Stryper Singer + L.A. Guns Guitarist Form Doom Band Sunbomb

It is simply supposed to be a cool metal album cover to pair with what we hope people will think is a cool metal album.Evil and Divine drops May 14 on Frontiers Music SRL and pre-orders can be placed here.Sunbomb, "No Tomorrows"Sunbomb, Evil and Divine Album Art + Track Listing01. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns, have just announced their debut album, Evil and Divine, in tandem with the release of the fiery first single, "No Tomorrows."Although the primary inspiration for the band's sound is rooted in doom influences, "No Tomorrows" is a hard-charging, classic heavy metal track. When I heard the first vocal completed I was blown away by Michael’s voice," said Guns. "Evil And Divine"07. Hey, Black Sabbath wrote some fast songs, too, not just slow-churning riff-monsters, so it more than fits in with the ethos and Sweet really tests his upper register."Sunbomb was an idea, then an experiment. Joe DiVitaPublished: February 24, 2021Frontiers Music SRLShare on FacebookShare on TwitterForgot the threat of solar flares wiping out worldwide communications because Sunbomb, the new doom band formed by Stryper singer Michael Sweet and L.A. "They Fought"”The
Source: Listen: Stryper Singer + L.A. It is also known as a solar cross or wheel cross. In the modern day, it has been linked with white supremacist views and neo-Nazi affiliates, which the band denounced outright while elaborating on their intent, also noting Tracii Guns is of the Jewish faith.The album cover represents an explosion within the sun, a take on the band name Sunbomb, obviously. On our cover, it is engulfed in flames, again, a take on our name, "Sunbomb". Not to mention, Tracii is Jewish and Michael's Christian beliefs are more than well documented, so we hope that everyone understands that neither of them in any way condone white supremacy and any interpretations that they are would be ludicrous. "Been Said And Done"08. Within the sun is a "sun cross" engulfed by flames. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it! I think fans will love this album and although it’s reminiscent of some of the greatest metal bands of the past, it also has a fresh spin to it. Guns Guitarist Form Doom Band Sunbomb
Filed Under: l.a. "No Tomorrows"05. guns, michael sweet, stryper, Tracii GunsCategories: News "Life"02. "Better End"04. "Story Of The Blind"10. "Born To Win"06. Nobody, and we mean nobody, involved in the process of creating and conceptualizing the artwork was thinking about anything remotely associated with white supremacy or any other hate groups who have co-opted symbols for their disgusting purposes. It symbolizes life and the four seasons associated with it. We hit it off right away and we obviously share the same love for metal," added Sweet."Traci sent me a song and I loved the vibe and then he eventually asked me to sing on the entire album," the singer elaborated. "Stronger Than Before"09. "It’s an exciting album!""Hard to believe that I met Tracii for the first time just a few years ago. This was the concept of the album cover, not a flaming iron cross. "What I love about it is it’s definitely different not only for me, but for Tracii as well. "World Gone Wrong"11. I’m honored to be a part of it."Listen to "No Tomorrows" toward the bottom of the page, where you'll also find the Evil and Divine artwork and track listing.Regarding the Evil and Divine album cover, Loudwire reached out to the band for clarification as the "sun cross" symbol depicted has held various meanings throughout thousands of years of human history. "Take Me Away"03.

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