Opeth Announce 20th Anniversary Reissue of ‘Blackwater Park’

Steven helped to highlight the true strength of the band which was, and still is, our diversity."The 20th anniversary edition of Blackwater Park comes out July 16. Plus, the disc and extra info come housed in a hardcover book. I like to think the songs were different from what most other bands were doing at the time, but the production definitely set us apart from the rest. The deluxe variants, including a hardcase CD, come furnished with an updated artwork booklet complete with new liner notes, never seen before memories from the band, and exclusive content provided by the Opeth fanbase. The double-LP version contains a 24-page booklet with updated liner notes, recollections from the band and exclusive, never-before-seen photos.The CD variant also comes with the revised booklet with updated liners and acknowledgments. The reissue comes lovingly pressed onto heavyweight, audiophile approved vinyl, with a variety of deluxe finishes, and housed in a gatefold artwork sleeve, with updated liner notes and acknowledgements. Always forward."He added of the Blackwater sessions that took place in the fall of 2000, "It's well known that Steven Wilson came in to produce the album, and that set off a lifelong friendship. Philip TrappPublished: April 16, 2021Music for NationsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSwedish progressive metal icons Opeth have revealed that a deluxe vinyl and CD reissue of the band's 2001 album Blackwater Park, long revered as the Mikael Akerfeldt-led act's sonic masterpiece, will emerge this summer to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary.To be re-released by Music for Nations, the album's 2021 vinyl edition is part of a dream audiophile package for Opeth fans. Two decades in and still a breath-taking piece of work, dense with extraordinary melodic moments, spine-tingling atmospherics and agile but crushing heaviness, and one that saw the Swedish metallers kick open prog's ornate doors, fed death metal through the cosmic kaleidoscope and introduced a generation of music nerds to a world of limitless musical possibilities. It's a 2×12" gatefold set that's pressed onto heavyweight wax and comes on either white or dark smokey transparent colored vinyl. Pre-orders for all versions (plus other commemorative items such as a Blackwater Park T-shirt or candle) are now available at opethblackwaterpark.com.A much-deserved and open armed 20th anniversary celebration of Opeth's magnum opus. "Since then, the band has taken up all our time, and we've never really looked back. It remains a must for Opeth enthusiasts, completists and casual listeners alike.87 Rock + Metal Albums Turning 20 in 2021
Source: Opeth Announce 20th Anniversary Reissue of ‘Blackwater Park’
Filed Under: mikael akerfeldt, OpethCategories: News And all pre-orders for either the vinyl or CD reissue packages from Opeth's official online store currently include a free art print signed by Akerfeldt."I know that Blackwater Park was the stepping stone into professionalism for us," Akerfeldt shared in a statement surrounding the announcement.

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