@ Bergen Performing Arts CenterMay 14 — Worcester, Mass. @ The CaboozeMay 28 — Edmonton, Alberta @ The Starlite RoomMay 29 — Calgary, Alberta @ The GatewayMay 31 — Seattle, Wash. Joe DiVitaPublished: August 14, 2020Danny SanchezShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSymphony X's 25th anniversary North American tour with power metal powerhouses Primal Fear and Firewind was one of countless victims of the coronavirus pandemic, that shuttered the live events industry. @ The PalladiumMay 15 — Wantagh, N.Y. @ El CorazonJune 01 — Vancouver, British Columbia @ The VenueJune 03 — Portland, Ore. @ The RitzJune 18 — Atlanta, Ga. @ Sunshine TheaterJune 10 — Denver, Colo. @ Grove of AnaheimJune 07 — Tempe, Ariz. @ The Kelsey TheaterJune 17 — Ybor City, Fla. @ Great American Music HallJune 05 — West Hollywood, Calif. @ The Token LoungeMay 25 — Joliet, Ill. @ Mulcahy’s Pub & Concert HallMay 16 — Poughkeepsie, N.Y. @ Hawthorne TheatreJune 04 — San Francisco, Calif. @ Whisky A Go-GoJune 06 — Anaheim, Calif. @ Club RedJune 09 — Albuquerque, N.M. Now, the rescheduled tour has been announced for 2021.The New Jersey prog/power metal icons will traverse the United States and Canada starting on May 12 of next year, with 29 stops in total to be made. Symphony X's last record, Underworld, was released in 2015 and while fans may be eager for some new music, a career retrospective tour is just as enticing.View the complete list of dates further down the page and for tickets, head here.Primal Fear and Firewind both have new records out in 2020, however. @ Herman’s HideawayJune 12 — Dallas, Texas @ TreesJune 13 — Austin, Texas @ Come and Take It LiveJune 14 — Houston, Texas @ Scout BarJune 16 — West Palm Beach, Fla. @ The ChanceMay 18 — Montreal, Quebec @ The FairmountMay 19 — Quebec City, Quebec @ Impérial BellMay 21 — Toronto, Ontario @ The Phoenix Concert TheatreMay 22 — Cleveland, Ohio @ The AgoraMay 23 — Westland, Mich. @ Center StageSee Symphony X + Primal Fear in the Top 25 Power Metal Albums of All Time 
Source: Symphony X Reschedule 25th Anniversary Tour With Primal Fear + Firewind
Filed Under: Firewind, Primal Fear, Symphony XCategories: News @ The ForgeMay 26 — Minneapolis, Minn. For Primal Fear, Metal Commando marks the 13th album from the German group, who kicked their career off with their self-titled 1997 release as singer Ralf Scheepers secured a new band upon exiting Gamma Ray.For former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G., Firewind's this year's eponymous record is the band's ninth, which comes two years after the axeman's fourth solo album, Fearless.Symphony X, Primal Fear + Firewind 2021 Tour DatesMay 12 — Reading, Pa. @ ReverbMay 13 — Bergen, N.J.

Source: Most Streamed Spotify Songs for 66 Rock + Metal Acts
Filed Under: SpotifyCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: August 14, 2020Matt Stasi, Loudwire / Mark Horton / Ethan Miller, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhat is a band's biggest song? With the relative infancy of streaming, some larger songs in some band's catalogues were released before the streaming boom and have been outdistanced by tracks that had the benefit of getting the full streaming push from the start.You might be surprised to see some big hits from Linkin Park, Green Day, Godsmack and Foo Fighters falling outside of their Top 5 most streamed tracks. Meanwhile, other acts such as Asking Alexandria, Limp Bizkit and others might have some highly streamed tracks that would surprise you. For years, you could look to radio airplay and the popularity of a song in concert to determine a band's most popular track, but the last decade or so has given us another marker — music streaming! In this list we take a look at most streamed songs on Spotify from some of rock and metal's biggest acts.Though you might assume that a band's first major hit would likely be their biggest song or close to the top, that's not always the case. All of the stats compiled were done through streaming service Spotify and represent the total as of press time.So scroll through the list below as we take a closer look at the most streamed songs for some of rock and metal's biggest acts.

If It Bleeds12. Khaos x414. Fill the Crown6. Fortunately, the dates have been rescheduled for 2021, so it's only a matter of time before she can mesmerize us onstage again.Poppy I Disagree (More) Album Art + Track ListSumerian Records1. Concrete2. "The narrative is really about destroying the things that try to destroy you.”After the cancelation of her highly anticipated summer tour with Deftones and Gojira, the new songs come just in time to deliver 2020 with some more "post-genre" bliss from Poppy. Anything Like Me5. I Disagree3. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: August 14, 2020Burak Cingi, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterPoppy has been one of the most intriguing artists to arrive in the metal community. Bloodmoney4. Don't Go Outside11. Bleep Bloop13. Don't AskPoppy – "If It Bleeds"Poppy – "Bleep Bloop"Poppy – "Don't Ask"2020’s Best Metal Albums (So Far)
Source: Poppy Drops Three New Songs, Releases Expanded ‘I Disagree (More)’ Album
Filed Under: PoppyCategories: News Sit / Stay8. Nothing I Need7. The expanded version of the album, I Disagree (More) is out today, and it includes three new songs.In addition to the recently released "Khaos x4," the new set also includes the tracks "If It Bleeds," "Bleep Bloop" and "Don't Ask." Just like the rest of I Disagree, there's no true way to describe the sound of the songs, so you'll just have to listen to them below the album details to see for yourself."In terms of doing what I wanted to in every element from start-to-finish, this feels like my first album," the musician explained in a press release. Her album I Disagree came out in January of this year on Sumerian Records, which was her first on the label. Sick of the Sun10. Bite Your Teeth9.

Thomas even nails the cymbal catch right at the end."I was working on a conveyor belt and I tripped out," Thomas added after finishing the drum cover. Being a drummer, that's kind of career-ending. You kind of need all the limbs you have to play the instrument you play. Now I throw into the mix that I was only 17-years old."The drummer went on to explain that it was only a few minutes before he realized that he can't let this event define him and that it is a new challenge to overcome, encouraging others to adopt the same determined attitude in life. We're supposed to get through our life with all our limbs. Joe DiVitaPublished: August 14, 2020YouTube: drumeoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhen it comes to drum covers, tackling Slipknot songs are among the most daunting of challenges. About five years ago [age 17], I was involved in a tragic workplace accident that unfortunately resulted in the loss of my right arm. I had to go inside and get myself some help, which is where I was told, 'Sorry buddy, your arm is gone.' Hearing those words as a human being is not something you know how to react to. 3: (The Subliminal Verses).Nothing on this drum cover is amiss. All the nuances — the tight snare rolls, accented cymbal work — are perfectly in place. "Before I even had a chance to fight for myself, my arm was severed. Throwing down the gauntlet, he politely added, "If I can play 'Duality' by Slipknot with just one hand, what's your excuse?"Watch the drum cover below.Jack Thomas — Drummer With One Arm — Crushes Slipknot's "Duality"Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Drummers of All Time 
Source: Drummer With One Arm Has No Problem Crushing Slipknot’s ‘Duality’
Filed Under: SlipknotCategories: News Sure, we've seen a five-year-old expertly air drum at a 'Knot show, but what Jack Thomas, a drummer with one arm, has done here taking on "Duality" is truly inspiring."I have been drumming and playing music basically my entire life. As well as with bass guitar, music is everything that I am. For a brief moment, I thought I'd never be able to play drums again," states Thomas at the top of the video, which then segues into the beginning of Slipknot's 2004 smash hit off Vol.

Big Black Delta, "Circuits Of Time"07. and Theodore "Ted" Logan receive a warning from a visitor from the future that they have 78 minutes to write a song that will save the world.They get some help from old friends and family members, as well as famous musicians in their quest.Listen to the new Weezer song below and view the complete soundtrack details further down the page.Weezer, "Beginning of the End" (Wyld Stallyns Edit)Bill & Ted Face the Music: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Artwork + Track ListingUniversal Music Group01. Among the 13 tracks are contributions from Mastodon, Lamb of God, Weezer and more, with Weezer's "Beginning of the End" (Wyld Stallyns edit) being the first to be released.Mastodon, who recently debuted their fiery new song "Fallen Torches," contributed the new song "Rufus Lives" while Lamb of God offered up "The Death of Us."In the third installment of the Bill & Ted movie franchise, which is the first addition since 1991's Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, middle-aged pals William "Bill" S. Joe DiVitaPublished: August 14, 2020Amy Harris, Loudwire / Orion Pictures / Tim Mosenfelder, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterThe moment has finally come — the official motion picture soundtrack for Bill & Ted Face the Music, which will be released on Aug. Wyld Stallyns (feat. Big Black Delta, "Lost in Time"02. Cold War Kids, "Story Of Our Lives"05. Lamb of God, "The Death Of Us"09. Alec Wigdahl, "Big Red Balloon"03. Mastodon, "Rufus Lives"06. Animals As Leaders, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah), "Face The Music"13. Blame My Youth, "Right Where You Belong"12. 28, has finally been unveiled. Poorstacy, "Darkest Night"08. Culture Wars, "Leave Me Alone"11. Fidlar, "Breaker"10. Wyld Stallyns, "That Which Binds Us Through Time: The Chemical, Physical and Biological Nature of Love; an Exploration of The Meaning of Meaning, Part 1"Bill & Ted Face the Music Official Movie Trailer23 Actors Who Transformed Into Real-life Rockstars for Movies
Source: Mastodon, Lamb of God + More Featured on ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ Soundtrack
Filed Under: Bill & Ted, Lamb of God, Mastodon, weezerCategories: News Preston, Esq. Weezer, "Beginning Of The End (Wyld Stallyns Edit)"04.

He'll have a bit more time on his hands now that Stone Sour have announced an indefinite hiatus.Entering my personal space with an intent to harm may be a direct ticket down underNot to be confused with Australia and New ZealandThis ticket is usually issued after your reaction to the bitch slapSomebody go hit the coroner there's been a mishapThis one's a real altercation and no fucking diss rapThinkin' about phonkin' with us and you take a big napAll of the drama because of [?]And you got it because of the bitch slapEverybody's got an expiration dateBut you running your mouth can make your date arrive fasterYou come up in my circle with that other shitI'm sure that we can help you out and take you to your masterLet's go!Bitch slapQuick capBitch slapQuick-Phonk is the condition, won’t give up submissionWrong as fuck for the hissin’ at the throne that buss the clip and hush the trippin’That a strong enough description?You don’t listen – ya slippin!This expression doesn’t apply to womenJust the men when utterly sinnin’Gonna be winnin’ souls within ‘em when I blast thoseEspecially if you don’t see no kinda grinnin’After your lip in the beginnin’ up shit creek is where you swimmin’ you assholeBitch slapQuick capBitch slapQuick-Talking all your shit, cut the crapI don't do legit chat, I bitch slapYou big cap, you big madYou need a hand but you gon' get this bitch slapLook me in my face, look me in my eyesLil' Myers flow but I don't need the knifeThese hands ain't no joke, make a devil cryI know it's hard for you to do, but bitch don't kill my vibeYou can get it too, get-Bitch slappedQuick capBitch slapQuick-By the time you with the truth, the streets will burnAnyone that [?] so I side your womanMake her my bitch, yeahMotherfucker is a particle landmineIn the media, never get a number oneI'm falling through the fucking stratosphere to get Jesus fucking ChristThis is the thought for everyone who had it comingDon't ignore me, God you bore me with your indecisive sermonsI'm tired, tired of avoiding what must still be saidStealing from the hands of those gatheredShow me where you stand on this matterBitch slapQuick capBitch slapQuick-Aye yo, Tech! Joe DiVitaPublished: August 14, 2020Joseph Okpako, Getty Images/WireImage / Tim Mosenfelder, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSlipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor has returned the favor to rapper Tech N9ne and was featured as a guest vocalist on his new song, "Bitch Slap."Taylor contributes backing vocals to the chorus as well as a series of distorted screams that lurk in the background of the track before his spotlight moment comes right around the two-minute mark. Hold UpI got something to say on this shit real quick manYoAt it againLet me find out you been yapping your lipsThat's an offenseI ain't gon' stand for this shit, I'm throwing Colin Kaepernick fitsI'll gladly assist you and spit in your faceI'll dismantle your tissue, the issues I bringAre as tragic as missiles and quick to repay enemies with the painIs you afraid? 2 release, it may not be long before we get even more material from the icon, who is already plotting his second solo record. Probably soBitch, I'm rowdy and probably where don't nobody goLining haters up, eenie, miney, moe, now he goes adiosThen I reload the beast mode to behold the King's throneGet de-bowed and be goneIf you don't wanna get bitch slapped then don't leave home, n–gaBitch slapQuick capBitch slapQuick-Bitch slapQuick capBitch slapQuick-Tech N9ne Feat. Corey Taylor, "Bitch Slap"12 Rappers Inspired by Rock Music 
Source: Corey Taylor Guests on New Tech N9ne Song ‘Bitch Slap’
Filed Under: corey taylor, Tech N9neCategories: News In 2015, the rapper released the song "Wither," which featured a guest spot from "The Great Big Mouth" and four years later, Tech even shouted out Slipknot on the track "Like I Ain't.""Bitch Slap" is just one of the many ways Taylor has occupied himself during the unexpected downtime this year as the touring industry remains at a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic. With his debut solo album slated for an Oct. He keeps it aggressive, maintaining his barking vocal style over a rapped verse.Listen to "Bitch Slap" toward the bottom of the page and follow along with the lyrics below (via Genius).Earlier this summer, Tech N9ne was one of several guest contributors to Taylor's new solo song, "CMFT Must Be Stopped." He assumed control over the track's third verse, while rapper Kid Bookie also played a prominent role and backing vocals were done by a litany of rock and metal stars.The collaborative efforts and mutual respect between Taylor and Tech N9ne date back further than this year, though.

'Oh, yeah. Nikki [Sixx] called me in to talk about singing in the band. We've known each other for so long… We're gonna find somebody… But can you do me a favor? He's a great singer.'"The BulletBoys singer went on to explain that he first saw Corabi performed with the band Roxanne at the legendary Sunset Strip club Gazzarri's. Joe DiVitaPublished: August 13, 2020Jay West, WireImage/Getty Images / Ron Galella Collection via GettyShare on FacebookShare on TwitterBulletBoys singer Marq Torien has confirmed he once auditioned for Motley Crue when the band was seeking a replacement for the recently exited Vince Neil. We worked together a little bit. The guys that you had opening up for you on the Freakshow tour. And we were coming up to the apex of our popularity, and Nikki was just, like, 'You know, Marq. We're so close, I don't think this is gonna work. I have mad respect for Vince — Vince is a friend of mine, and I love him dearly. Nikki was already ahead of the game. He was, like, 'Man, we tried it. I love you, but kick ass in the band,'" Torien later added.Corabi ultimately recorded one album with Crue — 1994's Motley Crue. We wrote a couple pieces, a couple of ballady type of things," said the BulletBoys frontman (transcription via Blabbermouth).At the time, BulletBoys had released two albums, with their self-titled 1988 debut certified gold by the RIAA in the following year on the back of the hit singles "Smooth Up In Ya" and "For the Love of Money," a cover of The O'Jays. Torien's friends in The Scream were looking for a new singer and he then approached Corabi about leaving Roxanne for this new opportunity."I could never join Motley, because there's only one singer for Motley Crue, in my opinion, which is Vince Neil. Rescheduled tour dates for their summer stadium run with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts can be seen here.The BulletBoys also had a reunion tour on deck for 2020, announcing their reformation at the tail of last year.See Motley Crue in the Most Performed Songs by 50 of Rock's Biggest Bands 
Source: BulletBoys Singer Marq Torien: I Auditioned for Motley Crue
Filed Under: BulletBoys, John Corabi, Motley CrueCategories: News He's a legend, a star and my brother, so it wasn't something that I thought that I could really go and [do]. 'Yeah, I love that guy; he's great. He also explained how he helped John Corabi land the gig, discovering him in Los Angeles and inserting him into The Scream prior to joining Crue in the '90s.Guesting on the Chuck Shute Podcast, Torien recollected when Crue brought him into the fold, eyeing him as Neil's potential successor. Upon releasing their second record, Freakshow, in 1991, they brought The Scream on the road as their opening act, which featured the Torien-selected singer John Corabi."It was just hard," Torien continued. He was let go two years later as the band welcomed Vince Neil back into the lineup.Motley Crue were supposed to be in the thick of their stadium reunion tour this year, but were forced to postpone until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic shuttering the live events industry. Vince Neil is the voice of Motley Crue. Johnny. Can you hook me up with with the singer from The Scream? "There was a time where they were having trouble with Vince. "I really wanted to help my friends, but I didn't want to leave my band.

Graham HartmannPublished: August 13, 2020Photo: Eric LarsenShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMr. Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Slayer / Fantomas drummer Dave Lombardo will be featured on The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, which will be released Oct. All we had to do was go back to our original professors for some additional guidance and talk them into joining us. 30 via Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings.The experimental group has gone full-on thrash for its newest song, “Raping Your Mind,” utilizing Scott Ian’s piston of a right hand and Lombardo’s ferocious drum attack, while original Bungle members Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn keep things chaotic throughout the fresh cut.“Recording THIS music with THESE guys was an enormous head-rush of virtuosity and surprises every day in the studio. Trey’s video game-esque solos, Scott’s bionic right hand and cyborg-like precision, Dave’s caveman-meets-Bobby Brady-like drum fills, Trevor’s solid foundation and laser-focus to detail. It was less like a trip of nostalgia and more like the refining of an original, worthy document. Bungle, scott ianCategories: News We even went for extra credit by revisiting some tunes that we’d given up on back in the day. Turns out we were A+ students. We were haunted for 35 years by the fact that this music wasn’t given it’s due respect. Bungle "Raping Your Mind" (Pre-order now)See What 28 Rock + Metal Stars Look Like in 'The Simpsons' Episodes
Source: Mr. Bungle Announce First Album in 21 Years, Hear Scott Ian + Dave Lombardo on New Track ‘Raping Your Mind’
Filed Under: Dave Lombardo, Mr. Now we can die.”Listen to “Raping Your Mind” below and click here to pre-order The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo. The new track “Anarchy Up Your Anus” will even feature Cheers star Rhea Perlman, so there’s another thingy to look forward to!Mr. There is nothing sweeter than getting your ass kicked by true comrades… where everyone has a singular drive and mission,” Mike Patton says.Dunn adds, “Recording this record felt like we were finally utilizing our Ph.Ds in Thrash Metal. Bungle have just announced their first new album in 21 years.

The riff master of all riff masters would have had an easier life as a righty, since his fretting hand got chopped due to an industrial accident, but then again, maybe metal wouldn't sound the way it does if Iommi had a full fretting hand.Check out these 30 Awesome Left-Handed Guitarists in Rock + Metal in the gallery below.30 Awesome Left-Handed Guitarists in Rock + Metal
Source: 30 Awesome Left-Handed Guitarists in Rock + Metal
Categories: News Graham HartmannPublished: August 13, 2020David Redfern / Frazer Harrison, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterAbout 10 percent of people are left-handed, but against all odds, the two greatest guitarists of all time were lefties! Beyond Hendrix and Iommi, plenty of left-handed legends have shaped the worlds of rock and metal, so we're paying tribute to 30 of them with this list.Jimi Hendrix was born a natural leftie, but his father demanded he play a right-handed guitar as being left-hand dominant was a sign of the Devil. With a rebellious rock 'n' roll spirit, he flipped the guitar upside down and restrung the instrument and played it the only way it felt… right. He only went on to become arguably the greatest guitarist ever, demonstrating a classic case of "Parents just don't understand."The Hand of Doom, Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, is another famous leftie who just happened to invent heavy metal.

Graham HartmannPublished: August 13, 2020VolcanoShare on FacebookShare on TwitterTool’s fan base is one of the most extraordinary phenomenons in rock and metal history, and as open-minded and individualistic as Tool fans can be, the band and its supporters can give off a cultish vibe, right? And that’s why Tool became almost like a religion for millions of fans. There’s just something different about Tool, and it’s deeply rooted in spirituality.Tool wasn’t always a blatantly spiritual band. But how did it all happen?Ministry's Al Jourgensen has taken credit for turning Tool into a spiritual band by dosing them with LSD, while many fans point to the influence of legendary comedian Bill Hicks. However, events such as Maynard James Keenan becoming a father, the band discovering the wonders of meditation and swapping bassist Paul D'Amour with Peach's Justin Chancellor are among the true reasons for Tool's spiritual shift.In essence, Tool became a cult band because their music isn't about “peace and love, look at all the pretty colors”, it’s more about life’s lessons one could learn from psychedelics, or meditation, or therapy, or just picking up a book on natural science or philosophy. However, Tool have no interest in defining exactly what their music should mean to you, and that’s where the spiritual nature of Tool breaks off from what we’d often define as a cult.Watch our full dive into how Tool became a spiritual cult act in the video below.How Did TOOL Become a Cult?All Tool Songs Ranked
Source: How Did Tool Become a Cult? After all, more than a few famous cults were based in sonic mantras, meditation and psychedelics.Plenty of bands have relentlessly dedicated fans, but you don’t hear Beliebers talking about how “Baby” became the philosophical and moral compass of their life’s path. Filed Under: ToolCategories: Exclusive, News The point is, all of Tool’s best ideas can be used in everyday life, not just when you’re Rosetta Stoned. They fell into the genre of '90s alt rock and alternative metal with Opiate, and though the landmark EP was filled with the righteous anger Tool would later flesh out in Undertow, it wasn’t until Ænima that Tool really delved into that trippy, psychedelic realm.

The grants are coming from the band's charitable branch, the All Within My Hands Foundation. 28. See Lars Ulrich speaking about the second year of their Metallica Scholars program below.Metallica Perform on The Howard Stern ShowMetallica's Lars Ulrich Speaks About the Band's Metallica Scholars ProgramThe Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal’s Biggest Bands
Source: Metallica Rock Three Songs During ‘Howard Stern’ Appearance
Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News In addition to the three Metallica songs played, the guys also toyed with bits of Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" and Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" during the broadcast.In other non-Stern related Metallica news, it's been revealed that Metallica have another $1.5 million in grants going to over a dozen community colleges as part of their Metallica Scholars program. This comes a day after it was revealed that Metallica were also teaming up with Wolverine boots for a pair of limited edition Metallica branded boots with the proceeds going to help fund scholarships for community college trade school students. The band, teasing their upcoming drive-in show, have been rehearsing of late and took the opportunity while on Stern's show to play "Wherever I May Roam," "The Unforgiven" and "All Within My Hands" for the listening audience, as heard below.The band hit on a number of topics while speaking with Stern, including going through Covid screenings and wearing masks (minus Hetfield) during rehearsals, discussing the bubble performance space they'll have for the upcoming show and reflecting on their collaborations with Lady Gaga and Lou Reed.Metallica also have their Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: S&M2 live album coming on Aug. Chad ChildersPublished: August 12, 2020Matthew Baker, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you're in need of a Metallica live fix, the group provided it, playing a three-song set during their appearance on SiriusXM's Howard Stern Show.

One of the latest to display their fandom in a unique way comes from TikTok user yunghussy, who posted video of a shrine built by her mother to "The 9" in her bathroom.It's quite an impressive visual display, with circular photos of each of the band's members lining the floor as you enter the space. Taylor also has a new solo album en route called CMFT that is due Oct. ##slipknot ##slipknotbathroom ##jackstauber ##coreytaylor ##thenine @jenniferscanvas♬ Buttercup X Slipknot – thiqbishSlipknot are currently on break from the road during the pandemic, but Corey Taylor has stated that the band intends on finishing their touring cycle for We Are Not Your Kind as soon as it's safe again. He recently released the songs "CMFT Must Be Stopped" and "Black Eyes Blue," both of which can be heard here.See Slipknot in the 50 Best Metal Albums of 2019
Source: Slipknot Fan Creates Band Shrine With Bathroom Redesign
Filed Under: SlipknotCategories: News 2 via Roadrunner Records. The brief clip is soundtracked by "Psychosocial," and gives viewers a great glimpse at how in depth the fandom goes in tribute to the group. You'll also see a Slipknot shower curtain, walls aligned with Slipknot designs including a painted visage of Corey Taylor, a metal barrel drum like the kind that Slipknot pound at a concert, a full band photo hanging above the commode, a Slipknot sticker on the toilet tank and various other Slipknot amenities."My mom's favorite band is Slipknot, so she built a Slipknot bathroom," revealed the TikTok user. Chad ChildersPublished: August 12, 2020Roadrunner Records / China Photos, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSlipknot fans are a passionate bunch, with their devotion taking on various forms. Watch below.@yunghussyMy moms favorite band is slipknot, so she built a slipknot bathroom.

I know a lot of people are like, ‘Oh no, it's the final guy, the one who was always System of a Down, always pushing for System, the cheerleader – now he’s doing this,’" says Odadjian. “Yeah, I’m doing my own thing because I need to. 1, due this Friday (Aug. But Odadjian says in a new interview that his North Kingsley band should not be viewed as his replacement for System of a Down.He tells Metal Hammer, "This is new and it's great and I can't wait to take it over the top, and my heart is in this because System is not working, but my heart is always with System as well."He adds, "I'll take the time off and work with System any time they're ready. I have about 25 different things that I could still bring to System. Chad ChildersPublished: August 12, 2020Kevin Winter, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSystem of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian became the latest member of the band to release new music away from the group after the failed attempt at sessions for a new album a few years back. They've remained friendly and have toured in the time since, but have not returned to the studio to take another shot at a fresh album.Still, that hasn't kept Odadjian from having optimism, even as he's releasing music with his new project North Kingsley.“I’m not closing the book on System because I'm doing this. I know Daron [Malakian]'s got tons of music. 14).Top 66 Hard Rock + Metal Bassists of All Time
Source: Shavo Odadjian ‘Not Closing the Book’ on System of a Down With New Band
Filed Under: North Kingsley, Shavo Odadjian, system of a downCategories: News We are always writing music."In 2016 it was revealed that the members of System of a Down were working on new music for a potential album, but by 2018 the sessions had stopped as the group members couldn't see eye to eye on the music being presented. And when the time is right, I'll be doing that other thing. I'm not going to close any doors to anything ever.”North Kingsley issued their first song "Like That?" last week, with a full EP, titled Vol.

They moved us to jail that day and [did] not [tell] our family about where we [were] for a week. Is it a crime that we love music and our country?!”Arsames’ current location is not yet public knowledge. and do not talk with media! Throughout the band’s 18-year history, Arsames have played alongside acts like Amon Amarth, Kreator, Napalm Death, Arch Enemy and Sepultura.To support Arsames, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram pages and check out their music via Bandcamp.ARSAMES : IMMORTAL IDENTITY ( Iranian Death Metal )The Best Metal Bands From 30 Countries
Source: Metal Band Arsames Escape Iran After Being Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison
Categories: Exclusive, News “Is it [a] crime that we are talking about Persian history?! that they think when we growl and play fast music we are into Satanism! banned and they shot down all for a year, but we built a new Instagram again and [started] to be active until few weeks ago [when] the court called us again and they gave us 15 years [in] prison. Our Instagram page, official website … Metal is viewed as a Satanic form of music in Iran, which violates the country’s strict blasphemy laws and could result in execution.In a statement to Loudwire, Arsames wrote that they’re not a Satanic band. The skulls on our t-shirts means the same for them as satanic musicians.”Arsames continue, “We [were] arrested in 2017 when we were in our studio during rehearsal. Is it a crime that you think we are into Satanism when we have songs about Cyrus the Great and monotheism!? Finally after nearly a month later we paid bail to come out of prison and they told us you should not work, release [or sell] your merch until your final court … So we had to escape from Iran.”The metal band recently posted a video to their official YouTube channel explaining their sentence, which was handed down by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Mashhad, in further detail.“Is it a crime that we are playing metal music!?” they begin. “Our music is about our past culture, history… Graham HartmannPublished: August 12, 2020YouTube: ArsamesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIranian band Arsames, whose members were recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for playing metal, have successfully fled their home country to avoid being locked up.Iran has a long history of suppressing creative freedom, famously sentencing Confess to over 14 years in prison and 74 lashes.

"Bubble"04. "End of the Attention Span"03. "Do Wrong To None"06. "Fly in the Ointment"09. Alongside the announcement of their eighth full length, which will be out Oct. To pre-order the album, head here.Armored Saint, "End of the Attention Span" Music VideoArmored Saint, Punching the Sky Album Art + Track ListingMetal Blade01. Singer John Bush really delivers here with a hardened vocal attack that sits perfectly within Armored Saint's beefy rhythms."We've teamed up with video director Robert Graves for our first single, 'End of the Attention Span.' Robert got the lyrical content right away and together we delved into society's ongoing fascination with electronic devices and the insidious disconnect it creates," said bassist Joey Vera."The irony is that most of us feel connected together through our phone and computer screens, but the reality is that we have created a wedge between ourselves," he continued, adding, "Our human interactions have been infected with an intense need for information. 23 on Metal Blade, comes a music video for the lead single, "End of the Attention Span."A burly, riff-intensive anthem about the diminished attention span of society at large as distractions from electronic devices reign, this new track is a genuine corker that bears a warm, thick and balanced sound courtesy of producer Jay Ruston. "Lone Wolf"07. "Never You Fret"See Armored Saint in 55 Best Metal Covers of Classic Rock Hits 
Source: Armored Saint Debut First Song Off New ‘Punching the Sky’ Album
Filed Under: armored saintCategories: News The end result is a very damaged attention span."Watch the music video for "End of the Attention Span" below and view the album art and track listing for Punching the Sky further down the page. "Missile To Gun"08. "Unfair"11. Joe DiVitaPublished: August 12, 2020Stephanie CabralShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetal veterans Armored Saint are back with Punching the Sky, their first new album in five years. "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants"02. "Bark, No Bite"10. We're always 'looking' for more. "My Jurisdiction"05.

They are ready and willing to work with us however necessary to take Tetrarch to the top. One of the featured groups was Tetrarch, and they've just signed a lucrative deal with Napalm Records today (Aug. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: August 12, 2020Courtesy of Adrenaline PRShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEarlier this summer, we gave you a list of 10 up-and-coming bands to check out. Their new single "I'm Not Right" from their upcoming sophomore album Unstable has garnered over a million views this summer, which is inarguably notable for a previously-unsigned rising band.Check out the video below.“None of us in Tetrarch have ever been shy about the goals that we have for this band. We look forward to continuing this ride with them.”Tetrarch – "I'm Not Right"10 Up-and-Coming Bands You Need to Hear in 2020The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal’s Biggest Bands
Source: Rising Metal Band Tetrarch Sign Lucrative Deal With Napalm Records
Categories: News 12).We're not gonna say we told you so. But, if you haven't started paying attention to them yet, maybe now is the time. Therefore, it is no secret that since the beginning we have always made our goal to become one of the biggest modern metal bands of this generation," guitarist Diamond Rowe said in a press release."We are extremely excited to have found a partner for this journey with Napalm Records, and it is very apparent that they believe in us to the same degree.

10), he spoke out about the show. Meanwhile, a handful of gigs around the United States have proceeded despite the CDC's warnings about large in-person gatherings.Those included a concert last month where metal veterans Great White played to a crowd remiss of face mask guidance or social distancing. "Sets the whole business back every time it does. More recently, South Dakota's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally — an event that draws thousands each year — hosted performances from Smash Mouth and Trapt.The latter gathering seemed to provoke Kevin Lyman, the longtime promoter and mastermind behind the now-dormant Vans Warped Tour. Philip TrappPublished: August 12, 2020Michael Ciaglo, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWarped Tour's founder has denounced the recent rash of risky concerts held during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A year later, three special concerts marked the event's 25th anniversary. In May, Lyman hinted that Warped could return under a different name in 2021.The Most Performed Songs by 50 Rock Acts
Source: Warped Tour Founder: Having Shows Right Now Delays Safe Concerts’ Return
Filed Under: kevin lyman, warped tourCategories: News He suggested that having shows now sets back the timetable for when safe ones can return.Health experts and cautious promoters have forecast that concerts won't be able to return in a way that doesn't bolster the disease's spread until late 2021 or 2022. He also asserted that rushing events to return only stifles an eventual comeback for all concerts."This is one more reason we will not see shows in the near future, or any future if it keeps happening," Lyman said while sharing an article about the rally's Smash Mouth gig. This spring, Arkansas held a "socially distanced" show from Travis McCready that followed many of those recommendations.After two decades, Warped Tour held its final full run in 2018. Every time this happens it messes it up for those who want to do it right."An assortment of newly proposed safety guidelines has outlined some ways in which concerts could return earlier without possibly exacerbating the pandemic. On Twitter this week (Aug.

“I hate it when bands stop taking chances. “Itʼs too easy to watch the news and write a fucking tune about what you saw. "And the best-sounding record like that in the last couple of years was Dr Feelgood. The Sandman comes and rubs sand in your eyes if you donʼt go to sleep at night. Feelgood. Bob Rock was known for working on albums that catapulted bands into major success — he produced Motley Crue's career-saving Dr. So we told our manager: ʻCall this guy and see if he wants to mix the record.ʼ”“We wanted to create a different record and offer something new to our audience,” added Kirk Hammett. Then James clued me in," he explained. He knew the songs would be relative to a more universal audience if the lyrics were introspective.“It just got a little too easy to keep writing lyrics like the Justice… shit,” he confessed to Classic Rock. "Apparently the Sandman is like this childrenʼs villain. But he wanted to produce the album, not mix it.4. Everyone in the world has heard "Enter Sandman," whether at a bar or a sporting event, but there's also "Sad But True," "The Unforgiven," "Nothing Else Matters" and more.Whether Metallica is the album that made you love Metallica or the album that made you start calling them "sell-outs," it'll forever be an important piece of music history that inspired many generations of bands in the years after its release. "Nothing Else Matters" almost wasn't included.Hetfield described "Nothing Else Matters" as being about life on the road while on tour and missing home to Jeff Woods a few years back. Ulrich admitted to Wall that he had no idea what the phrase meant."Me being brought up in Denmark and not knowing about a lot of this shit, I didnʼt get it. Writing shit from within is a lot harder than writing the political shit, but once itʼs out it feels a lot easier to put your weight behind, especially live.”5. Lars Ulrich had no idea who the "Sandman" was.The song title "Enter Sandman" had been written down for a while, and kept reappearing in Metallica's studio sessions over the years. They hardly had radio exposure prior to its release.Metallica had broken out of the underground with their previous albums, but they still didn't have a lot of radio exposure. “They were still only played on 10 radio stations in America,” Q-Prime's Cliff Bernstein told Classic Rock in 2016.2. So itʼs a fable. Lauryn SchaffnerPublished: August 12, 2020Paul Natkin, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica's self-titled album is one of the most controversial records in rock and metal history. Here are eight facts that superfans probably already know, but the rest of you may not.1. It's spent over 10 collective years on the Billboard 200.In December of 2019, the Black Album became the fourth album in American history to have spent over 550 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart, following Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Legend and Journey's Greatest Hits. As of August of 2020, it's been on the chart for 580 weeks.The Best Metal Album of Each Year Since 1970
Source: Metallica’s ‘Black Album': 8 Facts Only Superfans Know
Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: Anniversaries, News The song was so personal, and stylistically so different from Metallica's other songs because it was a ballad, that it wasn't intended to be on the album at all. Rock had to choose between working with Metallica and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora.Rock had a friendship with guitarist Richie Sambora, who approached the producer about doing a solo album around the same time Metallica were looking to do the Black Album. He took a vacation with his family to the desert to contemplate the decision, and passed a Native American boy wearing a Metallica shirt on the side of the road. “These were like signs I couldn’t ignore," he explained to Classic Rock. A lot of bands put out the same record three or four times, and we didnʼt want to fall into that rut."Kevin Winter, Getty Images3. The lyrics to the song also contain references to the American Revolution, such as "Liberty or death / What we so proudly hail."Patrick Smith, Getty Images8. James has just given it a nice twist."6. Once it was introduced to the other members of the band, they made the decision to include it.7. The band's fifth album bridged the gap between their thrash roots and their bluesier influences and drew in a much larger audience than their previous albums had.Referred to as The Black Album, the set spawned several hits and ultimately gave them the radio exposure they needed to become a stadium band. The recruited Bob Rock because of the success of Dr. James Hetfield intentionally made the songs more introspective.Most of Metallica's previous songs were inspired by events occurring in the world around James Hetfield — not by what was going on in his own personal world. It has several relations to the Gadsden flag.The coiled rattlesnake depicted on the album cover, as well as the title for the song "Don't Tread on Me," both came from the Gadsden Flag. Feelgood, engineered Aerosmith's true comeback album Permanent Vacation and mixed Bon Jovi's massively successful Slippery When Wet. "We felt it was time to make a record with a huge, big, fat low end," Lars Ulrich told writer Mick Wall.

Guns’ Tracii Guns and others also praised Biden’s choice. Let’s do this."Some more critical reactions came from musicians like Axl Rose and Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle:The 2020 presidential election will be held on Nov. 3. “She really strengthens the bill and will help strengthen some of Biden’s weaknesses that some people have concerns over…This is probably the most important election in US history, so get out and VOTE!”Sebastian Bach, Testament’s Alex Skolnick, L.A. Graham HartmannPublished: August 12, 2020ALEJANDRO MELENDEZ / Win McNamee, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterYesterday (Aug. “I think @KamalaHarris is the perfect running mate!” wrote Mike Portnoy. Kamala Harris as his running mate, making her the first woman of color to potentially serve as Vice President of the United States.Rock and metal musicians have reacted to Harris’ nomination, offering both positive and negative criticism to Biden’s choice. "#BidenHarris2020 it is. "Haters/Contratians please take the day off. If you’re not registered to vote, click here and exercise your right to choose.The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal’s Biggest Bands
Source: Rockers React to Joe Biden Choosing Kamala Harris as Vice Presidential Running Mate
Categories: News 11), presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden chose California Sen. The RIGHT call for way too many reasons to get into," Skolnick writes. We don’t have time and want to appreciate this moment.

So yes, all the vocals you hear in the song are autotuned street hogs from my city."Talk about an oinker of a death metal song! Philip TrappPublished: August 12, 2020YouTube: Valentin the Mad (2)Share on FacebookShare on TwitterHave you ever heard a death metal song with wild boars as the vocalists?Self-isolation and social distancing are driving many musicians to be more creative than usual, especially when one can't collaborate with other players. Enter Valentin the Mad, the rocker and metal fan who recorded "Boar Metal," which is literally a "brutal death metal song with wild pigs on vocals."That's the word from its creator, a guitarist and producer who lives in Haifa, Israel. The streets there host their fair share of the animals, and Valentin decided to use that to his advantage after listening to music and serendipitously noticing the local boars' tonal similarities to death metal vocalists."As far as I remember wild hogs were always present in the city, but in recent years there has been a massive increase," Valentin explains on YouTube. Who knew that boars could be such handy vocalists when it comes to the extreme subgenre?Watch the video below, and be sure to check out Valentin's other tracks.Valentin the Mad, "Boar Metal"The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Bands
Source: Death Metal Song With Wild Boars on Vocals Is Piggishly Brutal
Categories: News "In some neighborhoods seeing them became a daily occurrence." (Just check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the music video shoot.)He continues, "I borrowed my friend's B tuned guitar and in the following weeks I was walking around town late evenings and nights with my camera and a handheld recorder, sampling and filming the local pigs.

After all, comedy is an art and all artists deserve some financial gain for their work.The Callous Daoboys latest album, Die On Mars, is available here, and you can check out the Atlanta metalcore group's music video for "Fake Dinosaur Bones" below.Callous Daoboys – "Fake Dinosaur Bones" Music VideoThe 14 Biggest WTF Rock + Metal Stories of 2019
Source: Metalcore Vocalist Goes Viral With Spicy Cardi B ‘Hey There Delilah’ Tweet
Filed Under: Callous DaoboysCategories: News 7.With context now established, let's break down what happened.On Aug. Joe DiVitaPublished: August 11, 2020YouTube: The Callous Daoboys / YouTube: Cardi BShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you're standing up, you may want to have a seat — there's a lot to unpack from this tweet stemming from Carson Pace, singer for metalcore group Callous Daoboys, which went completely viral once it was shared by rapper and Internet celebrity Cardi B.First off, you're going to need to familiarize yourself with the vernacular up ahead. 9, Pace sent out a tweet playing off The Plain White T's 2005 smash hit "Hey There Delilah," which has been turned into a meme where jokesters swap the original lyrics with a playful second lines. If you've got some disposable cash, you can kick a few dollars his way if you're so inclined, as outlined below. For those living in a hermitically sealed bubble devoid of debaucherous pop culture acronyms (or just don't care about the latest mainstream rap singles), "WAP" stands for "wet ass pussy" and is the title of a brand new song by Cardi B (featuring Megan Thee Stallion) with over 17 million streams on Spotify and nearly 69 million plays on YouTube (at press time) after being released on Aug. In an effort to combine light-spirited power pop with the titillating content of "WAP," the vocalist tweeted, "Hey there Delilah heard you got that wet ass pussy," as seen below.But wait, there's more!Cardi B not only quote tweeted Pace once……but twice.And Pace was stunned.The surge in popularity has certainly been beneficial for Callous Daoboys, who attributed the viral moment to an increase in recent merchandise sales.Even venerated music outlet Billboard wasn't immune to catching wind of the viral moment, leading Pace to declare, "This is the weirdest thing to ever happen to me."As is often the case, life is a balance of ups and downs and, for Pace, the down moment occurred on the very same day — he lost his job.

That was the first riff I got into where it was like, ‘Oh my god, this is heavy,’ and all that shit." The singer-guitarist talks about picking it up initially, then displays how his ear got better over time to play the Deep Purple classic how it should be played.Another early favorite was KISS for Windstein. Digging into his own career, Windstein starts by displaying two of his favorite Crowbar riffs, pulling out "Planets Collide" and "Waiting in Silence."He adds, "I started to develop my own style where I’m bending that G note and trying to work on the vibrato, doing things like ghost bends. I think there was a song called ‘Tonight’ which was probably my base around KISS or something. ‘Smoke on the Water,’ of course. A lot of the single notes too, trying to be like Iommi. I had an old Epiphone acoustic and my parents were like, ‘If you take this guitar thing seriously for a year, we’ll buy you an electric guitar,’ so I did my best.”Windstein runs the gamut of classic heavy rock influences, citing Black Sabbath, UFO, Accept as influences, sharing riffs from each, then also giving a nod to Trouble whom he calls "a big heavy influence on me."Reflecting on his own music, Windstein takes us back to the beginnings as a musician. Windstein recently dropped by the Loudwire studio to run through some of the riffs that helped shape his career for this edition of Gear Factor.When asked about the riff that turned him on to rock, Windstein sheepishly responds, “I hate to say it. I picked that out on my acoustic. And when it came time for the [faster down picking] part, I’d just turn and hand the guitar to Pep and he’d do all the right hand shit, and then hand it back to me for all the left hand shit. "When I was playing in Down, [Pepper] Keenan’s got the James Hetfield right hand … We really were a good guitar team like that. Chad ChildersPublished: August 11, 2020LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterCrowbar's Kirk Windstein set his dream into motion years ago, picking up the guitar and testing out a familiar riff for rock fans, opening the door for a career that now includes his first solo album, Dream in Motion. “The first [riff] that I really tried to tackle at the time that was a real challenge for me was ‘Black Diamond’ by KISS. It's out now and you can place your order for the set here.Crowbar's Kirk Windstein Plays His Favorite Guitar RiffsTop 66 Hard Rock + Metal Guitarists of All Time
Source: Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein Plays His Favorite Guitar Riffs
Filed Under: crowbar, down, Kirk WindsteinCategories: Exclusive, News We always joked that if we had each other’s left and right guitar hands, we’d be really good guitar players."Windstein concludes this edition of Gear Factor taking us up to modern day with a pair of selections from his Dream in Motion solo record. It sounds better."He also speaks to the difficulties with down picking, but admits he had the perfect setup with Pepper Keenan in Down. Pepper and I would sit next to each other and if it was a song with a lot of riffage, like on the left hand, I would do that part. Of the latter song, "Hollow Dying Man," he admits it has some Crowbar flavor as it was once intended for a Crowbar record.Be sure to check out Kirk Windstein's Dream in Motion album. “I was a teenager, but I was writing stupidly simple stuff. A lot of times I’ll do a riff that people might do in a pattern [near the top of the fretboard], but I’m going like this.

Check out the Metallica Scholars 1000 Mile Axel here and the Hellcat UltraspringTM boot here. AWMH is our way of giving back and building future generations,” said James Hetfield, adding, “More importantly, we are helping these students achieve their dreams and transform their lives through the workforce education programs offered at community colleges all across the country.”Metallica's All Within My Hands foundation will channel the funds received by sales of the boots to community college trade programs at Grand Rapids Community College, Lone Star College and WSU Tech, with all three receiving a $100,000 joint grant from Wolverine and Metallica Scholars.The Wolverine X Metallica Scholars 1000 Mile Axel boot is based on the classic Wolverine 1000 Mile boot silhouette, with a Metallica key logo-inspired metal heel and the "All Within My Hands" metal toe kicker on the front. All proceeds from the sales of the boots will go to the 2021 Metallica Scholars recipients.The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal’s Biggest Bands
Source: Metallica Branding Boots to Benefit Trade Program Students
Filed Under: MetallicaCategories: News It too comes with Metallica-inspired features, including a custom-molded Metallica key logo stitched into the boot and a custom metal "Metallica Scholars" guitar pick tag.WolverineBoth boots are now available exclusively via the Wolverine website. Chad ChildersPublished: August 11, 2020Herring & HerringShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica continue to find ways to expand their philanthropic efforts, with the latest being a partnership with work boot brand Wolverine, helping to create a limited edition line of boots that will help to fund trade school scholarships.The band's All Within My Hands charitable foundation has partnered with Wolverine, with a limited edition line of 1000 Mile Axel and Hellcat UltraSpringTM boots now available for pre-order.“Wolverine shares the same vision that we had when creating the Metallica Scholars Initiative – that it’s incredibly important to create and sustain a strong and resilient American workforce. There are also metal-tipped laces and a metal guitar pick tag.The Wolverine x Metallica Scholars Hellcat UltraSpringTM boot combines traditional work boot durability with the modern performance of Wolverine's patented UltraSpring cushioning.

But even leaving at that hour was inexcusable, it seemed, for Ulrich — the Metallica member who, according to this account, walked into oncoming traffic just for fun."I swear to you, if they wrote this scene in a movie, you'd go, 'This is a little over the top,'" Breuer said. At the same time, the funnyman (and musician in his own right) showed off his hilarious impression of the Metallica co-founder."Lars, first of all, [is] a great guy — we would hang out," Breuer told Stern. Get rid of the fuckin' knapsack, huh?' So, I've got this stupid thing, and it's starting to slowly irritate him."The comedian continued, "Now, he's starting to drink a little. "The thing slams by some chick's foot, book scatter all over. It's ridiculous. You going to hang out?'"The pair did indeed meet up. However, when the comedian happened upon a backpack full of schoolbooks, he hung onto it to return to the student the next day. He's going, 'Huh! Here's your fuckin' knapsack! "[He said] 'Dude, why would you fuckin' carry a fuckin' knapsack with us all night? You know, we've hung out and moshed on busses. Fuck that kid; he's fuckin' irresponsible!'"The pair then ended up in an exclusive venue attended by Hollywood's A-list before the comedian called it a night around 2AM. And, evidently, the Metallica drummer continued to get his party on."Couldn't get him on the phone after that night," Breuer added.Jim Breuer Talks About Lars Ulrich on The Howard Stern Show – April 8, 2009Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career
Source: Comedian Jim Breuer Didn’t Party Hard Enough for Metallica’s Lars Ulrich
Filed Under: jim breuer, lars ulrich, MetallicaCategories: News Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be Ulrich's idea of fun."This rubs Lars the wrong way," Breuer remembered. We've drank before; I'd just never seen the wild, wild side. He was living in New York for a while, and he's like, [affecting Lars' voice] 'Jim, if you're playing some clubs, let's fuckin' go downtown, we'll hang out for the night. "He's brilliant; he's really brilliant. That's according to the drummer's onetime friend and comedian Jim Breuer. … But I never really saw this side [of him]."After the two visited a nightclub, an apparently intoxicated Ulrich took the backpack and "tosses it across the street," Breuer explained. Philip TrappPublished: August 11, 2020Sven Hoppe / Noam Galai, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMetallica's Lars Ulrich is one hard partier. "He stepped on the back of a car, walked along the windshield, over the top, down on the hood."Still, the comedian's early exit seemed to have been the last straw for Ulrich. But it seems the Half Baked star couldn't keep up with the rocker during a night on the town."I used to hang out with him until one disastrous night when he decided I wasn't up to his partying standard," Breuer recalled on The Howard Stern Show in 2009.

Believe In Music week will be a critical step for our industry to help us prepare for the new year and new opportunities.""If there’s any one common vision, it’s that as a global community, we believe in music. 18 through BelieveInMusic.tv and will offer an interactive marketplace for attendees to peruse the latest instruments, amps and a wealth of other music gear.Registration is not yet open. We believe in the future of music and in the future of our industry, and in this moment, we will unite and support music makers around the world," Lamond finished.For more information, visit the NAMM website.20 Ways to Binge on Rock + Metal History in Quarantine 
Source: 2021 NAMM Convention Canceled, Going Virtual Instead
Filed Under: nammCategories: News Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the January 2021 in-person event in Anaheim, California has been canceled with a virtual installment being held in its place.The week-long event will now launch on Jan. "And just like at all NAMM events, these activities will raise awareness and financial support to serve our NAMM family across our Circle of Benefits model. Joe DiVitaPublished: August 11, 2020Jesse Grant, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterEach January, the NAMM Show unites hundreds of music merchants, industry personnel and musicians, showing off new wares for the coming year. However, those wishing to enlist can fill out a form at this location to be notified when registration officially begins."While it remains unsafe for us to gather in person in January, Believe In Music week will use new, intuitive technology to connect us all to harness the incredible energy that happens when we come together," began NAMM president and CEO, Joe Lamond, in an official statement."With a robust marketplace to launch new products and share your brand story, Believe In Music will also feature networking and matchmaking for our buyers and our sellers, education for all segments of the industry, and live music and concerts," he continued.

Nothing's really been happening. But I think it's time. So that was a heartbreaker when all that hit the fan. 9, 2020See Tool in the Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal's Biggest Bands
Source: Danny Carey: Tool Don’t Have a Record Label Anymore
Filed Under: Danny Carey, ToolCategories: News We kept hoping that we were going to get back out, so we were just kind of, 'Hey, enjoy this while it lasts.' But now it's looking like it could go to the rest of the year, so we need to get the lead out and start functioning. Maybe knock out another EP, at least, or something like that."He continues, "We've never really done that since our first release — done an EP — so I thought it would be kind of nice to do something like that. But it's one he hopes won't last for long — the percussionist seemed eager to get back into the recording studio with his bandmates."Tool hasn't been jamming," Carey explains, as pointed out by ThePRP. "We've been just kind [of] on hiatus. We don't have a record deal anymore — we're free agents — so we can kind of release whatever we want to release now, which is a good feeling."Elsewhere in the chat, Carey underscored that Tool were about to "start the biggest American tour we've ever done. It wasn't available on major streaming services until the group finally acquiesced to the digital domain in 2019.Tool's Danny Carey Talks to Skinny Puppy's Cevin Key – Aug. 9, Carey admitted that Tool are currently taking a bit of a break. We have dates held in November and December, but it's highly unlikely … to pan out."It's not the first time that Carey has set his sights on a new EP from Tool this year. So we're just kind of in suspension now. He also said he still hopes the group will release an EP this year, in place of planned tours that have come to a halt.The proposed EP effort would supplant the majority of the band's 2020 concerts after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic curbed most live shows, including Tool's spring North American tour.Speaking to Skinny Puppy's Cevin Key on the musician's "Sunday Live Chat" Aug. Philip TrappPublished: August 11, 2020Travis ShinnShare on FacebookShare on TwitterTool drummer Danny Carey recently revealed that the band is now without a record label, which one could take to mean that Fear Inoculum was Tool's final album on a major label contract. The drummer also floated the idea in April, near the pandemic's start, when he was a guest on a music school webinar."I'm hoping, during this downtime, as soon as we're able, maybe we'll get together — Justin [Chancellor, bass] and I, and Adam [Jones, guitar] — maybe start hashing out some new Tool stuff in the meantime, maybe write another EP since we're down and we can't do anything else," Carey said at the time.Tool's last EP was 1992's Opiate, issued ahead of their debut studio album Undertow.

A fan of Paul's ponied up to make sure that a cutout of the Dallas hero had a spot at the game. Meanwhile, a cardboard cutout of Terry Kiser, best known for playing the surprisingly mobile yet recently deceased character of Bernie in Weekend at Bernie's, turned up at a Kansas City Royals game.Vinnie Paul and his brother Dimebag Darrell Abbott were longtime Dallas sports fans, famously partying with the NHL's Dallas Stars after their Stanley Cup win. So honoring Vinnie by another Dallas area sports team seems perfectly appropriate.Vinnie Paul in Pictures Through the Years
Source: Pantera + Hellyeah’s Vinnie Paul Memorialized as Texas Rangers Fan Cutout
Filed Under: hellyeah, Pantera, Vinnie PaulCategories: News In Arlington, Texas, the Texas Rangers crowd includes none other than late Pantera and Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul.During a recent broadcast of a game, it was pointed out that a Vinnie Paul cutout had been placed in the stands down near the right field foul pole. Have a look below.This follows on the heels of fans spotting a cardboard cutout of Ray Burton, the late father of Metallica legend Cliff Burton, at a San Francisco Giants game. Burton was a longtime Giants fan and his cutout has a seat down the first base line.Teams have gotten creative with the Oakland A's sporting a cardboard cutout of Tom Hanks as a hotdog vendor behind home plate. Chad ChildersPublished: August 10, 2020Mike Pont, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterIf you've seen major league baseball this season, you've probably spotted a number of teams using cardboard fan cutouts to simulate a crowd during the pandemic.

Birch retired from producing in 1992 following his final record with Iron Maiden.After news of Birch's death began to circulate, the tributes started rolling in, with Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler calling him "brilliant," while Whitesnake's David Coverdale called him a "huge part of my life. His time with Maiden spanned from the Killers album through Fear of the Dark.Having worked with Rainbow (seen with Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore in the photo above) over five records in the '70s and '80s, he would follow Dio to Black Sabbath, where he produced the Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules records. From there, he went on to produce or co-produce albums for Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult and he was behind the boards for 10 Iron Maiden recordings between 1981 and 1992. 9).His resume is quite impressive, haven gotten his start as an engineer for Jeff Beck, the early era of Fleetwood Mac and Deep Purple. He also had a string of records with Whitesnake in the late '70s and early '80s, during one of his more prolific periods.Other acts of note that Birch worked with included Gary Moore, Skid Row, Michael Schenker Group, Cozy Powell, Jon Lord, Peter Green, Roger Glover and more. See tributes to Birch from Wendy Dio, Candace Night, David Ellefson, Charlie Benante and more below.Rockers We've Lost in 2020
Source: Legendary Black Sabbath + Iron Maiden Producer Martin Birch Dead at 71
Filed Under: Black Sabbath, Iron MaidenCategories: News Chad ChildersPublished: August 10, 2020Fin Costello, Redferns / Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterMartin Birch, the producer who had a hand in many of hard rock and heavy metal's albums of distinction in the '70s, '80s and '90s, has died at the age of 71. While a cause of death was not given, it has been confirmed that he passed away Sunday (Aug.

Regardless, Sharon addressed the arrangement on a recent episode of Steve-O's Wild Ride podcast with the TV personality and Jackass co-star.The topic came up as Steve-O enthused about Sabbath's influential reign in metal. And, at the time, the other guys — it's kind of like pay-for-play."Still, Ward didn't take part in the most recent iteration of Black Sabbath. So, you're kind of right: Ozzy and Tony are equal. Geezer and Bill don't. Perhaps in a nod to that direction, Iommi has tons of new material ready to record. So it's Ozzy and Tony … and they are partners in Black Sabbath. Is that about right?"Longtime listeners are likely aware of the lineup involved in Sabbath's classic era: Ozzy and guitarist and co-founder Tony Iommi with bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward. But when it comes to the paperwork, as Sharon outlined, the quartet is more like a duo."It's about right," the Osbourne matriarch responds. Can you guess who it is?Because it might not surprise diehard Black Sabbath fans as to which band members actually control the name so revered among headbangers. And Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave's Brad Wilk played on the act's final pair of studio releases, 13 and The End.But that doesn't mean Ozzy, Iommi, Butler and Ward aren't on good terms with each other. Recently, Ward expressed interest in coming back should Sabbath reform. As for Butler, he "wouldn't say never" to the opportunity.Sharon Osbourne Appears on Steve-O's Wild Ride Podcast – July 16, 2020The Most Performed Songs by 50 of Metal’s Biggest Bands 
Source: Sharon Osbourne Reveals Who Owns Black Sabbath’s Name
Filed Under: bill ward, Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, sharon osbourne, Steve-O, Tony IommiCategories: News Remembering when Ozzy rejoined his Sabbath bandmates after an unbeaten solo run, the professional jokester pressed Sharon on business details. (Iommi explained the situation in 2017.) Instead, drummer Tommy Clufetos took over on touring duties. "But Ozzy and Tony own the name. And, essentially, all the other people in Black Sabbath are going to be employees of the band. Philip TrappPublished: August 10, 2020Kevin Winter, Getty ImagesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterWhich musicians own the Black Sabbath trademark?Sharon Osbourne, the wife of Sabbath singer and solo artist Ozzy Osbourne, has set the record straight on what portion of the outfit holds the rights to the classic metal moniker. Hear her answer at around the 14-minute mark in the below video."I've gotta guess," Steve-O proposes, "you being the shrewd business mind behind the Ozzy empire … when Black Sabbath gets reunited with Ozzy, now it's going to be on your terms.

If you disregard the band, and the brand, what we've done over the years, and all the favorite records of people, and this or that, who would we be? I sent my assistant. I've made the comment several times that if I walked away after this double record, I would have felt like I left everything on the table, which every artist should feel like that every record, but now at this specific time in my life, that's how I feel.Napalm Records / Photo by Stephanie CabralMusic, especially metal, generally works best in the communal environment of a live concert. Everybody feels like that and how do you get away from that kind of a feeling.It's a very direct record for me. I have my own thoughts about when that will even happen. because I just have better things to do than wander around the grocery store for two hours. So it is a double album, staggered release. How do I search for a new band? You can follow DevilDriver on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and pre-order the 'Dealing With Demons I' album, which is due Oct. So find your favorite jam, and jam it daily.And it's true. That's why we are releasing at this time during this pandemic and getting out to people.Dealing With Demons is a double album but it's a staggered release, correct?It is, it's a staggered release and I don't think I could have gotten all this out and tried to move on lyrically, which I'm gonna do on my next records to I say more "woke" topics than the human foibles that we all go through, right? I let it live in the listeners' minds as to what they have as their conjecture as what the song is about. So, thank you." That's where we are coming from with Dealing With Demons.DevilDriver, "Keep Away From Me"Life was already pretty tumultuous for you, even before the pandemic. That's about how death is feeling like it's constantly chasing you. etc. It's what we have right now. A lot of people have been hitting me, going, "Hey, I identify with this song or that song. We're all missing it.I made that comment to someone last night that I'd pay 10 grand to go play in front of 2500 people right now. With the concert industry on hold, how will that change the importance of music with the emphasis solely on recorded music?I think you have to go back to where you were when you were a kid and you couldn't go to concerts because your parents wouldn't allow you. We have media and music is part of that. We miss you too. Lyrically, it's very literal and easy to understand. Buy a vinyl even if you don't have a vinyl player so you can read the lyrics, look at all the photos in there, and get yourself part of music again without that live experience. So, I actually don't have to go back to waxing lyrically about the things that I've discussed since Coal Chamber, which are people's inability to communicate and oftentimes the human struggle etc. I said let's put them all down.So, what is the first one? Dealing with Demons is exactly that. And what would you guys write?When I started to get that music, I knew I had to get all of what I've done in my career, and put it in with Dealing with Demons, and that's why you're going to come up with I think what is such a different record. Put the live shows aside for a minute because the fact is we can't all get there, and go back into the place where you fell in love with music. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show here.2020's Best Metal Albums (So Far)
Source: DevilDriver’s Dez Fafara: I Feel Like I Left Everything on the Table With ‘Dealing With Demons’
Filed Under: DevilDriver, Dez FafaraCategories: News Show them my dogs or starting the personal positivity posts that I did on Instagram as well. But what I said to the guys in DevilDriver is if we just met today, and we just started to make music today, what would we make? All my animals are rescues. What makes writing music an effective coping mechanism when you're immersed in turmoil?Some cats go out and wrench on their car or go play baseball with their friends or whatever it is, right? And how I bring this whole thing around to circle, to the end. How do I find a new band? This year and then next year.Napalm RecordsIn what ways will distancing the two parts enhance the overall listening experience?I think what we're already finding out now is just the two songs that have been released. That's the place we should be in so when we do attend those concerts, we actually are wholeheartedly into it when we see the band.DevilDriver, "Iona"Dez, thank you so much for being on the show. We delayed the record. This is a very literal record for me. The one thing that is needed right now is music. Be safe, and I miss you guys and I hope to see you soon. Also, you should follow Dez's dog on Instagram. Look, I started realizing that people wanted to see – I have been a very private guy for 20 years, people want to see into my life. Full Metal JackiePublished: August 10, 2020Alex Kluft, LoudwireShare on FacebookShare on TwitterDevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show. So, not a lot has changed in the fact that I'm extremely private. "Iona," the song that you're spinning now, is a separate thing. In the middle of writing and recording a record, we had to flee our home twice from wildfires. 9, here. It would be an amazing experience. What I've always said is, there's been a convolution of things here right. Little doodlebug.Thank you so much. We can't wait until we can all get back in a room together and hang out. He's been a wonderful dog, amazing guard dog. Check out the chat below:We're here to talk about the new DevilDriver record, Dealing with Demons. 5. I decided not to make the business move which was waiting until 2021 would have been. I think people are going to see each of these songs as being something they’re going to identify with and that's really what I've been finding out on social media. I had come off years of sobriety and other things I've been going through, and I said look, I'm going to deal with every demon that I've got, put it on a record. 9).The vocalist calls it one of his most "literal" records, having experienced some significant changes and challenges in his life over the past year and deciding to meet it head on through his music.Dez also shares his thoughts on the return of live music, discusses offering some insight into his life by creating Instagram pages for his dogs and more. You have to go back to the place where listening to music in your room with a friend or by yourself is an amazing experience. I think we need to get back to the experience of what is music to me. They drove five days with him back here. That dog, I thought was either going to kill me or — I don’t know, eat me last time.He's insane. And yes, it was a really intense 2019 for us. So, that's what "Keep Away From Me" was about. But it's not going to happen anytime soon. And remember what it was like sitting in your room, in the dark, listening to your favorite band by yourself. We love you and we miss you. The singer spoke with Jackie about making the decision to deliver one of his most personal collections to date, with the double album set, Dealing With Demons (first volume due Oct. A lot of people love the first one better than the second one. I have a Doberman and I have a Great Dane and they both have Instagram pages. My wife came and went through multiple surgeries for cancer. Watching a video with this band for the first time is an amazing experience. What's easier and harder about being so direct with your lyrical message?I've always kind of waxed off the question, "What is this song about?" I usually say what is it to you? It's a good way to do that. I started watching this virus and I told my wife this is looking like it's going to come to the U.S., and we've been quarantined since Jan. I wouldn't come to my house unexpectedly because he would be hell to deal with.I've raised pits in my life, but this dog has that thing. There's just way too much for me to write about to get off of my chest to do a single record. So, I think people are going to want to get that second record to hear where I'm going with this. Just so you guys know, I've always used Instacart for groceries etc. I decided to do the people move, which is people need music and especially this record in their life. I've never done a double in my life so I think it's just about time to do that.Dez, the way you've described the new album, it sounds like an amalgamation of DevilDriver and Coal Chamber. Let the music be a driving force in your life. But Dez and his wife call him "Doodlebug," which makes it sound like he's not scary, which is even funnier. And Piper, Piper Doodlebugs, we call him Doodles, he's a rescue from Canada actually. People can't wait to hear what's going to go on further and what I'm going to discuss. Just get out there and start opening myself up a little bit. It feels good. That's where we're back to and really, that's the honest love of music. Start talking to people as well. Like right now, he's laying by Anahstasia and if someone were to come to approach her, it would be a really bad situation for him.Thanks to DevilDriver's Dez Fafara for the interview. A lot of people love the second one better than the first one. This is why we decided to not wait and forego putting out the record until 2021 when we could tour around it, like a lot of bands are. So, the world is in a crazy place. People love them. Lyrics have always been a way out for me. Thanks for always supporting me over the years, and thanks for spinning "Iona." It's a very different song for DevilDriver – people are really taking to this. So, follow my dogs.Yeah, and your Doberman, which can be very terrifying if he wants to me. We've been locked away except for the fact that it was just incredibly tumultuous 2019 and now into 2020.Not only that, but we also bought a management company with several massive bands that we handle and you gotta keep them afloat. I was looking very forward to 2020 until around Christmas time in 2019. What was the biggest challenge in combining those two distinct sides of your musical personality?First of all, when we discussed that, we discussed my lyrical styles, my way of writing, we're not really discussing musically, because those guys couldn't go into that round. It was insane. Until then, let the music guide, you man. One of them was the fact that I had lived basically socially distanced my whole life and I've been a loner, a very private person.