Canibus – Musiquarium Radio Part III Lyrics

Undergod crew comin for you
A dead corpse with exposed bones wearing cologne
Biz and Murray microphone zone sharing Patron
The fans hate cause they can’t transubstantiate what Canibus makes
The hand change shape turn in to snakes smellin the same way road kill tastes
We feed the underground undergod fan base
Nothing but steak straight chicken teriyaki shrimp lobster hibachi
Throw your face the whipping coffee make you spit up paste
(Verse 2)
Spitbullz off the muzzle, airborne off the turnbuckle
To touch you, tear bones off the muscle
Stomp you, try to get the swamp monster off you
The awful scent of bloody flesh barnacles haunt you
Couldn’t kill me with a 50 cal round of three hundred fifty pound Hound with a canine growl
I scan the road from a mud hole like Rambo
The chain-fed ammo open you up like manholes
I’m Uncle Sambo with a Ku Klux Klan robe
Black face, pink lips Arctic coloured camo
Spitbullz whore let me get a fix on this fool
I drool when it’s time to get tool
Six wolves minimum, interrogate before killing them
Water board torture below zero temperature
Hot bars generate sparks, bitch, I told you don’t talk
Fibrillate your heart ’til you fart
On your feet, drag you outside, march
Walk ’til your feet parched and your BDU bottoms starch
Feed you pork soaked in sodium salt
Big weapons spark like tuning forks in the dark
Won’t tell you again, do not talk when we walk
Do not gawk at the corpse laying on the sidewalk
Handcuffed behind back flesh decompose and crack
Heads are detached from the respiratory tracts
Crossbow buttstock across the throat
Pardon me approach I thought you was walking too slow
No one who is able to hear will care
Those with compassionate care cannot conquer fear
The final battle won’t be in space but right here
Thirty two thousand four hundred Maidenhead squares
Sharpshooter assault, Mankind versus The Land Sharks
You don’t want none of the Spitbullz
(Verse 3)
When the missile is aimed to blow you out the frame
Someone still remember it was done by Germaine
In the beginning I made lyrics now lyrics make me
Your listening to Rip the Jacker to infinity
This rhyme could out live your whole lifetime
Be waiting for you on the other side when you arrive
Surround you with a layer to the left to the right to the front to the back with a rap and a mic
For satellite rappers delight you battle for your life
You battle from sunrise to off white moonlight
To see the wood burns my heating is rightfully earned
I take you on a journey through the words
And a mind hold your hand with an infinite rhyme
For a time I know it makes you shy but that’s fine
Come along with me let me show you how hard it can be
To spit like the 100 bar beast
(Verse 4)
Blindfold stop watch 60 seconds redundant drill sessions assemble your weapons
Blindfold stop watch 60 seconds redundant drill sessions assemble your weapons
Blindfold stop watch 60 seconds redundant drill sessions assemble your weapons
Aye yo I’m like the spirit of Pac on top of Mount Ziggurat
In a rock with his own thug paradise block
Watchu come back for, I came back from my rap tour pronounced rapture
Eat corn to memorialize when I was born
Blowin trees to symbolize how I spawned
Spike non ointment in an alabaster jar with a logo that resembles the mask of scar
My verse on the mic is a surge bite surgical strike vertical flight with submersible glowing lights
Speech hits you deep tissue beats bone gristle like projectile penetrators from pistols leave a bullet in you
Blindfold stop watch 60 seconds redundant drill sessions assemble your weapons (Verse 1)
I don’t wanna battle you I pay for you rap on my sabbatical
And pay for every actor performs after you
Verse non reversible remove your laptop before you walk through the terminal
Before I take it personal
One liners bust through the highway dividers on coming traffic eyes get wider powerslide ya
Spit god get the beer cap twist off sip the juice its all gone I sip hard
What you gonna do when your worst nightmare comes true?

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