Love and Death Deliver Pummeling ‘White Flag’ With Ryan Hayes

12 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT."When I reached out to the Love and Death band members, crew and special guests about the arduous task of aligning everyone's schedules, everyone was like 'let me check my schedule…, yep, totally free that day!’ I guess that's the popular answer for all musicians this year," says leader Brian "Head" Welch.He adds, "This concert is going to be something totally new for us. We've all had the privilege of playing concerts for decades and have traveled the world many times over, but putting together a global streaming event with so many talented musicians and sharing vocals with these amazing singers is a first for me! 12 and now we're getting the second single "White Flag."The song shows a certain sense of vulnerability played out over the track's more melodic moments, but it's offset with some defiance and the group hits their pummeling heaviness in the track. Adding an assist on the song is Righteous Vendetta's Ryan Hayes. This is without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience for Love and Death and we are calling all Love and Death fans around the globe to join us for this very special one time event; first Love and Death show in seven years!!!"Tickets and bundle packages are currently available for the show at this location. Chad ChildersPublished: January 8, 2021Matt MathesonShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLove and Death are coming back into the spotlight in 2021 for Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. The song can be heard in full in the player at the bottom of this post and the lyrics can be seen below:Shaken shakenI will leave you shakenCrawling crawlingI will watch you crawlLack of visionStuck inside your lack of visionBut you don’t listenLet youI will let youObey your master nowI will let youFeed youI will feed youI will feed you who I amI will feed youWon’t you go and try meI won’t hesitateTell me I don't have an answerTell me I can't find the way outTell me I'm not willing to die for thisAnd do it again do it again do itTell me I can't destroy your empireTell me I won't fuel the fireTell me I won't burn the white flagBurn it again burn it again burn itBeggingI will watch youAs you beg and pleadFallenThey won’t help youAs you fallLet youI will let youObey your master nowI will let youEverything's brokenEverything's vacantTomorrow's uncertainSo why am I waitingBelieve me when I sayThat I was born for thisGive up it all for thisNothing in the world could standLike I stand for thisStay strong to the end of thisAnd I knowYou're scared of thisTake the fear and the power and conquer itWe'll never raise the white flag"White Flag," as stated, is the second song to come from the upcoming album with fans getting a taste of the lead single "Down" last November. The group recently announced plans for a new album Perfectly Preserved coming on Feb. Meanwhile, Love and Death's Perfectly Preserved album is currently available for pre-order here.Love and Death Featuring Ryan Hayes, "White Flag"
Source: Love and Death Deliver Pummeling ‘White Flag’ With Ryan Hayes
Filed Under: love and deathCategories: News It marks the band's return after eight years since their last release.Helping to get fans up to speed with their new music and refreshed on some of their older material, Love and Death recently announced a global streaming event taking place Friday, Feb.

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