Jeremy Spencer Says Haters Don’t Faze Him After a Decade in FFDP

That's the new way things work. "There's also bonehead metal guys, there's hard rock people, there's slots for everyone. He started Psychosexual not long after, releasing a debut album called Torch the Faith. And if they don't, hey, that's fine."Very fine, indeed. However, he has since scrubbed Psychosexual's early material from the internet, starting anew with Unholy Hymns, out July 2, and the recent single "Devil From Hell."Jeremy Spencer (Psychosexual, Five Finger Death Punch) Interview – May 13, 2021Rock + Metal Songs With Social MessagesMusic has the power to move people. Yet, as Spencer has shown, there are still plenty willing to give something different a shot. That's winning the lottery, once in a lifetime, if you're lucky. It afforded me a great life with a lot of great experiences, touring, headlining arenas all over the world — that's a rarity. He does not give a fuck. So I've heard every possible hate that you can come up with — there's nothing I can be told that's gonna faze me one bit." [via Blabbermouth]After all, the musician continued, we live in a time "where pretty much everything that comes out by everyone is hated on by at least some group of people. I did that."The musician also stated that he's "empathetic" with those who leave negative comments online before adding, "Nobody that's happy or successful would spend their time on a message board dogging somebody else. It also has the power to move them to action. Source: Psychosexual’s Jeremy Spencer Says Haters Don’t Faze Him After a Decade in FFDP
Filed Under: Five Finger Death Punch, Jeremy Spencer, psychosexualCategories: News So what you think about me is none of my business. "I came from one of the most hated bands of the past two decades in Five Finger Death Punch. If you like it, great. Either way, it doesn't appear that the Devil Daddy has any urge to prove himself — at least not again."I've had a lot of success with Five Finger Death Punch," Spencer added. Do you think [Metallica drummer] Lars Ulrich gets on message boards and dogs people? They get the stimulation from doing that; they get the hate juice, it's exciting for them, so, good — we gave them something to work with."But that doesn't mean there isn't an audience out there for Psychosexual's music. Philip TrappPublished: June 4, 2021Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhen witnessing Jeremy Spencer's diabolical "Devil Daddy" persona that the rocker uses to front his current band, Psychosexual, it seems clear the former Five Finger Death Punch drummer doesn't really care what his detractors might say about him.Still, the musician put that untroubled attitude into words during a wide-ranging discussion with rock interviewer Belgian Jasper that emerged on YouTube last month. That's something else Spencer has come to learn."There's also people that do want something different and like theatrical stuff and stuff that's tongue-in-cheek, there's an audience for that," he explained. Because not every music fan has to like every new project that comes out. I make music for me. Ahead of the July release of Psychosexual's new album, Unholy Hymns for the Children, Spencer revealed just how he got such thick skin.Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post."I'm the type of person that I have read comments in the past," the Psychosexual frontman admitted. And we do eclectic music, so somebody will find something they like within this collection of songs, I'm pretty sure. No, he doesn't. "I'm extremely grateful for that opportunity. If you don't, great."Spencer and FFDP parted ways in December 2018.

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