Architects’ Sam Carter Explains Collaborations on New Album

Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: February 26, 2021Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWe've seen a lot of collaborations in rock and metal lately, mainly due to the fact that everyone has been working remotely and relying on technology to make new music. It was always a conversation. He felt that the song "Little Wonder" was "written for" Kerr. Architects' new album For Those That Wish to Exist has several special guests on it, and frontman Sam Carter told Loudwire Nights how the collaborations came to fruition.Among the guest appearances on the album are Parkway Drive's Winston McCall, Royal Blood's Mike Kerr and Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil. We lived on opposite sides of the road, and we're best mates. So they've always been great," he said."That was always gonna happen one way or another like I'd be on theirs or he'd be on ours. "He absolutely smashed it," Carter added of the collaboration.And finally, Neil's appearance on the song "Goliath" was simply a result of Architects' being fans of Biffy Clyro. Carter went into detail about his relationship with each of the artists and why he felt they had a place on For Those That Wish to Exist.As for McCall, Carter described Architects and Parkway Drive as having a longstanding relationship dating back to the early 2000s. "And then two bands have come out of there, which is pretty cool. "We've just been massive fans of Biffy since we were kids, growing up there was such an influence on us and on our band," Carter enthused.For Those That Wish to Exist is out today on Epitaph — get it here now. To hear more about the album and any prospective tour plans, listen to the full interview above.17 Stacked Rock + Metal Concert Lineups You Wish You Got to See
Source: Architects’ Sam Carter Explains Collaborations on New Album
Filed Under: architects, Biffy Clyro, parkway drive, Sam CarterCategories: Exclusive, News "They've always looked after us and been very kind to us. I'm so glad that that happened."The Architects frontman grew up in a small village in the U.K., and he established a friendship with Royal Blood drummer Ben Thatcher. They took us to Australia for the first time and put us on in front of thousands of people out there. So for us doing well and them doing well, it's really cool," Carter said.As Royal Blood's career started, Carter became acquainted with Kerr through Thatcher, and they bonded very quickly.

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