Here, the 29-year-old indulges in the extreme metal that caught his ears in teenage years, sticking to an obscenely lo-fi style that was popularized by second wave black metal acts, falling somewhere between the hopelessly bleak Xasthur and the tin-can production of Gorgoroth's Under the Sign of Hell.Much like Ghostemane's music, these three Blackmage tracks have a fractured structure and it's not uncommon to hear the hornet's nest of distortion drop out entirely as some clean-picked interlude passages offer a hint of reprieve.For now, the EP is only available on SoundCloud and can be heard below.If you go looking for Blackmage on Spotify, it'll only lead to profound confusion — there's a Finnish hip-hop/trap-metal artist by that name whose style is certainly influenced by Ghostemane.Blackmage, Baader Meinhof EP12 Rappers Who Are Inspired By Rock
Source: Rapper Ghostemane Just Released a Black Metal EP
Filed Under: Blackmage, GhostemaneCategories: News He's taken things one step further, having just released a bonafide black metal EP, Baader-Meinhof, under the moniker Blackmage.The name of the project was taken from the title of Ghostemane's fifth album, which came out in 2016. Joe DiVitaMariano Regidor, Redferns/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterRapper Ghostemane has never been shy about his deep appreciation for metal's aesthetic and occult imagery.

'An African-American man is threatening me!!' when simply asked to leash her dog (yes those ARE the rules in this particular area of the park). #ThenTheyPointTheFingerAtYou!"Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick also shared his thoughts on George Floyd's death, first sharing the words of Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter, who said, “If you’re unbothered or mildly bothered by the 1st knee, but outraged by the 2nd, then, in my father’s words, you’re ‘more devoted to order than to justice.’ And more passionate about an anthem that supposedly symbolizes freedom than you are about a Black man’s freedom to live. On Video." He then shared a widely distributed meme showing former NFL star Colin Kaepernick kneeling side-by-side with footage of the officer with his knee to Floyd's neck, bring back up the point of why Kaepernick's form of protest was happening in the first place.Ice-T then added in a series of tweets, "I play a Cop on TV… But I’ll NEVER stop speaking about injustice… EVER. #GeorgeFloyd – who had the cops called for suspicion of a bad check (a bad check?!) – choked to death in plain view of witnesses. Get ready…. Ok. Now they’re gonna blame it on the Victim. He (#ChristianCooper) has expressed regret over the scale of backlash against her but she’s undeserving of his decency after her dog & pony show (her dog, visibly abused, has been taken away, thankfully) & she’s earned all the resulting fallout, imo. This is all in the shadow of jogger #AhmaudArbery, gunned down by non-cops, which led to a cover-up by authorities. F that. That’s dangerous for Black people and deadly for #GeorgeFloyd.”Skolnick went on to discuss Kaepernick's original protest, stating, "I know not everyone wants to hear this. Sharon Osbourne, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Machine Gun Kelly and plenty more have had their say. I don’t follow sports closely. When these things happen you get to see how people REALLY feel… Not on film: EMT #BreonnaTaylor, shot dead by police raiding the WRONG HOUSE. I know not everyone is a fan of 'taking the knee,' a common critique being 'How dare this guy who was paid x-amount of dollars for sitting out the season have the nerve, he’s not even that good a player, how dare he disrupt the game, not pay fealty to the flag" blah blah blah. And I’ve heard EVERY excuse.. All that’s being said is: THIS IS NOT OK."Other voices from the rock and metal world have chimed in as well. No one is saying 'all cops are bad,' or 'all white people are bad.' Don’t twist words. Chad ChildersStephen Maturen, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe death of George Floyd sparked outrage across the nation as footage has spread of the arrest in which one of four white police officers on the scene had Floyd pinned to the ground with a knee to his neck as Floyd pleaded that he was having trouble breathing.Floyd, a suspect for passing a bad check, then lost consciousness and attempts to revive him by paramedics proved unsuccessful. And you’re more caring concerning a flag than you are concerning a fellow human being. That’s inhumane, tragic and unjust. The four police officers involved have since been fired, but outrage over the incident has spread across the country as it is the latest fatal incident involving white police officers and black suspects.As expected, the story has elicited strong feelings, including some from members of the rock and metal world. This is all in JUST 2 WEEKS. See some of the responses below:Sharon OsbourneLiving ColourPanic! Ice-T, who fronts Body Count but also plays a police officer on NBC's Law & Order: SVU, first responded, "They Killed another Brother … Also yesterday (same day): a revolting woman in my city makes a fake 'damsel in distress' emergency call to NYPD, in mock tears.. Maybe indeed this is a case of 'right message/wrong messenger.' But if that’s the case, let me ask you this: Does an imperfect messenger give license to ignore the message? I’ve been quiet the last few days, have fun stuff to share but just can’t right now. Honestly, I don't see how we can."He continued, "In 2 wks alone, we’ve watched 2 black men die on film. I’ve been speaking out on Police Brutality for over 30yrs… At the DiscoGreen Day's Billie Joe ArmstrongRage Against the Machine's Tom MorelloMachine Gun KellySleeping With Sirens' Kellin QuinnBad Omens' Noah SebastianThe Story So FarStray From the PathFalling in Reverse's Ronnie RadkeSWMRSBlack Veil Brides' Andy BiersackRockers We've Lost in 2020
Source: Musicians Take Stand Against Social Injustice After Death of George Floyd by Cop
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"But Lem played, basically, like he wanted to do as long as he possibly could. Guitarist Phil Campbell recently looked back on the band's final tour in an interview with the CaTtales podcast, admitting that it was difficult to watch his bandmate struggle toward the end."Towards the last couple of years, Lem wasn't quite himself," the guitarist said. But it was difficult to watch sometimes at the very end."Listen to the full conversation below.Phil Campbell Speaks With the CaTtales PodcastTop 66 Hard Rock + Metal Frontmen of All Time
Source: Motorhead’s Phil Campbell: It Was Difficult to Watch Lemmy Toward the End
Filed Under: lemmy kilmister, Motorhead, Phil CampbellCategories: News You could see Lemmy aging a little bit more, 'cause he was a fair amount older than the rest of us. But he was doing fine — he was playing fine. We just carried on."Campbell assured that the band did slow things down on that tour, compared to their usual pace, but their version of "slowing down" was likely what's considered normal for most other bands."So we'd still go on tour for two months anywhere where they would have us," he continued. "He just wanted to carry on. Lauryn SchaffnerJason Kempin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThis December will mark five years since the passing of Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister.

Though he eventually found fame with Iron Maiden, Smith never lost the fishing bug and his fishing trips got more adventurous over time.The guitarist recalls his first sturgeon, a whopping 100-pounder from Canada’s swirling Fraser River that nearly wiped him out mid-Maiden tour. Smith has completed his first book titled "Monsters of River & Rock," which digs into his passions — metal music and fishing.While Smith has carved out a solid career with metal giants Iron Maiden, when not onstage he's often found fishing. He also had a close shave with a large shark off the Virgin Islands whilst wading waist-deep for bonefish.Described as "the ultimate fishing-fantasy armchair read," "Monsters of River & Rock" provides an interesting contrast between the tranquil world of fishing and the high energy, riff-heavy life of a rock star."Monsters of River & Rock" is due Sept. 3 via Virgin Books.Virgin BooksVirgin Books / Photo by Nathalie Dufresne-Smith66 Best Rock + Metal Guitarists of All-Time
Source: Iron Maiden Guitarist Details Fishing Passion in First Memoir
Filed Under: adrian smith, Iron MaidenCategories: News In fact, his passion has landed him on the cover of Angler's Mail in the past and the guitarist is proud to delve into his passion more as he's used his "night" job to often bring his fishing gear around the world and find some of the prime fishing spots.Smith got interested in fishing as a child in East London, often going on outings with his father. Chad ChildersPhoto by Martin WellerShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith knows a thing or two about riffs, but as we'll see with his upcoming memoir, he also knows his way around some hooks.

Feelgood," "Gotta see my rock n roll doctor," "Somebody get me a doctor," "I’m your witch doctor," "Cause I’m the doctor," "Doctor me baby down to my soul." There’s a lot of metal songs about doctors.But what we're here to talk about goes beyond the cheesy sexed-up role playing of heavy metal and beyond the hack and slash gore fiends of death metal. Surgery, with no anesthesia, Fell the knife pierce you intensely.” It was so extreme that Def Jam records didn’t want to release it, but Slayer and producer Rick Rubin didn’t relent.Of course, Carcass would become the most essential gore band in metal history, thanks in part to Jeff Walker's sister and a medical textbook she was using to become a nurse. Mengele and his cruel experiments on death camp prisoners is still horrifying. surgery.After Twisted Sister set the surgery stage with "Under the Blade," Slayer took the subject much, much further with "Angel of Death." The surgical references Jeff Hanneman painted of Dr. “Sadistic, surgeon of demise, Sadist of the noblest blood. We're talking about the most brutal side of medicine… "Normally bands keep an eye on their progress via monitoring record sales, but Carcass had no sales numbers to speak of, so the band could only judge their success by number of their clones."Watch our full video on why metal is so obsessed with surgery below.Why Is Metal So Obsessed With Surgery?50 Most Controversial Hard Rock + Metal Album Covers [NSFW]
Source: Why Is Metal So Obsessed With Surgery? Graham HartmannPeacevilleShare on FacebookShare on Twitter"Doctor Doctor please," "They call me Dr. The goregrind masterworks Reek of Putrefaction and Symphonies of Sickness birthed an entire subgenre of "Carcass clones" who used Pathology to create brutal metal. Love," "He’s the one you call Dr. "They popped up everywhere, like a rash," Earache Records recalls. Categories: Exclusive, News

Thank you and may you all stay safe moving forward in these troubled times.”Loudwire’s creative partnership with Paul Booth has been one of the most fruitful and fulfilling experiences in our near-decade history, and we look forward to continue filming with Paul in the near future.20 Rock + Metal Musicians With Tattoos of BandsThe 40 Worst Rock + Metal Tattoos of All Time
Source: Paul Booth Forced to Close Tattoo Studio Due to COVID-19
Filed Under: paul boothCategories: News Financial hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic led to the closure, leaving Booth without a studio for the first time in two decades.According to the Washington Post, over 100,000 small businesses in the United States have closed due to COVID-19. “I am taking the next year to let the situation play out and plan to reopen in 2021 at a brand new location.”“I thank all of you for your patronage over the last two decades and very much appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. Graham HartmannCourtesy of Paul BoothShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLegendary tattoo artist Paul Booth has been forced to close his New York City studio. Even more tragic, over 100,000 Americans have died from the virus, marking another grim milestone that has changed the country forever.A master of dark surrealism, Paul Booth has famously tattooed musicians such as Slayer’s Kerry King, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Pantera’s Philip Anselmo, Sepultura's Cavalera brothers, former Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth and many other talented people, including WWE Superstars Aleister Black and the Undertaker.“Due to COVID-19 and the current economic struggle we are all facing, I have had to close down our current premises housing Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, Last Rites Gallery, and Booth Gallery,” Paul Booth writes. To stay in the loop with future plans you can follow on Instagram at @PaulBooth and on Facebook at PaulBoothOfficial.

Philip TrappChiaki Nozu, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterNorma Jean started their music career as a nu-metal band called Luti-Kriss.When forming in 1997, the group "went with a rap-metal approach" before starting to make the music that most fans would recognize as Norma Jean today. Under the early moniker, the act released just one studio album, 2001's Throwing Myself. However, Luti-Kriss didn't get very far in their first incarnation. The following year, Norma Jean debuted with the inaugural release under that name, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child.As longtime listeners know, that was the beginning of a lasting tenure in metalcore. It's almost quaint now to think of a time when the Christian music industry positioned performers as note-perfect substitutes of a popular genre or artist for believers' consumption.But it did happen. Filed Under: Norma JeanCategories: News Such is the info preserved on an old band bio found on the website of Orange Amplifiers.It states that the Luti-Kriss were "often described as the Christian equivalent of Limp Bizkit, Korn, (hed) p.e., Methods of Mayhem or Rage Against the Machine" before they changed their name. Of course, that's all ancient history compared to the band's eight studio albums under the current name.Still, the group did begin as a devout outfit peddling sonic wares that hewed closer to nu-metal or rap-rock than anything else. Norma Jean has since released the albums O' God, The Aftermath (2005), Redeemer (2006), The Anti Mother (2008), Meridonal (2010), Wrongdoers (2013), Polar Similar (2016) and All Hail (2019).Luti-Kriss, Live in 2000Top 50 Nu-Metal Albums of All-Time
Source: Did You Know Norma Jean Started Out as a Nu-Metal Band?

Lauryn SchaffnerMartin Philbey/RedfernsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDespite hopes that there would be a miracle, Rammstein have officially postponed their 2020 North American tour dates. In the meantime, ticket holders can find more information on AEG Presents' website.The coronavirus has resulted in the cancelation of tours and music festivals all over the world throughout 2020. While some locations have been experimenting with new venue setups to adhere to social distancing recommendations — like the recent concert in Arkansas —large-scale entertainment events aren't expected to make a full return until 2021.27 Rock + Metal Bands Working on New Albums in Quarantine
Source: Rammstein Officially Postpone 2020 North American Tour Dates
Filed Under: RammsteinCategories: News "We are now working on rescheduling the tour in 2021."Stay tuned for further updates on an updated tour itinerary. This comes just a little over a week after the announcement that their European tour was rescheduled for 2021.The German metal group were set to headline a series of stadium shows throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico in August and September, however, the run is now the latest victim of the coronavirus."Sadly, but in the best interests of everyone’s health and safety, we have to postpone our North America Tour," the band wrote on Twitter.

Just pay it to a charity in our name.’ Because if it would’ve went the other way around, I bet you they would’ve been calling us out saying when are we gonna pay?”“What do you expect from someone who’s a liar anyhow?” Shaggy adds.Watch Insane Clown Posse relive their Stern feud days in the exclusive interview below.Insane Clown Posse Recall Feuds With Slipknot + Sharon Osbourne25 Nastiest Rock Feuds
Source: Insane Clown Posse: Sharon Osbourne Still Owes Us $50,000
Filed Under: Insane Clown Posse, sharon osbourne, SlipknotCategories: Exclusive, News During our recent chat with ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, where they played a game of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’, they also elaborated on public spats with Slipknot and Sharon Osbourne.Both feuds took place on The Howard Stern Show, but only one of them was legit. She, without question, owes us that money. [Slipknot] told them that we had mad beef and this and that, you know what I’m sayin’? So they let ‘em up in there. I thought it was fucking funny as hell and smart as shit on Slipknot’s part.”As for their very real feud with Sharon Osbourne, ICP say she still hasn’t paid them the $50,000 owed on a lost bet. In 1999, Slipknot were just starting to blow up, but to grab a little extra press, they manufactured beef with ICP. Graham HartmannLoudwire / Jeff Spicer, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterInsane Clown Posse had some of the most memorable feuds in music history, even when they weren’t in on the gag! The lie got them on Howard Stern, with the masked nine immediately squashing the feud once they approached Stern’s mics.“Every time we would go on Howard Stern, they’d always put someone on there to antagonize us,” Shaggy recalls. “They like seeing us get riled up. We said, ‘You ain’t gotta pay us. I guess we do ill shit when we get riled up. “That record went gold. Osbourne bet the duo that their next album, Bizzar / Bizaar, wouldn’t sell 200,000 copies and would cause ICP to get dropped by Island Records.“She lost that bet super hard,” Violent J tells us.

Bush's gritty, mid-range voice was better suited for the stylistic transition Anthrax made at the time, adopting a more rock-centric approach to their sound, focusing on choruses with massive hooks while leaving some of their speedier moments behind.In the video, which can be viewed below, Benante, a primary songwriter in Anthrax and adept guitarist, swaps his sticks for a six strings and a pick in this cover that features just guitar and vocals. Joe DiVitaYouTube: Charlie BenanteShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAnthrax's Charlie Benante and former frontman and Armored Saint singer John Bush have reunited, in a sense, to performed the Sound of White Noise track "Packaged Rebellion" while in quarantine.The duo celebrated the recent 27th anniversary of the Anthrax record, which was the first to feature Bush up front after the group split with Joey Belladonna. Bush showcases his ageless pipes, sounding no worse for the wear nearly three decades after recording the original version of "Packaged Rebellion."Benante has been a frequent collaborator while in quarantine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Elsewhere on the reunion front, he, Scott Ian and Dan Lilker put together a performance clip of S.O.D.'s (Stormtroopers of Death) "March of the S.O.D." which you can watch here.Meanwhile, Anthrax have been working on their follow-up to 2016's For All Kings and Armored Saint recently wrapped up recording for their successor to Win Hands Down, which came out in 2015.Charlie Benante + John Bush Perform Anthrax's "Packaged Rebellion" in QuarantineTop 50 Thrash Albums of All Time 
Source: Charlie Benante + John Bush Reunite to Play Anthrax’s ‘Packaged Rebellion’ in Quarantine
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Per the item's webpage, a "one-sided (butthole-less) version" of the mask will not be made available.Still, the image of the product online shows a censored version of the mask's anatomical detail. Celebrate our species-specific senselessness with this sensationally sublimated Cattle Decapitation '2020 Sucks' face mask. Philip TrappAlex SolcaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCattle Decapitation have unveiled branded "2020 Sucks" face masks that feature graphics colorfully consistent with the death metal band's sordid sense of humor. Concert Cancellations… An obnoxious array of absurdity with a reverse side that features abominable assholery."Expected to ship on or around June 15, each sublimated Cattle Decapitation face mask boasts a price tag of $15. Controversy…. The portion of the mask that faces the public only shows the comical selection of the year's conundrums. Stay tuned. A note from the band on social media lets fans know that "re-stocks and new summer line merch unveiling coming next week!"Get your "2020 Sucks" face mask from Cattle Decapitation here.See Cattle Decapitation in the Best Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985
Source: Cattle Decapitation ‘2020 Sucks’ Face Mask Makes Wearers Suck A**
Filed Under: Cattle DecapitationCategories: News Karen. Kenneth Copeland… The Cattle Decapitation logo appears across a magnified COVID-19 cell.A description reads, "Covid-19 contamination… Conceited Cat Killers… But don't worry — Cattle Decapitation's website makes clear the "actual image on [the] mask is not censored."Need more merchandise from the veteran deathgrind act? That's because, while the mask's outward-facing side contains a mix of coronavirus-related memes and iconography, its inside portrays an asshole.Indeed, the image of a human anus appears on the interior of the face mask that's now available to pre-order — take a look at the product preview near the bottom of this post. Concurrently, 2020 has been one cacophonous dumpster fire of Coronavirus created community culpability. Those include Tiger King's Joe Exotic, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a concert ticket ripped in half. That means those who wear it will be figuratively sucking butt while displaying their love for death metal and a healthy sense of humor.Not that anyone will know. Featuring an assemblage of unfortunate anthropogenic anecdotes anno 2020!

Joe DiVitaKevin RC Wilson, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterPrior to joining Metallica, guitarist Kirk Hammett was originally a member of Exodus, a band he had co-founded as a teenager. We’re all close to this day, but there was a lot of guilt there for a while. I consider them my parts," Hammett stood firm."I didn’t feel guilty about that," he admitted, "but I did feel guilty about leaving the band I started in high school. I felt more comfortable playing in Metallica than I ever did in Exodus, so go figure."As part of the ongoing #MetallicaMondays series which finds Metallica uploading full concert videos from past performances each week, the band recently dusted off a 1983 gig, which was taken from their first-ever tour. In a look back on Metallica's Ride the Lightning album, he admitted he felt some guilt when he made the decision to jump ship in 1983, but harbored no ill feelings about repurposing some of his riffs.Hammett and drummer Lars Ulrich offered a track-by-track reflection on each song off Metallica's 1984 sophomore album in a recent Metal Hammer feature. "Trapped Under Ice" sports a riff Hammett originally wrote for the Exodus song "Impaler" (which first officially appeared on Exodus' 1997 live album Another Lesson in Violence and later on 2004's Tempo of the Damned) and it's leaving his high school friends behind that bothered him, not reusing the riff."[The riffs] came from songs I had written, music I had written. The show was shot just a few months after Hammett's audition.Every Metallica Song Ranked
Source: Kirk Hammett Defends Using Riffs He Wrote for Exodus in Metallica
Filed Under: exodus, kirk hammett, MetallicaCategories: News I’ve known [Exodus drummer] Tom Hunting since I was 16 years old, I’ve known [Exodus guitarist] Gary Holt since I was 17. A little bit of remorse."Still, it was a purposeful move that obviously worked out for Hammett, especially now that he conceded, "But I really felt that Metallica was my calling.

Chad ChildersJimmy Hubbard / Warner Bros.Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMastodon have been quiet of late, but that doesn't mean that work isn't progressing on new music. During a chat with the RRBG podcast (as heard below), guitarist Bill Kelliher revealed that the band has "20 rough songs" recorded, and that they've been working on a song for the upcoming Bill and Ted movie.“We got asked a couple months ago to be a part of the new Bill and Ted movie, to put a song in there. I don’t know how to describe it," said Kelliher of their current music. It’s different than Emperor of Sand. We’ve been taking this time off to relax and to write a new record, and we were kind of right in the middle of it… we had about, I don’t know, 20 rough songs recorded right before this [pandemic] hit and it just totally put the brakes on it." That said, the guitarist revealed that he was traveling to Atlanta with plans to try to work with his bandmates finishing a few things they had previously started."I’ve definitely been writing like a madman, like crazy. The vocals are kind of like a ‘Asleep in the Deep’ style, kind of Radiohead-ish almost, like real melodic, a lot of vocal harmonies."But for those trying to glean some idea about the direction from his description, Kelliher warns, "We still don't have all of Brent [Hinds]' songs in there yet and there's still a lot of time for that stuff to change and to morph into other stuff."Mastodon's Bill Kelliher Talks to the RRBG PodcastSee Mastodon in the 50 Most Important Metal Bands in the 21st Century
Source: Mastodon Writing Song for ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ Soundtrack
Filed Under: Bill & Ted, MastodonCategories: News 21 release.As for their next album, Kelliher revealed, “Mastodon hasn’t worked since last summer. "The new record, the stuff I’ve written, it’s not quite as notey as [Emperor of Sand], but it’s definitely got a more like Neurosis heaviness, [with] simplified guitar parts. So we wrote a song to be in that movie which we’re kind of wrapping now,” said the guitarist of Bill and Ted Face the Music, which is currently on the schedule for an Aug. There’s definitely a vibe going on. And Brann [Dailor] … he always demos most of the vocal ideas cause he always has melodies and stuff like that… and he’s been singing on a lot of it, at least for demo purposes.

That’s not even mentioning all the props and costume changes Spencer and Shevy (our makeup artist/prop master) have onstage," he explains. "We have a lot of subtle and very apparent movie-themed props and performances on the stage. Ice Nine Kills' drummer Patrick Galante is providing a play through of "Your Number's Up," a "Final Cut" bonus track from The Silver Scream album. I think my favorite part of this song is also my least favorite part of this song. Learn more about SJC Custom Drums here.15 Rockers Who've Appeared in Horror Films
Source: Ice Nine Kills Drummer Crushes ‘Your Number’s Up’ on Custom Popcorn Kit
Filed Under: ice nine killsCategories: Exclusive, News Watch that here and pick up coordinated merch for their "Jason's Mom" release right here. "There were many different ways that we thought they could’ve looked too. Those actually make me nervous to play the kit, I’d hate to ruin the craftsmanship!"Galante says the new kit will fit perfectly within their growing production. The kick drum patterns in (what we call) the 'Drew Barrymore' breakdown and the ending are crushing and sound amazing, but were very hard to learn and very hard hard to play live. But what's cool is that he's showcasing his brand new movie popcorn-themed drum kit that was customized by SJC Custom Drums."Spencer [Charnas] and I had thrown around a few movie themed ideas, but at at the end of the day, I think Spencer had the idea to make the shells look like popcorn tubs," says Galante. "The whole show is turning into quite the theatrical performance, and there are some crazy new elements being included in the future."Speaking about the decision to rock "Your Number's Up" for the play-through, the drummer says, "This song is a certified banger. "If we keep going with the movie theme, I’d like to go a little darker and design a zombie-themed kit. I think I finally got ‘em down though."Galante says he hopes to play his new "popcorn" kit for some time, but adds that he has some ideas of drum kit designs he'd like to see in the future. Chad ChildersLoudwire / SJCShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWe've got something special for you in this week's Gear Factor. Having teeth, blood, bones and body parts coming out of everything could be spooky and fun. For example, everyone’s mic stand is personalized to their movie character, we have an inflatable Freddy hand and Pennywise hand on either side of the stage, and my drum riser has a jigsaw puppet face around it. We’ll see what the future holds," says the drummer.Ice Nine Kills hope to be on tour this fall with Five Finger Death Punch and when they do hit the stage, you can look for Galante rocking this new custom-made kit.In the interim, Ice Nine Kills recently did a parody of Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom" titled "Jason's Mom" coinciding with Mother's Day and the 40th anniversary of the original Friday the 13th film. That’s where SJC and Mike Cortada came in to really help us finalize the design."The drummer says he's thrilled to show off his kit for the first time, adding, "This kit is all around pretty amazing, but the special jigged out popcorn rims are extremely well done.

Instead, it will bait unsuspecting kids with the promise of ice cream but deliver a blast of death metal straight to the face, teaching a valuable life lesson about trust and entitlement.This cruel experiment has actually been around for over a decade, but is now making the rounds after TikTok user Erica Lueth spoke about the Hell General. But the revamped Postal Service truck’s ice cream selection is glorious, sporting non-existent treats in the shape of Rammstein, Opeth, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Arch Enemy and more logos from the world of metal.Facebook: Hell GeneralFacebook: Hell GeneralFacebook: Hell GeneralFacebook: Hell GeneralFacebook: Hell GeneralHell General also told Loudwire that one of their main goals behind the truck is to give Devin Townsend a ride, so maybe Hevy Devy will hook up with the Minnesota pranksters next time he's there on tour.Even though Hell General won’t sell ice cream to anybody, you can still request where the evil vehicle drives past next. Graham HartmannFacebook: Hell GeneralShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe Hell General truck will not serve frozen treats to your ugly children. Lately, everybody’s been complaining about some weird black metal ice cream truck they’ve seen driving around,” she says before reading from the Hell General website and showing some footage of the truck.@ericalueth##minneapolis ##minnesotacheck ##icecream♬ original sound – ericaluethThe site reads, “In all actuality, my intentions with the truck have nothing to do with selling ice cream. Paul.Happy Summer.Best Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985
Source: Death Metal Ice Cream Truck Serves Nothing But Disappointment
Categories: News And when the children materialize in the streets? Rather than indulge brats with over price cream pops, I mean to deny those looking to buy a cold tasty treat by playing my happy chimes through the streets. Just fill out this form if you happen to live within the Minneapolis area, excluding St. “I’m from Minneapolis. I will coast right past them with the sinister look of rejection.”Ouch.

Lyrically it's a hymn to the Darwinian spirit in every single cell on its journey through endless possibilities, for better or for worse."As for the rest of Eden in Reverse, Hail Spirit Noir noted their own evolution and outlined how carefully crafted this next record is."This is the album we've spent the most time on. Joe DiVitaCrux (Vaggelis Neofotistos)Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGreece's Hail Spirit Noir were among the most innovative groups of the 2010s and, in this new decade, they continue to leap forward. "Darwinian Beasts"2. "Incense Swirls" (Synthwave Remix)*9. "Automata 1980"8. "Crossroads"5. "Incense Swirls"3. "The First Ape on New Earth"7. "Alien Lip Reading"4. "This is the only track that was unfinished for many, many months. The result was Eden in Reverse."Eden in Reverse will arrive on June 19 through Agonia Records and can be pre-ordered here. After the first three to four tracks, we realized we were onto something new for the band," said the group. In the lyrics, we re-wrote the story of Eden from a surreal, Richard Dawkins-esque, Darwinian point of view. View the album art and track listing beneath the music video and follow Hail Spirit Noir on Facebook.Hail Spirit Noir, "Crossroads" Music VideoHail Spirit Noir, Eden in Reverse Album Art + Track ListingAgonia Records1. "Ever-shifting Tunnels" (Bonus)*2020's Best Metal Songs (So Far) 
Source: Hail Spirit Noir Make the Leap From Black Metal to Prog on ‘Crossroads’ Song
Categories: News When Lars came on board, everything fell into place and the song evolved into its final shape. "We were no longer in the '60s-'70s zone but more in the '70s-'80s," they further revealed, adding, "The songs sounded retro-futuristic and surreal but they were also more prog, psychedelic and challenging than ever. On the new song "Crossroads," which comes off the band's forthcoming fourth album, Eden in Reverse, it's evident they've completely made the leap from prog-minded black metal to full tilt prog metal.The song features a guest appearance from Borknagar's Lars "Lazare" Nedland, whose booming, crystalline voice perfectly meshes over the barren, space-drifting passages as quirky electronic melodies and sci-fi riffage weave in and out of the forward-thinking "Crossroads."Watch the music video further down the page."'Crossroads' represents the catchy side of the album," said the band. "The Devil's Blind Spot"6. We started off doing some experiments without any idea where they could lead to.

But there is something to look forward to, even in these dark times, because plenty of rock and metal artists are using this forced down time to give us some new music.With live music, at least as we once knew it, off the table for the foreseeable future, new music is all headbangers have to look forward to right now. Joe DiVitaEthan Miller, Getty Images (2) / Stephen J. There's still a lot of new records on the way (check out our release calendar here), so not everything is a total loss. Cohen, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterQuarantine sucks — you know it, we know it and bands definitely know it. Still, genuine good news isn't as easy to come across anymore, but when a band announces they're working on new material during lockdown, it sustains the soul.There's at least 25 bands giving us a lot to look forward to in the near future.25 Rock + Metal Bands Working on New Albums in Quarantine
Source: 27 Rock + Metal Bands Working On New Albums in Quarantine
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In what ways is he still with you?He's still with me all the time. He loved his fans, so he would still be writing and doing the same things as he was doing before finishing Magica, which was supposed to be three albums. Follow the Ronnie James Dio Facebook and Twitter pages for all of the latest updates on the legendary singer's legacy. I feel him everywhere. "This Is Your Life" — I think that was a very beautiful song.Rainbow, "Rainbow Eyes"It's been 10 years since Ronnie passed away. How conscious was he of that incredible, transcendent aspect of his singing?I think it was just a natural talent for him, although it wasn't exactly a natural talent. In fact, when he passed away, it was very strange — a little hummingbird was tapping on my window for about five days. I was like, "What if Ronnie is giving me a message?" Maybe it's silly, but that's what I like. Most recently, the 1996-2004 studio albums ('Angry Machines,' 'Magica,' 'Killing the Dragon' and 'Master of the Moon') were reissued and can be picked up here.See Ronnie James Dio in the Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Frontmen of All Time 
Source: Wendy Dio Names Her Favorite Songs by Ronnie James Dio
Filed Under: ronnie james dio, wendy dioCategories: News He had a way of talking to someone and making you feel like you were really important and anything you had to say, he was listening to it and thinking about what you were saying.We were very young when we met in Rainbow. We're hoping that the Bowl for Ronnie will still carry on on November 12th.Thanks to Wendy Dio for the interview. I think that's what he would be doing.I don't what he'd be doing now in this horrible pandemic — probably sitting at home writing songs.Ronnie was one of those rare singers whose voice was so robust and alive. He would probably being finishing off Magica II and Magica III. Unfortunately we had to cancel the Ride for Ronnie benefit event this year. Wendy also picked a handful of her favorite songs by Ronnie and explained how the presence of hummingbirds in her yard feels like she's receiving messages from the late frontman.Read the full interview below.It's hard to believe it has been 10 years now since Ronnie passed. there's just so many great songs I love. I didn't think anything of it and then I suddenly thought about it.Then just yesterday I was sitting in the backyard and there's a little hummingbird there and I thought, "Why does he keep coming back here?" It made a nest in one of my sun umbrellas. Full Metal JackieChad Childers, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWendy Dio was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program. He had just joined the band and finished one album completely, the first album, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, but had not toured yet when I met Ronnie.With Ronnie, you had a firsthand view of some of the most iconic heavy metal music ever made. 29, 2009You met Ronnie when he was with Rainbow. What song of his, if there really is just one, is your favorite?I have lots of favorites, but, of course, my favorite is "Rainbow Eyes" because he wrote that about me. What did you recognize in him that then ultimately came to fruition in terms of the staggering accomplishment of being part of, not one, but three significant bands?Well, he was an incredibly intelligent person and he read a book almost every day. Although I love "Stargazer" and "Holy Diver." I love "Heaven and Hell," "Don't Talk to Strangers"… I'm so glad we got to do the gala before everything happened and the lockdown happened. I feel him in the house. She looked back on the 10 years since the passing of her husband, legendary metal singer Ronnie James Dio.In the interview, the widow speculates about what Ronnie would have been doing currently with his music, noting he'd likely be finishing the Magica album trilogy that started in 2000. All the trumpet playing that he did — the breathing exercises from having a trumpet that he started playing when he was five years old — I think that's why it was so strong.Ronnie James Dio's Final Concert — Aug. I felt that it was Ronnie giving me a message.We love and miss Ronnie and I feel like he's with all of us and his music is going to live on forever.Yes. He loved people and he could converse with anyone at any age, may they be eight or 80, and brings things out from them. It was a natural talent in that he was born with it and didn't realize what he had. Knowing him so well, Wendy, what do you think he would have been doing now musically?Touring as usual, doing the same thing he loved. Listening to his songs now it's easy to forget that he's gone.

Loudwire StaffTim Mosenfelder / Donna Ward / Kevin Winter, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMany rock and metal acts have shown their support for the members of the military over the years, and some have gone so far as to write songs about those who serve their country. Whether the songs are personal accounts of military family or friends of the musicians or a general tale of a soldier's struggle in battle, these tracks have left a lasting impression on music fans.Loudwire joins with our partner site Ultimate Classic in saluting the military personnel who have risked or given their lives in battle by shining the spotlight on some of the great tracks penned with soldiers in mind. So, stand at attention and click on the button below to begin your journey through 15 Great Songs About Soldiers:
Source: 15 Rock + Metal Songs About Soldiers
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Source: 25 Best Metalcore Albums of All Time
Categories: News For old heads, it brings up a moment in time when the worlds of heavy metal and hardcore punk combined to a new underground genre, a grassroots movement and exciting time for punk. Join us as we count down the Top 25 Metalcore Albums of All Time in the gallery below. For others, big room metal anthems pitted with poppy choruses are conjured, riffs descended from the Gothenburg school of metal contorted into music with a sense of bounce.Both of these viewpoints on the genre are valid, and what makes metalcore a genre that allows for a blank canvas musicians can create with. We've created a list going over the genre's entire history, bringing together the furthest reaches of the genre from experimental noise drudgery to maximal catchiness imbued over metallic riffing.Metalcore is still a young genre, but has produced countless albums that have become classics over time. On the foundation of punk song structures and metal's sonic proclivities, a wide berth of music has been created. John HillShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe word "metalcore" is one of the few subgenres of music that conjures up an incredibly different range of sounds depending on who you ask.

In the meantime, a new genre called nu-metal was emerging, taking the rhythmic approach of metal even further and fusing it with rap influences. Meanwhile, Texas groovehounds Pantera were flying the banner for heavy metal, keeping the genre in the mainstream. Loudwire StaffShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe '90s were one of the most fascinating decades in rock and metal, widening the gap between the two genres and putting fans on opposing sides, either clinging to their denim patch vests or trading them in for flannel shirts. 1 in the gallery below! Grunge signaled the death of metal supremacy that put a stranglehold on heavy music in the prior decade, but the underground kept the metal going strong while rock acts were assuming their role on the world's biggest stages.Kurt Cobain became the voice of a generation in Nirvana, while Dave Grohl steamrolled the success into the Foo Fighters following Cobain's tragic death. Below the surface, extreme genres like black and death metal were thriving, scaring parents, exciting kids and netting headlines rife with controversy.We started with a list of nearly 300 albums to contend with and narrowed it down to the 90 Best Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 1990s. Source: Top 90 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the ’90s
Categories: News Take a trip down this diametric decade of music and see which album is No.

Slipknot just released We Are Not Your Kind in August of last year, and we can never get enough of CMFT. So it's stuff that I've just kind of been sitting on," he said. "And I've been kind of talking about doing a solo album anyway, and I was just, like, 'This is the perfect time to do it.'"For the project, he worked with familiar faces, including Stone Sour's Christian Martucci, guitarist Zach Throne from his live band Corey Taylor and Friends, bassist Jason Christopher and drummer Dustin Schoenhofer. Tune in to Raise Your Horns with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm each Friday at 1pm PT at Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Frontmen of All Time
Source: Corey Taylor Has Finished Recording His Debut Solo Album in Quarantine
Filed Under: corey taylorCategories: News Lauryn SchaffnerScott Dudelson, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWe may never actually know what Corey Taylor thinks, but we do know what he's been doing throughout the quarantine. The recording took all of two and a half weeks, and here's a bonus — Corey Taylor thinks the album is "dope."That's all he was able to share for now, but it's good enough for us. Aside from "vegan recipes and working out," the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman has confirmed that he finished recording his debut solo album.Talking with Halestorm's Lzzy Hale on her "Raise Your Horns" show on the We Are Hear podcast, Taylor excitedly shared that he had about 25 songs recorded. Back in November, he shared that he had a similar number written, but now he's that much closer to a release."All the songs are things that I've written over the years but they didn't really fit with either band. Tune into the video interview below.We Are Hear “On The Air” is a multi-platform live streaming network designed to entertain, inspire, educate and support those in our music community impacted by COVID-19 through MusiCares.

My name is being spread everywhere publicly on all sorts of news and media outlets (mostly right wing ones and mainstream media platforms) selling lies about me how I am a "jihadist" who attacks all Christians and all Croats. I need help and support from all Antifa comrades around the world! My video was reported to the police by a far right movement called Urbana Desnica for supposed "terrorism and religious and national intolerance," so basically I was reported by fascists who accused me (an antifascist) for supposed "fascism."They called the cops on me and they interrogated me and put me in prison for 24 hours. [via DW]Haris Pendic, an anti-fascist activist and metalhead who’s known on YouTube as The Unstoppable Grind Master, made a video protesting the mass. Thank you!25 Legendary Metal Albums With No Weak Songs
Source: Axe-Wielding Metalhead YouTuber Arrested for Video Against the Catholic Church
Categories: News A number of civilians also were executed. The media is lying, the system is corrupt, the fascists are being protected by the state.They do this to em 'cause I am poor and cant afford lawyers and going to court processes. Please share this story. The annual event pays tribute to thousands of pro-Nazi militants who were executed in Austria by the Yugoslavian communist regime in the immediate aftermath of World War II. It was only attended by 20 people, but while the mass took place, thousands of protestors from Jewish and anti-fascist groups marched through Sarajevo. However, Pendic says his videos are strictly performance pieces and that he places a disclaimer with each video clarifying they should not be taken seriously. The video has since been removed by YouTube for violating their community guidelines.Pendic says he was arrested by police on two counts: Threatening the security of presidents and the Cardinal of Bosnia’s Catholic Church; and provoking national, racial and religious hatred and discrimination.Pendic is currently awaiting to be formally charged with those counts before a public lawyer sends them to the state.After reaching out to Pendic, he sent Loudwire the following statement:Hello, my name is Haris Pendić, antifascist and anarchist activist and metalhead from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am here to share my story of how 2 days ago I got arrested for speaking up against the fascist mass held in the Sarajevo cathedral this last weekend for the "victims of Bleiburg" where partisans killed the members of the Ustaša forces who collaborated with the Axis powers.I am an antifascist YouTuber and I did a video about this event commenting on the situation and protesting against historic revisionism and the glorification of the Ustaša forces in Bosnia. That's why they are destroying my life right now and using me as a sacrificial lamb to instill fear into the people and demonstrate power and show what happens to you if you speak freely against the corrupt fascist state. Holding an axe (which he does in many of his videos) Pendic went on a 15-minute rant, professing that the church should have been burned and pelted with a grenade. I will now probably face 2.5 years probation for speaking out against fascism. [via Al Jazeera]Sponsored by the Croatian parliament, the Catholic mass has been held in Austria each May for over 30 years, but was moved to Sarajevo, reportedly due to the coronavirus pandemic. Graham HartmannYouTube: The Unstoppable Grind MasterShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAn axe-wielding metalhead YouTuber from Bosnia was arrested and reportedly held by police for 24 hours after criticizing the Catholic church in his country. According to the YouTuber, he's currently facing two-and-a-half years of probation.Earlier this month, the Bosnian Catholic Church held a mass in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.⁣ ⁣For refund inquiries, please visit"The bands initially announced their intent to play together back in early February, booking Los Angeles' Banc of California Stadium to play on May 22. Chad ChildersAlex Kluft, Loudwire / Amy Harris, Loudwire / Theo Wargo, NBC/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf there is a silver lining in the Covid-19 affected tour schedule of 2020, it's that many of the highly anticipated events scheduled for this year will actually take place in 2021. We look forward to bringing this weekend to life next year when it is safe for our fans, crew, and venue staff. Korn remain a favorite live act, now supporting their 2019 album The Nothing. Among those is the highly anticipated two-night stand of System of a Down, Korn and Faith No More now being rescheduled for next year.The bands involved revealed via their social media, "We’re excited to announce that the rescheduled dates for our double-header with @Korn, @FaithNoMore, @Helmetmusic and @RussianCircles have been confirmed for May 21 & 22, 2021." System of a Down went on to add, "Existing tickets will be honored for the new dates. Not long after, a second show was added for May 23.System of a Down have been picking and choosing their spots in recent years, and a performance in their home base of Los Angeles was highly anticipated. Faith No More, taking some time after their support of 2015's Sol Invictus album, had started rolling out dates for a return in 2020 when the pandemic hit.System of.a Down / Korn / Faith No More 2021 Twitter: System of a Down20 Rock + Metal Bands That Reunited in the 2010s
Source: System of a Down Reschedule Stadium Shows With Korn, Faith No More
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"The slime moulds are amazing creatures and will use ingeniosity to survive. So, I just cut out the improvised section that was in the live arrangement and we could time a studio session with all the same guys."He adds that Francis Perron recorded and remixed the song, calling the whole experience "amazing," and stating, "[It was] a great challenge for me to write each parts and conduct it. The shoot took place in November 2019 and the scenario is pure science-fiction, but we were concerned the imagery might be insensitive in these pandemic times. In the end, we decided to proceed as planned."Belange also credits the sci-fi documentary The Creeping Garden for providing him with inspiration in coming up with the concept. The End Of Dormancy (Live Montreal Jazz Fest 2019) [09:08]2. The Unknown Knows (Live Montreal Jazz Fest 2019) [05:08]2020's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
Source: Voivod Reveal Brass-Infused ‘The End of Dormancy’ Song
Filed Under: voivodCategories: News The End Of Dormancy (Metal Section) [08:15]Side B:1. The studio version is featured on Side A, while a live version recorded at 2019's Montreal Jazz Festival is accompanied by a live version of "The Unknown Knows" from the same festival on Side B. We hired top players of the Montreal scene, they were very excited to be part of it. The live version is also on the EP, but will not be on the upcoming live album Lost Machine, since that was recorded during a different show."Chewey adds, "When the video idea of that song came up, I thought, we could record the brass over the studio version and make the video version unique, and share this version with the rest of the world, giving something special to the fans and immortalize the brass arrangement at the same time. We had one rehearsal and it worked perfectly! And so are humans…we'll get through this," he concludes.The set will be available in black, light blue, neon yellow and transparent magenta colors. It’s not every day that a brass section plays with a metal band so it was as exciting for them as it was for us! It had that Quartal Harmony over a pedal point that to me evoke soundtracks of classic roman movies when you hear the brass (Lituus, Cornu and other instruments). Have a listen and watch the video below.Though remaining dark and heavy, the song takes on a fresh approach for the metallers incorporating trumpets, sax and trombones for the chaotic cut. Then we played the show and the crowd went totally nuts!!! You can hear it on the live version: It was a great moment for everyone and we had a real blast! The set will be released as a three-track 12" vinyl and as a digital EP on July 10 through Century Media Records. Voivod's The End of Dormancy EP can be pre-ordered here.Voivod, "The End of Dormancy (Metal Section)"Voivod, The End of Dormancy EP Artwork + Track ListingCentury Media RecordsSide A:1. I don’t do that often, so it was a lot of work and I’m very happy with the result, it adds that extra empire, military, roman paddle boat war feel like in the old Ben Hur movie, with the acceleration of the music and intense and stressful emotions that fits the song lyrics perfectly."Voivod vocalist Denis "Snake" Belange, who appears as a screenwriter in the video, adds, “I must say that we had some hesitations regarding the timing of release for this very special video clip. The EP is also available digitally as well. Voivod guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain said of the brass-infused song, “I initially wrote the opening riff of the song on tour, outside, behind a club in Germany on a sunny day and recorded right away. Chad ChildersCentury MediaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterVoivod are showing a new side to their music, infusing some horns into a track titled "The End of Dormancy," which is the title cut from their forthcoming EP. When In 2019 we had the honor to be invited to play the Montreal International Jazz Festival, we all thought we could do something special in the context. I had the Idea to do a brass arrangement and add in an extra open improvised Sax Solo section which doesn't exist in the studio version."He continues, "I started to write and was able to finish the arrangement in time for the rehearsal but it was sooo much work that I could only do one song. It has a military and solemn vibe to it.

"All of a sudden, metal that was underground is now at the forefront — you know, your bands like Iron Maiden and all these bands, and then here's Metallica who are getting played on the radio who would not have ever gotten played in the '70s.""I always looked at Metallica as being sort of the metal band," he emphasized, adding that their combination of talent, anger and good live performances made for the perfect cocktail."They spoke for a generation that before was a little bit afraid to say they were metal. Lauryn SchaffnerMark Metcalfe, Getty Images / Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEveryone has their take on who the quintessential metal band is, and to Alice Cooper, it's Metallica. And I think Metallica was a threat, but they were also making hit records."Watch the full segment below.Alice Cooper recently released the song "Don't Give Up" to spread hope to his fans amidst the pandemic.Alice Cooper Speaks With AXS-TVThe Best Metal Album of Each Year Since 1970
Source: Alice Cooper: I Always Saw Metallica as ‘The Metal Band’
Filed Under: Alice Cooper, MetallicaCategories: News In a new interview with AXS TV for their "At Home and Social Online" series, The Godfather of Shock Rock declared he always saw Metallica as "the metal band."Cooper first commented on the thrashers' 1984 song, "Fade to Black." By the year it came out, Cooper was sober, and he noticed a big shift in rock trends at the time. Now these kids are going, 'We want a little anger in our rock and roll. Alice Cooper was a threat. We don't want it to be nice.' That's why they liked me — 'cause I wasn't nice.

15 minutes later, I’m in Star Wars sweatpants and a black T-shirt sitting on my bed with my dogs and texting those who invited me some bullshit excuse or flat out saying, “Hey, thanks, catch you next time,” with no story behind it, simply because I hate fucking small talk.I dislike talking to people I don’t know unless we have business to do or an exact topic, because it’s draining as hell, and in that scenario I would simply retreat to a corner of the room and try to find privacy. Nest of Vipers4. Tell me about your experience with “You Give Me a Reason to Drink.”Working with my son Simon, who’s actually working on his first record, was amazing. It’s a 50/50 “we’ll make it out the door,” so that’s important. Instead, I’m merely preparing for the worst and hoping for the best — just as simple as bringing an extra hoodie or jacket when going out at night so if it’s cold, I’m prepared. It’ll take doing a song a hundred times live for me to figure out if I’m going to sing it forever or drop it from the set forever, and then there’s the crowd reaction. It gives you a good read on if you’ve changed lives or not. I need to know there won’t be a DevilDriver concert where everyone’s in the pit there’s bodily fluid everywhere. I get my suit from the dry cleaners cause it’s a formal dress affair, I take a shower, I’ve got a town car on the way to pick me up, my wife is dressed in a beautiful dress with her hair and nails done and … 9) below. I do believe he’s going to have a very strong career because he’s no bullshit, man. Now I can move on and not tackle that subject matter anymore. This time it’s, “This song is about this, and have you ever felt that way?”I’ll bet 98 percent of people will relate to every topic on this double disc and the second disc gets even more intense — trust that. I’ve written about these topics throughout my whole career. There are too many people that do not want to get sick or risk getting sick and that’s gonna be the hurdle. Check out the artwork and track listing for the new album, 'Dealing With Demons I' (due Oct. truly.Also, find like-minded people. I’m going to sound like a fucking hippy, but if you’re not doing something different, pushing boundaries or breaking down barriers in your own art… if you’re not pushing your own envelope, and in this case the listeners envelope, then… you’re shit really, aren’t you?!I know a ton of bands that make the same record over and over and it’s a terrible shame. As this got more out of hand… What do you envision the return of concerts being and what are you looking for personally in terms of what you want to see before you’ll feel comfortable back performing again?Two questions here. To kick off promotion of the new record, DevilDriver have released the new song "Keep Away From Me," which includes a new lyric video that can be viewed below.We also had a chance to chat with Dez Fafara about the new song, how it has taken on a more universal theme with the current global pandemic and discuss some of the themes of the video. How ready are you to share this material and with some of the subject matter perhaps being still raw, how do you deal with being in that mindset having to perform it nightly?What you share with others gives them a window into your life. It’s very difficult to explain, so let’s consider a scenario: I’m invited to a party with some very large celebrities, connections, record industry people in almost a “you have the invite we’ll see you there” type manner, simply because no one would be stupid enough to not go [laughs]. Vengeance Is Clear3. Scars Me Forever2020's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums
Source: DevilDriver Reveal ‘Keep Away From Me’ Song, Detail New Album + Interview
Filed Under: DevilDriver, Dez FafaraCategories: News I’ve watched and heard it all from the deepest convos of it’s a “pandemic” to “it’s not even worse than the flu.” I’ve formed my own opinion, thus I’m ready for any circumstance and that’s either the world returning to normal, or the real shit hitting the fan with forced vaccinations and Martial Law etc. Performing nightly, I get to get that all out. I’m hopeful the world will return to the way it was so everyone can live life.“Keep Away From Me” is part of a larger, two album set titled Dealing With Demons that is a more soul-baring and personal record for you. You learn where the virus started or not, who had patents for the virus, who has patents for the vaccine, you go deeper and you start discovering a lot of things that you can either “handle” or “not." Meaning… The Damned Don't Cry10. So I would rather just not go.My advice to anyone that goes through the same thing that I do is to “go with your gut” and cancel when you want to and show up when you want to, because forcing yourself to do things you hate or are uncomfortable with is the worst curse in life… You Give Me a Reason to Drink (feat. So yes, take it all at face value then evaluate and surmise a conclusion. How enjoyable was it to get Simon Blade Fafara on a track. I don’t see full club attendance coming back even next year in 2021. Has doing something like the outlaw covers album helped to give you some leeway to explore beyond what the perception of DevilDriver may have been prior? I believe live pay-per-view concerts are the new thing until then, so bands can work and people can get live shows at least cast to the television and see their favorite bands.What will it take for me to feel comfortable to tour again? 3, we started stocking up on everything from water to canned goods and ammo in case people turned on people, frankly. He’s got a bad ass low growl and a way higher scream than me, plus, he’s got his own style but can sound like me a lot of the times, and last time he guested on a DevilDriver record, he was nine years old — on “Fighting Words." So it’s come full circle with him and I. As far as the headspace to sing them each night, a good song is only delivered live well if it has real emotion behind it.It’s always challenging not to fall into the same patterns and you’ve put it to the band to focus on what they want to sound like for the future. Then there’s the fact that some people get weird around me if they are familiar with my career or my history and it turns into a Q&A. Everyone has those moments, and the song refers to that demon in your ear — “Drink this, take that, and you’ll be ok when…” No, you won’t be. The only thing you can do is control how you plan, make moves or react to it.DevilDriver, "Keep Away From Me"Speaking about the song, you’ve mentioned that you’ve been “social distancing” for years and broach the topic of your own anxiety. He’s an alpha type personality and can handle himself in situations most 22 year old’s would crumble through. Love, loss, betrayal, trust and the whole gamut of the human condition and emotion. In the climate we’re currently in, especially where people are viewing and paying attention to news reports more than ever, how important is it to be vigilant in seeking out correct information and not taking all forms of presentation at face value?I was watching the news very closely in December 2019, and on Jan. Dealing With Demons9. I owe my livelihood to anyone who’s ever bought a record, has come to a show, or supported me, to be honest, and give them the straight talk. Iona5. Pre-order information for the album can be found here.DevilDriver, Dealing With Demons I Artwork + Track ListingNapalm Records1. Meaning — quarter full, half full clubs maybe at best. And, I mean we stocked up the family for a six month lock down — this was before there was even one case here in the USA. It’s why with every release — even though album sales are down across the board year to year — we still continue to go up in sales. if you’re going to listen to mainstream media and go down the hole on other sites, you better know how to discern the information and quantify what’s right from what’s wrong or it’ll just cause fear and panic in your life. But, I’m not living my life around those scenarios. How important is it to be open and respectful to a variety of viewpoints during this time in helping to come together for a common goal?It’s vital in life and in general to keep an open mind, listen to everyone, explore the possibilities in every circumstance and form your own conclusion, but, by all means, have an open ear. Why was now the right time to address the issues you want to lay out there over the course of these two albums?This answer is simple. Then two weeks later 100 are hospitalized or even worse, people die. Wishing6. Witches8. “Hey, this is me, this is what I’m about” and I’ve said for the last four DevilDriver records, whenever I’m asked about a song, I say, “You figure it out.” Not this time. I’m intensely private but I’m also a public figure in many ways. It’s even more reflected in the video as well. then you start going down the fucking rabbit hole. I know this record is about dealing with your own demons, but how has it been to see this song in particular take on a moreuniversal theme over the last few months?I wrote this song in early 2019. You won’t like the answers. Chad ChildersNapalm Records / Photo by Stephanie CabralShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDevilDriver are on their way back, announcing an Oct. My wife, Anahstasia, is a saint because she will roll with it, put on pajamas and put on music or a movie without throwing a scene, because she knows what’s coming. Instead, you should meet everything head on and bash it. I’ve never been comfortable around people I don’t know or large groups, so then to see it take on a whole new meaning while the world went into quarantine was actually very strange.If you watch the video, you’ll see footage that takes the breath out of the room because it’s real and it’s now real-time video of what’s happening — which is terrifying, but you’ll also see people in the middle section of the song isolated or in small groups with smiles on their faces, painting a picture of hope and dealing with isolation — which is how I view not only what’s going on in the world today but my own disease that’s literally caused me to cancel plans last minute or simply not go to what most people would love to attend — like award shows, parties etc. Of course everyone thought I was insane, but now look; not so insane.My point here is, if I didn’t watch the news, we would not have been prepared at all. It’s simply time to move on lyrically, and the only way to do that is to seriously address what haunts you personally and get that inner shit out on the table and confront it. — my whole life and career.I simply am more comfortable around close family and friends and that’s how it’s always been. Kid was raised with a giant sticker on the refrigerator that read “QUESTION AUTHORITY” — just so you know who he is [laughs].When you speak to Simon, he looks right through you with a gaze of a 75 year old. Check out the chat and watch the video below:I’m sure this is not the 2020 we envisioned at the top of the year, but “Keep Away From Me” sure feels fitting for the times. Keep Away From Me2. Instead, I can embrace other bigger, broader, more metaphysical topics that I’m into and that surround my daily thoughts.It’s one thing to put it down on record and have a sense of relief for getting something off your chest, but it’s another to get feedback on what you’re putting out there and have to revisit material nightly on a tour. It’s given us longevity. I’ve never been that guy, and when you do that, you’ll never bare your soul in your lyrics, in your art — instead you’ll stay protected and cocooned in your own weird “ego bubble.” Nothing is worse than that! I was telling my parents, brothers and sisters, “Hey, this is coming, and it’s going to close schools, shut down work and the USA will be quarantined. How would you best describe what you go through in dealing with the world around you and do you have any pieces of advice for someone dealing with similar issues or are experiencing anxiety in this period where it’s not as easy to leave your environment.For most, they will never know this feeling unless they go through it. Otherwise your life could be fucked if you catch hell every time you don’t go somewhere or back out.The video ends with the message “Stand Together.” Admittedly, there are a lot of layers to what we all have to deal with. “Keep Away From Me” was one demon — agoraphobia. So watching the news was a good thing. Good things come from stretching your wings, and I’m lucky that people who know DevilDriver know that even though we have a “sound,” a “groove” to us, every record is very different, and that’s a good thing. That’s the only way to deal with life.Finishing up, obviously we all are anxious to see live music again. But sadly, those are done for the time being.Our thanks to DevilDriver's Dez Fafara for the interview. It’s all about my agoraphobia, which I’ve had since childhood. By the time people hear the songs, and if they pay attention, they’ll know me and what I’m about on a deeper level, and maybe understand themselves better or see someone who goes through the same things.Plus, you can’t take yourself too seriously. 9 street date for the first volume of their two album set Dealing With Demons, a personal collection of music in which frontman Dez Fafara adheres to the album title in speaking openly about his life through music. Occam’s Razor teaches that the most probable cause and smallest amount of assumption is often the correct answer.So, take a look at the how, why, where and what, then draw your own conclusion about this whole thing and remember that no matter what you believe, just know you’re not in control of it. Fafara also shares some insight on the Dealing With Demons I album (pre-orders here), including discussing a familiar name that's appearing on the record. I need to see it be “safe.” I need to know I can go out on stage or backstage and not get sick. Yes, you have a sound, but each bit of boundary pushing allows you to be able to explore further for the future.The Outlaw record was simply to say, “Fuck you — I can, and I will, and I have a record label that backs me to do what I want.” You only have to hear "Ghost Riders" with Randy  [Blythe] from Lamb of God, John Carter Cash and myself to know we meant business with that record, and yes, art should be free! That song is very relatable — the times in your life where you’re just like, “Fuck this, give me two shots with a double beer back, I gotta get over this!” I’m sober now, but that’s it, man. Keep the listener hungry, then feed ‘em right!Looking down the track listing, and I see a familiar name. If they react, then you’ve done your job and that song needs to stay, but if they don’t react then you know you didn’t connect and you drop the track! He wants it heavy and fast and loud and he doesn’t give a shit about the pop side of things, which is refreshing to see him have that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. I’m very private and now the whole world is being forced to adapt and adopt what I’ve been going through my whole life, “self-imposed isolation.”The video itself delves into some of the by-products of the situation we’re in at the moment, including censorship and the role of the media in disseminating information. Simon Blade Fafara)7. A lot of singers take themselves too seriously and they become the character the stage made and lose themselves. Tell ya what for sure, meet and greets are done for the foreseeable future, and I really hate that, because oddly enough, I have really enjoyed meeting the people who support me, on my own terms in the venue, before or after the show.

While body art is common in the rock and metal world, there are plenty of pop stars and other celebrities who have their own distinct ink, too.Kat Von D rose to fame as a renowned tattoo artist on the show Miami Ink before eventually launching her own makeup line, and she's known for having several tattoos of rock bands on her body. Lauryn SchaffnerKevin Winter, Getty Images / David Livingston, Getty Images / Emma McIntyre, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterTattoos are one of the most eccentric forms of self-expression, because unlike fashion and hairstyles, they're permanent. Johnny Depp has a matching phrase on his wrist with Marilyn Manson. Model Amber Rose covered her ex-husband's portrait tattoo on her arm with one of Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, whom she also named her son after.To see more celebrities with rock and metal band tattoos, check out the photos in the gallery below.The 40 Worst Rock + Metal Tattoos of All Time
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I shot back down to earth, and I was with some friends in a nightclub. "I'm not a super-spiritual guy."Still, when he finally stirred from his coma, he asked a nurse, "Am I still in hell?"The truncated tour that resulted in Carroll's coronavirus battle was called "Bay Strikes Back" and featured fellow Bay Area thrash legends Testament and Exodus. The experience has given the Death Angel drummer a new lease on life, and he said he's going to cut out heavy drinking and smoking going forward. "I don't believe in Bigfoot, and I'm not an ambulance chaser," he cautioned. I was vomiting blood and kept on vomiting blood until I had a heart attack, which is kind of weird because I had heart failure during my coma."The musician continues, "I remember rising up from hell … and once I got to heaven it was horrifying there, too. He's currently in therapy, strengthening his body after the ordeal."This is not the common flu," Carroll warned. Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt came down with COVID-19 as well, but he made a much smoother recovery after testing positive.Indeed, Carroll seems to have suffered the worst among the musicians who experienced coronavirus symptoms, which included Death Angel bassist Damien Sisson and guitarist Rob Cavestany. It's no fun to be cooped up, and I'm no fan of Big Brother but we have to prevent this from spreading. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and people need to take it seriously."See Death Angel in the Top 50 Thrash Albums of All Time
Source: Death Angel Drummer: I Visited Hell, Saw Satan During COVID-19 Coma
Filed Under: death angel, Will CarrollCategories: News Attending doctors Ritik Chandra and pulmonologist George Horng painted a grim picture of Carroll's hospitalization, which they shared with the San Francisco Chronicle's Datebook this week.Horng said the drummer was "near the limits of what we could do with our supportive care, and we were very worried about him. When he awoke at San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center on March 30, the musician — as he told it — had quite literally been to hell and back."I went to hell and Satan was a woman, and I was being punished for sloth," Carroll told Decibel last month. … That's the last thing I remember."Amounting to more than just a dream, the drummer described the vivid trip to the afterlife as an "out of body" encounter. "You really need to stay indoors and follow the rules. It was like a Roman orgy and the angels were scarier than the demons. The veteran thrash metal drummer claimed he visited hell and made visual contact with Satan after contracting COVID-19 while on a European tour in March.Carroll spent 12 days in the medically induced coma after the band cut its trek short amid the global coronavirus outbreak, as GQ reported. Philip TrappShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDeath Angel's Will Carroll has attested to an entirely otherworldly experience following a bout with the coronavirus that landed him in a coma. "I was this giant obese Jabba the Hut type creature. He wasn't getting worse, but if he were to get worse, there wasn't much more that we could have done."Thankfully, Carroll and the group of affected musicians have all since recovered.

Every item was handpicked by Loudwire's Gear Factor host, Squiggy. Philip TrappShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWith many artists and fans staying at home right now, it's never been more crucial to have a way to share ideas with the world. That's why having a decent home studio should be a priority for any songwriter, guitar shredder or social media influencer. Source: Quarantine Gear Guide: The Tools You Need for Creating at Home
Filed Under: Gear FactorCategories: News For this reason, Loudwire has compiled a list of some must-haves when it comes to capturing all the licks, hooks and grooves that occupy an artist's head.Whether you’re just starting on a creative journey or already have some experience under your belt, getting the right gear will make all the difference. When it comes to conveying your artistic notions, the correct piece of equipment serves to simplify that exchange and allow you to focus more closely on your craft.So go ahead and look through the following list of some of the best hardware and software available right now. Get your home recording setup in place, and start showing off your talent without leaving your house! Whether you want to be a singer, player, podcaster or TikTok star, there's something here for everyone.Don't let the quarantine curb your creativity.