Chance the Rapper – Jesus Loves Lyrics

You wanna know the size of my penis? These are all questions to ask yourself
Do you wear a white or a black belt? Do you wear cologne? It’s not I love Jesus. MAN
Your whack rap and your ad libs are making your mind weak
My wife is a pterodactyl
She spin my dick like axel
No whites v blacks this ain’t no battle
All you youngings get a ride to church like cattle
I’m the saddle and you the horse
I don’t fuck with whores
I do my chores
And of course
I’m on course
I got force
I drink coors
I write cords
You look in the mirror but you don’t see her
It ain’t clear
You don’t have vision
Your superstitions
Like my circumcision
Eat the foreskin bitch
Don’t tell on your mommy bro don’t be snitch
If she is witch you can’t wife
You don’t wanna see her boobs you wanna see her mind
And I don’t mind to see a movie with some whites
But I don’t like it when the whites see me and start some fights
It’s not alright it’s not okay
I don’t care if straight or gay
You know what I’m trying to say
I’m on my way man
Reese’s pieces Jesus piece Rest In Peace
You hold your soul man just go and pee
I watch you hittas like cinemasins
I eat raw chicken like it’s cinnamon sticks
You bish
My penis is real if you wanna see it brother
I wake up in the morning I call my mother
When is the last time you called your mom
You banging girls like rom com
My pubes like Pom Pom
And my dick is circumcised
I’m young sir cum wise
I’m J.Cole and I got old flows my flow is but into a bowl I looked up at your eyes and you smelled of reefer. You asked me if my knees hurt. Check your socks for congruence – don’t you know brain matter is fluid? Spilt coffee
Don’t cry over spilled milk don’t cry woman
I looked up and Jesus said don’t cry woman don’t cry woman
Black lives matter if you open your eyes
Is my death about my wife or my life? I took you in and showed you Jesus. Why haven’t you seen crazy rich Asians? Do you care if you kid orders a chicken melt? These are all questions to ask yourself
I woke up and I said – Jesus I love you
I don’t care if you’re black and I don’t care if you’re blue
I went to my coworker and he said I can smell you
Do you shower? You gave life of pi a 6/10 – would you like it more if there was a white guy named Ben? Does he matter? Do you even care if your penis is showing? Or give your mother some face to face time. What about Jesus? You can still go back to school Darnell you can still go back to school Darnell
You hit me up on FaceTime – asking for hoes on FaceTime why don’t you man up and face time? Do you love your wife? These are all questions to ask yourself
This morning I drank coffee. It’s we love Jesus
You tell me you’re not racist. Is he in your life? What’s the size of your knowledge
Just fell off my scooter. Play this song
Uh, check your brain matter
Do you care if your wife’s brain splatters?

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