Loki Love – More lyrics

Chain glowing in the black light, i’ll put you on if you act right. It feel like he don’t wanna be alive no more
That what Kanye West made ” God Flow for. Wasn’t really even that high. Fresh to death nigga that’s right? When I sketch the bar from my spinal cord. I…… I
Go extra hard like dinosaurs. Next to best, when I flex I ten to step on the next guy’s, neck and let em see the rest die. Got the squad in here if you guys want war
Shotgun shells on my condo floor cuz
I Don’t wanna get high no more (Hook – x times -) Since I set the bar, don’t wanna rhyme no more. All dope lines like pablo’s store. [Hook]
I Don’t wanna get high no more (Hook – x times -)
[Verse 1]
Here’s the thing about last night.

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