When things get very riff-heavy in the song, there are some double vision shots going on.Singer JD Cronise says, “Bryan [Richie] had this mixtape of slowed down Rush songs called 'Slush' that we used to listen to all the time on tour. @ Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards (no the Sword)July 6 – Boston, Mass. Outdoor*July 16 – Cleveland, Ohio @ Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica*July 17 – Sterling Heights, Mich. And no, you're eyes aren't deceiving you. @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre*June 22 – Asheville, N.C. For this session, the group is taking on Rush's "Working Man," giving the prog favorite some distortion filled stoner rock heaviness, toying just enough with the arrangement to make it their own.One of the band members, with their head not quite visible for viewing, makes sure we get the Rush love in there sporting one of the iconic Canadian band's T-shirts. @ MECU Pavilion*June 27 – Pittsburgh, Pa. Dates can be viewed below.The Sword, "Working Man" (Rush Cover)Primus / The Sword "A Tribute to Kings" 2021 TourJune 9 – Houston, Texas @ Revention Music Center*June 11 – Irving, Texas @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory*June 12 – Austin, Texas @ ACL Live at The Moody Theater*June 13 – New Orleans, La. @ Red Hat Amphitheater*June 25 – Richmond, Va. We loved it because it was super heavy, the vocals sounded wild, and even slowed down the performances were flawless because, y’know … @ Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion*July 8 – New York, N.Y. We played it live on a mostly Canadian tour a few years ago, but we never got a chance to record it. @ The Met*July 13 – Toronto, Ontario @ RBC Echo Beach*July 15 – Columbus, Ohio @ Express Live! Source: The Sword Cover Rush’s ‘Working Man’ to Complete ‘Conquest of Quarantine’ Session
Filed Under: Rush, The SwordCategories: News Rex's "Children of the Revolution" and a fresh take on "Winter's Wolves." The Sword are also promoting their Conquest of Kingdoms vinyl box set, available here, as well as the Chronology 2006-2018 CD box set available here.As for that planned tour with Primus celebrating Rush's A Farewell to Kings, it will take place in 2021. @ Saenger Theatre*June 15 – Orlando, Fla. @ Stage AE*June 29 – Essex Junction, Vt. So it seemed pretty obvious that we should cover one of the songs in that tuning."He continued, "'Working Man' was one of the less difficult ones to pull off because again … @ Virginia Credit Union Live!*June 26 – Baltimore, Md. Check out the Loudwire premiere below.The band's members have all social distanced to their respective homes, but still have the vibe to connect live, even on a cover song. it’s Rush. @ Exploreacheville.com Arena*June 23 – Raleigh, N.C. @ Midway Law at Champlain Valley Expo*July 1 – Westbrook, Maine @ Main Savings Pavilion at Rock Row*July 2 – Wallingford, Ct. it’s Rush! @ Freedom Hill Amphitheatre*July 19 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ PNC Pavilion*Where Does Geddy Lee Rank Among the Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Bassists of All Time? Since we were set to open the East Coast leg of Primus’s Rush tribute tour, which had to be rescheduled for summer 2021, including it in our 'Conquest of Quarantine' session seemed like a no brainer.”"Working Man" completes the three installment "Conquest of Quarantine" session, following their cover of T. Instead, the veteran rockers are at home during the pandemic, but finding their own special way to pay tribute Rush, rocking a cover of "Working Man" for their "Conquest of Quarantine Lockdown Session" series. @ Oakdale Theatre*July 5 – Lafayette, N.Y. Chad ChildersPhoto by Sandy CarsonShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe Sword had planned to be out on tour with Primus this summer watching them pay tribute to Rush. One day we realized that the pitch of the songs was about two whole steps below standard, which also happened to be how we normally tuned our guitars. @ Beacon Theatre*July 9 – Asbury Park, N.J. @ The Stone Pony Summer Stage*July 10 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ Hard Rock Live*June 16 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Coca-Cola Roxy*June 20 – Charlotte, N.C.

“Ha! It was later determined that the seizure was induced by cute oxycodone and codeine intoxication. Have a look below.Sabbath's "Paranoid" was the title track of Black Sabbath's second album. But I kept listening to the music. Case in point — the late rapper Juice WRLD appeared to be a fan of Black Sabbath.As posted to XXL's Instagram page, this video finds the rock and metal-inspired musician working up a dance to the Sabbath classic, "Paranoid," even incorporating some moves to mirror the lyrics. At the Disco's Brendon Urie and Benny Blanco on the song "Roses."In an interview with The Guardian, Juice Wrld stated that his hybrid sound began “with a crush I had in fifth grade,” a girl who blogged about peacocking goth-metal band Black Veil Brides. The musician had a seizure after deplaning at Chicago's Midway Airport. 4 on the U.K. The rapper released two albums prior to his death, with his third record, Legends Never Die, arriving just last month.Black Sabbath, "Paranoid"Black Sabbath Songs Ranked (Ozzy Osbourne Era)
Source: Watch Late Rapper Juice WRLD Rocking Out to Black Sabbath
Filed Under: Black SabbathCategories: News 2, 1998, so he definitely dug back into the past to find some great music for this fun moment.Juice WRLD enjoyed a brief but meteoric rise in the rap world, frequently sharing his admiration for rock artists along the way. He was reportedly a fan of Escape the Fate and Black Veil Brides, and he also had worked with Panic! Yes or no?’ She circled ‘no’. The song and album were both released in 1970. 61 on the Billboard Hot 100. I wrote her a note: ‘Do you like me? Remember those iPod Classics that look like a brick now? Juice WRLD was born on Dec. I had one filled with Escape the Fate, Panic At the Disco, Killswitch Engage."The rapper scored one of his biggest hits with "Lucid Dreams," but the song had Juice WRLD entangled in a lawsuit with Yellowcard who claimed that he had lifted "melodic elements" from their song "Holly Wood Died." In late July, Yellowcard dropped the lawsuit after it was discovered that Juice WRLD's mother had been appointed the representative for the late rapper's estate.Sadly, Juice WRLD died in December, just a week after he had turned 21. It hit No. In fact, a special 50th anniversary box set is in the works for this October. Chad ChildersBennett Raglin / Hulton Archive, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThough rock and metal doesn't often get a fair shake in the mainstream music world, it's always great to see when influence is recognized, especially by younger acts with a platform to share the brilliance of iconic rock and metal giants. “I was like: ‘I gotta know everything about them so I can impress this girl.’ So I did my research.” Did it work? singles chart and reached No. No.

Joe DiVitaChris Walter, WireImage/Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterBlack Sabbath's historic 1970 album Paranoid will turn 50 years old later this year and a 5-LP super deluxe edition box set has just been announced to coincide with the milestone moment.Inarguably one of the most influential albums of all time, Paranoid birthed the title track, "Iron Man" and "War Pigs," three of heavy metal's most time-honored tracks, with other iconic tracks in tow. 9 through Rhino Records.Black Sabbath, Paranoid Super Deluxe 5-LP Box Set: Contents + Track ListingRhinoLP 1: Original AlbumSide A“War Pigs / Luke’s Wall”“Paranoid”“Planet Caravan”“Iron Man”Side B“Electric Funeral”“Hand Of Doom”“Rat Salad”“Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots”LP 2: Quadraphonic Mix in Stereo (WS4 1887) 1974Side C“War Pigs / Luke’s Wall”“Paranoid”“Planet Caravan”“Iron Man”Side D“Electric Funeral”“Hand Of Doom”“Rat Salad”“Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots”LP 3: Live in Montreux 1970 (Part One)Side E“Intro”“Paranoid”“N.I.B.”“Behind The Wall Of Sleep”Side F“Iron Man”“War Pigs”LP 4: Live in Montreux 1970 (Part Two)/Live in Brussels 1970 (Part One)Side G“Fairies Wear Boots”“Hand Of Doom”Side H“Paranoid”“Hand Of Doom”“Rat Salad”“Iron Man”LP 5: Live in Brussels 1970 (Part Two)Side J“Black Sabbath”“N.I.B.”Side K“Behind The Wall Of Sleep”“War Pigs”“Fairies Wear Boots”Black Sabbath Songs Ranked (Ozzy Osbourne Era)
Source: Black Sabbath 50th Anniversary ‘Paranoid’ Box Set Coming Soon
Filed Under: Black SabbathCategories: News The box set will officially arrive on Oct. Accompanying a re-press of the original recording is a quadraphonic mix in stereo version, as well as a pair of previously unofficially released live concerts dating back to 1970, one before the release of the record and one from just a few months after.The set will also include "a hardbound book with extensive liner notes featuring interviews with all four band members, rare photos, and memorabilia, a poster, as well as a replica of the tour book sold during the Paranoid tour," per a press release.View the complete details below and pre-orders can be placed here.

We’re going to take it to radio and put a little bit of steam behind it and see how far that goes. Check out the chat and watch the video below:What a band you guys have gathered! He had a heart attack and then there was the pandemic and Jay and Silent Bob came up and he didn’t really tell me much about it and then out of nowhere this trailer’s out now. Let’s do a really cool video and send it to radio and let’s build a buzz with Loudwire and let’s see how far we can take it. and he was like, “I’ve got an hour if you want to come play with us.” That’s how he describes a shoot, and I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of cameo or a bit part.But we did it so long ago. The idea was one and done, record it, put it online. Bruce is a great guy and he’s very proud of his era, the non makeup era, and the good thing that works is that all of us in the band are huge ‘80s KISS fans. He’s also an entrepreneur himself. I can still do this and almost sing a different style, real high and bringing G4’s to a Fozzy song. Great pick. He’s got such a recognizable tone and he’s super into it.Once again, here we are with a song from Crazy Nights in 1987 that was never released as a single that most people had never even heard of before and now it’s on the Top 40 of the Mainstream Rock Charts. I think a horror movie from Kevin Smith in the middle of a pandemic is just a no brainer, so I’m sure he’s fielding offers from everybody. He asked me to do it and I was absolutely down. He’s got his own show called Drinks With Johnny that’s an online show, and I had just done his show when Phil called me and said they were looking for a bass player, so he was kind of high in my mind at the time.Avenged is just so Maiden influenced, and then what I didn’t realize for this video is he is just destroying for this video. It was mixed by Kile Odell, who did the last Fozzy Top 10. What was it like to get a chance to work with Bruce Kulick?Only in a quarantine could you form an ‘80s non-makeup KISS tribute band with the guitar player from KISS. Plus, by the time we put it out, it’ll either be late 2020 or more likely 2021.But we’re on it again, and I think because we’ve had more time to hone in on the songs, and every band says this, but I feel this is the strongest material that we’ve had. I wanted it mixed properly and I told him the same thing I told him when I did the Kuarantine songs. But with Killroy Was Here, it really blew my mind because I’ve known Kevin for a while and I don’t live far from him in Sarasota. When I listen to it now, I can put it on and it takes me back to a really good time in my life.The third one, I could go for one of the remaining big ones, but I might be one of the only people in the world to say this, but I love The X Factor. If we end up with a hit like we did with Kuarantine, I’d love to do more with Wheelblocks. It’s absolutely hilarious.So as a player he’s great, as a guy he’s just a sweetheart of a guy and he’s the star of the show in the video. Not just because of the star power involved, but you’ve got the song and the whole enormity of Iron Maiden and all those sort of things.The Wheelblocks, "Aces High" (Iron Maiden Cover)You mentioned Johnny Christ being your idea to bring him in. Plus, the band members have some fun in the process of delivering their cover, with Jericho donning his goggles from the cockpit of a plane to Johnny Christ's "thirst" for some scene stealing action.We spoke with Chris Jericho about The Wheelblocks cover of "Aces High," how the group came together and their plans in promoting the new music. So I was practicing all week and man, that’s not an easy note to hit, but it was a really cool challenge for me, and it was real gratifying to nail it.It’s also great to help keep my voice in shape. Chad ChildersYouTube: Chris JerichoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterOne great thing to come out of the quarantine is that time and technology has given a number of musicians the opportunity to collaborate with other artists they might not have otherwise. I said, “Pretend Iron Maiden is a brand new band and this is their song in 2020. He had asked me if I wanted to do something when I was in L.A. It’s was fun, and I had full confidence and then when I listened back to it, I was like, “Fuck we nailed this.” Everybody was cool and we did a great job and we’re playing this amazing song from one of the greatest bands of all time.So there was no discussion of other tracks because I was full in. who is also a great drummer in his own right with Three 6 Mafia.” So I asked, “Who do you have on bass?,” and he didn’t have anybody. Let’s start with my favorite is Powerslave. So I’m really excited about it. It also has the best cover as well. You can pick up The Wheelblocks' "Aces High" via the platform of your choosing here.55 Best Metal Covers of Classic Rock Hits
Source: Virtual Supergroup The Wheelblocks Cover Iron Maiden’s ‘Aces High’
Filed Under: chris jericho, Johnny Christ, Nita Strauss, Phil DemmelCategories: Exclusive, News The songs on it are so good and they were really at their peak.I also really love Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I feel like we’re in the big leagues, and this extra time will help us to record something really special and everyone is behind it 1000 percent. He is so funny and we were actually just going to make a video of Johnny Christ. It’s just really cool to have him involved.But this is one of the positives and pluses of this Covid-era lockdown is that there would be no Wheelblocks, there’d be no Kuarantine if there was no lockdown. Most of these videos that people are doing, they’re just setting a camera up in the house and filming, and Johnny took it one step further. I think it’s Iron Maiden’s most underrated and most misunderstood record because people were just so consumed with the fact that Bruce [Dickinson] wasn’t in the band at the time. How did that come together?Yeah, we filmed it a couple of years ago, like a Creepshow type of anthology, and I was happy to continue the relationship with Kevin. I probably wouldn’t have picked a better song because it’s one of my favorites anyway.Since you are a metal fan and well schooled in Maiden, what would be your three best Iron Maiden albums and if you can talk about why?I’m going to go outside of the box here because you could go with the typical picks. There’s no concerts and I haven’t sang onstage since February. Who set the ball in motion for this group?As everyone has been doing during the lockdown, we’ve been getting together different musicians and putting together different kinds of supergroups. One of these virtual collaborations comes in the form of The Wheelblocks, a new supergroup featuring Fozzy's Chris Jericho on vocals, Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss, former Machine Head and current Vio-Lence guitarist Phil Demmel, Avenged Sevenfold bassist Johnny Christ and Three 6 Mafia drummer Josh V. We seem to be on that wavelength as it is, so I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio. They have united to cover the Iron Maiden classic "Aces High" (which can be picked up here).It's a spirited cover that keeps the energy soaring, as you might expect from the talent of the players involved. We were rolling back in March when this thing hit, but then we had to shut down shop for a bit. Can you tell me how The Wheelblocks came together? I know you’ve got a role in Kevin Smith’s horror film. It gives all of us a chance to just play some cool music with our friends and create something special to give people who are locked up at home and not doing as much as they’d normally do something different.“Aces High” is the pick here and you said that Demmel came up with that. I can put that on at any time and get into it and enjoy it.I think a lot of people didn’t really get into it because Bruce is gone, but if you want to try it, it’s like a Pink Floyd record or in that style with it being moody. I know you were working on a new record and have had to put off touring a couple of times. Can you talk about your friendship with Johnny and why he was the right guy for this?A lot of these people have been longtime friends of mine in different aspects. So when you see what Phil is doing with this supergroup shall we say, you see it goes up on Instagram, but for me it kind of disappears after that, so let’s do something more with it. Was that always going to be the choice or was there discussion of other Maiden tracks?This was Phil’s baby. It was great to work with Bruce and he came in with all drums blazing. Jericho also offers insight on several of his other projects including Fozzy's next record, his Kuarantine band with Bruce Kulick and the upcoming Kevin Smith film Killroy Was Here. I can’t do an Iron Maiden song and tune it down.” As a card carrying Iron Maiden fan and as a singer, I thought that’d be a real cop out. If you’re in the right frame of mind, it’s unbelievable to listen to.This was brought together by the quarantine, but have you given thought to would you do anymore with Wheelblocks beyond this?Absolutely. It’s going to be a real special record when it’s ready to come out.Something beyond music, I wanted to ask about Killroy Was Here. It’s a great collection of people and musicians for sure.You've mentioned Kuarantine in there. Most of them are still in demo form. I just wanted to ask if you had a comment or had anything you wanted to address there.Yeah, I really don’t know if we’re friends anymore, but I wish nothing but the best for him and that’s basically all I want to say.Many thanks to The Wheelblocks' Chris Jericho for the interview. There was some discussion about tuning it down, and I was like, “Absolutely not. It’s a pretty cool accomplishment to do in the middle of this weird time we live in and having Bruce involved makes it even more special.Kuarantine, "No No No"For Fozzy, this year has been kind of weird. I had just been talking to [Avenged Sevenfold’s] Johnny Christ, and I said, “Well, let’s have Johnny do this.” Avenged Sevenfold is certainly very Maiden influenced, so I figured he could do this and would know the track and that’s how this all came together.”The way I look at things is I never do anything half-assed, and I never do anything small. He cast me in the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and I had done that. But as a dark, moody, introspective record, I think it’s one of their best. It looks crazy. It was great to be in Jay and Silent Bob and that was more of a cameo, but this is more of a heavy lifting 10 to 15 to 20 minute piece that I’m kind of the star of the show with, so I’m kind of excited for that to come out.As far as Sebastian Bach goes, I know you guys were friends and hung out for years. At the time, it was called 2020, but now who wants to be reminded of 2020? That was the first Maiden record I bought and to this day I still it’s the best. After “Aces High,” it’s like, “Holy shit, I can do that.” So it’s been great to keep in shape, and I can’t wait to get back in the studio and bang out these tunes. So I had done the Kuarantine thing months ago, which was one form of a supergroup covering KISS music from the ‘80s and then the song “No, No, No” went to Top 40 and it’s still rising up the charts. I’ve known Johnny probably since before the Nightmare record, right before The Rev passed away. I know you’re a huge KISS fan. There’s a certain demographic that relates to that ‘80s stuff more than the ‘70s and I’m one of them. Doing the Kuarantine songs and the Wheelblocks has helped to keep me vocally in shape. It’s taking the Judas record to the completely next level. There’s 12 songs and I just sequenced them the other day and put them in order. Let’s take the song and mix it like it’s now.” It’s going to sound great on the radio as our song.Same with the video, it was edited by a great editor out of Seattle called Dima Levanchuk. So I realized you can really do something with this.Right now bands are putting up material but you really can’t tour on it, so instead of just putting together a supergroup and releasing it on Instagram, let’s put one together and release a song to radio, throw a little promotion behind it and see what it does.Keeping that in mind, I got a call a few months ago from Phil Demmel, a longtime friend of mine, and he said, “Hey I’m setting something up, we’re going to do ‘Aces High.’ Would you like to sing it?” I said, “Absolutely, so who else is in the band?” He said, “Well, we got Nita Strauss who is super and Josh V. That one is not only because it’s a great record, but that album came out right before I graduated from high school, so I have really awesome memories attached to that record. We’re recording a new Fozzy record, but we haven’t recorded anything since March because of the lockdown, so to go in there and sing “Aces High,” it was just a great vocal workout. I thought my video was going to be the one cause I went outside the box, but his steals it. I just wanted to get an update on where Fozzy stands at the moment.We have all the songs written at this point. I don’t want it mixed like it’s 1985. I wanted it done professionally and to make something out of this and I think that’s why it’s going to go further than just your regular supergroup-Instagram-YouTube thing.

Joe DiVitaRaphael Dias, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCorey Taylor has made a living out of spending a lot of time performing in a mask with Slipknot. As the reluctance among some of the public to wear a face mask, as recommended by the CDC and the White House to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the singer has blasted "dumbasses" who still refuse to wear one, urging them to "stop whining and put your God damn mask on."The opinionated frontman, not known for making a delicate point, was asked what message he has for those who resist wearing a face covering in public while speaking with Triple M Rock Interviews, which is based out of Australia.In the Australian state of Victoria, an outbreak has reoccured, sending the public back into lockdown. Get over yourselves."On the unmasked side of things, Taylor recently dropped "CMFT Must Be Stopped" and "Black Eyes Blue," the first pair of singles off his debut solo album, CMFT, which arrives on Oct. "Eight hours straight – didn’t take it off, but these people are going to bitch and moan about wearing it for 10 minutes at the market? The latter was the most added song at Active Rock Radio over the last week as anticipation for the 12-track record builds."This is probably the most alive album I've done in a long time. And I’m just like, ‘Are you serious?’ Just because you haven’t had anyone in your life affected by it doesn’t mean that it’s not a real thing."At press time, the United States leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases (4,824,175) as well as COVID-19 related deaths (158,268), per Johns Hopkins University, as several states struggle to contain the outbreak.A harsh message followed in which Taylor charged, "From a very cold standpoint, Karma is a bitch. It will come back and bite you in the ass."As someone who understands the challenges and inconveniences that arise with the wearing of a mask that envelopes your entire head, not just a piece of fabric over your nose and mouth, Taylor recalled one particularly difficult moment in his career."I once had to wear a full head mask for eight hours while doing Slipknot press," he said. Even so, there are some flouting mask mandates, to which Taylor fired back, "Yeah, stop whining and put your god damn mask on."Turning his focus on the United States, the singer went on, "This isn’t an isolated incident. 2. It's probably the most fun I've had making an album since the first Slipknot album, to be honest," Taylor told Loudwire Nights radio host Toni Gonzalez in a new interview. "It's gonna throw people for a loop because it is unlike anything I've ever done," he added, noting, "However, it is the most fun album people are gonna hear in all of 2020."With the debut solo album not even out yet, Corey Taylor has already expressed plans to record a follow-up.The Evolution of Slipknot's Terrifying Masks 
Source: Corey Taylor to ‘Dumbasses': ‘Stop Whining + Put Your God Damn Mask On’
Filed Under: corey taylor, Slipknot, stone sourCategories: News My country is loaded with these dumbasses that think it is some sort of political standpoint or some sort of partisan garbage.

Our strongest indicator of demand is that fans are holding on to their tickets, even when given the option of a refund. Live Nation had just 24 North American concerts in the quarter compared to 7,213 in the same period last year. Philip TrappChristie Goodwin, Redferns / Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterLive Nation saw a steep drop in revenue during the second quarter of 2020. Live Nation expects "live events will return at scale in the summer of 2021, with ticket sales ramping up" in anticipation.It also shows faith that "fans will return to live events when it is safe to do so. A Billboard article from May noted the company had furloughed 2,100 of its 10,500 employees across multiple divisions in a bid to reduce its costs by $600 million.The second-quarter report from Live Nation was signed by President and CEO Michael Rapino, who adds, "When it is safe to return, we will have an abundance of fans and artists ready to enjoy live music again."The Most Performed Songs by 50 Rock Acts
Source: Live Nation’s Revenue Fell 98 Percent Because of Pandemic Concert Shutdowns
Filed Under: Live NationCategories: News Through the end of the second quarter, 86 percent of concert fans are keeping their tickets" for rescheduled gigs.But that doesn't mean the current contraction is without consequences. In a plummet brought on by the shortage of live concerts and events amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the ubiquitous show promoter and venue operator posted 98 percent losses for the quarter ending June 30.The numbers paint a stark picture. To stay afloat, Live Nation has dramatically cut back on staff. Even though what concerts will look like under future safety guidelines remains an educated guess."Our top priority has been strengthening our financial position to ensure that we have the liquidity and flexibility to get through an extended period with no live events," the report states. That amounted to net revenue of $74.1 million for this year's second quarter — 98 percent less than the $3.16 billion from a year earlier.Still, in the SEC filing from this week, Live Nation speaks in positive tones regarding a return to live music next year.

But if you're faking it, no — I don't buy it."Taking a stance similar to that of KISS legend Gene Simmons, Ian proposed making these practices transparent by denoting it on the concert ticket, "I think it should actually be — I don't know how it could be a law, but I think it should be printed on a ticket, that for bands that are doing that and [for] shows that are doing that, it should say, '70 percent of the show you're paying $250 for is pre-recorded.'""It should say it on the ticket," Ian reaffirmed.In 2015, KISS bassist and co-vocalist Gene Simmons bemoaned other bands' reliance on pre-recorded tracks, stating, "I have a problem when you charge $100 to see a live show and the artist uses backing tracks. It should be on every ticket — you’re paying $100, 30 to 50 per cent of the show is (on) backing tracks and they’ll sing sometimes, sometimes they’ll lip sync. Look, I get it — if it's some kind of giant pop act and giant production, or something like that, or if it's Pink Floyd doing 'The Wall' and there's recorded stuff — voiceovers, whatever, things like that… But I hate going to a show and I just instantly know all the backing vocals are [pre-recorded]," the Anthrax guitarist explained."I think Rob Zombie is someone who does it really well, because there's a lot of stuff going on," Ian went on. Joe DiVitaEthan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAnthrax's Scott Ian has offered this thoughts on the often controversial topic of rock bands using pre-recorded backing tracks live onstage. At least be honest. "You break Rob Zombie down, [and] it's real simple — it's guitar, bass, drums and his vocals. Anthrax have been working on their follow-up to 2016's For All Kings and Motor Sister, which features Ian and his wife Pearl Aday, as well as Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning), John Tempesta (The Cult, ex-Rob Zombie, ex-Testament) and Jim Wilson (ex-Mother Superior, ex-Rollins Band), began recording their new record earlier this year.Scott Ian on "Live From Nerdsville" With Joe BonamassaSee Anthrax in the Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Bands
Source: Scott Ian Wants Concert Ticket Law for Bands Who Use Backing Tracks
Filed Under: Anthrax, scott ianCategories: News It’s like the ingredients in food, if the first ingredient on the label is sugar that’s at least honest. But if you listen to the records, there's lots of little spoken parts and things from movies and samples, and things like that, so if you're running those tracks, it's great, because it adds an attitude and an atmosphere that isn't there if it's just the guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The guitarist is not a fan of the practice and even expressed a desire for concert tickets to be obligated by law to note if a band is using pre-recorded elements in their show.The subject came up during Ian's chat with Joe Bonamassa on the acclaimed blues guitarist's "Live From Nerdville" podcast, which can be heard below. The guitarist prefaced his position by citing examples of when backing tracks are to the benefit of the concert experience."I don't wanna sound like an old man, but, I mean, come on. It’s not about backing tracks, it’s about dishonesty."With concerts out of the picture for now, fans of Scott Ian are eager for some new music. And I think that's great and that's fine. And they could do that fine and play their songs.

Before you question it, you should check out Black Widow Yoga, a type of yoga that is targeted at the black metal audience out there, complete with the latest episode featuring an instructor rocking some corpse paint.In the session you'll view below, instructor Borkkvlt (that's pronounced "bork cult") is taking her viewers through a black metal booty workout, starting with a focus on leg work for the calf muscles and quads, some upper body workouts and a final burn blast session before settling into the cool down. Chad ChildersYouTube: Metal Yoga with Black Widow YogaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterNothing goes together like black metal and … Black Widow Yoga also has you covered there with an online store filled with sports bras, leggings, T-shirts, shorts, crop tops, tank tops, sweatshirts, beanies and much more. And for those appreciating the workout, classes are donation based with a suggested donation of what else, $6.66, per class.Need the proper attire for your workout? Classes typically run between 30 to 45 minutes with a mat required. This high intensity workout is meant to tone your arms, legs, tummies and buns much like traditional yoga, but with the black metal influence perhaps you'll shape into true kvlt form.You might notice that this workout is missing the black metal music, as copyright law kept the instructors from being able to include songs with the live stream. It includes cuts from Walknut, Rotting Christ, Ante-Inferno, Sodom, Carpathian Forest, Bathory, Akhlys and Hermoor, guaranteed to kick you into workout mode.There are other Black Widow Yoga classes via the Metal Yoga with Black Widow Yoga YouTube page. However, there is a suggested Spotify playlist to assist your workout that can be found here. Pick up all that you need and investigate class sessions right here.Black Metal Bvrn With Black Widow Yoga's BorkkvltTop 30 Black Metal Albums of All-Time
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All you have to do is click here and scroll down to the “Come into the fire, come to me” web player.Rock and metal has a rich history of audio f**kery, with religious types eager to find reverse and subliminal messages hidden in songs. Graham HartmannYouTube: Tenacious DShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThis week in stupidity, an author claims to have recorded the actual voice of Satan. “Then I heard his voice and everything changed.”He continues, “As I sat at my desk trying to take in the fact that I may have been directly spoken to by Satan, after a time my breath came back, my mind grew more lucid, and I knew what I had to do. TV shows like Ghost Hunters have publicly showcased EVH gatherings and findings, often manipulating frequencies to “reveal” a disembodied voice calling out from the great beyond.Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, the “voice of Satan” recording posted by Millington will cause you to raise an eyebrow. Led Zeppelin was accused of hiding the message “He will give you 666” in a song, while Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne were taken to court following the death of fans. No band was convicted of a crime.See What 28 Rock + Metal Stars Look Like in 'The Simpsons' Episodes
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Categories: News However, you don’t have to purchase the book to hear Satan’s voice! “I will own up straight away to the fact that until recently I was one of the cynics who laughed at those who believe in the Devil,” the author begins. This book is the result.”That book is called The Devil’s Playground and it features 21 supposed EVP recordings of demons, along with Satan himself. Promoting a new book, Christian author Roderick Millington posted a clip of the Devil himself allegedly saying, “Come into the fire, come to me.”Electronic voice phenomenon has remained a hotly contested subject in the world of paranormal research for years.

I think this would be a good place to exit the stage.' We've created this bookend — answer to the first record."He continued, "The name itself, of course, has always been problematic, and now it's inexcusable to keep the name. I just kind of woke up and said, 'You know, I think with this record, this is our swan song. In a new interview with Audio Ink Radio, the Dokken guitar vet revealed that while he still intends to record music moving forward, he's putting an end to usage of the "Lynch Mob" moniker.When asked about future releases after the current reworked version of Lynch Mob's Wicked Sensation record, Lynch explained, "With everything going on right now in the world, it was really sort of an epiphany moment. "I'll probably still play with some of the same people; we'll just call it something else."Lynch revealed he currently has plans concerning the fourth studio album from KXM, his band with Dug Pinnick and Ray Luzier. Chad ChildersKathy Flynn, WickedGoddessPhotography.comShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWith Wicked Sensation Reimagined, it appears as though we are seeing the last release from George Lynch's longtime band Lynch Mob. 28 via Rat Pak Records.Lynch Mob formed in 1989, releasing eight studio albums over the next three decades. He's also got an instrumental album in the works, as well as a covers project called Heavy Hitters with his old Dokken bandmate Jeff Pilson. A lot of different events triangulated to this point where it just makes sense on every single level to just let it go and wrap it up with and nice neat bow with this record and move on.""I'm not gonna tour anymore with that name or put out any more records with that name," he added. So, things have just sort of all conspired. Over the years, Lynch remained the lone constant in an ever-changing lineup.Top 30 Hair Metal Albums
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Several different sets are available, ranging from the album only, to the DVD version, to a special-edition box set.Pre-order your S&M2 here now, and check out a video of Robert Trujillo unboxing the deluxe version below.Metallica – "Moth Into Flame (Live)"Robert Trujillo Unboxing Metallica S&M2Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career
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Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News A few months later, the group performed the song with Lady Gaga at the 59th annual Grammy Awards in 2017.S&M2, which will be available Aug. Now, they've dropped another song from the live album — "Moth Into Flame.""Moth Into Flame" was the second single released from Metallica's 2016 album Hardwired… 28, features performances from Metallica's 2019 concerts with the San Francisco Symphony at the Chase Center in San Francisco. to Self-Destruct. According to Setlist.fm, the song was debuted live for the first time at Webster Hall in New York on September 27, 2016 — the 30th anniversary of Cliff Burton's death. Lauryn SchaffnerYouTube – MetallicaShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica have been so giving lately. Between streaming full concerts every Monday throughout the pandemic and the recent announcement of the upcoming S&M2 album, fans still get to be just as connected as ever with 'em.

"And young bands have people to play to."The vocalist insisted that he learned how to become a frontman because of all the nights he had playing in clubs. This guy has got to go."Though the singer is a supporter of the second amendment, he affirms that there needs to be smarter laws implemented when it comes to gun control, because too many people have access to weapons that shouldn't. But you only get that by doing it," he continued. "There really isn't the outlet that I had to learn your craft and perfect your abilities."In 2019, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Snider coincidentally chose not to book any live shows for 2020, but rather to release a live album. Therefore, he believes the drinking age should be lowered in order to bring that sort of excitement back into the scene."So that the clubs can thrive and [have] a more enthusiastic, younger rock crowd — the crowd that embraces heavy metal, embraces hard rock and embraces live concerts in a big way where they can have more access," he said. That is not a patriot, that is a commie-sympathizer. "My managers think I'm Nostradamus right now," he joked. "I just was taking the year off, and they think I had a vision."Therefore, the rocker's latest release, For the Love of Metal (Live), came out on Friday, July 31, which you can stream below. To hear more details about the album and what else he's got in the works for the future, listen to the full interview above.Top 80 Hard Rock + Metal Albums of the 1980s
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Filed Under: Dee SniderCategories: Exclusive, News as a whole, is to get "this president out of office at all costs."And that wasn't all he had to say. Lauryn SchaffnerShare on FacebookShare on TwitterA few years back, Dee Snider recorded an acoustic version of Twisted Sister's rebellious anthem "We're Not Gonna Take It." It held a specific meaning back then, but the veteran rocker explained to Loudwire Nights that the call to action now, for the U.S. He's got his head buried so far up Putin's butt, so far up North Korea's ass, China," he said. "I did hundreds and hundreds — thousands of shows — in clubs, performing for drunk people, and you learn how to be a frontman. "These three countries have not changed their stripes, and our president kisses the asses of all three of them. "This guy is not a patriot, he's a commie-sympathizer, he's anti-American. In addition to gun laws, there are some other, unrelated things that Snider thinks we would benefit from.The former Twisted Sister frontman reminisced that when he was playing in clubs, there were a lot more young people in the audiences because the legal drinking age was 18 as opposed to 21.

And if you haven't, click the link under the picture to change that.As Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases.The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Acts
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Filed Under: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Metallica, Nirvana, SlipknotCategories: News Lauryn SchaffnerGiuseppe Cacace, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAh, the band tee. We're not judging — we got 'em too. One of the most beloved, but also controversial, pieces of fabric in the rock and metal world.You only know three songs by a band, and you're shunned if you're caught repping their logo. Even if it's not the exact shirt, you've probably had a shirt from at least one of these artists. You're an enormous fan, and you're ridiculed for sporting their most "mainstream" album cover. Whether you got your Metallica top from Target, Hot Topic or at the merch stand outside their show 30 years ago, you better be prepared to answer some questions.And for the rest of you who don't give a shit what anyone says, you understand that wearing the shirt in public may earn you a few new friends because music tends to bring people together.Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, if you're a fan of rock and metal you most likely own or have owned one of the shirts featured below at some point. See 26 classic rock and metal T-shirts that everyone's had at some point below. There's truly no winning, but you take the risk and throw one on anyway.

4), Jasta made clear he meant no disrespect to Reed, the late rock icon who provides the majority of vocals on Lulu. "Couldn't hurt! "We can honor Lou Reed & make this amazing," he directed to Hammett and Trujillo.From there, the idea expanded to notionally include several further rock singers. Reed's spoken word performances drive the effort that features instrumental contributions from Metallica's Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. It's the last full-length studio album with which Reed was involved before his death from liver disease in October 2013."50k donation to @Metallica's @AWMHFoundation if they let @deesnider @crowbarrules @sebastianbach @TheGeneralMH myself & others write our own vocals over Lulu's instrumentals!" Jasta said. "This could be killer bro!" Jasta told Hammett. In a contemporaneous assessment, Pitchfork noted it had been 'preemptively crowned 'The Worst Album of All Time.'"Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career
Source: Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta Wants to Add New Vocals to Metallica’s ‘Lulu’ Album
Filed Under: Hatebreed, Jamey Jasta, lou reed, MetallicaCategories: News No diss to Lou Reed I'm just brainstorming recording ideas while we're aren't touring."In a bid to draw Metallica's attention, the Hatebreed figurehead proceeded to tag some of the band's members on the social networking service. Suggesting that Dee Snider, Crowbar's Kirk Windstein, Sebastian Bach and Machine Head's Robb Flynn join him in such an endeavor, the Hatebreed vocalist promised a $50,000 donation to Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation for the opportunity.On Twitter Tuesday (Aug. Philip TrappCindy Ord / Rich Fury, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterHatebreed bandleader Jamey Jasta has proposed that the vocals on Metallica's 2011 collaborative album with the Velvet Underground's Lou Reed, Lulu, should get a redo from himself and some other rock and metal stars.He's not joking. Names Jasta added to the mix included Corey Taylor, Volbeat's Michael Poulsen, King Diamond, Sacred Reich's Phil Rind and more.At least one of the suggested musicians appears to be fully on board with the project. In a tweet from Snider, the former Twisted Sister singer endorsed the idea with a hearty exhortation of "C'MON BOYS!"Perhaps more than its music, Lulu's often remembered for the polarizing reviews it garnered.

He didn’t click with one of the band guys though, so there was always like a weird tension when he was around. I can’t exactly remember how we got in touch, he was from Las Vegas and this was before the Internet, before cell phones, it’s possible that a guy who used to work for Vio-lence name Joey copobianco put me in touch with him.We started talking on the phone about Machine Head, and eventually he relocated to the Bay Area. But we played our first few shows with him at Mike Scum's Woolsey house in Oakland, which ended up being Machine Head's first kegger party/show.We also played our first official club show with him at the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas, filmed our very first video for the song “fuck it all“, recorded part of a rehearsal tape/demo with Eric Wong at Laughing Dead's studio, and we also played the LA metal fest at Gazarri's in Hollywood which was notable for the fact that we played twice, to 20 people each time, but the 2nd time, Dino from Fear Factory was there, Igor from Sepultura, the Biohazard dudes were all there, and Rick Hunolt from Exodus (all in town for a Foundations Forum), along with our friends Andy and Gary.Chris Kontos was originally my first choice to be in Machine Head, but at the time he was pretty busy with multiple bands (Attitude Adjustment, Grinch, and Verbal Abuse) and it looked like one of them (VA) had a real shot at getting signed. Genevra was pissed for a minute, but we couldn’t help laugh hysterically about it later on, it was just so funny to see all these little purple squids all over the floor.I had already fleshed out a couple of the early MH songs on the drums with my friend Gary, and then later on a whirlwind 2 day jam with Chris Kontos, but that was the only time that we had heard the songs played as a band.So to have Tony there, regularly jamming “Death Church”, "Blood For Blood" and “Fuck It All” at the Emeryville warehouse in a room we shared with 6 other punk rock bands was pretty thrilling… Some of the songs that he worked out with us from-the-start would’ve been "A Thousand Lies”,”I’m Your God Now”, “Nation on Fire" and “Rage to Overcome", and even part of a “Davidian” riff.Tony was a character, funny, kind of a fabulous disaster, but a good guy with a great heart. To see him still rockin' a Machine Head shirt in that photo meant a lot.We maintained a friendship throughout the 27 years since he was in the band. It seemed in a lot of ways, he was ready to start a new life, he has been the singer for the early-Grindcore band Papsmear and I had actually met him the year prior with Mitch from Napalm Death when Mitch, Shane and him came up to a show in the Bay AreaIt’s a little foggy, but I want to say he might’ve moved in with me for the first few weeks he was up here. He played with the band Crisis and I’d like to thank Azfaal for letting me know about Tony today. One hilarious memory I have, is of him staying the night at Genevra‘s apartment, we all got super drunk on purple Kool-Aid and fucking MOONSHINE, and apparently he had eaten some kind of Chinese squid-based dish earlier that night, later on, hammered out of his mind, threw up purple squid all over her carpet. So Chris went away for a while, and in that time we got Tony.After a minute, Chris came back into the picture and volunteered to be Tony’s drum tech, (though truth be told, Chris had his eye on getting IN Machine Head more than actually helping Tony out), and basically confessed as much to Rick / Exodus while he was doing our lights at the metal fest.Later that night when Chris told us he was up to join MH at our friends Gary‘s house, it was kind of a no-brainer.Tony saw the writing on the wall, and quit soon after.It was only a short 6 months that he was with us, but in many ways he helped form so many of the songs on Burn My Eyes into what they would become.I was always grateful for everything that he did.Tony was also a member of Crowbar during the early 2000s, and appeared on the band's 2001 album "Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form”. Chad ChildersMachineHead1.comShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIt was a brief but memorable run for drummer Tony Costanza in Machine Head, one that longtime band leader Robb Flynn reflected upon while paying his respects to the musician who recently died at the age of 52.Costanza served as Machine Head's original drummer and came up with ideas for the band's debut release Burn My Eyes, but ultimately gave up his seat behind the kit in 1992, six months after he had joined the group. We talked a couple times a year, he definitely had more than a few health problems, and he did enjoy his partying… He was a stubborn son of a bitch.He would tell me later on that "he regretted the decision, but that it was always an honor to play in his 'favorite band ever'”.It chokes me up to write those words…Afzaal has set up a GoFundMe to help with his funeral expenses… If anybody would like to donate, both Tony’s family and I would appreciate it.Rest In Peace Costanza- RobbFlynn also posted a link to the Go Fund Me page set up to aid in paying Costanza's funeral expenses and reflected on a bit of those early days posting an early Machine Head video for "Fuck It All" that can be seen below.Machine Head, "Fuck It All"Rockers We've Lost in 2020
Source: Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Pays Respect to Late Drummer Tony Costanza
Filed Under: Machine Head, Robb FlynnCategories: News Costanza would later play with the bands Crisis and Crowbar, but it's his time in Machine Head that Flynn is reflecting upon in his latest journal on Machine Head's website.His posting reads:So sad to hear about Tony Costanza passing away today.The first 6 month of Machine Head’s existence happened because he joined.I began talking to Tony around March 1992 for the first time.

5) after the group teased escapist slogans online. "Ferdinand Magellan once said: 'It is with an iron will that we'll embark on the most daring of all endeavors, to meet the shadowy future without fear and conquer the unknown.' Is humanity doomed, or will we survive nature's wrath? As it turns out, hashtags such as #anotherplacetobe and #anewplaceforme pointed to the tune's probing of humanity's long-term planetary plight.To that end, the song and video invoke both the explorer Magellan and the original Planet of the Apes film in its concerned yet ultimately hopeful ode to a life beyond the stars, as Gojira bandleader Joe Duplantier laid out."It is with great excitement that we're presenting our new track 'Another World,'" the singer and guitarist shared. Gojira haven't released new anything since 2016's Magma album and its associated singles. Take a glimpse into our shadowy future by watching our take on 1968's Planet Of The Apes… Another World!""Another World" was produced by Duplantier himself and mixed by Andy Wallace (Alice in Chains, Guns N' Roses, System of a Down). Philip TrappYouTube: GojiraShare on FacebookShare on TwitterGojira have returned with a new song, "Another World," the French metal band's first fresh material in four years.Accompanied by a vivid, computer-animated music video, the track emerged Wednesday (Aug. The music video was directed by Maxime Tiberhgien and Sylvain Favre.The tune's a long time coming. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, however, those dates have now been rescheduled for summer 2021.Gojira, "Another World"See Gojira in Loudwire's 50 Most Important Metal Bands of the 21st Century
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Filed Under: gojiraCategories: News For now, "Another World" is being touted as a standalone single, even though Duplantier once said he was writing 100 songs for the act's next effort.Gojira were due to join Deftones and Poppy on a North American tour this summer.

A man with a huge heart, love and loyalty for the ones close to him. I know he had a lot of admirers, and I was one of his biggest. Please hold your loved ones close as the sense of loss is insurmountable sometimes.”“Tony my friend, I will love you and cherish our memories together, forever. By 2001, he was drumming for Crowbar, but left the band in 2004.“It is with a very heavy heart that I have to accept and inform everyone concerned that I lost my brother, band mate, home boy and family today,” Nasiruddeen writes. Please help if you knew him and care. Graham HartmannYouTube: gnostic19Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTony Costanza, former drummer for Machine Head and Crowbar, has died at age 52. I will be starting a GoFundMe page for her and Tony‘s funeral expenses. In 1991, he joined Machine Head as the original drummer, coming up with ideas for the band’s debut, Burn My Eyes, before leaving in 1992. “Tony Costanza was one of a kind. Hope you are in a better pace now. Rest In Peace.” [via PRP]A link for the GoFundMe page has not yet been made public, but we encourage fans to keep an eye out for the page in the coming days.Rockers We’ve Lost in 2020
Source: Original Machine Head / Ex-Crowbar Drummer Tony Costanza Dead at 52
Filed Under: crowbar, Machine HeadCategories: News That's the kind of gangster brother he was.”“Tony died in his sleep this morning so I am sure he was at peace and in no pain. The news was broken by his ex-Crisis bandmate Afzaal Nasiruddeen.Costanza began his career with the band Papsmear, providing vocals for two demos in the 1980s. He would have literally taken a bullet for me. I wish his Mother all the strength she can muster as she will need every ounce of it. I cannot relate to this reality of loss yet.

Our beans are roasted in small batches, with the utmost attention to detail placed upon each and every roast. Or, even better, guitarist Willie Adler won't have to do his own roasting at home.Working in tandem with Nightflyer Roastworks, Memento Mori keeps everything within metal's own circles as Nightflyer Roastworks was founded by Waggoner in 2015."As a small batch, artisan coffee roaster, our focus at Nightflyer Roastworks is to bring in the finest coffees from diverse regions and roast them to a profile that highlights the varying and subtle nuances making each bean unique. The standards by which we do business will always be hinged upon the concept of quality over quantity. Now, when Lamb of God hit the road again when it is safe to resume touring, they have the opportunity to ditch the espresso machine on the bus in favor of their own signature coffee roast. From the seed to the cup, we are dedicated to adhering to a 'third wave' culture," the statement continued.Grab your 12oz. for New Roast
Categories: News bag of Lamb of God's Memento Mori roast here.Lamb of God, 'Memento Mori' RoastNightflyer RoastworksSee Lamb of God in the Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Acts
Source: Lamb of God Team With Between the Buried and Me Guitarist’s Coffee Co. Only when we have achieved the perfect roast, will we make these coffees available to our customers," reads a statement, in part, on the coffee company's website."When you order from us, you are guaranteed to receive the freshest beans possible, usually roasted and shipped within days of your order! Joe DiVitaNightflyer RoastworksShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIn celebration of their recently-released self-titled new album, Lamb of God have partnered with Nightflyer Roastworks, the coffee company run by Between the Buried and Me guitarist Paul Waggoner, to release the Memento Mori roast, named after the record's opening track.The small batch, single-origin coffee beans were grown in El Salvador and roasted in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Upon returning to New York, Zinner pulled in Interpol's Brad Truax on guitar and Ocrilim's Mick Barr on bass to complete the lineup. In fact, a majority of the group's members have found success in the indie rock world. Chad ChildersPhoto by Nicholas McManusShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you think Black Sabbath's influence stops at heavy rock and metal acts, think again. “It’s been one of their favorite bands to play in ever. From there, the guitars eventually kick in starting to mirror the Sabbath sound we've come to love. It'll be available in black, purple and starburst vinyl.“It was surprising for everyone, but they just kept on playing, and the people kept on showing up,” reads a statement on the band’s Bandcamp page. It started with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Nick Zinner, Liturgy drummer Greg Fox and former Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian bonding over Sabbath songs while meeting at a music residency in Berlin. Deradoorian handles the vocals on the track.The song is currently available on Bandcamp ahead of the Master of Rehearsal single which is set to drop on Sept. The love of Sabbath has brought so much joy to this group and there’s no greater feeling than spreading that joy to fellow fans.""Sweet Leaf" was the opening track on Black Sabbath's 1971 Master of Reality album.BSCBR, "Sweet Leaf"Black Sabbath Songs Ranked Worst to Best (Ozzy Osbourne Era)
Source: Indie Rock Supergroup Cover Black Sabbath’s ‘Sweet Leaf’
Filed Under: Black SabbathCategories: News In addition to "Sweet Leaf," the forthcoming single is expected to include their take on "Fairies Wear Boots" as well. 4 via Famous Class Records. BSCBR would then go on to play gigs and now have spent time in the studio.Their version of "Sweet Leaf" (heard below) starts with a recorded conversation about martial arts expert and Invasion USA star Chuck Norris, spliced up to provide the beat for a starting point to the song. BSCBR are set to reveal their new single Master of Rehearsal, with the first part, a cover of "Sweet Leaf," making the rounds today.BSCBR stands for Black Sabbath Cover Band Rehearsals and the lineup of musicians doesn't exactly scream metal.

After successfully ousting longtime vocalist and guitarist Abbath in 2015, drummer Horgh and guitarist Demonaz, who has since taken up lead vocals as well, are now duking it out with each other over who is rightfully entitled to ownership of the moniker.Due to internal problems in 2015, Immortal fractured. Joe DiVitaAnne SwallowShare on FacebookShare on TwitterFor a band who titled an album Battles in the North, that move is looking quite prophetic as legal conflicts continue over the rights to the name of Norwegian black metal legends Immortal. It is, and after all has been for many years, a large part of my livelihood," Horgh told VG.As to why he registered for the sole rights over the Immortal name, Demonaz argued, "I'm the band's only remaining original member. I am also the only one who has been on all of the band's releases. Fans know well who music and lyrics have come from the very beginning, and I have no plans to disappoint them even if conflicts arise."Demonaz also stated he has worked on material for a successor to Northern Chaos Gods over the last year.Whether this new record will again feature Horgh remains to be seen, but the drummer feels he and Demonaz are both an integral part of the band's history. "We have jointly as a band built up the trademark 'Immortal,' and it is therefore right that the trademark should be a joint ownership," Horgh assessed.Meanwhile, Abbath, who found sobriety over the last year following a disastrous concert incident in Argentina, recently expressed openness to an eventual reunion with Immortal. He acknowledged his behavior within the band was problematic and has a desire to speak with his former bandmates instead of getting lawyers involved.See Immortal in the Top 30 Black Metal Albums of All Time 
Source: With Abbath Out, Immortal Members Still Fighting Over Band Name
Filed Under: Abbath, immortalCategories: News Abbath sought to file the Immortal trademark for himself and once this was discovered by both Horgh and Demonaz, the icon quickly pursued a solo career instead. Horgh later won an appeal, meaning Demonaz no longer holds the exclusive rights to name."It could never have occurred to me to register the trademark on myself as [Herald] Nævdal [aka Demonaz] has done here, but I have found myself having to fight to keep the rights I have earned through a long career in this band. Ultimately, the name was awarded to Horgh (who first joined in 1996) and original member Demonaz (who relinquished his role as guitarist in 1997 but remained the band's lyricist) and, together, they released Northern Chaos Gods in 2018, the first Immortal record without Abbath.Last year, Demonaz successfully registered the Immortal name as an exclusive trademark for commercial purposes with the Norwegian Patent Office, as outlined via Norway's VG.

[I wanted] to put the best songs on there, put the best foot forward and really show something that I've never shown the audience before." That said, it provided Taylor with a more diverse release overall.When asked about if he had plans to tour the record, Taylor then revealed, "Actually, we're gonna do what we can with the rest of this year solo-wise. Next year, hopefully once things get back to normal — knock on wood — I'll finish up the Slipknot tour cycle, wrap that up, and then after that, probably go in and record my second solo album and then go out and tour on two albums instead of just one."Taylor recently got the ball rolling on the upcoming CMFT album, releasing the title-mentioning track "CMFT Must Be Stopped" as well as a second song titled "Black Eyes Blue."As for Slipknot, the band announced earlier this year that they were putting off all of their 2020 touring due to the pandemic, but Taylor has stated in the past that the group does intend to finish their We Are Not Your Kind touring cycle.Corey Taylor Speaks With KAAOS TVThe Evolution of Slipknot's Terrifying Masks
Source: Corey Taylor Reveals Plan to Record Second Solo Album
Filed Under: corey taylor, SlipknotCategories: News 2 via Roadrunner Records), but the singer just dropped his plan for starting work on its follow-up.Speaking with KAAOS TV (viewed below), Taylor stated of his upcoming release, "The only thing I really wanted to do on this album was put the best songs forward, cause I've got enough material for three or four solo albums, but I wanted this first album to really have that impact. Chad ChildersScott Dudelson, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWe're still in the lead up to Corey Taylor's first solo album (CMFT is due Oct.

Support THE ARTISTS DIRECTLY if you want them to be able to continue to make music…”Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider reacted, “While you (the listener) benefit & enjoy spotify, it's part of what's killing a major income stream for artist/creators. The amount of artists 'rich enough' to withstand this loss are about .0001%. but on the other hand, $.17 split 5 ways every six months is income I never would have earned had I not sacrificed years of my life to making the music found there. F-@eldsjal & F-@Spotify! F-@Spotify and F-@eldsjal” Mike Portnoy wrote on Twitter. Pandora is the second-least generous platform, followed by Spotify, which pays roughly $0.00397 per stream.Amongst the major streaming platforms, Tidal pays out the most money, giving $0.01284 per stream. so who’s to say, really.”Meanwhile, David Crosby kept his statement simple: “You are an obnoxious greedy little shit Daniel Ek.”2020’s Best Metal Songs (So Far)
Source: Mike Portnoy, Dee Snider + More Lash Out at Spotify CEO: ‘Greedy Little B*tch’
Filed Under: Dee Snider, mike portnoy, SpotifyCategories: News Rhapsody and Xbox also pay more than a penny per stream.“Obviously, some artists that used to do well in the past may not do well in this future landscape, where you can't record music once every three to four years and think that's going to be enough," Ek told Music Ally. ‘But unequivocally, from the data, there are more and more artists that are able to live off streaming income in itself.”“What a greedy little bitch…it’s bad enough that he’s worth BILLIONS based on stealing and giving away other musician’s music…but now he’s suggesting we need to make MORE music for HIM to make more money!!! Daniel Ek's solution is for us to write & record more on our dime?! Fuck him!”“When this guy puts out an album himself I will listen to him tell me about my albums,” tweeted Sebastian Bach.Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley wrote, “Sure, on one hand Spotify is vampiric and exploitative of naive talent. The official numbers do fluctuate, but according to various sources, Spotify pays amongst the lowest rates per stream compared to its competitors.The lowest paying platform is YouTube, giving roughly $0.00074 to record labels per stream, though the number does fluctuate. After the streaming businessman claimed artists will need to record an album more often than once every three or four years to make sufficient income, artists like Mike Portnoy, Dee Snider, Sebastian Bach and others have voiced their own opinion.Though streaming has given fans more access to music than ever before, royalty payouts to artists and record labels has been a source of contention. Graham HartmannChristie Goodwin / Sebastian Reuter / John Lamparski, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterA number of rock and metal musicians have spoken out against comments made by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. “I have 8 full album releases in 2020 & will make PEANUTS on them (if anything at all…) So his theory of artists needing to make MORE music to succeed is shit!

Before Ghost erupted in the 2010s, visionary Tobias Forge was ripping it up with death metal fiends Repugnant. Unicorn, a full-blown love letter to the sincerest of ‘70s prog rock heroes, had no reservations about drifting quite far from the concept of heaviness. Mikael Åkerfeldt was actually invited to join the group by founder David Isberg, and his arrival prompted the exit of the rest of the lineup. Hey, a good hook is a good hook, even within the confines of extreme music.There's also a thriving rock scene in Sweden where glam has never really gone out of style — a trait that remains the envy of less savvy rock fashion cultures elsewhere 'round the world…. For so many, it's revisiting their personal roots as a musician, and playing the music that inspired them from their earliest days. With pin straight hair like that, you’re destined to play some licks worthy of a pair of acid-washed bell-bottoms, even if you never wear the damn things. Their lone album, 2006’s Epitome of Darkness, is steeped in horror-driven elements, so there’s some dots to connect regarding Forge’s trajectory.Me and That ManFormed by: Nergal (Behemoth)If One Direction and Imagine Dragons can be called rock bands, then Nergal's dark folk/blues sidepiece band Me and That Man definitely fits the bill for what we're looking for here. The Night Flight Orchestra make us want to get up and dance… it’s just too bad us metalheads don’t really have a clue how.GhostFormed by: Tobias Forge (Repugnant)Are Ghost a metal band or a rock band? The last growls Akerfeldt committed to an album came in 2008 with both Bloodbath and Opeth.The stylistic reboot came on 2011’s Heritage where Opeth introduced themselves as a prog rock group, leaving their death metal ways behind. Entombed drummer Nick Andersson gets his rocks off as the singer and guitarist in The Hellacopters and is quite a handy multi-instrumentalist in the studio, too.Formed in 1994 and split up in 2008, this group dished out seven tomes of post-punk garage rock glory. At least he got to open for King Diamond before his exit, which left singer Jess down one Ancient One.The Night Flight OrchestraFormed by: Björn Strid (Soilwork) + Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy)Sweden, we get it — ABBA are a big deal for you. Joe DiVitaRise Above / Century Media / Nuclear Blast / Svart Records / UniversalShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEven in extreme metal, the irresistible charm of some vintage rock 'n' roll is too tempting to resist, at least for some. There’s no hate here at all, especially when dance-pop and Duran Duran fuel an obsession with AOR. Listen, rock is a loose thing these days — almost as loose as Nergal's wrist as he goes a'strummin' on a pair of albums that conjure funereal atmospheres countered by jig-oriented injections of campfire folk music.FirebirdFormed by: Bill Steer (Carcass)The hard-driving, blues-riding Firebird comes courtesy of Carcass slice n’ dice riffmonger Bill Steer. That’s the story for The Night Flight Orchestra, or at least that’s how we like to tell it.Soilwork’s Björn Strid and Arch Enemy’s Sharlee D’Angelo started the band in 2007 and holy Hell are we grateful to have a few albums to showcase those buttery pipes Strid has dazzled us with for so long in tandem with his snarling screams. or at least this writer sees it that way.It wasn't all Swedes flipping the switch from death metal to red-lined rock, as you'll see below.The HellacoptersFormed by: Nick Andersson (Entombed)Sweden has always appreciated honest rock ’n’ roll — even their death metal bands still showed obvious ’70s influences amid their maelstrom of buzzsaw distortion. The death 'n' roll style was developed by these same bands, too. The answer is… That counts, right? The 1993 debut Ever Since is a beautiful piece of music, just be prepared for lots of major keys, lovey-dovey guitar melodies and don’t forget to dim the lights and get a couple candles going you big lug.Opeth (late career)Formed by: Mikael Åkerfeldt (kind of)Okay, maybe this is cheating. Despite reuniting in 2016, no new material has surfaced, but at least they’re still together.Spiritual BeggarsFormed by: Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, ex-Carcass, Carnage)If Michael Amott puts as much effort into naming his guitar tones as Carcass did into naming their leads and solos, anything used to describe his tone in Spiritual Beggars less brash than “Tectonic Thunderfuck” is a disappointment.Before joining Carcass, he was in Swedish death metal group Carnage, too, and found time to form Spiritual Beggars in 1992, pre-dating the founding of Arch Enemy. Even when looking back at the earliest albums from pioneers such as Entombed, Dismember and Grave, there was always a sense of rock, either in the riffing or the overall songwriting. Boman is especially noted for the belching vocal style he discharged over those sinewy riffs in Demilich. Firebird hung it up in 2011 with six albums to their name.UnicornFormed by: Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, ex-Bloodbath)With two Edge of Sanity albums out and another on the way, Dan Swano had already proved he was an ambitious songwriter, evidenced by his death metal group’s labyrinthine songs and some theatrical eccentricities. Steer founded the band in 1999, three years after Carcass split up, leaning into rock-oriented realms on Swansong. Wah-heavy guitar, stick-breaking drumming and chunky bass playing are the engine to this stoner powerhouse.Amott's Arch Enemy bandmate Sharlee D'Angelo joined in 2005.Jess and The Ancient OnesFormed by: Antti Boman (Demilich)Though he’s no longer in the band, Antti Boman made the switch from playing some of the mind-altering death metal on Demilich’s one-off 1993 album Nespithe to channeling dark, psych-rock energy on guitar with Jess and the Ancient Ones. well… What’s certain, though, is that this is our list, so we’re putting Opeth in here regardless of what you think. Here, we dug up the 9 Best Rock Bands Started by Death Metal Musicians.It should come as no shock that this list is mostly dominated by Swedish musicians. Got all that? They never really commit to one or the other and that’s what brings us back to those halcyon days where it didn’t matter if a band was rock or metal — heavy was heavy, ya know? Maybe we just want to celebrate this underrated part of the Opeth catalog…11 Metal Musicians Who Killed It In Other Genres
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Categories: News Eventually, Akerfeldt was the last man standing and Opeth became his.Later on, he was in and out (ultimately out) of death metal supergroup Bloodbath. both.

We scoured the halls of YouTube to find the most trashed of the trashed.Imagine being so inebriated you can’t even hit properly. Another drummer playing at an outdoor event simply hit the deck and didn’t bother getting up, leaving his rockabilly bandmates to play without percussion.In 1973, the Who’s Keith Moon decided to mix horse tranquilizers with brandy before performing, causing the legendary drummer to collapse onto his kit, incapacitating himself in the middle of a show. Graham HartmannYouTube: advice maneShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMaybe people won’t notice if your bassist is hammered, but if you’ve got a wasted drummer, your entire performance will fall to pieces. The drummer’s unbridled enthusiasm send this video into legendary status, so we salute this blotto virtuoso.Check out the 10 Most Wasted Drummers of All Time in the Loud List below.10 Most WASTED Drummers of All TimeSee What 28 Rock + Metal Stars Look Like in 'The Simpsons' Episodes
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Categories: News The Who actually found a fan in the crowd to fill in for Moon, giving 19-year-old Scott Halpin the story of his life.One of these percussionists actually gave the performance of a lifetime while hammered at Germany’s iconic Oktoberfest. Manning a bass drum and cymbals, the s**tfaced man brilliantly led the Oktoberfest band, keeping solid time even when the bass drum began creeping away. You’ll see one drummer doing his best Keanu Reeves Matrix impression while drumming, falling off his stool not once, but twice in the middle of a song.

Namely, an occasion when Cantrell teamed up with Hetfield alongside Metallica's Robert Trujillo and Alice in Chains' Sean Kinney for a benefit concert in Los Angeles.Looking back on that time, Cantrell saluted Hetfield as a revolutionary figure in rock."What makes James such a great frontman is his physical presence," the Alice in Chains guitarist recently told Louder. And it certainly cemented the Metallica rocker's status as a rock and metal legend in the guitarist's mind."He took an underground thing and took it worldwide," Cantrell added. "Nobody else commands the same kind of respect and attention without it being self-seeking or egocentric."Cantrell continued, "He's all about the music; all about the fun and the celebration and the connection with the fans. … Will he go down in history as a rock icon? Philip TrappPaul Buck / Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAlice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell called Metallica's James Hetfield a "godfather" among rock icons in an interview that emerged on Monday (Aug. He already has — he's the godfather, man."See James Hetfield in a Photo Timeline of Metallica's Remarkable Career
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Filed Under: Alice in Chains, james hetfield, jerry cantrell, MetallicaCategories: News 3), a day that also happens to be Hetfield's 57th birthday.The Alice in Chains member's commendation came as he shared a fond memory of working with the Metallica frontman. And that to me is really inspiring. "Metallica is a huge thing for me and for any hard rock or metal band. Especially because he's done this for so long, and he's been at the top of his game for so long and he continues to search for a deeper meaning."Saying that he "can't wait to see what [Hetfield] does next," the Alice in Chains guitarist claimed that jamming with Hetfield during the aforementioned benefit gig "was one of the coolest things I've ever done in my whole life." The group played a version of Metallica's The Black Album single "Nothing Else Matters."That concert also saw Cantrell sing Alice in Chains' "Them Bones" and "Would?" with the Hetfield-backed benefit band.

The annual hard rock and metal festival just created a short horror film to tease the 2021 return.Yes 2020 has been its own sort of horror, but Wacken borrows from a number of horror film tropes in revealing the first 10 acts to play next year's festival. Stay tuned to the Wacken website for future announcements concerning the 2021 festival event.Wacken Open Air 2021 Horror Feature15 Rockers Who've Appeared in Horror Films
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Filed Under: wacken open airCategories: News The film starts in black and white as a Dracula creature awakens in a castle ready to unleash a grizzly fate upon a woman awakened by the unwelcome intrusion.You'll also see nods to a mad scientist, this time creating a creature that mirrors the Wacken logo head as opposed to a true Frankenstein. Chad ChildersYouTube: WackenTVShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThere are festival announcements and then there's what Wacken Open Air just did to reveal the first wave of acts for their 2021 festival. Plus, there are nods to zombies rising from the graves, teens attacked on a dark lonely roadway, a cornfield scarecrow coming to life and more.All this theatrical exploration of the horror genre is just a great way of garnering attention and buzz for revealing the first 10 acts of the 2021 festival, which include Judas Priest, As I Lay Dying, Venom, Dropkick Murphys, Lordi (playing a special Horror Castle show), Tarja, Rose Tattoo, Death SS, Hamatom and Moonspell. Watch Wacken's horror short film below.The 2021 Wacken Open Air festival returns July 29-31 next year in Wacken, Germany.

In what ways did creativity give you reassurance and a sense of control?For us, it all started when we were filming the music video for "The Killshot" in February. We had heard rumors about it, but we didn’t know exactly how bad and serious it is until they tell you, "Hey, you’re going to have to stay home for a couple of weeks," then we knew this was going to be bad.Kataklysm, "The Killshot" Music VideoThat’s when it started and from the beginning phase, when that happened, you kind of go into a panic mode because nobody has dealt with this, nobody knows what this is, and when they say a word like a pandemic, it's scary.So we didn’t have creativity in the beginning because we were just worried about how we were going to proceed with everything, including releasing this record. This is a time when you release music to help people."I felt that it’s more important where Kataklysm comes from and our background and our fan base and everybody to release music in a time where we can be uplifting instead of counting on sales because, in the end, I think that’s what makes the bond between fan and musician strong, especially in our industry.  We decided to take a gamble and release the record in September and singles in the summer, right in the middle of the pandemic.Overall, you've said that Unconquered is about overcoming setbacks and pain, which is especially poignant right now. It’s one of those things where we’ve been through the ups and downs and everything in between together. With Kataklysm, it’s something that we already started working on last year and have been heavily involved in with a different mentality and a different approach because Kataklysm already have a fan base that’s already established and everything. We’re metalheads and we’re not about just selling records. The band is from Montreal, so it has a French underlying and it’s a very European driven country. What sort of strength or inspiration do you hope someone might get from listening to this album?You have to look at history, which shows that we are resilient and we always find a way to come back from something, especially in this country. We have to gather together some strength and move forward with this and beat it because we will — we have to.Kataklysm, "Unconquered"Nuclear BlastYou are from Canada. It’s like an Americanized Europe. The Kataklysm record was finished last December and we’re in the middle of working on the Ex Deo record right now, and then I can start working on my solo stuff in the fall. We’ve been surviving everything and we hope to survive this whole thing that’s going on now. That’s the plan.The coronavirus locked down society worldwide. In what ways does that culture, and even your own personal upbringing, continue to resonate in your music?I’m originally from Canada, but I’ve been living in the U.S. In general, I couldn’t see Kataklysm moving forward without him and that’s the way it’s been since the beginning. On this record, we took the horns on it and we wrote the record together and we just did it ourselves — all of it.It was one of those things where it just happened to flow like water and we have the same mindset on things. You have to separate the time for all the projects or else you’re going to have a problem somewhere in between it all. Full Metal JackieNuclear BlastShare on FacebookShare on TwitterKataklysm's Maurizio Iacono was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio program. Follow Kataklysm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and pre-order your copy of 'Unconquered' here. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.2020's Best Metal Albums (So Far)  
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Filed Under: KataklysmCategories: News Iacono resisted delaying the record past the fall, however, stressing that fans shouldn't have to wait even longer for new music amid a shutdown.You've been working on three albums: Kataklysm, Ex Deo, and Invictvs. What's the biggest challenge when ideas for different projects start to overlap?You have to approach everything you do with a different mindset because it’s a different thing. So we have to cater to that and at the same time bring an evolution to the music because you want to keep going forward.Ex Deo is a very historic type of band — it’s very symphonic, so it’s a different world.My solo stuff I haven’t really dabbled too much in it because, as you said, I don’t want to get too caught up with the bringing different ideas to different places. You get a different type of education out of there and a different upbringing than you would normally have here. We have to, even in the darkest moments, feel that we have an opportunity that we can help each other and get together and not be divided.Right now we have a big problem with the [public disagreements regarding public health opinions of] physicians and everything, but if we can find a way to get together with the same mentality of overcoming this together, then there’s a chance.It is a coincidence this record is titled Unconquered, which was put together last year. for 17 years now. We were in Atlanta working with [director] Scott Hansen and we were at the airport, and that’s when we started seeing all the screens everywhere just announcing that this virus is taking over the country and we have to shut it down. When you were feeling particularly constrained? It’s a more European-based country, in my opinion, especially where I’m originally from — Montreal. We’re just that type as the founders of this band.Thanks to Maurizio Iacono for the interview. This is a very strong album and we and the label especially were worried about releasing it in a time when they were shut down, too.Nuclear Blast couldn’t even ship product out of California and we thought, "This is not going to be good — no retail or anything." So, we decided to postpone it until the fall and when we did that, they came back again afterward and said, "Hey, why don’t we just push this to 2021? There's insecurities about everything going on and the album is too strong for us to take a chance on." That’s when I stepped in and I said, "You know what? I was living in Chicago and I’m in Florida now, I just moved this year, and I found the best time to move down here in the middle of this crazy thing, especially now that it’s hitting so heavily.Canada has a different approach to everything. How is the longevity of your partnership made you grow as musicians and as people?We go back to the beginning of this band and you grow a bond like brothers. Having lived in both countries, I get to get the best of both and that helps us a lot in making decisions and just overall approaching things.Jean-François Dagenais has been together with you since the beginning of this band. The singer discussed balancing the writing for three new albums from three different groups as well as how Kataklysm's new release was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.Despite finishing the album, Unconquered, in December, the record was nearly pushed until 2021 altogether due to complications from the global pandemic, which not only shut down the touring industry, but disrupted product distribution, among other things. It’s like a marriage in a way, you have to be able to endure many ups and downs of life and when you’re in a band it’s the same thing. I think we have that instilled in us somehow and we have to keep hope — there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. That also pushed me to release the record sooner more than later because it’s a message we’re throwing out there to people that we might be down, but we’re not out.

Filed Under: Marilyn MansonCategories: News The album is due Sept. Yesterday we were made aware of a resemblance between our signature 'Left Hand Path' presence and the new Marilyn Manson promo photo. 11 with pre-orders being taken here.See Marilyn Manson in the 66 Best Rock Songs of the Decade: 2010 – 2019
Source: Did Black Metal Inspire Marilyn Manson’s New Promo Photo? Ultimately, it's an eye-catching photo that fits alongside some of Manson's past visual works displaying the singer's darker nature.Manson just released the new title song "We Are Chaos" from the album of the same name earlier this past week. Chad ChildersTim Mosenfelder, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterJust last week, there was some head scratching going on as Taylor Swift's Folklore album appeared, with the artwork closely mirroring that of Ihsahn's "Stridig" single. Now it appears a second similarity with ties to black metal has been spotted, with questions popping up over a Marilyn Manson promo photo.The black metal outfit UADA were alerted after it was noticed that Manson had posed with his hand covering his face, leaving space for his eyes to view through his fingers."Recently we have seen claims of similarities found between Ihsahn and Taylor Swift's new album artworks. Coincidence or do you think mainstream artists are paying attention to the underground," asked the group, then showing a side-by-side photo as seen below:While there are artistic similarities between the artwork for Swift and Ihsahn, it's a little harder to draw a line to whether a hand gesture was inspired by something else.

The very first "Metallica Night" took place in 2013, which featured the members playing the National Anthem and tossing the first pitch. For $99, you can upload a photo of yourself to be place in the stands during the games. He had maintained a close relationship with Metallica following the passing of his son in 1986.Due to crowd limitations over the coronavirus, live audiences are prohibited from attending baseball games, so the Giants, and some other teams, have improvised. He appeared in the stands in the form of a cardboard cutout, which the Giants have allowed fans to purchase in place of a live audience.A photo of player Jaylin Davis at first base was posted on Burton's Instagram, where you can see Burton smiling in the background. The tradition took place for seven straight years until 2020 — which may have recurred if it had not been for the coronavirus pandemic.Burton passed away in January of this year at the age of 94. "Ray loved the Giants! Lauryn SchaffnerGetty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterRay Burton, the late father of Metallica legend Cliff Burton, was immortalized in the crowd of a San Francisco Giants game last night (July 30). At the end of the season, you can get your cutout back, which will be certified as MLB "officially game-used." See more information on their website.Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career
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Filed Under: cliff burton, Metallica, Ray BurtonCategories: News "Thank you @sfgiants for including Ray Burton in your opening home game cutouts!" the caption reads. Thank you Tim Healy for capturing this screenshot."See the image below.The Giants have a longstanding history with Metallica.

Graham HartmannYouTube: Code OrangeShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCode Orange deserve a round of applause for their latest quarantine concert, delivering a powerful "Unplugged" performance of originals along with a fantastic cover of Alice in Chains’ “Down in a Hole.”The past few months have been filled with socially distanced virtual concerts, with Code Orange providing fans with regular entertainment since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world’s live music industry. still unable to hold concerts, sans a few heavily criticized events, bands like Code Orange have been making the best out of a bad situation.In the middle of their "Unplugged" set, the hardcore band brought fans back to the ‘90s, reenacting Alice in Chains’ iconic MTV Unplugged set both sonically and visually. As candles burned around Code Orange, guitarist / vocalist Reba Meyers took the lead for “Down in a Hole,” paying a fitting tribute to Layne Staley’s haunting delivery from the 1996 performance.Code Orange also stripped down original tracks from throughout their discography, performing acoustic versions of “Bleeding in the Blur,” “Ugly,” “Underneath” and more.The entire 45-minute concert can be viewed on YouTube, with the show beginning one hour into the live stream. With the U.S. For the Alice in Chains cover, jump to 1:23 in the video.Code Orange Live Stream2020’s Best Metal Albums (So Far)
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