Pestilence Debut New Song With Revamped Lineup, Unveil New Album

"Immortvos"12. "Personatvs Mortem" (Outro)Best Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985
Source: Pestilence Debut New Song With Revamped Lineup, Announce ‘Exitivm’ Album
Filed Under: PestilenceCategories: News "Inficiat"10. NoordenburgTheir Will is the new normHailing from outer worldly spheresThis invisible enemy is taking it`s formTo claim, maim then disappearsPestilence, "Morbvs Propagationem"Pestilence, Exitivm Album Art + Track ListingAgonia Records01. "Deificvs"04. "Mortifervm"07. Look for Exitivm to be released on June 25 through Agonia Records and pre-order the album here. "Pericvlvm Externvm"09. "Morbvs Propagationem"03. Joe DiVitaPublished: April 16, 2021Marc van PeskiShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDanish progressive/technical death metal icons Pestilence have returned with an entirely revamped lineup centered around lone constant, vocalist/guitarist Patrizio Mameli. "Sempiternvs"05. Although their approach from album to album has changed quite frequently, these hallmarks are constant whether it's thrash-oriented devastation or tumbling head-first down a more progressive/jazz-fusion path."Morbvs Propagationem" is an all-out death metal track that should please Pestilence fans of any era.Head toward the bottom of the page to listen to the new song and read the lyrics below. "Dominatvi Svbmissa"08. View the album art and track listing beneath the music video, which was produced by Grupa 13.Keep up with each week's new songs by following Loudwire's 'Weekly Wire' Spotify playlist, featuring 50 tracks with updates each Friday afternoon.Pestilence, "Morbvs Propagationem" LyricsRiding the winds of diseaseLike Pazuzu but so much worseSpreading the virus with such easeBreath in this blackened curseThe Oxygen is now filledWith the purest of HateA Billion souls are killedWe all share the same faithHiding, Lying, Spying, Riding the wings of DEATHHumanoid life is a wasteFood for the Ancient OnesLeft Soulless death embracedPlanting new crops feeding new sunsSolo: MameliI see the future and it`s all BlackHuman dna is under attackBy particles of the external HateWith every breath you takeSolo: v. "Exitivm"11. "Internicionem"06. "In Omnibvs" (Intro)02. They've set Exitivm as the title of their ninth album, out June 25, and have debuted the punishing new song "Morbvs Propagationem."Exitivm marks the debut for three of the band's four members: bassist Joost van der Graaf (ex-Dew Scented, ex-Sinister, Cypher), guitarist Rutger van Noordenburg (Bleeding Gods) and drummer Michiel van der Plicht (Aran Angmar, ex-God Dethroned, ex-Dew Scented).Even with so much new blood in the band, Pestilence remain faithful to their signature sound, which is one rooted in technical excellence and violent, churning riffs.

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