Steel Panther’s New Song ‘F**k 2020’ Is How We All Feel

Please join us in telling 2020 to suck our collective dick."If you still need to be cheered up after listening to "Fuck 2020," here's a video of Satchel teaching you how to make a bunch of animal noises on a guitar.Steel Panther, "Fuck 2020" Music Video12 Huge Things That Didn't Suck About 2020
Source: Steel Panther’s New Song ‘F**k 2020′ Is How We All Feel
Filed Under: Steel PantherCategories: News Watch the music video for "Fuck 2020" toward the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below.Stupid fucking dude out in Wuhan ate a fucking batDidn’t wash his hands and gave the plague to the rest of the planetIf you didn’t have time to fry the damn thingNuke it the microwaveFuck 20202020 can suck my dickKobe Bryant, Frankie Banali, Kenny Rogers tooLittle Richard, Sean Connery, Neil Peart and Kurt Fucking DouglasAnd if that shit wasn’t bad enough, Eddie Van Halen too.Fuck 20202020 can suck my dickGigs have all been canceledMovie theaters tooI’m deemed non-essentialAnd now I can’t get an Asian massageI’m more stressed out than everAnd I can’t even blow a load!Fuck! Fuck! It has become an anthem for the band – and not just because we wrote it. Fuck! Unfortunately, even a livestream show has now faced the wrath of the pandemic as local public health restrictions (a stay-at-home order in Los Angeles) prohibit Panther from staging their originally scheduled 'Gobblefest' gig.The event will be rescheduled for a later date, for which all previously purchased tickets will be valid. Anyone who had purchased tickets to 'Gobblefest' will also get a free digital download of "Fuck 2020."This makes it all the more fitting that Steel Panther have dedicated a brand new song to commemorate just how much this year sucked. We were excited to hang with you all at 'Gobblefest' this weekend and hopefully have some laughs, but COVID has other plans for us," said Steel Panther. Joe DiVitaPublished: December 4, 2020David JacksonShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe year of 2020 has been brutal for everyone and Steel Panther have summed up how we all feel about it in the new song, "Fuck 2020," which was released at the same time the band announced that they have been forced to postpone their 'Gobblefest' livestream show which was set for this weekend (Dec. Fuck! "We hope you enjoy the new song in the meantime. 5).Since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the touring industry, bands have elected to perform livestream concerts this year — something Steel Panther have already done a couple times already. Fuck!!!!Fuck 20202020 can suck my dick2020 can suck my fucking dick2020 can lick my motherfucking ballsFuck 2020!2020 can suck my motherfucking dick!!Ca’mon SatchWent to my local StarbucksOrdered my usual fare — double vanilla latteWith whipped cream and cinnamon sprinklesWas asked to leave the establishmentCause I didn’t have a fucking maskFuck 20202020 can suck my fucking dick2020 sucks my motherfucking dick"This year has been fucking tough on everyone.

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