Head: Korn Have ‘Exciting News’ After ‘Throwing Around’ Ideas

Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch reunited his Love and Death band recently, with a new album on the way, and now he's begun to tease something on behalf of Korn as well, promising "exciting news."Head, when discussing Love and Death's first new album in eight years, Perfectly Preserved, played it close to the vest as he divulged to Kerrang! Perhaps it's that long-awaited covers album Korn had previously mentioned they would revisit during the unexpected touring break?These questions will certainly all be answered in time.For now, though, we'll look to Feb. Joe DiVitaPublished: January 25, 2021Amy Harris for LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOne thing that is for certain in 2021 is that there is going to be a historic amount of new music that comes out. "I think it’s no secret that every band is getting together and there’s probably going to be a lot of records coming out," he said, referencing the downtime musicians have had amid the outbreak of a global pandemic that shut down the live events industry in the spring of last year.“We’ve been throwing ideas back and forth," Head continued, "but it’s been hard because of the pandemic and whatnot because Munky lives in Los Angeles – right in the thick of it. 12 for the release of Love and Death's new album, Perfectly Preserved. Thank god Munky has not got it, he lives with his wife and her family, and his mother-in-law — they’ve got to be careful with her."Offering up just a bit more, he said, "It’s been really crazy, but we managed to get together and we’re deciding what we’re going to do, but we’re coming up with some cool ideas and are hopefully going to make an announcement pretty soon."Fans will certainly begin to speculate what this new could be — a forthcoming livestream performance? One in five people has it there. that something was also brewing on the Korn homefront.The guitarist understood that when doing press for the new record, he would inevitably asked what's happening with Korn and, under the advise of Korn's manager, he was told, "Just tell them the truth. Tell them that you’ve been getting together with them, you’re working on some stuff, and that we’ve got some really exciting news coming out."And that's the script Head stuck to."I think we’re gonna make some kind of announcement pretty soon, and that’s pretty much all I can say," relayed the guitarist, who admitted the news of something fresh happening shouldn't come as a surprise. Get more information on the record here.2021's Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums 
Source: Brian ‘Head’ Welch: Korn Have ‘Exciting News’ Coming After ‘Throwing Around’ Ideas
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