DragonForce’s Herman Li Suspended From Twitch + Doesn’t Know Why

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Source: DragonForce’s Herman Li Suspended From Twitch + Doesn’t Know Why
Filed Under: DragonForce, Herman LiCategories: News Today I will be streaming on YouTube instead." Many of Li's Twitch videos have also been shared on DragonForce's YouTube channel, such as writing a song in the style of Sabaton in 10 minutes to offering advice on being a professional musician.A report from Dextero speculated that the reason for the suspension could be related to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which has resulted in a litany of Twitch users getting hit with strikes for copyright violations.Li had previously commented on this earlier in the year. @ St. "We know all these crazy things are happening on Twitch, people getting banned, people getting taken down, DMCA, I can tell you, you can play any song from the latest DragonForce album, Extreme Power Metal, and you will not get a strike," said Li in June. @ Red FlagMarch 26 — Minneapolis, Minn. @ WarsawMarch 13— Worcester, Mass. @ The PalladiumMarch 19 — Detroit, Mich. 27), "My Twitch channel is currently suspended. Because we are very good friends with our people from the record label, who also love Twitch, so you will not have a problem."DragonForce 2021 U.S. Tour Dates With Unleash the Archers + Visions of AtlanticMarch 12 — Brooklyn, N.Y. "I assure you, you will be [okay]. @ Roxian TheatreMarch 21 — Cleveland, Ohio @ Agora TheaterMarch 23 — Chicago, Ill. @ House Of BluesMarch 24 — St. Joe DiVitaPublished: October 28, 2020Katja Ogrin, Redferns/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDragonForce's Herman Li has been suspended by Twitch, the popular video streaming outlet on which he regularly engages with fans in a range of guitar-centric segments.As of press time (Oct 28), the guitarist was not made aware why his count was removed by Twitch, who have been notoriously aggressive in their pursuit of clamping down on copyrighted material, even if the material is being performed by its originator (re: Herman Li playing DragonForce songs).Historically, Twitch does not comment on decisions made by its moderators, even in the event of bans and suspensions.Li tweeted yesterday (Oct.

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