Megadeth + Thin Lizzy Coloring Books Are Coming Soon

and the Thin Lizzy cover depicts their 1980 artwork for the Chinatown album.The back cover of each bears a description that reads, "Coloring has significant health benefits including mindfulness, relaxation, and increased focus and can provide many hours of creative enjoyment."Each book features 25 pages of artwork, guaranteeing hours of increasingly vivid enterainment.For pre-orders and more information, head here.Photos: Megadeth Coloring Bookeyesoremerch.comeyesoremerch.comeyesoremerch.comeyesoremerch.comPhotos: Thin Lizzy Coloring BookEyesoremerch.comEyesoremerch.comEyesoremerch.comEyesoremerch.com57 Rock + Metal Bands Who Changed Their Name Before Getting Famous
Source: Megadeth + Thin Lizzy Coloring Books Are Coming Soon
Filed Under: MegadethCategories: News Joe DiVitaPublished: April 7, 2021Capitol / Eyesoremerch.comShare on FacebookShare on TwitterA new Megadeth coloring book is set to arrive on April 26 through Rock 'N' Roll Coloring, in addition to one featuring artwork from rock legends Thin Lizzy.These latest coloring book editions come as an expansion on the company's line of rock and metal themed coloring books after releasing ones for Judas Priest and Motorhead last fall, which affords fans the ability to custom color iconic pieces of band-related artwork and other imagery.A description on the products' website states that each book is "printed on high quality paper, in a square format, fully endorsed and officially licensed.View a sampling of the new sets available later this month directly below. But Who's Buying? The cover of the Megadeth coloring book is adorned with the artwork for 1987's Peace Sells…

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