Kraantje Pappie – Hi, Mom! ~A Prayer for World Peace~ Lyrics

A prayer for world peace (world peace)
All across the earth’s a prayer (continent to continent)
We need – you know we got a story to teach
We’re just stressing the importance of family and peace
My mother used to always pray, I pray every day (for world peace)
Come on young world we gotta grow up
There’s more to life than having yo’ fun and getting torn up
Your uncle tried to tell you “Be smart, stop being stupid”
Cause uh, sooner or later, we all face the music
You’re gonna mind somebody
Whether the police or the code of the street
Because the beat won’t sleep
Until the youngster lie dead to give his family grief
And then the church people rally for some peace in the streets
The family that prays together stays together
That’s through the rough days’ through the toughest weather
This prayer I say for my mother
I couldn’t be like Cain killin’ his brother
Cause they’re all my kinfolks forever
I hope this brings you closure
If you need it from a family feud
Life goes too quick: you need to change your views
Cause all a person has is their fam and their friends
Show some gratitude they’ll be there for you till the end
Respect what you have and don’t regret it
Respect is earned; a lot of men died trying to get it
Some don’t have a mom and a dad to take for granted
Love is real, fulfill your purpose on this planet
Knowledge, wisdom, hard work and understanding
Love is real, fulfill your purpose on this planet
Abstract and Nomak wanted y’all to know that
If you keep wasting time, Y’all​ won’t get it back
A child learns what his parents are willing to teach
The other two-thirds he’ll probably see in the streets
The globe is round, cold as the ocean is deep
The older it gets, the further it drifts from world peace
Where hatred lies, civil war, casualty and grief

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