Tool Fan Plays Guitar + Bass Parts of ‘Schism’ on Chapman Stick

He also has a cover of another Lateralus track, "The Patient," on his channel, so pay him a visit to see more.Cover of Tool's 'Schism' on a Chapman StickThe 25 Best Metal Albums of 2001
Source: Tool Fan Plays Guitar + Bass Parts of ‘Schism’ on Chapman Stick
Filed Under: ToolCategories: News It's one thing to be able to cover a song on one instrument, but two at the same time is impressive. The video even splits to show Lee playing the song from different angles.Check out the video below, which features a Tool-inspired illustration of Lee holding the instrument. It basically looks like a type of guitar with no body — the headstock and the neck look similar to that of the other members of the string family, but that's all it is.Therefore, a tapping technique is used to play it. Too bad there aren't any videos of Eddie Van Halen playing one out there.Anyway, Lee took on the roles of both Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor for his "Schism" cover, and it's pretty incredible to watch and listen to, as it sounds just like the actual recording. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: May 1, 2021YouTube – Pierre Lee / Steven Ferdman, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterPrepare to be wowed — a Tool fan has uploaded his own cover playing both the guitar and bass parts of "Schism" simultaneously on a Chapman Stick. YouTuber Pierre Lee posted the video in March, and claimed that "Schism" is one of his favorite songs.Created by Emmett Chapman, a Chapman Stick is an electric instrument with 12 strings that can mimic guitar and bass sounds.

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