K.A.A.N. – Solitude Lyeics

What you leave behind when you ain’t here? Niggas want everything but love
So quick to succumb to their fears
Cleanse your mind, body, and spirit so that you can see this shit more clear
Livin’ by these eternal laws and hope for a better tomorrow
[Verse 2]
Tryna find some inner peace I miss this
But it’s hard to reach
Gotta open your eyes, just get in tune
It ain’t that hard to see
I know happiness is so attainable, I can’t believe
Every single lie they ever told us on what we should be
Nigga please
I ain’t sippin’ on that juice that you serve
Faith in the process, shit, I know that it works
Yeah, it works
These toxic energies have ruined the Earth
Still I serve
There’s something greater than material worth
What it’s worth
It ain’t much to me but it might mean more to you and yours
To each, their own
Whatever it takes to get up on one card
Gettin’ caught up in these lies
That’s what I can’t afford
You could have everything in the world and be piss poor Play this song
[Verse 1]
We done came too far to ever go back if you ain’t notice it
I got the weight of the world up on my back but I still shoulder it
You can take your dreams and realize ’em, yeah, I show the kids
That it might be hard, and it might get dark
But it ain’t no mountain you can’t climb
Gotta have faith, gotta have patience
All good things gon’ take some time
Nigga just wait
If it’s meant to be then it’ll materialize
Say your grace, it’s a blessing if you healthy and alive
Get rid of your pride, then I put it to the side
It’ll block your shine, don’t leave you blind
What you got in your heart? What you got in your mind?

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