:30AM. [Laughs] Just his voice echoing off the walls," he remembered fondly.Elsewhere in the interview, Jennings mentioned that "Don't Chase the Dead" was the first track he and Manson wrote for what would become the We Are Chaos album, which was released on Sept.

It's probably not hard to guess, but now you can actually recreate his presence with a Motorhead candle, inspired by Ace of Spades' self-titled track. The iconic Motorhead album is turning 40 next year, and the band have announced several special releases to commemorate it, like a box set that turns into a gambling table. Now, Evoke Candle Co. You can pre-order the candle now, and it will ship sometime in late October.The website features an entire collection of candles inspired by popular rock and metal songs, including the "Paint It Black," "Gold Dust Woman," "London Calling," "White Wedding" and more. has announced an officially licensed Motorhead candle, which according to the description, smells like smoked whiskey and oak, and has a burn time of 70 to 80 hours.Sounds pretty spot-on to us. Have you ever wondered what Lemmy Kilmister smelled like? Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: September 23, 2020Eamonn McCabe, Redferns/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThey say that everyone has their own individual scent, similarly to the uniqueness of our fingerprints. There is even one just called "Heavy Metal," which has the aroma of beer.evokecandleco.comThe Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Acts
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"Sham Pain"10. "Cradle to the Grave"09. "M.I.N.E. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 22, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThis fall, Five Finger Death Punch will issue the 17-track greatest hits album, A Decade of Destruction, Volume 2, which is the followup to the first installment of the compilation that came out in 2017. "The Tragic Truth"03. "Walk Away"14. The last greatest hits set was also certified Platinum according to a press release, an achievement the Las Vegas group certainly hopes to replicate.Also included are three remixes (by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, Steve Aoki and Felmax) as well as an acoustic version of "The Wrong Side of Heaven."View the album art and track listing below and pre-order your copy of the album here.Five Finger Death Punch were originally set to performed their rescheduled North American tour this fall alongside Papa Roach, I Prevail and Ice Nine Kills. However, the coronavirus pandemic has not subsided to the point where standard touring is possible and that rescheduled run was recently canceled.Fans still have something to look forward to though as the group appears to have a movie in the works. 9, and if you're holding out for a vinyl copy, those are set to arrive Nov. "Bad Company" (Five Finger Dim Mak Steve Aoki remix / bonus track / previously unreleased)See Five Finger Death Punch in The 66 Best Rock Songs of the Decade: 2010 – 2019 
Source: Five Finger Death Punch’s New Greatest Hits Album Brings Five Previously Unheard Songs
Filed Under: Five Finger Death PunchCategories: News They also released their eighth record, F8, earlier this year.Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade of Destruction, Volume 2 Album Art + Track ListingProspect Park01. "Hard to See"07. The new set will feature five previously unheard songs, one of which is a brand new track, "Broken World."The digital and CD formats of the latest best-of comp will be available Oct. "Trouble" (Felmax remix / bonus track / previously unreleased)16. "When the Seasons Change"08. "Never Enough"13. "Broken World" [new song – previously unreleased]04. 20. "The Wrong Side of Heaven" (acoustic version / new song / previously unreleased)15. "I Refuse"05. "Blue on Black"02. "Hell to Pay"12. "The Pride"06. (End This Way)"11. A dozen of the tracks on A Decade of Destruction, Volume 2 are taken from Five Finger Death Punch's first seven records, all of which were released under the Prospect Park label. "Wash It All Away" (Joe Hahn remix / bonus track / previously unreleased)17.

Joe DiVitaUpdated: September 22, 2020Volcano / Reprise / EMIShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt was quite the year in 2006! Some of the most enduring bands from the old school mixed it up with emerging titans of the modern era, resulting in something for metalheads of all classes. A sizable chunk of the heavy metal spectrum is represented here, from black to death to power to whatever the hell Mastodon can be categorized as.See the 10 Best Metal Albums of 2006 below.10 Best Metal Albums of 2006The Best Metal Album of Each Year Since 1970 
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Filed Under: 2006Categories: News Artists released what are largely considered their breakthrough albums in 2006, adding to the growing pool of new headliners that would continue to steamroll their success through the next decade, truly ushering in a new age of heaviness.Simultaneously, legacy acts like Iron Maiden and Cannibal Corpse added to their already legendary discographies, proving they're worth all the accolades that have been rained down on them over the years.

When ZZ Top formed in 1969, the immense facial hair was not yet part of their image.Zakk Wylde has had a thick beard for quite some time now, but when he first started playing with Ozzy Osbourne in the 1980s, he was baby-faced. Marilyn Manson, on the other hand, is an artist who typically has a bare face, but every now and then has appeared with some scruff.For the sake of comparing what 22 rock and metal musicians look like with and without facial hair, scroll through the collection of images below.Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal Live Acts of All Time
Source: See 22 Rock + Metal Musicians With and Without Facial Hair
Categories: News In fact, some people actually can't grow facial hair even if they want to, which is due to hormones and genetics.Some rock and metal musicians have really thick and long beards, like ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons for example. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: September 22, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty Images / Phillip Faraone, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFacial hair comes in many different forms.Mustaches, beards, chin strips, mutton chops, goatees — the list goes on. But have you ever seen what he looked like before he started growing it long? Everyone has their own preference for which style they want to sport, others don't want any at all.

I’d sit there forever trying to play even though it’s not played on the bass. Ritchie Blackmore solos on ‘Burn’ — I was playing and learning classical guitar my own bastardized way, so I’d apply a lot of that."As for his early days as a musician, he recalls getting started with a number of covers. The first song, ‘The Power,’ has got a solo played on my old red Explorer bass. It has a whammy bar and it’s had one since 1980, as I conned a local guy into making me one out of a Stratocaster block."He also rocked the opening riff and solo from "Top of the Mountain" and recalls a bit of how they were able to achieve the sound of their epic closer, "When Worlds Collide," on his eight-stringed instrument.“To us, [playing live] is what it’s all about. We’d also play stuff like Montrose, ‘Space Station No. The singer humorously recalls, “We started to play the clubs and people would come up with beermats with requests on it. Chad ChildersPublished: September 22, 2020LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterRaven have enjoyed a lengthy career, keeping their hard rocking sound fresh through multiple decades, but it all had to start somewhere. So you’d see ‘Victim of Changes’ by Judas Priest or ‘Highway Star’ by Deep Purple or if we were playing Sunderland, which was the rival football team, the request would be ‘Fuck off,’ so we had to put up with that too. We’ll stand or fall on our own talent and not what’s programmed into a box.”You can hear Raven playing their brand of heavy rock 'n' roll on their latest album, Metal City. Be sure to pick up the album here.Raven's John Gallagher Plays His Favorite Riffs on Custom 8-String Bass10 NWOBHM Albums You May Not Own Yet … In this edition of Gear Factor, we speak with bassist/vocalist John Gallagher, who takes us through his riff history.Gallagher details his blue collar youth, working to scrounge up money to buy (and sometimes borrow and steal) musical equipment, all to get to a point where he could be a working musician. "We’re into rock ‘n’ roll, heavy metal, getting out there, making it real and doing it right. But Should
Source: Raven’s John Gallagher Plays His Favorite Riffs on Custom 8-String Bass
Filed Under: ravenCategories: Exclusive, News He counts Slade as one of his earliest musical influences, rocking out a bit of "Take Me Back Home."Gallagher recalls, “I’d listen to all these guys, John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, Gary Thain, John Wetton with King Crimson. The recreation of your latest studio opus note for note onstage with your click track in your headphones with somebody telling you, ‘And coming up it’s the chorus, 1-2-3-4,’ which I know a lot of people do, that’s Broadway, and I’m not into fucking Broadway," says Gallagher. 5.’"Gallagher called out "Tyrant of the Airwaves" and "UXB" as some of his favorite Raven songs. He also cited "Faster Than the Speed of Light" as a favorite the band still plays today.As for some new material from Metal City, Gallagher says, “On the new album, I get to mess around and play a few solos here and there.

You'll even get to jump on a Zoom video conference call with them to sort out particulars (after shelling out the $7,500 charge Steel Panther are asking for).Once all the information is squared away, Panther will turn around two sets of lyrics and record the version you give your approval on. They're putting their wordplay to the test by offering up custom versions of any of their existing songs, with brand new lyrics written just for you and they'll even record it and send it your way.This is one of the many ways the band is remaining active during an unprecedented period of downtime as traditional touring is off the table amid a worldwide pandemic. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 22, 2020Kevin RC Wilson, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLove 'em or hate 'em, Steel Panther are expert lyricists. Part of the description on their website states, "The band will deliver a full rock song finished to a quality comparable to songs on their albums."Head here to get more information on the custom song offer.Steel Panther's future may also yield some actual new songs, not just these aforementioned rewrites. Drummer Stix Zadinia recently suggested that Steel Panther may release an EP in 2021 in an effort to get new music out to fans quicker than pursuing the full album route.Watch: Steel Panther's Satchel Plays Alternate Version of"Girl From Oklahoma" on Hello Kitty GuitarSee Steel Panther's Satchel in the 30 Most Underrated Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists
Source: Steel Panther Will Rewrite Their Songs With Custom Lyrics for You
Filed Under: Steel PantherCategories: News For months now, they've been churning out daily reminder clips in their "What Fucking Day Is It?" series, performed two livestream shows and recently wrapped up a pair of drive-in gigs.Regarding the custom songs, Panther are determined to deliver with maximum results, which is why anyone interested will have to fill out a questionnaire to provide the band with as much information as possible so they have enough material to work with when devising your parody tune.

Another crossover favorite, Billie Eilish scored 12 nods, as revealed by Billboard.While heavier rock was excluded from the biggest categories, there is at least some representation in the rock categories. The ceremony was initially scheduled for April, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.See more of the rock related nominees below and check out the full nominee list here.Top Artist:Billie EilishJonas BrothersKhalidPost MaloneTaylor SwiftTop Duo/Group:BTSDan + ShayJonas BrothersMaroon 5Panic! At the Disco earned three nominations for Top Duo/Group, Top Rock Artist and Top Rock Song ("Hey Look Ma, I Made It"). Metallica were nominated for Top Touring Artist as well as Top Rock Tour. This year's awards are based on chart activity between March 23, 2019 and March 14, 2020. Tool were among the Top Rock Artist and Top Rock Album nominees for their work on Fear Inoculum and Slipknot also earned a Top Rock Album nom for their album We Are Not Your Kind.Panic! Chad ChildersPublished: September 22, 2020Ezra Shaw / Steven Ferdman, Getty Images / Matt Stasi, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica, Tool and Slipknot are among the big names nominated for Billboard Music Awards, but the night's biggest winner may be crossover artist Post Malone.Posty lead all nominees with 16 Billboard Music Awards nominations in just 15 categories. 14. At The DiscoTame ImpalaTooltwenty one pilotsTop Rock Tour:Elton JohnMetallicaThe Rolling StonesTop Rock Album:The Lumineers, IIISlipknot, We Are Not Your KindTame Impala, The Slow RushTool, Fear InoculumVampire Weekend, Father of the BrideTop Rock Song:Imagine Dragons “Bad Liar”Machine Gun Kelly x Yungblud x Travis Barker “I Think I’m Okay”Panic! At The DiscoTop Touring Artist:Elton JohnMetallicaP!nkThe Rolling StonesEd SheeranTop Rock Artist:Imagine DragonsPanic! The ceremony will air at 8PM ET on NBC. At The Disco “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”Twenty One Pilots “Chlorine”Twenty One Pilots “The Hype”Every Tool Song Ranked
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Filed Under: Metallica, Slipknot, ToolCategories: News Twenty One Pilots were also triple nominated, scoring nods for Top Rock Artist and placing two songs – "Chlorine" and "The Hype" – in the Top Rock Song category.Kelly Clarkson will host the 2020 Billboard Music Awards live from the The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Oct.

As sad as it was, I am so glad he got to play Spaulding one last time even if it was brief. “We did a lot of stuff together over the twenty years we were friends. I can only hope this role will help him live on for future generations of horror fans.”Haig’s role in 3 From Hell was unfortunately reduced due to the actor’s ill health, with Zombie telling Entertainment Weekly, “It was kind of a drag, because I knew people would wonder about that. He gave it all he had. Haig also featured in The Lords of Salem and Zombie’s remake of Halloween.“Well, today marks one year since my buddy Sid Haig left us,” Zombie wrote. The tribute came on the one-year anniversary of Haig’s death.Haig’s acting career spanned 60 years, but he finally landed his definitive role in House of 1,000 Corpses, then reprising the role of Captain Spaulding in The Devil’s Rejects, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and 3 From Hell. So I was slowly letting on what was happening, because it became more public — that he was in the hospital, what was going on.”23 Actors Who Transformed Into Real-life Rockstars for Movies
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Filed Under: Rob ZombieCategories: News Obviously we had originally planned to do much more back then but his health made it impossible. Graham HartmannPublished: September 22, 2020Lionsgate Films / Duane Prokop, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterRob Zombie has paid tribute to friend and longtime creative partner Sid Haig, who famously played the role of Captain Spaulding in multiple Zombie flicks. That was March 2018. He was my first and only choice for Captain Spaulding back in 1999. And especially, you know how fans are — ‘Fuck you, man, you shoulda’ done it like this!’ But I wasn’t in a position where I could tell what was happening, because it’s not my life, it’s someone else’s private business, their health.

Ben Thuy, co-author of the study that discovered the ancient fragment, pointed out."Musicians who so skillfully combine arts and science, composing albums like Precambrian (with songs named after the periods of the Precambrian), Pelagial (with songs named after the bathymetric subdivisions of the water column) and Phanerozoic — as well as the song 'Turritopsis Dohrnii,' referring to the immortal jellyfish from the Mediterranean — are more than deserving of being immortalized in the fossil record," he said.The fossil comes from an ocean-dwelling animal who lived millions of years ago.Still, the fossil itself is "only a tiny piece of the animal's skeleton" but it was "possible to compare it with other known species," explained Dr. … It was found on the island of Sicily in rocks dated to the late Cenozoic, some 2.6 million years ago, thus perfectly fitting the geological context of the Ocean's upcoming album."That imminent effort is the Ocean's Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic, the album sequel to 2018's Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic. Last month, the band revealed the forthcoming collection's second single, "Oligocene." Phanerozoic II arrives Sept. Lea Numberger-Thuy, the lead author of the study. 25 via Metal Blade Records — pre-orders are available now.Added Dr. Philip TrappPublished: September 22, 2020Jo Fischer / Instagram: @theoceancollectiveShare on FacebookShare on TwitterGerman prog-metal outfit the Ocean were recently honored in the scientific community when a freshly uncovered marine fossil received classification in their name, the band revealed on Monday (Sept. When a previously unknown species gets discovered, the leading scientists of the probe get to name it, as is the case here."Ophiacantha oceani is now officially the band's very own fossil," the French National Museum of Natural History announced. 21).The new fossil designation, Ophiacantha oceani, is a benefitting distinction for the rockers so interested in earth sciences as to have named some of their past albums after units of geological time. "It belongs to an ancient brittle star, a starfish-like creature that lived in the deep sea. Ben Thuy, "As metalheads and longtime fans of the Ocean, the choice was quickly made [to name the fossil]. That's what Dr. A band so deeply intertwined with paleontology just had to be [commemorated] by a fossil species."Ophiacantha Oceani Fossil Named After Metal Group the Ocean15 Other Rock + Metal Icons Who've Inspired the Name of a New Species
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So it was new.Practically, the oddest part was in between songs because you don't really know what to do, there's no one to interact with so that was a little bit different. Do you wish you had done something similar (one-off show) for past albums?Willie Adler: Not particularly. In fact, I liked it. If anything changed how I feel about livestreams, it’s been that.Willie Adler: I can't say it changed only because I didn't really have an opinion one way or another. It was a night of multiple firsts as it was also the first time the group had played one album from front to back.They'll be doing it again Sept. quintet, this was a brand new environment and in this exclusive interview, Randy Blythe, Mark Morton, Willie Adler and John Campbell have reacted to their livestream debut.The first of two events found Lamb of God performing their latest record, Lamb of God, which was released earlier this year in June, in its entirety. Now on to Ashes!!Thanks to Lamb of God for the interview. Not to mention the amount of pressure to really nail shit considering folks can rewind and really see what my riffs are all about! Waking up 500 miles away from where you went to sleep. What new challenges did the stream present from a performance perspective?Mark Morton: For me it was very much like the times we played on live TV. That is why I got along with him so well, and beyond respecting him as just a great frontman, I respected him as a GOOD MAN. However, compiling a set is a lot like putting together an office coffee order. To me, a live set really is about the energy exchange. I tried to just take it for what it was in this strange time — an attempt to play a show for an audience, even if they were not physically there. Rehearsals don’t have the same energy. Joe DiVitaPublished: September 22, 2020Bryce HallShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOn Sept. The crowd can be great and if the band sucks, the show sucks. "The Death of Us"14. "On the Hook"Encore:11. "Gears"04. But for real, I really appreciate everyone that tuned in and I hope everyone feels they got their money's worth. This is far more important to me than any “it factor” — whatever that means. 25. I always enjoy playing newer tunes, simply because they're fresh. "Bloodshot Eyes"10. Sure, some folks want the same thing, but most want something different.John Campbell: Not being able to tour on the new album is a bumout. "Contractor"12. Both have to be connecting and functioning for the show to be great.In this sense. Obviously a big part of the typical show was missing. I won’t lie and say that it was just like an in-person show — it was like more like a video shoot with a lot more pressure. For tickets and more information, head here.Lamb of God Set List — Sept. It’s a ton of work. So you kind of feel vulnerable and wide open in a way that I've only a few times felt before when we were on live television on Conan or Jimmy Kimmel. This is something Riley was all about — read the lyrics to “If Not Us Then Who” by Power Trip (the title is taken from a quote often attributed to the late civil rights icon John Lewis).We had many great conversations on tour about politics, books, the environment, economics, etc.— things of actual importance beyond just the normal tour talk. These livestreams have been a way to be creative and engaged. And no, I did not watch it back, nor read any comments. We’ve never played an entire album front to back, and after doing this band for over 25 years now, any creative change of pace is nice.Most bands never get a chance to play every new song from an album live. So, it's not all bad.After performing, did your perception of livestreams change at all? What did you see in Riley that made you realize he has the “it factor”?Randy Blythe: I dedicated “Reality Bath” to Riley because it is a song about speaking truth to power. It's exhausting and kind of a mind warp, but at the same time it's a lifestyle you get very accustomed to, so to have that get taken away or paused, is odd.But odd isn't always bad. For me, part of the excitement of making a record is having new material to perform live. You know there's a big audience, but you don’t have the volume and the atmosphere of the show to cloak any mistakes you make. "Checkmate"03. I wasn’t able to get the fans’ reaction until afterwards in the comments and tagged social media posts. What separates the stream performance from practice/rehearsal when the elements are similar?John Campbell: The elements aren’t quite the same — there are cameras, lights, a finely tuned mix in ears and a stage. A band can be great and if the crowd sucks, the show sucks. 19, Lamb of God played their first-ever livestreamed concert in the pandemic era. I'm writing a lot of music and spending time doing some things I haven't had a whole lot of time to do the last few years — projects around the house and spending time with my family. There’s a lot of bullshitting and catching up. One time Iron Maiden didn’t have “Run to the Hills” in a set and the band expressed it was a welcome change of pace.Randy Blythe: Absolutely. Crowd-less performances viewed on computer screens, phones and tablets have become increasingly "normal" for headbangers around the globe, looking for their live show fix, but for the legendary Richmond, Va. So that was a little added pressure, but part of the deal.Did this scratch the itch to play live or deepen the need to get in front of a crowd?Randy Blythe: Neither. It was just nice to play music with my dudes on a stage.Bryce HallMusicians constantly describe the feeling of performing for a crowd as a “drug.” Without this emotion present in your life these last few months, how do you satisfy that desire outside of this pair of livestreamed events?Mark Morton: I don't describe the feeling of performing in front of a crowd as a drug. It is something I enjoy. "Poison Dream"08. 18, 202001. The band will be performing their 2004 album 'Ashes of the Wake' in its entirety at a second livestreamed concert Sept. "Ruin"13. "Memento Mori"02. In general, it was nice to just do something DIFFERENT. 25 where the Ashes of the Wake album will be the focus (tickets here), but before that show takes place, find out what Lamb of God thought about the first gig below.How did the physical/mental release of playing live virtually compare to the typical show? It kinda makes it feel like a video shoot/live set. It felt kind of empowering that we could do something in the midst of this pandemic, something productive that engaged our fans and allowed us to interact with them, so that part felt good.Bryce HallWas it relieving at all to not have to play some of “the hits”? it was foreign because there were no people there, but I was aware of the fact that people were watching, so there was a level of disconnect, but I also knew there were people on the other side. Did you watch the broadcast back and read through fan comments?John Campbell: My perception of the livestream changed after I read the comments. Maybe there is some balance in performing the new record as a livestream, but I’m beyond ready to be in front of a live audience with this material.Bryce HallAnything can go wrong at a show. I miss him.Maria Ives, LoudwireWhat songs are you most excited to play off Ashes of the Wake?Randy Blythe: “Ashes of the Wake.”There’s a certain energy present when a community is connected, even if it’s not in the same physical location. "Routes"09. I don't think there is anything, honestly, that does replace it.Even more than the show — the show is the best part of the day when you're on tour — but just the traveling, too. "Reality Bath"05. So to not have that, you've really got to stay focused. Were there any new feelings?Mark Morton: It was very different. "New Colossal Hate"06. Right now accepting reality as it is and remaining grateful that we have the opportunity to do what we can without getting embroiled in some fruitless emotionally comparative mindset is the best plan — not just for my life in my band, but in everything. "512"See Lamb of God in 2020's Best Metal Songs (So Far)
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Filed Under: Lamb of GodCategories: News It’s not the same without an audience but with all the audio / video / lighting gear and the stage, a livestream is a lot closer to a show than the five of us standing around the rehearsal space working out songs.Bryce HallWillie Adler: Bluntly, the cameras in your face. I hope everyone enjoyed it!!Bryce Hall“Reality Bath” was dedicated to Riley Gale. I always feel like a show is a dialogue between the crowd and the band. Maybe I got lucky, but everything I saw was incredibly positive. I'm enjoying finding ways to be creative. It's certainly odd. "Resurrection Man"07.

26 on the Independent Album Chart.While the disc isn’t a marked departure from the plundering Viking metal of the band’s earlier releases, songs like “Runes to My Memory” and “Cry of the Black Birds” are heavier and more direct. “We made Amon Amarth our full-time priority,” drummer Fredrik Andersson told Deadtide.com. “The change of studio [was a big thing for us], Andersson said. “The reason we chose the title is that it suited the lyrical concepts of the album and signified the feeling we had during the writing and recording of the album. Even when the band shifts rhythms, it does so with a new fluidity that keeps the album from sounding at all disjointed.Some of the songwriting improvements on With Oden on Our Side came from the musician’s increased dedication to the band. 22, 2006, debuted at No. “We used a producer that got involved with the songs in an early stage also helped us a lot to make the best album.”Amon Amarth named With Oden on Our Side after the almighty Norse god Oden, who wields a spear and rides a flying, eight-legged horse named Sleipnir. “Before, Amon Amarth was just a hobby and we were doing it in our spare time. Grit, Guts and Glory.See Where Amon Amarth's With Oden on Our Side Landed on the Top 100 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 21st Century
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Filed Under: amon amarthCategories: Anniversaries, Longform, News The record, which came out Sept. 15 on the Top Heatseekers chart and No. “Oden is of course the highest god in Scandinavian mythology and he's the god of warfare, wisdom, poetry and artistry, vocalist Johan Hegg told Pyromusic.com. What we did was we quit our daytime jobs and thought, ‘we're going to try this full-time.’ It made us very focused.”Sonically, With Oden on Our Side has more in common with early Amon Amarth releases, including 1998’s Once Sent From the Golden Hall, than it does with the meandering, bleaker sounds of 2004’s Fate of Norns. Melody and heaviness exist in equal measure and while there’s plenty of double-bass drumming and thunderous riffage in “Valhall Awaits Me” and “Asator,” every song is flush with hooks and many feature carefully formulated guitar leads.Amon Amarth, "Valhall Awaits Me"In addition to demonstrating a new level of commitment to their music, Amon Amarth decided to hire a producer that would be more hands-on than Peter Tägtgren or Berno Paulsson had been with the band’s first five releases. We literally felt as if we had the Gods on our side.”Amon Amarth, "Asator"With Oden on Our Side was released as a conventional nine-song album and as a digipack, which included a bonus disc that album two contained demos and live recordings and studio sessions of tracks from the band’s other records.Loudwire contributor Jon Wiederhorn is the author of Raising Hell: Backstage Tales From the Lives of Metal Legends, co-author of Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal, as well as the co-author of Scott Ian’s autobiography, I’m the Man: The Story of That Guy From Anthrax, and Al Jourgensen’s autobiography, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen and the Agnostic Front book My Riot! Jon WiederhornUpdated: September 22, 2020Metal BladeShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt took six full-length albums, but with With Oden on Our Side Amon Amarth finally cracked Billboard.