Dove Cameron – My Once Upon a Time Lyrics

You feel unworthy
Like there isn’t salted ground for you to stand
But a sacrifice is not a firm foundation
You can not build a castle on a mountain made of sand
[Pre-Chorus 2]
This is not your mother’s dark desert
And no, it’s not your father’s hell on fire
Turns out it’s you who’s not awake
So if there’s change you wanna make
[Chorus 2]
Take once upon a time she fought a dragon
Once upon a time this was me
Once upon a misspent youth
She faced herself
She spoke the truth
That’s how I see my once upon a time
This time
[Verse 3]
Life is not a storybook but life unfolds in chapters
Turn the page and start to make a mends
There’s no pre-written guarantee of “Happy ever after”
Step into your greatness before your story ends
So when your story ends
[Chorus 3]
They’ll say once upon a time a girl flew higher
Once upon a time she made things right
Once upon a time that finds
She changed her heart
To change their minds
That’s got to be my once upon a time
This once upon a time
I finally see my once upon a time
This time Play this song
[Verse 1]
Here you are alone, and you deserve it
You’re friends have turned to stone
And that’s on you
You had a cost deserve but did you serve it
Or did you see yourself in a way that wasn’t true
[Pre-Chorus 1]
This is not your father’s fairytale
And no, it’s not your mother’s fault you fail
So when you’re story comes to light
Make sure the story that they write
[Chorus 1]
Goes once upon a time a girl tried harder
Once upon a time she tried again
Once upon a braver choice
She took a risk
She used her voice
And that will be my once upon a time
This time
[Verse 2]
Why tell all those lies?

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