Phil Campbell: It Was Difficult to Watch Lemmy Toward the End

"But Lem played, basically, like he wanted to do as long as he possibly could. Guitarist Phil Campbell recently looked back on the band's final tour in an interview with the CaTtales podcast, admitting that it was difficult to watch his bandmate struggle toward the end."Towards the last couple of years, Lem wasn't quite himself," the guitarist said. But it was difficult to watch sometimes at the very end."Listen to the full conversation below.Phil Campbell Speaks With the CaTtales PodcastTop 66 Hard Rock + Metal Frontmen of All Time
Source: Motorhead’s Phil Campbell: It Was Difficult to Watch Lemmy Toward the End
Filed Under: lemmy kilmister, Motorhead, Phil CampbellCategories: News You could see Lemmy aging a little bit more, 'cause he was a fair amount older than the rest of us. But he was doing fine — he was playing fine. We just carried on."Campbell assured that the band did slow things down on that tour, compared to their usual pace, but their version of "slowing down" was likely what's considered normal for most other bands."So we'd still go on tour for two months anywhere where they would have us," he continued. "He just wanted to carry on. Lauryn SchaffnerJason Kempin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThis December will mark five years since the passing of Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister.

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