SOAD’s Shavo Odadjian: ‘I’m Having Fun Again’ With My New Band

“RZA’s on the new volume, so we’re gonna get him on one video too. I never wanted to touch that. [North Kingsley] will 100-percent have live shows.”Click here to grab North Kingsley’s Vol. Graham HartmannPublished: September 25, 2020Chris CasellaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSystem of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian is having fun again with his new project North Kingsley. System doesn’t work as much, we’re not working enough for me. Instead of releasing a full-length album, the group will hit fans with a new three-song EP every few months, keeping a steady stream of new music coming.“I want to do a clip for every song, because I think every song deserves a visual,” says Shavo. It’s cool as fuck, man. 1 EP and watch our full chat with Shavo Odadjian in the video below.SOAD's Shavo Odadjian: 'I'm Having Fun Again' With My New BandSee SOAD in the 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
Source: System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian: ‘I’m Having Fun Again’ With My New Band
Filed Under: North Kingsley, Shavo Odadjian, system of a downCategories: Exclusive, News We’d be working a lot more if I was all of System, but since I’m not, I have to take what I can get, right? If System’s touring or making a record, I’m there. 1, with their second planned for October. If a song ever sounded rap-rocky, we squashed it.”As for balancing North Kingsley with System of a Down, Odadjian explains, “System is always System for me. “I come from the ‘90s where there was rap-rock and I was never a huge fan of it. I loved Rage, I loved some of the other stuff that was going on, but it got really oversaturated and it got kind of cheesy at some point — we can all say that. I’m having fun again.”Odadjian also shares how North Kingsley is avoiding rap-rock, aiming to make experimental hip-hop instead. After Shavo proved and disproved what’s written about him on Wikipedia, the musician spoke about making experimental hip-hop and an upcoming collab with Wu-Tang legend RZA.North Kingsley recently dropped their debut EP, Vol.

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