XXXTENTACION – Daemons (Angels 2 Demons) Lyrics

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Cocaine, cocaine
Cocaine, cocaine
Two shots for me and fucking Jesus himself
Who the fuck signed the petition giving Jesus the belt? Tie it around his neck and get to fucking buckling up
For every moment I counted on him, I’m fucking him up
Torture victims are due to scriptures, it’s written as such
So every moment my uncle suffered was planned in the cut
Cut his tongue out and hammered fucking nails in his skull
Couldn’t see what Jesus planned, my vision is dull, and so
If there’s a fucking God, I wanna slit his fucking throat
And feed his organs to the children
And, shower solutions to the black and the white
And, endless indulgence to the youth in the night
Cold scripture all use to be causing a rut
Drowning women and many children and pillaging trust
Just the minimum, murdered many in sake of themself
He just replaced you, you are just a book on his shelf
Two shots for me and fucking Jesus himself
Two shots for me and fucking Jesus himself
[Verse 2: J-Soul]
Panoramic pictures, victims turn to victims
[?] venomous scripters
Slowly disagree, said it into my Swisher
Tell Lucy I [?] I like my Lucy with some liquor
These pills just don’t feel the pain no more
What if my mama strangled me, I might’ve been to court
Brain dead and disease, guess we’ll never be sure
As long as my angel keep me company
No, my demons will never come for me
Y’all man, can you [?] me a bit, but she only left me a penny
So I drown my sorrows with this bottle of Henny
Should I go ahead and clap the semi
Get it acquainted, with my [?] necklace bullet
You friendly, I seen it and done it all from pro’s, actors, [?]
From [?] to ‘methazine inside the bottle, my excuses to cough
He was lock inside my closet
My age [?]
When it rest in the coffin
The pain consume my soul and that seems to be the problem

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