3) via their social media accounts, so stay tuned.In addition, Ministry have created a new "The Soundtrack to Your Election" Spotify playlist featuring Al Jourgensen's personal favorites including some of the band's own material. 27 and Nov. Check it out here.In other Ministry news, Jourgensen is back in the studio working on the band's next album for Nuclear Blast Records. Stay tuned.Ministry, "Get Out and Vote"MinistrySee Ministry in the Top 90 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the '90s
Source: Ministry Rally Voters With New ‘Get Out and Vote’ Video
Filed Under: MinistryCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: October 20, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe days are winding down until the 2020 presidential election and the always politically minded Ministry want to make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to vote.Frontman Al Jourgensen has been rallying the band's fan base to get involved this election and now he's issued a new video that serves as a call to make your votes count this year.The driving rock song "Get Out and Vote" from the band's 2012 album Relapse sends a direct message while the video includes candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden (as well as their respective VPs Mike Pence and Kamala Harris) against a chaotic backdrop of imagery.As the November 3 election day nears, Ministry promise additional surprises each Tuesday (Oct.

It’s just a really heavy groove and a simple riff. ‘Praise’ was the riff on Animosity and as we were writing on this new record we didn’t really have one of those yet, so [I said] let me try to find something. Chad ChildersPublished: October 20, 2020LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSevendust guitarist Clint Lowery steps into the Gear Factor spotlight this week, showcasing some of the riffs and techniques that shaped him as a player.Looking back on the early days, Lowery tells us, “My mom and dad were in bands and one of the first songs I remember hearing as a kid was called ‘Witch’s Brew.’ My dad really dug on Jimi Hendrix. The album drops Oct. "It was one of those things where ‘Diary of a Madman’ itself was a clean channel part with this classical thing, so if you could learn that, you were the man in my neighborhood. Sharing his favorite riff from Sevendust's upcoming Blood & Stone album, he points to "Dying to Live."“We always have this one song off each record that really has a simple groove element to it that's not really guitar acrobatics or anything. It was like a Dokken song. I was messing around with this and it kind of came up."If you would like to hear "Dying to Live" and the rest of the Blood & Stone album, go ahead and get your orders in. 23. (As Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases) Watch Clint Lowery's full Gear Factor episode below.Sevendust's Clint Lowery Plays His Favorite RiffsThe Best Rock Albums of 2020
Source: Sevendust’s Clint Lowery Plays His Favorite Riffs
Filed Under: Clint Lowery, sevendustCategories: Exclusive, News He counts Diary of a Madman as one of the most formative records in his development."Randy [Rhoads] was incredible," he states. It was real simple but it had that ‘Foxey Lady’ kind of [riff].”As for a technique that troubled Lowery when he first started, the guitarist recalls, “I remember the first time I got a pinch harmonic and I was just goofing around at home. I was like ‘Oh my God, that’s the thing.’ All day I was just hammering away on those."Beyond Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" inspiring Lowery to pick up an axe, the Sevendust guitarist's love of Ozzy Osbourne carried over to Ozzy's solo career. I remember just one day digging in with a pick and it just happened. I remember learning that and just thinking it was the most haunting thing in the world.” Along with revisiting “Diary of a Madman," he also pulls out a favorite riff from "Believer."Finally, Lowery takes us to present day.

“We’ve been working on a Metallica cover album and I’m here working on that," she stated, adding, "We’re so lucky to be able to continue to work on our art during all of this. In the Interview piece she also adds, ”People ask me who I’ve studied for my movement onstage, and I always say Iggy Pop.” The vocalist also delivered a memorable performance at the Chris Cornell: I Am the Highway tribute show belting Temple of the Dog's "Say Hello 2 Heaven."Miley Cyrus Covers Temple of the Dog's "Say Hello 2 Heaven"While Cyrus stated that she's working on the Metallica covers set, no other details including the potential release date were revealed.In a recent interview with PopCrush, Cyrus talked about her rock influences. At first, it felt uninspiring and now I’ve been totally ignited."This wouldn't be the first time Cyrus has tackled Metallica, pulling out a cover of "Nothing Else Matters" during an appearance at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival (see below).Miley Cyrus Covers Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" at Glastonbury 2019While Cyrus is best known for her pop hits she has shown a knack for paying homage to rock as well. You can hear how Chris Cornell and Nine Inch Nails factor into her new music in the video below starting around 6 minutes and 50 seconds in.All Metallica Songs Ranked
Source: Miley Cyrus Working on a Metallica Covers Album
Filed Under: Metallica, miley cyrusCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: October 20, 2020Erik Voake / Jason Kempin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you caught Miley Cyrus at the #SOSFest over the weekend, she covered both The Cure and The Cranberries, but for her next cover of significance she's going for something heavier — a Metallica cover. In fact, she's currently working on a full album of Metallica covers.The pop star was speaking with fashion designer Rick Owens for an Interview magazine piece when she revealed the news.

Graham HartmannPublished: October 20, 2020EpitaphShare on FacebookShare on TwitterBritish metalcore giants Architects have returned with the massive new song “Animals.” The song is their first new track since dropping Holy Hell in 2018.Following the death of founding member Tom Searle, Architects bravely trudged ahead with Holy Hell, making yet another statement that death is not defeat with the anthemic and chuggingly rich “Animals.” The song marks another step of Architects’ creative evolution, tackling the existential crisis of modern life.Check out the lyrics to “Animals” below [via Genius]:[Verse 1]I do my best, but everything seems ominousNot feeling blessed, quite the oppositeThis shouldn't feel so monotonousIt never rains, but it pours[Chorus]We're just a bunch of fucking animalsBut we're afraid of the outcomeDon't cry to me because the fiction that we're living inSays I should pull the pin[Post-Chorus]Should I just pull the pin?Should I just pull the pin?[Verse 2]I dug my heels, I thought that I could stop the rotThe ground gave way, now I've lost the plotFucked it again, that was all I've gotIt never rains, but it pours[Pre-Chorus]Life is just a dream within a[Chorus]We're just a bunch of fucking animalsBut we're afraid of the outcomeDon't cry to mе because the fiction that wе're living inSays I should pull the pin[Bridge]Buried under dirt, a diamond in the mudInfinity is waiting there 'cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral[Pre-Chorus]Dream within a, dream within a[Chorus]We're just a bunch of fucking animalsBut we're afraid of the outcomeDon't cry to me because the fiction that we're living inSays I should pull the pinWe're just a bunch of fucking animalsBut we're afraid of the outcomeDon't cry to me because the fiction that we're living inSays I should pull the pin[Post-Chorus]Should I just pull the pin?Should I just pull the pin?(Buried under dirt, a diamond in the mud)Should I just pull the pin?(Infinity is waiting there 'cause nobody can burn a glass cathedral)Should I just pull the pin?A release date for Architects' newest album has not yet been announced.“For a long time, I ran away from my emotions with everything that happened,” vocalist Sam Carter recently told Loudwire about the band attending grief counseling. You feel like you’re going crazy before something like this happens.”Watch the music video for “Animals” below.Architects – "Animals"2020’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)
Source: Architects Return With Massive New Song ‘Animals’
Filed Under: architectsCategories: News “Speaking to someone is so healthy, it’s so good. We live in a fucking crazy world, right? I genuinely think everybody should do it.

Hair metal felt like very white music and I was growing up in a very diverse city so I didn't gravitate to it."What Shinoda did gravitate toward, however, clearly made an impact on rock music through Linkin Park. It was part of the progression towards breaking down boundaries between styles of music."The musician continued, "I listened to 90 percent rap music, then I'd look at a lot of rock bands and I'd be like, 'There's something too white [about it].' That was one of the things that turned me off, especially hair metal. But it's not a type of music that set off any creative sparks for Shinoda early on. I listen to hip-hop. Twenty years ago, though, he was still just a budding band member trying to make his mark in the scene and perhaps make more room for inclusivity in the music industry."And it wasn't just about race," Shinoda added. When nu-metal started at the very beginning, it was a very diverse place."See Linkin Park in the Top 50 Nu-Metal Albums of All Time
Source: Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda: ‘Hair Metal Felt Like Very White Music’
Filed Under: Linkin Park, mike shinodaCategories: News I listen to jazz.' It wasn't until five years later they'd say, 'Everything.' Hybrid Theory did some of that work. That's what the rocker remembered in a new retrospective look at Linkin Park's breakthrough debut, Hybrid Theory.But was hair metal too white overall?Speaking with Metal Hammer to mark Hybrid Theory's 20th anniversary, the rocker made just such an observation as he summarized the musical stew that was brewing around the time of Linkin Park's emergence."At the time," Shinoda said, "if you asked somebody what they were listening to they'd say… 'Rock. Philip TrappPublished: October 20, 2020Christopher Polk, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLinkin Park's Mike Shinoda recently recalled how hair metal's lack of diversity turned him off as a young listener.Sure, the flashy style of metal that dominated the '80s might have ruled the Sunset Strip. I just mean the culture of it. "I don't mean the color of skin.

It's only two hours a night on weekends to minimize traffic in the neighborhood.""Enter Sandman" comes from Metallica's 1991 self-titled fifth record. The song hit No. 16.Metallica "Enter Sandman" Halloween Light ShowTop 90 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the '90s
Source: Metallica ‘Enter Sandman’ Halloween Light Display Lights Up the Night
Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: October 20, 2020YouTube: Tom BetGeorgeShare on FacebookShare on TwitterBringing new context to "sleep with one eye open," a California neighborhood is hosting a new Halloween light display set to Metallica's classic track "Enter Sandman."With Halloween fast approaching and music themed light shows starting to gain more traction in recent years, Magical Light Shows set up this impressive display at a Tracy, California residence and there's even a Facebook page with a schedule for when the lights will be on display.Metallica's Black Album classic is the perfect choice for a Halloween light display with its dark lyrical content based around a bedtime prayer and hard hitting drum queues that synch up well with the lighting.The creator of the light show says in the description, "I made this show as a free event for the community and as fundraiser for the McHenry House, a local family shelter here in Tracy, California. 10 on the Mainstream Rock Chart and crossed over to become their first Billboard Hot 100 hit at No.

We are hopeful that the Bankruptcy trustee, who will be appointed upon the filing, will act quickly to liquidate assets and pay claims. We do want you to know that we have been trying to deal with this horrible and unforeseen disaster since it became apparent that we could not hold the events as planned. The Bankruptcy Code provides tools to reclaim or claw back any such transfers – but there were none. We do understand your frustration in not being able to obtain the refunds for your tickets quickly. Graham HartmannPublished: October 20, 2020Mick Hutson/RedfernsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterHypervibe, the organizers behind the Rock USA festival, have filed for bankruptcy. We are heartbroken by the events which have caused this horrible situation. We are trying to do right by our loyal supporters and get you a refund, to the extent possible, quickly and equitably.In order to make the process easier for all of our ticketholders, we have asked our counsel to provide a letter/email and a bankruptcy claim form to all ticket claimants with instructions on how to fill the claim out and where to send it. There is no insurance for what can be described as an act of God.We are a small, family owned, independent concert promoter. However, this will provide assurances to you that the wind down of the business, as unfortunate as it is, has been a fair and transparent process.Obviously, we have lost our business, which we grew into what we believe was a premier experience for our concertgoers. The move comes following the 2020 fest’s cancelation and multiple reports of fans experiencing difficulties in obtaining refunds for their tickets.The three-day 2020 Rock USA festival was scheduled to take place July 16-18 in Oshkosh, Wis. We also care about our loyal patrons, for without them, there wouldn’t have been so many years of these great events. We make financial commitments years in advance to the talent and our vendors. We have ongoing leases for the premises and equipment that we use to host the concerts, in addition to a year round staff that works hard to put the events together.While we believe we exercise prudent financial management, we don’t have deep pocket backers nor the financial resources to weather a total collapse of the season. and feature headlining performances from Slipknot, Rob Zombie and Limp Bizkit before the pandemic struck.Following the fest’s cancelation, Fox 11 News ran a story on fans who were unable to get a refund for their tickets, the festival allegedly going dark by not answering calls or returning emails and Facebook messages. Outdoor concerts will likely return before indoor concerts, but it’s highly unlikely the live show industry will begin to rebound until mid-to-late 2021.Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal Live Acts of All Time
Source: Rock USA Festival Declares Bankruptcy After Inability to Refund Tickets
Categories: News As you are aware, the Governor banned such events, and in hindsight it becomes apparent that to proceed with the events would have been irresponsible in light of the COVID pandemic.Unfortunately, we did not and could not have foreseen this turn of events. This process will allow the assets turned over to a bankruptcy trustee to primarily fund your priority claims, prior to any general claims being paid, and will likely result in a significant dividend to be paid to ticketholders.The trustee will also investigate the use of our funds leading up to the filing to ensure that only legitimate claims were paid and that there was no “raid” on the checkbook by management. We have worked with our legal counsel to choose the best method by which to refund the remaining assets/cash to ticketholders and believe that the best and most cost efficient way to do this is through a Bankruptcy proceeding. We ask everyone to spread love and positivity in a time when this world needs it.- The Hypervibe TeamWhether festivals will return in 2021 remains to be seen, as no COVID-19 vaccine — which the CDC claims won’t be widely available until mid-2021 — has yet been distributed. Rock USA finally broke their silence last night with a post on Facebook:To Ticketholders of Country USA and Rock USA:Many of you have attempted to contact us regarding refunds for prepaid tickets for the 2020 concerts. Indeed, as it slowly became apparent that it would be impossible to host the 2020 events, we cut back on all expenses, (including employees), and attempted to negotiate with our creditors to reduce our debt.In fact, we reached financial agreements with our largest creditors, and have whittled down the pool of claims against our scarce resources we have available.Although it may not be apparent, getting money back into your pockets has been, and is still our number one priority. We have been informed the Bankruptcy Code provides a priority to “deposit” or “prepaid” claimants, aka you, the ticketholders. We have taken pains to individually list the ticketholders.For what it is worth, we are proud of the over 30 years of events we have hosted here in Oshkosh and the Fox Valley, are grateful to all of the people who supported us, especially those who came to hear the music, and have few regrets – with the exception of how this ended.We expect the Chapter 7 filing to occur within several weeks and the process will then move, hopefully, quickly.Thank you all for the support and amazing memories over the last 25 years.

Fuck yeah. "He's my brother-in-law and my drummer. There to discuss the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the System of a Down frontman — who is Armenian-American — highlighted one place where the otherwise opposed musicians agree."He's Armenian," Tankian said of Dolmayan. Of course it's frustrating, but that's having to do with American politics. When it comes to Armenian issues we're on the same exact page."Still, the System of a Down vocalist clarified just how different he is from his bandmate: "A Bernie [Sanders] supporter, I still am. Is it frustrating being politically opposite to your own drummer and brother-in-law? 16). Philip TrappPublished: October 20, 2020Francesco Castaldo / Kevin Winter, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSystem of a Down singer Serj Tankian confessed to feeling frustration with his Trump-supporting bandmate, drummer John Dolmayan, in a recent interview.Not that the vocalist had been quiet regarding the political differences between himself and Dolmayan in the past, but as the drummer has grown more vocal about his alignment with President Trump's stances, Tankian, too, has added further commentary concerning the ideological gulf in System of a Down.The singer's latest remarks regarding the intra-band issue came in a chat with Forbes this week (Oct. And Tankian has previously come to the defense of Dolmayan, saying he loves and respects his bandmate "irrespective of our extremely polarized political commentary and differences."See System of a Down in Most Streamed Spotify Songs for 66 of Rock + Metal's Biggest Artists
Source: Serj Tankian: It’s ‘Frustrating’ Having a Bandmate Who’s My Political Opposite
Filed Under: John Dolmayan, Serj Tankian, system of a downCategories: News I feel like he still would've been the best choice, but I'm okay with Biden."Clearly, Dolmayan has different views.Over the past few months, the System of a Down drummer has called President Trump "the greatest friend to minorities," said the movement to defund the police was "the stupidest thing," labeled liberals as cowards and decried "cancel culture."But that doesn't mean the percussionist's beliefs impede on System of a Down.

"[It] had been booked, but it hadn’t been announced yet. Hopefully this time next year, everything that should have been happening right now will be happening, but I can’t say. And obviously everybody had to make huge adjustments right then. Because right at that same moment is when COVID hit. And just everything was put on hold. That never really lifted off. Chad ChildersPublished: October 19, 2020eOneShare on FacebookShare on Twitter2020 was expected to be a year heavy on reunions but the pandemic shuttered or delayed a lot of those plans. No one can say.”During their tenure the band issued seven studio albums, the most recent being 2013's Crown of Phantoms. We weren’t gonna announce it until probably mid-summer. We had already even started talking about set lists and stuff like that."He continued, "Then along with that came the talks of, ‘Hey, why don’t we start writing some music and just start putting some riffs together and sending them back and forth and that didn’t really get out of any infancy stage."He added, "There aren’t any songs or anything yet that are in the archives or anything like that. A few weeks later the show was cancelled.”The guitarist says, “All I can say is maybe we’ll try for next year. One reunion that many didn't know about was the return of Chimaira, not only from a performance standpoint but also as a recording entity again.During a chat with Pierre Gutierrez (which can be seen below), Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold revealed that there had been some initial talks of recording new music to go along with a scheduled Chimaira Christmas show.The group split in 2014 but got back together in 2017 for the Chimaira Christmas one-off and apparently a second show was set to be announced for this holiday season.“We had the next ‘Chimaira Christmas‘ show, which was gonna be Christmas of 2020," explained Arnold. Revisit some of the band's past videos and check out the chat below.Chimaira, "Resurrection"Chimaira, "Sp Lit"Chimaira's Rob Arnold Speaks With Pierre GutierrezBands That Reunited in the 2010s
Source: Chimaira Almost Reunited for New Music in 2020
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"The Extinction Gene" – Featuring Dave Davidson (Revocation)03. It doesn't discriminate whether you're rich, poor, famous or not, it's something you tend to think won't happen to you until it does. Follow the group on Facebook and  Instagram as well and if you'd like to donate additional money to the cancer research cause, head here.Nitesoil, "Odio" (Featuring Jessica Pimentel)Nitesoil, Abusement Park EP Artwork + Track ListingFrank Godla / Nitesoil01. "Mother of Lust" – Featuring Gost (GOST)06. 16 and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Cancer Research Institute. We chose to support the Cancer Research Institute because they're a great non-profit that works with all types of cancer. Pimentel embodies any and all possible rage that could be redirected at 2020 on the whole with a deranged performance that captures her range of deep, guttural roars and soul-eviscerating mid-range barks.Listen to "Odio" toward the bottom of the page."Nitesoil really started as a joke band, a pile of sick riffs in a folder titled 'Slammy Sosa' after a night of drinks talking about the death metal bands we love," said Godla of the project's impetus. I'm starting to forget.' That story haunted me for years, it reminds me of that feeling when you have an amazing dream and as the minutes slip by it becomes more and more of an illusion and turns to smoke," offered Pimentel."It had me thinking about the Tibetan book of the Dead and how in the bardo between this life and your next you are forced to face terrifying challenges but depending on the strength of your will you can see monsters and demons or you can see Angels and love all pushing and pulling you in different directions," she went on. The list is growing, it's deadly, and it's fucking terrifying."Sharing a common bond over music, Godla added, "My dad was the metalhead who got me into this world. Without him none of this would be possible for me, and this EP was the last piece of music he heard with me on it. Spearheaded by Metal Injection's Frank Godla and guitarist Nick Emde, Nitesoil grouped together some of the drummer's closest friends and on "Odio," he welcomed Orange Is the New Black star and Alekhine's Gun and Brujeria vocalist, Jessica Pimentel.The Abusement Park standout is two and a half minutes of crazed, pulse-pounding death metal with a chest-caving production courtesy of Fit For an Autopsy's Will Putney. "The Abusement Park" – Featuring Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder)05. I'm happy to say he really dug it, although he still preferred Slayer."Pimentel, who also released a new song earlier this year with Alekhine's Gun, was particularly inspired for what became "Odio.""I once heard a story of a young little girl who used to sneak into her newborn little brother's room at night and tearfully would whisper to him him, 'Can you please tell me what God looks like? "D.S.I.T.S. Illusions to trick you to come back and be reborn."To pre-order the album (it's just $6 and, again, all the money will benefit the Cancer Research Institute), head to Nitesoil's Bandcamp page. The entire experience from his diagnosis to death was the most life-shattering experience I've ever been through, and I'm still trying my best to find the strength to go on everyday," said the drummer.He continued, "Cancer is something that affects nearly every family in the world, including ours. "This is a hard one for me personally, but my father passed away just a couple months ago in my arms from pancreatic cancer. "We couldn't be happier to have such talented people involved, down to Will Putney mixing and mastering this bad boy!"On a more somber note, Godla also detailed the inspiration behind Nitesoil's charitable aim. Joe DiVitaPublished: October 19, 2020Nitesoil / Frazer Harrison, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterNitesoil, a slamming new death metal band that made their debut in 2020, will release the Abusement Park EP on Nov. – Featuring Doug Moore (Pyyrhon)The Best Death Metal Album of Each Year Since 1985 
Source: Jessica Pimentel Brutalizes on New Nitesoil Cancer Charity Song ‘Odio’
Categories: Exclusive, News "Burn Me Down" – Featuring Aaron Heinold (Hivesmasher)04. "Odio" – Featuring Jessica Pimentel (Brujeria/Orange Is The New Black)02. Once the songs were finished, Godla reined in a different vocalist for each track."The sort of thing you'd see in hip-hop, but not," mused Godla. Emde's move to the west coast combined with Godla's own busy schedule meant work would continue through file sharing. "The key is to remember that what your life is to be from there depends on your own will to decide because you the creator of your universe and that those angels and demons are one and the same.

I don't know what their deal is. Who knows?""We don’t have any plans because we were told by the Hall of Fame that we would never get in, because of how we’ve acted, so that’s kind of it,” said Sixx in 2019.Though the band signed a cessation of touring agreement in 2014, they tore it up last year after the huge success of The Dirt film and the promise of a 2020 stadium tour. People sometimes don't think that we're the fucking real deal, I guess. (As Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases)Listen to Tommy Lee on the CLE ROCKS PodcastTop 80 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the '80s
Source: Tommy Lee ‘Wouldn’t Kick’ Motley Crue Rock Hall Induction ‘Out of Bed’
Filed Under: Motley Crue, tommy leeCategories: News And it seems like just fucking anybody's in there now. Because there is a bunch of people that deserve to be there. There's a bunch of people that are in there that he doesn't agree with, and, yeah, I might not agree with that either. I wouldn't kick it out of bed, you know? [Laughs]"Lee also added that he doesn't buy that the band's exclusion has to do with their '80s lifestyle. But at the end of the day, for me, dude, it would be a fucking honor regardless. Who knows, bro? "Motley's always been that kind of band that just, (a) won't go away, and (b) with some of those kind of people, we've always butted heads with that kind of stuff," says the drummer. Chad ChildersPublished: October 19, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe members of Motley Crue have discussed the unlikely possibility that they will ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the past, even sharing how they came to that conclusion, but drummer Tommy Lee revealed it's something he would entertain if it actually ever happened.Speaking with the CLE ROCKS podcast (heard below), Lee addressed Nikki Sixx's past comments that he would decline the honor and the talk that they had been told because of their previous hedonistic lifestyle that they would never be considered.Lee started to state that he understood Sixx's reservations, but then added, "You know what? I get his disappointment with that. The pandemic wiped out those plans for 2020 but the group is expecting to return to touring in 2021.As for Lee, he's used the downtime to release his new Andro solo album. Pick it up here.

The fan won the respect of Pantera that night, and thankfully, it was all caught on film.Imagine jamming onstage with one of your favorite bands. After getting onstage with the legendary metal band, the fan showed off his falsetto screaming prowess, even dueling high note for high note with Dimebag Darrell’s guitar. Young kids got to crush the drums with blink-182 and strum along with Green Day, nailing their parts in front of arena and amphitheater crowds. they impressed the f—k out of them.When 11-year-old Aidan Fisher challenged Steel Panther guitarist Satchel to a guitar solo battle, the geriatric in tights didn’t know what was coming for him. Another young man even got to harmonize on guitar with Avenged Sevenfold’s Zacky Vengeance, getting to do so on Synyster Gates’ custom axe.Check out this compilation of When Fans Impress Musicians Onstage in the Loud List below.When Fans Impress Musicians OnstageThe 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
Source: When Fans Impress Musicians Onstage
Filed Under: Avenged SevenfoldCategories: News Graham HartmannPublished: October 19, 2020YouTube: Jim PowersShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThese fans didn't just jam with their favorite bands onstage… Fisher blew Satchel off the stage with his own instrument, winning over the crowd and deeply impressing three out of four Steel Panther members.One Pantera fan has a story to tell for the rest of his life.

We're always kind of reevaluating where are and what we're working on now and I think the world already knows that Priest has started to follow up to Firepower and it's starting to come together and sounding incredible. Why is it important to you that character be equally evident as talent?It's very important. So we got through it. That's a real person the 'Metal God.' It's no different than my friend Alice or Marilyn Manson or Ozzy or any number of my friends that take on a different persona. Check out the chat below.Here tonight to talk about your first-ever autobiography. We sat together and we spoke for hours 50-60 hours of one-on-one conversations in the kitchen at the house in Phoenix and the house back home. We also get an update from Rob on the next Judas Priest album. The heavy metal community has probably got even stronger so when we get back together again – Wow, it's gonna be wild again. He has a great way of taking you from A to B.The one thing that we talked about before we even started to get into making the book was what was on the table and what was off the table. That is what we do in bands. What will readers learn that makes an already interesting life story even more compelling?Well Jackie, you and I have known each other for a long time and know my metal maniacs for a long time and we've always talked openly about many things in my life and particularly with the band I love so much Judas Priest. Thank you everybody around the world. Mentally and emotionally, what steps did you take to insulate yourself while revisiting all of it for the purpose of your book?Well, I was encouraged and prodded and probed by this incredible guy Ian Gittings and he wrote the book with me or at least took me through the journey. It's nearly 69 years of metal stories that we put together collectively in the book "Confess."Rob there have been exciting high points in your life. We love each other so much. The band also released an impressive album with Firepower just two years ago. It was amazing, it really was because I'm now reading the complete book and there were many many moments where I had to kind of regain my composure because the book is full of emotion, a lot of raw pure emotions down to the bare bones to kind of read that from the page but another to speak it out. I think I'm not unique in how I present myself on stage. Full Metal JackiePublished: October 19, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterJudas Priest frontman Rob Halford was the guest on the most recent Full Metal Jackie weekend show. Thanks again, Jackie.Thanks to Rob Halford for the interview. You can pick up his new book "Confess" right here (as Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases), and be sure to follow Rob on Instagram and Facebook. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.See Judas Priest in the Best Metal Song of Each Year Since 1970
Source: Rob Halford: ‘Living in the Moment’ Is Driving New Judas Priest Album
Filed Under: Judas Priest, rob halfordCategories: News My thing to him was that I was going to throw it all on the table. We need each other. Fans can smell fake a mile off. You know metal music changes us when we listen to metal it excites us. So it's a long journey. We balance it because it can be kind of dangerous. So this whole focus of living in the moment but also getting ready for what's coming next is what drives us and so that's where we are with Priest right now.I hope to see you soon.It's a pleasure, Jackie. We look at where we've gone and what we've said. But there's all this stuff going on in everybody's lives respectively that we don't get to deal about, you know? I'd be interested to hear the sound of my own voice. We're not kind of making it up.It's almost like a Jekyll and Hyde thing. I would like to think it gives it a little bit of extra value in the human connection and a lot of metal maniac readers do enjoy the audio experience.Judas Priest by the way were ready to commemorate a milestone anniversary before COVID-19 shut down touring. It was great. Its an embodiment of everything I love about heavy metal music. Some of it was tough to get through but this is why the book is called "Confess."Rob, although you're one of the most revered vocalists in heavy metal history – The Metal God – people also describe you as nice, a real gentleman. So this is an opportunity to take all the things I've been able to remember right from my early school days experiences right up to the way of the world kind of stuff. We are going to pile this table up with everything that I can remember and every single moment with your encouragement and your questions will provide that table to be – stuff will be falling off the edges and that's what we did. All of that is kind of wrapped up into this metal experience you get from me when I'm onstage.Rob there's an audiobook version of "Confess" read by you. So what you're experiencing from me as I go up onstage with Priest is the 'Metal God.' He's just a real embodiment of everything that I love about heavy metal music. It's like I hate watching myself on stage and video or anything but the time will come when I do though. It's a real living experience. It energizes us and makes us rise up. But It's real and I think our fans know that. Stay safe and we will all get to get back together again as soon as we can. We will have some good times again. It's called "Confess." A gay man in an economically disparaged area of post-war England who is highly regarded as a world-class singer. What does the equal relevance of past and present indicate about the future of the band?It's very important to look back at your past experiences. I've told you before Jackie, I hate the sound of my own voice. When you read the book next time try reading it out loud because it's completely different and girl, I tell you it took me just over a week of about 4-5 hours a session. It was great. Being onstage, seeing you guys come to the shows – that's what we live about. There have also been some traumatic low points as well. Everything! I haven't heard the audiobook yet. Rob dropped in to discuss his first ever autobiography "Confess."The vocalist tells Jackie that he left it all on the table in terms of what was covered in the book and he also discusses the emotional journey of recording the audiobook in his own voice for fans to listen to. For someone who's spent most of his life communicating through a microphone, what made this process different and perhaps intimidating?Well here's the test. It was amazing.I was encouraged by the producer who was over in Jersey and I was in Phoenix and we had link-ups going all over the place because I wanted to give my best performance as I've always tried to do.

In this gallery, we'll offer you the stories behind rock and metal's all-time biggest tracks and the songwriters who regretted some of their most popular cuts."Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Stairway to Heaven" and "Sweet Child O' Mine" are all household song titles and intergenerational classics, immortalized through billions of plays over decades. Often, it's because the song becomes so gigantic that their band starts attracting the wrong type of fan Other times, the track becomes so inescapable that playing it live every night starts to feel like an obligation instead of a joy. They've inspired countless musicians to pick up a guitar, but all three tracks were hated by the musicians who recorded them.The reasons behind an artist publicly decrying their most iconic works are complicated. Graham HartmannPublished: October 18, 2020Mick Hutson / Amanda Edwards, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterHating your own songs is like hating your own children — surprisingly common. Growing up is another huge factor, being unable to relate to the lyrics they penned or the riffs they wrote.Take a look below at these 15 Artists Who Hated Their Own Hit Songs and find out why these tracks fell out of favor with their creators.15 Artists Who Hated Their Own Hit Songs20 Rock + Metal Musicians With Tattoos of Bands
Source: 15 Artists Who Hated Their Own Hit Songs
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Fawcett’sCapt. packages. Petrucci's facial follicles drew the attention of Captain Fawcett, who have partnered with the guitarist to brand the new Nebula line of beard products.There are four products in the line, starting with the Nebula moustache wax. Fawcett’s66 Best Rock + Metal Guitarists
Source: Dream Theater’s John Petrucci Branding Beard Product Line
Filed Under: Dream Theater, John PetrucciCategories: News It's available here.There's also a Nebula beard balm. According to the description, it boasts top notes of exhilarating bergamot & aromatic myrtle riff with a bittersweet tang of grapefruit, rising to an intense heart of earthy, violet orris, dark coffee and tenacious woody cedar. Nebula Beard Oil will include a Limited Edition Nebula Guitar FLOW® Guitar Pick, designed and created by John Petrucci in collaboration with Jim Dunlop.See more from the John Petrucci Captain Fawcett Nebula line here. Petrucci also just recently released his Terminal Velocity solo album which you can get at this location.Capt. A pulse of seductive musk trails a smoky backbeat laced with vetiver & luxurious leather. Pick that up here.The Petrucci Nebula series also comes with beard oil.  It features top notes of exhilarating bergamot and aromatic myrtle riff with a bittersweet tang of grapefruit, rising to an intense heart of earthy, violet orris, dark coffee and tenacious woody cedar. and 50 ml. A pulse of seductive musk trails a smoky backbeat laced with vetiver and luxurious leather. Get those here and here.The first 1000 purchases of this 50 ml. It's available in both 10ml. Chad ChildersPublished: October 18, 2020Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDream Theater's John Petrucci not only plays a killer guitar, but he also has one of the best beards in the rock and metal world. This moustache wax boasts top notes of exhilarating bergamot and aromatic myrtle riff with a bittersweet tang of grapefruit, rising to an intense heart of earthy, violet orris, dark coffee & tenacious woody cedar. It comes supplied in an aluminum tin with a screw top lid. A pulse of seductive musk trails a smoky backbeat laced with vetiver and luxurious leather.

See each of the masks below.Slipknot.comSlipknot.comSlipknot.comSlipknot.comSlipknot.comSlipknot.comSlipknot.comSlipknot.comSlipknot.comThe Evolution of Slipknot's Terrifying Masks
Source: Slipknot Selling ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ Masks
Filed Under: SlipknotCategories: News Part of the reason may have to do with the fact that the mask comes with a working zipper on the mouth and back and removable straws, making it a little more labor intensive in the creation.Singer Corey Taylor's mask is going for $40. Get your orders in here. It has two faux leather straps, adjustable working buckles, studs and a drawstring cord. Each of the other member masks are selling for $35.It should be noted that the masks are not guaranteed to arrive by Halloween, but you can always plan ahead for the next occasion where these would come in handy. The Craig Jones spiked look is the most expensive of the bunch, going for $55. Chad ChildersPublished: October 18, 2020Roadrunner RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSlipknot are always Halloween-ready with their look and fans have nicked their masks for inspiration in the past. With a new album cycle, Slipknot are now officially selling masks from the We Are Not Your Kind era.Each of the nine are represented with individual masks, though not all masks are equal in price.

and I will never shut up about itAnyway – not anti mask – and If you reduced this entire video to that scene and missed the metaphor behind it … He urges that among the metaphors present in the video (toilet paper hoarding zombies, overweight superheroes with ill-advised diet habits), the scenes regarding the "compliance" in mask wearing should be viewed as fictional as well.Presumably, this means other metaphors (attack dogs resembling Antifa, QAnon conspiracies) should also be viewed as fictional."The scene in question is not about the masks… Joe DiVitaPublished: October 17, 2020YouTube: Five Finger Death PunchShare on FacebookShare on TwitterYesterday (Oct. Talk to us and we will tell you …. Believe it. 16), Five Finger Death Punch released a music video for "Living the Dream." The video was rife with social commentary, some of which has been met with backlash for the way people who wear a mask — to mitigate the spread of a pandemic contagion) are compliant under a Communist system of government — or one that resembles such. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory has issued a lengthy statement, clarifying the intent behind the video, denying it bears an anti-mask message.In his statement, Bathory alleges news media outlets forewent explaining what his message in the "Living the Dream" video was in favor of intentionally misleading readers for capital gain. "The mask segments are about hypocrisy on the highest level," he clarified. but If America is gone, where will you go?We immigrants also remember how our freedom slipped away, how our rights were ripped from us, how we were kept under the thumb and in fear of our own governments. America is a miracle, and I LOVE this country… Pretty much the standard in all dictatorships and totalitarian regimes (I had the displeasure of growing up in one) hence the reference.I often say, ask us!!! Pretty much the standard in all dictatorships and totalitarian regimes (I had the displeasure of growing up in one) hence the reference."Read the complete statement below.As much as some *news sites* used “anti-mask” as a clickbait title (And I must applaud the capitalist in them or I myself would be a hypocrite) Let’s make this crystal clear: In a fictional story, Amongst shopping cart zombies, Tide Pod eating fat superheroes and all the other metaphors, why would anyone think the mask scene isn’t one.The scene in question is not about the masks… it's NOT an Anti-Mask message," wrote Bathory, who also noted Five Finger Death Punch currently sell… WE were lucky, because we had a place to escape to. in fact you can go to FiveFingerDeathPunch.comRight now and buy some cool ones…If I must explain this ‍♂️ The whole video is in the frame work of fiction, a dystopian nightmare of one of the founding fathers – right before he signs the constitution.Just as I prefaced it: "We as artists, have a unique opportunity to portray and ridicule the absurd to prevent it from *becoming* reality.The mask segments are about hypocrisy on the highest level. This is what the founding fathers worried about and tried to prevent by creating the constitution. the Cubans, the Venezuelans, the North Koreans, anyone from the former Soviet block… Well… the good news is – It is STILL America so you have the right to have and even print your own opinion.Watch Five Finger Death Punch's "Living the Dream" video here.The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Rock's Biggest Bands 
Source: Zoltan Bathory: New Five Finger Death Punch Video Does Not Have Anti-Mask Message
Filed Under: Five Finger Death Punch, zoltan bathoryCategories: News The immigrants… We must prevent the rise of tyranny in all shapes and forms, we must resist the would be dictators and the totalitarian ideals. we have valuable experience we can tell you about, we can forewarn you of the things we have seen before.So We the people must do everything in our power to stay free as a society. When the rules are made for you but those who made them are exempt. We are fortunate that we could come here…. So maybe, just maybe… it’s NOT an Anti-Mask message…… a variety of face masks to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, as recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and White House coronavirus advisor and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci.In this scene, a female political figure bears a pin marking her as "exempt" as she applauds those compliant in mask-wearing, awarding them with a "compliance" pin that also features a series of Communist hammer and sickle symbols.YouTube: Five Finger Death PunchIG: ZoltanBathoryBathory, an immigrant who grew up under totalitarian rule, stressed his concern for certain parallels he is currently seeing in America. "When the rules are made for you but those who made them are exempt.

The virtual event will take place on Oct. Chad ChildersPublished: October 16, 2020Roadrunner RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCode Orange have made the most of their livestream events in 2020 and will add to that with their upcoming "Back Inside the Glass" all-immersive environmental experiences later this month.The group will be staging a live show in the center of "awe-inspiring virtual landscapes," providing a unique backdrop for their performance. All purchasing tickets will get an instant download of "The Cutter," a previously unreleased track from the Underneath album sessions.Fans can also tune in at 3:00PM EST / 12:00PM PST for MUDBANGERS BALL (Vol.2), a special livestream pre-show hosted by Riki Rachtman featuring interviews and new heavy music videos, reimagining a beloved format.Code Orange vocalist Jami Morgan says, “We are very excited to present the next chapter of the Code Orange live streaming experiment. “In a world without touring, we have to keep pushing to find ways to connect and keep the momentum, and Code Orange is leading the pack in terms of innovating and creating new experiences.”Machine Girl’s Matt Stephenson offered, “This is the first Machine Girl ‘live’ set since the beginning of the pandemic and I’m excited that it’s happening alongside Code Orange.”The livestream comes on the heels of their Under the Skin stripped down virtual performance that was turned into a digital live album. Code Orange also issued their latest studio album, Underneath, earlier this year and it's available here.Code Orange "Back Inside the Glass" LivestreamElektra RecordsCode Orange, "Back Inside the Glass" Trailer2020’s Best Metal Albums (So Far)
Source: Code Orange Announce ‘Back Inside the Glass’ Livestream Concert
Filed Under: Code Orange, Jesus Piece, Machine Girl, Year of the KnifeCategories: News Check here to pick it up. 31 at 4PM ET / 1PM PT.In addition, fans will enjoy sets from special guests Machine Girl, Year of the Knife (playing their Internal Incarceration album in full) and Jesus Piece.Tickets for Code Orange's "Back Inside the Glass," including VIP packages with special virtual fan experiences where viewers can be digitally projected into the venue, are currently on sale at LIVE.CODEORANGETOTH.COM. We are hoping to deliver something on a whole new level with ‘Back Inside the Glass’ and are glad to have our brothers and sisters in Jesus Piece, Year of the Knife and Machine Girl along with us.”Jesus Piece’s Luis Aponte remarked, “Code Orange made themselves the innovators of this,” adding, “If we were going to do a livestream, we’re going to do it right.”“No one could have predicted what this year would bring or how it would devastate live music,” noted Year of the Knife bassist Madison Watkins.

This idea is now under siege and certain events are starting to remind me of the things many of us came here to escape."He adds, "It’s not a 'left against right' problem but an evolutionary problem. We as artists, however, have a unique opportunity to portray and ridicule the absurd to prevent it from becoming reality," concludes the guitarist.You can watch the video and make your own observations below."Living the Dream" is featured on Five Finger Death Punch's F8 album, which is out now.Five Finger Death Punch, "Living the Dream"DOWNLOAD THE LOUDWIRE APP + NEVER MISS BREAKING NEWSBest Rock Songs of 2020 (So Far)
Source: New Five Finger Death Punch Video Depicts Mask-Wearers as Communists
Filed Under: Five Finger Death PunchCategories: News history has elicited a number of strong opinions around the world and Five Finger Death Punch are using the music video platform to express theirs.The video opens with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, "Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures," before launching into the action. They break free to start destroying property, which appears to be a reference to Antifa.Guitarist Zoltan Bathory, who conceptualized the video, states, "America is a beautiful idea that draws immigrants like myself from all over the world to the promised land of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The good news is that now everyone has a voice. The clip, shot in Los Angeles, starts with a Nancy Pelosi-esque political figure praising mask-wearers for being "compliant," even presenting them with a button displaying the Communist sickle emblem.We will note that 5FDP do sell masks on their merch store, and that they include an FAQ on proper masks to prevent coronavirus. There's also nods to zombies hoarding toilet paper and a work camp for the "People's Republic of America."But eventually an uprising takes place with people ripping off their masks to head into a violent battle carrying American flags in pursuit of the female leader.There are plenty of other symbolic nods throughout the video, including "The Great Awakening" flashing during a newscast, which is a reference to QAnon. Chad ChildersPublished: October 16, 2020Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFive Finger Death Punch are pulling no punches with their politically charged new video for "Living the Dream."The global pandemic amidst one of the more polarizing presidential elections in U.S. The growing pains of a civilization that without the necessary spiritual enlightenment, arrived a bit early to a level of technology where everyone is connected. There are also black-clad figures on leashes that are held by the female leader. The bad news is that now everyone has a voice.""So we are living in the manipulators’ paradise, where liars and hypocrites run unscathed, the news are just opinions, politics are a blood sport, and facts are determined by consensus instead of the truth.

They're not done yet. The new edition whiskey was crafted using the recent live release to make it "sonically enhanced."Every Metallica Song Ranked 
Source: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett: New Horror-Themed Songs ‘Feel Like the Best F–king Things I’ve Done’
Filed Under: kirk hammett, MetallicaCategories: News They're not movie soundtracks; they're like movies. And the four tracks are like four different movies, man. Joe DiVitaPublished: October 16, 2020Amy Harris for LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica are sorting out ways to work on new music amidst a pandemic and Kirk Hammett has some ideas of his own he's working on outside of the band. Hammett had particularly strong thoughts about these pieces, "which feel like the best fucking things I've ever done."Offering a bit more insight, Hammett went on, "One of them is called 'High Plains Drifter' and the other one's called 'The Incantation'. A known horror enthusiast, the guitarist has collaborated with Edwin Outwater, who composed the S&M2 live performance, on some horror-themed instrumental songs. Hammett feels they've got potential to be his career-best work and said "they're like movies."Hammett already has a line of horror-themed guitars and even showed off his personal horror collection at the "It's Alive" exhibits that brought some of his favorite pieces outside the home and into an actual museums for a limited time.Regarding these instrumentals, which sound especially enticing with Halloween just a couple weeks away, Hammett told Metallica's fan club magazine "So What!", "I recorded those tracks with Edwin, a small chamber orchestra and some other musicians."He said there's four total tracks he's put together and that two of them were in collaboration with Outwater. I mean, I have to get the rough mixes, but I have four tracks now. They tell a story."When asked if it was fair to say Metallica fans will "probably" get to hear new music before the pandemic is over, Hammett agreed it was "absolutely" a fair assumption.On top of the S&M2 live album and video performance, Metallica have released a new version of "Blackened," the song, as well as 'Blackened," the whiskey. [They are] still in the rough mix stages.

"We chose to pair the powerful message with one of the heavier songs we've ever written. This song feels like the anthem that we all need right now. The veteran metalcore outfit are giving fans the first taste of their new lineup with the song, "Save Us."Varkatzas handled the screaming vocals in Atreyu and since his exit, bassist Porter McKnight will now fill the role, as he once did when Varkatzas missed some shows with an injury. In their statement, Atreyu said, in part, "There's nothing but love and respect for each other."Atreyu recently teamed up with producer John Feldmann, who previously worked with the band on 2007's Lead Sails Paper Anchor and their most recent record, 2018's In Our Wake, to record "Save Us.""'Save Us' is not only a reflection of where we are musically, but also a mirror to the world in this ominous moment in time," the band said. To us, it's a call to action to light the fire in ourselves. Drummer Brandon Saller will now front the band and retain his role as Atreyu's clean singer while his Hell or Highwater bandmates Kyle Rosa has stepped in as the group's drummer.The new song comes just weeks after the group announced they had parted ways with the veteran singer. Chad ChildersPublished: October 16, 2020Spinefarm RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhat will Atreyu sound and look like after the recent exit of vocalist Alex Varkatzas? We can begin to make great change — but only if we look inside first."Work on the group's eighth studio album, which is currently without a release date, but will be issued by Spinefarm Records, continues and "Save Us" will appear on the forthcoming set. Listen to the song below and get your first taste of the revamped Atreyu.Atreyu, "Save Us"Atreyu, "Save Us" Single ArtSpinefarm Records25 Best Metalcore Albums of All Time
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These contributions directly fund the creation and survival of WSS," said the band, continuing, "We'll be sharing full album guitar and drum play-throughs, a tutorial series for songwrit­ing, studio production, vocal techniques, art and branding, self-management, videography, and much more. Joe DiVitaPublished: October 15, 2020Spinefarm RecordsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAmid a difficult 2020, England's metalcore vets While She Sleeps are staring down 2021 with a new album, song and self-sustaining fan society, all under the title of Sleeps Society.In a newly released video that is part press conference and part song, While She Sleeps lay out their mission statement from here on out. With touring off the table in 2020 and more uncertainty ahead, the band has developed a new business model that puts the fans at the forefront and helps While She Sleeps detach from a system they feel is not designed to support the artist."With the future of live performances uncertain, the Sleeps Society will enable a secure existence for WSS and gives us the opportunity to stay connected with our fanbase, developing new ways to provide for our supporters and fill the void left without live music," said the group, who will release Sleeps Society, their fifth album, on April 16 of next year.The song "Sleeps Society" is patented While She Sleeps — the ideal blend of electronic impulses that create a tug of war between melody and ever-shifting pit-ready rhythms.Detailing more about the fan-oriented society, powered by Patreon, While She Sleeps revealed the perks that membership offers — full album play-through videos, songwriting tutorials and a lot more."The society will ask a membership fee, ranging in different tiers of support. There'll be an in-depth look into making the forthcoming album and livestreamed studio sessions where members can help make decisions in the writing stages of songs.""Members will get early access to tour tickets, exclusive merchandise, warehouse meet-ups, events, and secret 'members only' shows," the group noted, "And that's just scratching the surface of what we’ll be offering members through the Society."Pre-order Sleeps Society here.While She Sleeps, "Sleeps Society" Press Conference + Music VideoWhile She Sleeps, Sleeps Society Album ArtSpinefarm RecordsSee While She Sleeps in the 66 Best Metal Songs of 2019 
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Now, 30 years later, that recording remains as vital as ever and the band has just unveiled a massive box set celebrating the record's three-decade milestone.Released before the true arrival of grunge and amid hair metal excess and a sea of power ballads, Facelift found a young Alice in Chains unwittingly embrace metal's earliest roots while also signaling at the next big movement that would shake up heavy music forevermore.This newly announced 30th anniversary set commemorates the original release alongside a plethora of goodies all packaged in an acrylic deluxe box — a poster, tour laminate, art prints, a custom cover hard book, multiple physical formats of the groundbreaking record and more.Pre-orders are available now and the box set is expected to be released on Jan. New shirt and hoodie options are up for grabs too.To view the complete contents of the Alice in Chains 30th anniversary box set, look below.Alice in Chains, Facelift 30th Anniversary Edition Box Set: Contents + Track ListingWarner MusicContents:Acrylic Deluxe Box with Gel Transparencies2XLP Vinyl Picture DiscExclusive CassetteCustom Hard Cover Photo BookTwo-sided Poster (Folded, 23.5 inch square)12” SlipmatSticker SheetTour LaminateFour Art PrintsTrack Listing:01. "Confusion"11. "Love, Hate, Love"07. A disclaimer on the webstore notes that shipping dates and release dates are subject to change in the event of unexpected circumstances related to production and distribution (we're still in the midst of a pandemic, after all). "I Know Somethin (Bout You)"12. "Put You Down"10. "We Die Young"02 "Man in the Box"03. "Bleed The Freak"05. "Sunshine"09. 29 of next year. "Real Thing"Where Does Facelift Rank Among the Top 90 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 1990s? 
Source: Alice in Chains Unveil Massive ‘Facelift’ 30th Anniversary Box Set
Filed Under: Alice in ChainsCategories: News "Sea Of Sorrow"04. Joe DiVitaPublished: October 15, 2020ColumbiaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAugust, 21, 1990 — Alice in Chains release their debut album, Facelift. "I Can't Remember"06. "It Ain't Like That"08.

That's what GQ asked him in a new interview and his response was classic, likening the face tattoo trend to an edgy decades-ago trend while noting this tatted appearance gives off vibes of the age-old tradition of doodling on a notebook cover.In the five-minute video clip, Taylor, who just dropped his debut solo album CMFT earlier this month, runs through a brief overview of the artwork featured on his body and recollected his first-ever tattoo. "My first tattoo technically I have myself with needle and Indian ink in the basement of my grandmother's house," he laughed, stating his first authentic tattoo came when he was 19 years old.In the opening moments of the video, though, Taylor addresses the all-important question: would you ever get a face tattoo? "Never," the singer sternly affirmed.Unlike other rock and metal luminaries, he at least seems to understand the trend rather than be wholly perplexed by the idea of permanently marking your face. To be honest it makes you look dirty."Elsewhere in the GQ "Tattoo Tour" video, Taylor singled out the sun and moon design on his chest as by far the most painful. Joe DiVitaPublished: October 15, 2020Maria Ives, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCorey Taylor is covered in tattoos, but would the singer ever get one on his face? He's also pretty certain he's the only member of the "original band" to not have the full Slipknot logo tattooed on him. He does have the band's tribal "S" logo though.Corey Taylor's 'Tattoo Tour' With GQ10 Rock + Metal Musicians With Face + Head Tattoos40 Worst Rock Tattoos of All Time
Source: Corey Taylor: Face Tattoos Are Just Today’s Equivalent of Nipple Piercings 20-30 Years Ago
Filed Under: corey taylorCategories: News "I get it, you know. A face tattoo is no different than a nipple piercing from 20 years ago — 30 years ago, anyway," he offered before laying out a slice of personal criticism, "You end up looking like a shitty notebook from high school."Even the notoriously wild and tattoo-plastered Ozzy Osbourne derided the sudden uptick in face tattoos, urging, "Anything above the collar should be stopped.

There's certainly plenty unexplained phenomena that has been seen (and felt) over the years to lend credence to the idea, and whether it's rockers reaching out from the afterlife or living rockers being visited by spirits, there appears to be a wealth of rockers who had experiences with the paranormal.In this gallery, we'll share some of those stories that have been collected over the years, whether it be deceased members of The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Sex Pistols letting their presence be felt or rockers such as My Chemical Romance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot, Alice Cooper and others being haunted while trying to work on music.Get a firm grip on something as you scroll through and read these 21 Rock Star Experiences With the Paranormal.21 Rock Star Experiences With the Paranormal
Source: 21 Stories of Rock Star Ghost Encounters + Paranormal Experiences
Categories: News Chad ChildersPublished: October 15, 2020Scott Gries / London Stereoscopic Company/Hulton Archive, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDo you believe in communication from the great beyond?

Get your copy here (as Amazon affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases) and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.Napalm Death's Barney Greenway: How I Learned to ScreamSee Napalm Death in 2020's Best Metal Songs (So Far)
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Filed Under: Barney Greenway, napalm deathCategories: News You'll also learn how non-metal artists such as Swans and Joy Division fall under Greenway's realm of extremity.Watch the full How I Learned to Scream episode below.Napalm Death's new album, Throws of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism, is out now. So, how did he learn how to scream?That question, and a lot more, were answered in this episode of How I Learned to Scream.Recollecting his experiences as an extreme metal vocalist for more than three decades, Greenway, seated on a couch in his home as we all wait out this pandemic, Greenway chalked it all up to spontaneity. Typically, vocalists who discharge screams (or gutturals, barks, roars — whatever you want to call them) endure growing pains as they figure out how to do this whole thing without damaging their vocal chords.Before joining Napalm Death, Greenway was a member of British death metal battalion Benediction, with whom he recorded one album. Joe DiVitaPublished: October 15, 2020Gary Wolstenholme, Redferns/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterBarney Greenway, Napalm Death's combustible vocal engine since 1989 (save for that one year Napalm and Extreme Noise Terror swapped singers), is one of extreme metal's all-time frontmen. His vocal power is downright frightening and his frantic stage presence exponentially raises the intensity of it all. Even earlier than this, though, is where he got his start, linking up with nearby musicians (who would later play in Cerebral Fix and Bolt Thrower) to form Colostomy.Practice wasn't on the agenda and Greenway attested that his approach to vocals was absolute spontaneity and to "just go for it" and see what different types of noises could be produced.Elsewhere in the video, the Napalm Death frontman addresses whether or not enunciation is important to his style, his thoughts on cupping the microphone and recalled one terribly hot gig where he collapsed onstage from heat exhaustion while trying to go for a particular high-range vocal.

The storyline alternates with cutscenes of Korn performing the song atop an incredibly high structure in the same desert-like atmosphere.Check out the video below.The collaboration between Korn and World of Tanks Blitz goes further than the video, though. “I think there is a connection between rock and video games because video games are intense and rock ’n’ roll music is intense. It seems like they have always gone hand in hand.”Top 50 Korn Songs
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Filed Under: KornCategories: News It’s true to the era, there are a lot of great tanks in there, and you don’t just jump in and start shooting,” frontman Jonathan Davis enthused of the game. 16 through the 24, fans and gamers can partake in the Convergence event, in which players can complete puzzles and challenges to win prizes from the band.“I really like World of Tanks Blitz. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: October 15, 2020YouTube – korn channelShare on FacebookShare on TwitterKorn have teamed up with the online game World of Tanks Blitz for their latest music video for the song "Finally Free." The video marks the launch of the game's new Halloween mode titled Burning Games. The cinematic video follows protagonist Captain, a huge Korn fan, as he explores the apocalyptic world around him and battles his way through crowds to make it to the Korn show. From Oct.

You look beautiful! Graham HartmannPublished: October 15, 2020Twitter: amandamlowther/ Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterA Lamb of God fan got married over the weekend, walking down the aisle to “Remorse Is for the Dead” from the band’s 2004 album, Ashes of the Wake.Who needs the “Wedding March” when you’ve got Pure American Metal? Honored we could be a part of the joy.”Lowther’s choice of a wedding song is top notch, especially compared to that one viral video where a bride walked (and twerked) down the aisle to Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch,” leaving various wedding guests with shiny new cases of post-traumatic stress disorder.The 66 Best Metal Songs of the 21st Century
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Filed Under: Lamb of GodCategories: News “Congratulations Amanda! Young Adler looks like he’s doing a fine job. My son who walked with me is named Adler (please show Willie!) Thanks for being part of our day.”Morton retweeted her video along with a congratulatory message. “Hi @lambofgod @MarkDuaneMorton I got married this last weekend and the intro to Remorse is for the dead was my aisle song. Lamb of God fan Amanda Lowther may be one of the band’s most dedicated supporters, having already named her son Adler after guitarist Willie Adler and former drummer Chris Adler, but utilizing “Remorse Is for the Dead” for her big day brings her fandom to another level entirely.Lowther posted a short video walking down the aisle with her son at the small ceremony, tagging guitarist Mark Morton in her tweet.

Chad ChildersPublished: October 15, 2020Ethan Miller / Frazer Harrison / Kevin Winter, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe 2020 touring year has been a bust, but there's hope for 2021. One of the first festival announcements for the new year comes from Rock Fest, who are planning to return July 15-17 with a festival headlined by Disturbed, Limp Bizkit and Korn.The lineup was just revealed, with Disturbed headlining opening night (July 15) alongside Staind, Theory of a Deadman, Steel Panther, Saint Asonia, Memphis May Fire, Fozzy, Blacktop Moo, Carnifex, Fire From the Gods and more.The Saturday night (July 16) bill has Limp Bizkit fronting the night with Snoop Dogg, Anthrax, Badflower, Of Mice & Men, Bad Wolves, All That Remains, Like a Storm, Crobot, Bones UK and more.Korn will close out the music weekend on Sunday (July 17) with a still to be named direct support act, Chevelle, Motionless in White, Avatar, We Came as Romans, Gemini Syndrome, Through Fire, Hyro the Hero and Rachel Lorin leading the way.See the full lineup of acts heading to Cadott, Wisconsin for the 2021 edition of Rock Fest in the poster below. Ticketing and campsite details are currently available at the Rock Fest website.Rock Fest 2021 LineupRock Fest 2021The 30 Best Rock Albums of 2000
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After all, when the band hits the road, Metallica treks are often ranked among the highest-selling rock tours.But that didn't seem to matter come award time at the Kelly Clarkson-hosted Billboard Music Awards this year. Metallica lost out to both Elton John and Pink.Pink captured the Top Touring Artist award from fellow nominees the Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran, Metallica and Elton John, as Billboard reported. Elton won Top Rock Tour ahead of both the Stones and Metallica.The event's big winner was rock-indebted rapper Post Malone, who began the 2020 BBMAs as the artist with the most nominations. When all was said and done, Posty took home nine total Billboard Music Awards. Those were Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Rap Male Artist, Top Rap Tour and Top Rap Album for Hollywood's Bleeding.Of course, one could assume that Wednesday's losses are no skin off Metallica's collective back. Philip TrappPublished: October 15, 2020Photo by Ross HalfinShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica didn't emerge as the heroes of the day at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (Oct. 14). They've faced bigger slights before, such as when the James Hetfield-led act lost 1989's Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance to none other than Jethro Tull.Head here to see the full list of 2020 Billboard Music Awards winners.All Metallica Songs Ranked
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Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News Out of the two nominations the veteran metal band received, each ultimately went to a different artist.The categories for which Metallica found themselves nominated were Top Touring Artist and Top Rock Tour.