Ariana Grande – Want Lyrics

[Intro] Ariana
Way to tatted to be givin’ a fuck
Tell me what you want
Even if it’s a suck
Got everybody on my dick all the time
Tell yo homeboy to stop hittin’ my line (brrrt)
What I need is a bitch who gon’ ride
Watching you daily
Don’t be wastin my time
Matter of fact, homeboy lookin fine
[Chorus] Ariana
I can be needy
When it’s the right time
But I’ll never make a guy spend his last dime
On me
All I need is someone to beat it up
Like “fuck my guts!” (yeah)
Make me want it
Make me want it (oh, baby)
When you’re under me
I wanna scream your name
(yeah, don’t make me think about it)
Nah, don’t make me think (who)
Da da da da da dum
[Bridge] Rihanna, (Ariana)
Never feel the need
To tell a nigga “what it be?” (no)
I’ll always keep my voice low
If my master say so
And I’ll never ever
Disrespect him when he with his bros
I kick him to the curb in the night
Fuck it i ain’t his damn wife

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