Watch Jack Black Do the ‘WAP’ Dance Challenge in Only His Speedos

As listeners likely know, the title of the tune that extols the virtues of female anatomy stands for "Wet Ass Pussy."Watch Black's take on the tune down toward the bottom of this post."CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" is the caption the comedian included with the clip of him getting drenched with a hose as he cavorts in a pair of red swim briefs. That included actor Robert Downey Jr. At that time, users of the video-sharing social network began rocking some suggestive dance moves to the recent hit from the two rappers. As he provocatively writhes in the water, the portion of "WAP" that plays finds Cardi B chanting "make it drop" and to "get a bucket and a mop."As noted by the NME, some of Black's famous friends left comments on the funnyman's Instagram video of the racy challenge. As Loudwire previously covered, rock artists such as Stryper's Michael Sweet and Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler have publicly voiced their distaste for the song. Philip TrappPublished: November 16, 2020Instagram: @jackblack / YouTube: Cardi BShare on FacebookShare on TwitterJack Black leaves very little to the imagination in a dripping-wet video of the actor, comedian and Tenacious D rocker doing the Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion "WAP" dance challenge in just his Speedos.The viral challenge first emerged on TikTok over the summer. Butler called the track "disgusting;" Sweet called it "garbage."Still, did any Tenacious D fans desire a video of Jack Black frolicking in nothing but his Speedos to the tune of "WAP"? If so, that wish has come true. urging Black to "Get it!" Meanwhile, musician Beck left a crown emoji to praise the comedian's wet and wild "WAP" dance.But not every entertainer takes so kindly to Cardi and Meg's titillating number. Indeed, look no further than the below video, and enjoy.15 Rock + Metal Bands Banned By Disney
Source: Watch: Jack Black Tackles the ‘WAP’ Dance Challenge in Nothing but His Speedos
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