Richie Kotzen Teams With Mike Portnoy on ‘Raise the Cain’

Though they announced plans to take a break in 2017, they reunited briefly for some tour dates last year.Richie Kotzen, "Raise the Cain" Lyric VideoSee Where Mike Portnoy Ranks Among the Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal Drummers of All Time
Source: Richie Kotzen Teams With Mike Portnoy on New Song ‘Raise the Cain’
Filed Under: mike portnoy, richie kotzenCategories: News At least after doing some touring to support the '50 for 50' release… Well, That didn’t happen … LOL. Once you get them sorted send them off to me and I’ll see if I can edit some of your beats and possibly write them into songs."Kotzen reveals, "I ended up writing the riff to Mike’s 7/8 drum groove which then lead me down the road to completing a song which is ‘Raise the Cain.' Initially I thought of sitting on the track to include on a full length album down the road but then reality sank back in. Why bother? I said ‘hey Mike, I’ve got an idea for you if you’re up for it … Suddenly I found myself like all of us locked up wondering what now?"Kotzen says he found himself inspired during the pandemic downtime with some new music ideas and one of those came from a phone conversation with Portnoy. I hope you all dig it!"Check out the lyrics for the song and the lyric video for the track below:Richie Kotzen, "Raise the Cain" LyricsFar from wiseLet him blowHear his rhymeHe is PinocchioThey slow our driveLike Pinot GrigioNo sober mindsLeave our innocence to dieI wanna hear your voice raise the cainI wanna hear your voice raise the cain tonightIn with the newOut with the oldWe say uniteBut nature dividesSo where do you go when you’re out of hope?These broken livesLeave our innocence to dieI wanna hear your voice raise the cainI wanna hear your voice raise the cain tonightI wanna hear your voice raise the cainI wanna hear your voice raise the cain for lifeI believe in us that’s why I’m raising the cainI believe in life we’re raising our cainThe Winery Dogs, which also includes bassist Billy Sheehan, last released an album with 2017's Dog Years. "The nucleus of this song came out of a phone conversation I had with my fellow Winery Dog bandmate Mike Portnoy at the start of our Covid quarantine," said the singer. Why bother sitting on a finished track and letting it sit on a hard drive until who knows when? Chad ChildersPublished: September 23, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty Images (2)Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIt's not a full Winery Dogs revival, but singer/guitarist Richie Kotzen teased earlier this week a new song would be coming and now he's revealed that his Winery Dogs bandmate, drummer Mike Portnoy, also had a hand in the new song "Raise the Cain."Speaking via his Facebook page, Kotzen explained, "So after releasing a 50 song original album at the start of 2020 I had absolutely no intention of releasing any more new music at any point this year. No good reason to do that so here we are with yet another RK single release featuring some badass drumming from Master Mike Portnoy. "He mentioned his drums were miked up and that he had been doing some recording. Pretend I’m jamming with you and record as if it were a song. Take 4 or 5 different tempos and different grooves and lay down a few song forms.

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